A Guide to Eugene Breweries – Where to Find the Best Beer Around Town

A Guide to Eugene Breweries

The ultimate guide to Eugene breweries! This is where you can find the best beer around town, from someone who has visited Eugene over a dozen times.

With the quality hops that come out of the Willamette Valley and the clean water supply, it’s no big secret that Oregon has a solid craft beer scene. Portland is hyped up – a tad too much in my book – and Bend gets a nod as well, but have you heard of the other fantastic craft beer scene in the city of Eugene?

Eugene gives Portland a run for its money in terms of quality over quantity. You’ll see brews from here all over Oregon, as guest taps in dive pubs to classy craft breweries. Overall, the Eugene breweries are versatile, hopped up, and delicious.

You don’t get the wacky creativity that comes out of a select few breweries in Portland, or more likely, California, but there is an abundance of very well brewed beers around Eugene.

I’ve had the chance to explore the craft beer culture in Eugene because my dad and stepmom live just outside the city, in Veneta. Luckily, my dad is a big beer drinker as well, so I was able to have some father-daughter bonding while doing this “research” around town.

eugene breweries - so many to choose from!

He’s partial to IPAs and big hops, which works well in the Pacific Northwest and most of this list, but I was able to find a few beers that veered off the hops that he liked. Again, versatility is key when I think of a good craft beer scene.

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The Top Eugene Breweries

Ninkasi Brewing

The big deal in craft beer right now, Ninkasi Brewing is not only popular in Eugene but in the whole state of Oregon. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bar without one tap of Ninkasi (usually Total Domination) in it. They only started in 2006, but it’s a brewery that has grown exponentially in the last few years and one that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Ninkasi Brewing - Eugene, Oregon

Although they don’t bring the creativity that Rogue Ales does, they’re arguably becoming the most popular brewery in Oregon right now.

Everything about Ninkasi is big, bold, and clean. Total Domination IPA is the key favorite, but Dawn of the Red IRA and their specialty Belgian style beers are also worth a try.

Ninkasi Brewing - Eugene, Oregon

Address: 272 Van Buren St. Eugene, Oregon 97402

Falling Sky Brewing House & Gastropub

Don’t get me wrong, the beer at Falling Sky Brewing House is superb, but what really sold me about this place as one of the best Eugene breweries was their unique branding and ambiance.

Their tasting trays come in the shape of a cloud and the staff was so laid-back and friendly, I couldn’t imagine not having a good time at this brewery.

Falling Sky Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

Also, they have poutine – could you ask for any better combination than poutine and craft beer?

Their tap list is constantly changing, but while I was there I highly enjoyed the Smoking Eternal Boy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, Hunny Brown, and their Belgian Brown. European styles seemed to be their specialty but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a different experience and tap list next time I stopped by.

If I’m being completely honest, this is my favorite brewery in Eugene for their quality beer and atmosphere…and poutine. This is where you’ll most likely find eccentric beers on tap.

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Falling Sky Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

Address: 1334 Oak Alley, Eugene, OR 97401

Oakshire Brewing

Oakshire Brewing came off as the neighborhood craft beer pub in Eugene. I went to the public house location on Madison St., and it was airy, open, and the perfect communal spot to go to with friends after work or on the weekend.

Compared to the rest of the Eugene breweries on this list, Oakshire didn’t particularly stand out to me in any way but I did enjoy every beer of theirs that I tasted.

Oakshire Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

Oakshire is a 15-barrel production brewery with their Watershed IPA and Oakshire Amber as the most popular brews. I also enjoyed their seasonal Hopollo Northwest IPA while I was there.

Oakshire Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

Address: Public House – 207 Madison St. Eugene, OR 97402; Brewery – 1055 Madera St. Eugene, OR 97402

Hop Valley Brewing

Another brewery that came off as fairly average to me, Hop Valley is a relatively new brewery in Eugene and has quickly become another neighborhood favorite.

Hop Valley Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

You could probably guess this from the name, but Hop Valley is all about hopped up beers. They’re also into fruit focused beers – i.e. Citrus Mistress IPA (brewed with grapefruit peel) and Sir Orange Lot Pale Ale (brewed with orange peel).

Although I found the quality up to par, some of the IPAs were hard to tell apart from each other and I was left wanting more variety in flavors.

I would call this the entry level craft brewery in Eugene, perfect if you’re just after a solid pint, good music, or new to the craft beer scene.

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Hop Valley Brewery - Eugene, Oregon

Address: 990 W 1st Ave. Eugene, Or 97402

Elk Horn Brewery

This is the only Eugene brewery I haven’t been to on this list, but I didn’t want to leave it off since it has been mentioned in the Eugene craft beer scene.

From the pictures I’ve seen of the place, Elk Horn Brewery has the word hipster written all over it – which can be a good thing when you’re talking about craft beer.

This could most definitely be called a gastropub as the couple who started the brewery first began with a food cart called Delacata. This is a place that has been given the nod of approval by Eugene foodies, so it’s definitely on my list to visit next time I’m in town.

I unfortunately haven’t heard much about their beer but I’m looking forward to trying it in the near future.

Address: 686 E Broadway St. Eugene, OR 97401

Interested in more beer guides in the North America? Check out my craft beer recommendations for Bend, Grand Rapids, California, Victoria BC, and Missoula.


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A Guide to Craft Beer in Eugene, Oregon

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    Anyways, someday when I go visit Oregon, I will keep this post in mind!

    • That’s great, Elizabeth! I love connecting with fellow beer enthusiasts. 🙂 I haven’t been to Sarasota, Florida before, but I’m hoping to get back over to the Sunshine State next summer – I’ll have to add JDubs to my growing list of breweries to try.

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