Postcard from Point Reyes

Point Reyes Lighthouse - California

I looked at our map which probably hadn’t been used since 1980. I traced my finger up the California coast through all the spots I knew so well and stopped just north of San Francisco. Point Reyes. It sounded familiar, a place that my friends from the Bay had mentioned countless times before, I’m sure, but one I had never ventured to myself.

After putting it into Google, I was sold. Point Reyes National Seashore looked like the California coast I love and a potential new spot close to home to add to my favorites.

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8 Things to do in Bend, Oregon in the Summer

Things to Do in Bend, Oregon in the Summer

Discover the best things to do in Bend, Oregon in the summer. With nice weather comes scenic landscapes, craft beer, and an abundance of adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities.

If you read my last post about Bend, you’ll know that it’s a bustling mountainous craft beer city in Oregon. But fantastic craft beer aside, it’s also a wonderful place to explore that is known for its adventure activities and beautiful scenery, no matter the season.

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A Guide to the Best Breweries in Bend for Any Beer Enthusiast

A guide to the best breweries in bend

Looking for a guide to take you through the best beer options in Bend, Oregon? These are my picks for the best breweries in Bend for any beer enthusiast.

I have to admit, I hadn’t even heard of Bend before I moved to Oregon. Once I arrived in Portland; however, I kept hearing about a faraway mountainous outdoor-loving place that could arguably rival Portland’s craft beer scene.

So, when I had the chance to take a road trip from Santa Cruz back up to Portland, I knew I had to include Bend in my travels and try and discover the best breweries in Bend – for research purposes, of course.

Last time I checked, the greater Bend area has about 28 different breweries, although there may be another one or two that have popped up in the last month.

You never know these days! This is pretty impressive with how much smaller Bend is than Portland, with a population of 81,000 vs. Portland’s 609,400.

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Experiencing a Portland Ghost Tour (And Getting the Creeps)

Portland Ghost Tour

Going on a Portland ghost tour is a unique way to learn more about the sordid and dark past of this Pacific Northwest city (with craft beer in hand, of course).

Before I moved to the city, I mainly pictured Portland as an outdoorsy hipster-capital that was all about unique fashion and the 90’s.

It still definitely adheres to those things, but what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of crime found around the city, the abundance of teenage “gangsters”, and the underground culture that still exists from Portland’s seedy past.

Because of its dark past and present, a Portland ghost tour is a unique experience to have to learn more about the city’s less talked about history.

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Experiencing a BrewCycle Portland Tour

Brewcycle Portland, Oregon | PNW Travel

Brewcycle Portland offers an affordable and easy way to brewery hop around a city that’s known for its craft beer.

I first came across BrewCycle when I was in Sacramento, California. I was heading to Rubicon Brewing when 10 people on a bike passed by shouting and cheering as they made their way down the street at snail speed.

When I found out that it wasn’t just a Sacramento tour but actually a worldwide phenomenon, I immediately signed up for my own BrewCycle Portland experience.

It just looked too unique and ridiculous of an experience to pass up, and I do love my craft beer.

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