Postcard from Surfers Paradise

The Gold Coast is popular with “schoolies” as they’re called in Australia, also known as the 18 year old high school crowd. It’s also a popular place for Kiwis, surprisingly enough, it’s one of the top destinations for Kiwis when they’re traveling to Oz. Of course, it’s also a mecca for surfers, business folk, amusement park aficionados, and people who simply love living in beautiful climates.


To be honest, compared with the rest of Australia, I wasn’t all that impressed with the Gold Coast, and therefore didn’t spend much time there. I much preferred the laid back nature of the Sunshine Coast to the party atmosphere and big skyscraper vibe of Surfers Paradise, in particular.01-IMG_661906-IMG_6631

There’s a reason the young school crowd travels to Surfers Paradise for holidays once they’re of age, it’s a great place to go if you want to go clubbing, drink all night, and have a good time.


Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan, to be fair, I don’t think Surfers Paradise is given the credit it deserves. Yes, it has towering skyscrapers that tend to put shadows on the beach, and a drinking culture that takes away from the other attributes the city has to offer, but it’s also a stunningly beautiful place on the coast of Australia.


I only spent one night in Surfers Paradise, but that one night I experienced one of the best sunsets I’ve had throughout my travels.


I mean, those clouds though. Pure joy.


Another cool thing about Surfers Paradise is the night market that takes over the promenade. There are a variety of stalls to choose from, and you’ll basically find whatever your heart desires, from souvenirs, to tasty food, to other services such as a classy massage on the waterfront, or even getting a replica of your hand in wax.


Surfers wasn’t my favorite place, but still worth a stop over on travels up or down the East Coast. It’s a great place to experience Aussie nightlife, or have a relaxing time on the beach. It’s a chance to catch an awesome sunset, which is never a waste in my view.


Have you been to Surfers Paradise? The Gold Coast? 

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