Suneel Jain

Writer, Manager
California Travel
Bay Area Travel
San Diego Travel


  • With a focus on San Diego and the Bay Area stemming from over 30 years of personal experience, Suneel provides insider insights and recommendations for unforgettable California adventures.
  • Suneel's practical and down-to-earth perspective simplifies travel planning, emphasizing the experience over unnecessary details. He believes in giving you the information you need to know and that it’s okay not to always optimize everything.
  • Suneel’s interest in games and puzzles is leading The Atlas Heart to expand its offerings to include interactive features like scavenger hunts and challenges for its readers.


You can find Suneel’s work primarily in legal filings for the Northern District of California. As a former lawyer, his writing, unfortunately, wasn’t the type of material you’d see in The Lonely Planet. But you’ll still see that legal experience shine through in Suneel’s travel writings: attention to detail, brevity, and the occasional footnote.   In the realm of travel writing and gear reviews, Suneel draws from his experiences from when he hiked daily, skied and snowboarded regularly, and drove up and down the California coast to visit friends and family constantly.   Beyond his professional endeavors, Suneel enjoys a balanced lifestyle. Whether he's shooting hoops on the basketball court, engaging in friendly competition over board games, or immersing himself in a captivating book, Suneel finds joy in a variety of activities. Family holds a special place in his heart, and he cherishes moments spent with loved ones, including his niece and nephew.  


Suneel Jain holds a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a law degree from Georgetown University.  

Future Goals

Suneel aspires to have The Atlas Heart become the most trusted voice on California travel, helping alongside his wife to encourage exploration of the Golden State with confidence and excitement.