Experiencing a Portland Ghost Tour (And Getting the Creeps)

Portland Ghost Tour

Going on a Portland ghost tour is a unique way to learn more about the sordid and dark past of this Pacific Northwest city (with craft beer in hand, of course). Before I moved to the city, I mainly pictured Portland as an outdoorsy hipster-capital that was all about unique fashion and the 90’s. It […]

Experiencing a BrewCycle Portland Tour

Brewcycle Portland, Oregon | PNW Travel

Brewcycle Portland offers an affordable and easy way to brewery hop around a city that’s known for its craft beer. I first came across BrewCycle when I was in Sacramento, California. I was heading to Rubicon Brewing when 10 people on a bike passed by shouting and cheering as they made their way down the street at […]

A Ride Around Portland with Pedal Bike Tours: Part I

In honor of the Naked Bike Ride that went down in Portland on Saturday, and the last night of Pedalpalooza (the month long biking events around the city), I thought it was about time to give you my first installment of Pedal Bike Tours! Pedal Bike Tours is a company based in Portland and Oahu, and I’ve been […]

Postcard from the Flower Fields

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad were the last stop out of San Diego on the Pacific Coast Highway. I had been wanting to see these famous Flower Fields since I started university in La Jolla, when I would constantly see the colorful and picturesque photos on my friends’ Instagram. The Flower Fields are made up of […]

A photo essay through Santa Cruz

It’s no surprise that I love a little beachside town called Santa Cruz. First of all, it’s where I grew up. Secondly, it’s a super laid back, chilled out, and beautiful place to explore – could it fit my personality any better? A couple of years ago I wrote this post on 6 free things to […]

A Drive through the L.A. Beaches

California Road Trip, USA

Maybe I’ve changed a lot in my tastes since living abroad, but the enamored feeling I once had towards Southern California no longer seems to be there. I still enjoy visiting the sunny side of the state, and I still love many aspects of San Diego, but the attitudes in L.A. and Orange County made […]

4 days in the Desert: from the Salton Sea to Joshua Tree

I’ve been off the radar a bit more than usual as of late, and you may be wondering what the heck I’ve been up to! Well, I’ve been a little bit everywhere, more specifically a little bit all over the desert. I’m currently in a busy pizzeria in North Hollywood, overpowered by the hustle and […]

Thoughts on coming home

When I first left home, I wrote this post the day I left San Diego. When I left San Diego on a train taking me to LA, which would be my departure city from the States, I remember watching the sun fade under the canopy of palm trees, and feeling like I knew, at least […]

2013, a year to remember

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” – Miriam Adeney My favorite quote from 2013, and one that I find pretty relevant to my life these […]

Postcard from Santa Cruz, CA

I visited my hometown this past weekend for the last time before my travels, and to say a temporary goodbye to my family and friends. In order to celebrate my last views of Santa Cruz and to serve as a reminder of why I love this place so much, here are a few photos of […]