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Australia Compared to the US, from a California Girl’s Perspective

Australia Compared to the US, from a California Girl's Perspective

Australia compared to the US, from a California girl’s perspective. Discover what it is really like to live Down Under.

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I wake up every morning with calves that are more sore than the day before. Since moving from California to Australia, I have walked for hours every day to get a feel for the layout of the city, especially in the CBD, Fitzroy, and St. Kilda because those are the neighborhoods I’ll most likely end up working in.

I moved to Australia from California to answer the question that has been in my mind for years, “what is it like to live in Australia?” As I explore the city, I have been absorbing the Australian culture and I’m quickly learning the answer to that question and discovering what life is like in Australia compared to the US. There are a lot of differences between Australia and America, and I am very eager to embrace them all.

Yesterday, I had an Aussie come up and ask me directions, and I actually gave him the right ones to get to his desired destination! That moment is when I realized how much I’ve internalized about the city since arriving at the beginning of the week.

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My First 36 Hours in Melbourne

A look at my first day and a half in Melbourne, Australia – my home base for the next 6 months or more.

My first 36 hours in Australia have been wonderful, yet trying and tiring, and full of hilarious fails that I’ll just label as “new experiences.”

It started when I got to my apartment and it looked like a closed up store front. The door was locked and the windows looked as if they hadn’t seen daylight in months.

When I called my housemate, a little panicked that I was given the wrong address or that this place didn’t exist, he instructed me that the actual door to the apartment was just around the corner, the next door down.

Phew, I let out a huge sigh of relief.

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Australia Travel Playlist

A travel playlist inspired by my upcoming move to Australia.

As you read this, I’m thousands of feet above the ocean on my 14 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand, followed by a four hour flight to Melbourne, Australia.

The next 24 hours are going to be grueling. It’s hard for me to find creative ways to keep myself occupied on long flights such as this one. Music is what keeps me going, makes the time fly by, and inspires me while I’m traveling on long haul flights.

I have thousands of songs, plenty of playlists, and a lot of new music to choose from, but I wanted to share a few songs that I’m really into at the moment.

Keep me company through listening and enjoy the following tunes!

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On Leaving Everything Behind to Follow Your Dreams

The sun is gleaming through the palm trees, I’m riding alongside the ocean, the orange sky as my canopy. What a way to say goodbye to this cherished place I’ve taken for my own, a place I call home even with these restless bones.

The southern winds pushing me onward toward my journey, the new adventures that await. This feels right, even with the tug of nostalgia filling my chest, a montage of memories in my head.

This is my purpose, my path in life. I hate goodbyes, but I don’t see this as such, because those who I’ve met, who have touched my heart in someway, will stay there even after I’m long gone from this place.

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I Believe In

I believe in watching every sunset as if for the first time. I believe in not settling for someone who makes you feel ordinary. I believe in rainy days and the rainbows that come after. I believe in flossing and wearing sunscreen every day.

I believe in music being the soundtrack to life. I believe in spending hours in coffee shops and secondhand bookstores. I believe in trying everything once. I believe in honesty and sincerity.

I believe in reading in the sun. I believe in bucket lists and staying up all night just to plan my next trip. I believe in keeping an open mind, I believe in going to the beach as much as you can. I believe in playing basketball as a way to clear my head.

I believe in the benefits of education and learning new things every day. I believe in still sending postcards and handwritten letters.. I believe that everything happens for a reason even if it’s not always easy. I believe that traveling with someone can make or break a relationship.

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Travel Resolutions 2013

And so the countdown begins, 25 days until departure. I’m ready for the new experiences 2013 is sure to bring.

Recently leaving behind a two year relationship, I’ve come away with the feeling that there’s nothing left to be afraid of. I have confidence in my own strength to tackle whatever life throws at me in the next year. I think it’s going to be one hell of a year.

I’ve realized the only way to love the life I live is through passion, optimism, and spontaneity. So, this year my travel resolutions will revolve around just those things, letting go of the negative aspects in my life in the process.

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Exploring My Own Backyard in Julian, California

A short day trip from San Diego, you’ll find Julian and the best apple pie in southern California.

Last weekend, I convinced my roommate to take a road trip with me to Julian, CA. I invited a few other friends, and next thing I knew, we had a full car, cruising up to Julian to indulge in everything apple-related on a beautiful southern California day.

I’m talking about the apple pie capital of the world, and it was only an hour and a half away from me this whole time I’ve lived in San Diego!

I’ve been wanting to visit Julian since I heard the words apple and pie in the same sentence, and even more so in the last few months of checking off my San Diego bucket list.

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Walkabout: La Jolla Edition

I love walking. I walk everywhere because I don’t own a car, but even more than that, I walk because it brings me moments of clarity and simple bliss.

Sometimes I walk with no destination, just for the purpose of fresh air, exercise, gorgeous views, good music, and a way to clear my head and maybe even figure some things out.

I call these particular walks my  “walkabouts” – the irony of which has not escaped me with my upcoming trip to Australia.

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What to Consider When Moving Abroad

A few things to think about when moving abroad for the first time.

My big move across the world is a little over a month away. This realization has made me consider a few different aspects that have continuously been popping up in my stream of consciousness recently.

Here are the main issues I’ve been thinking about while getting ready for my travels:

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