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Wrap Up: February 2018

A Guide to Visiting the Taj Mahal - Agra, India

It’s weird to think of the past sometimes and where I was in February at this time last year – in Thailand, then Vietnam, and at the very end of a bad relationship. I was at the cusp of so many things – both positive and negative.

I was in a place where I had shut myself off from the outside world (i.e. living on a tiny remote island). And what I didn’t realize at the time was that I was also preventing myself from appreciating quality connections – both nurturing the old and creating the new.

Fast forward a year later, I’m back in California, surrounded by some of the closest people in my life,  and I feel more grounded than I have in years. Maybe it just took coming home for awhile, or realizing that California is still very much a ‘home’ for me even after all the times I’ve left it and come back.

All this is to say that my February this year kicks last year’s February’s butt.

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A Guide to Craft Beer in Eugene, Oregon

A Guide to Craft Beer in Eugene, Oregon

With the quality hops that come out of the Willamette Valley and the clean water supply, it’s no big secret that Oregon has a solid craft beer scene. Portland is hyped up – a tad too much in my book – and Bend gets a nod as well, but have you heard of the other fantastic craft beer scene in the city of Eugene?

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Life in Portland and choosing what you love

I’ve been so busy with catching up on posts from months past that I haven’t had the chance to talk to you guys in real time in a while, and I think it’s about time to fill you in.


I’ve been in Portland for less than 2 weeks, and so much has happened since we moved up to the Rose City.


I got a job at a craft beer bar (surprise, surprise!) before we had even properly moved up to Portland. We were just in the city for the day passing out resumes at different bars, but still based down in Veneta, outside of Eugene, Oregon.



My boyfriend found a job within a few more days. Most importantly, he found employers who are willing to sponsor him and trudge through all of the yellow tape and the long process of applying for a work visa as a foreigner. I still don’t know how he swung this, but I’m going to put it down to his craft beer savvy, Kiwi charm and accent (seriously, it goes a long way over here).


In any case I’m so incredibly excited by this turn of events. There was a moment just a few days ago when we thought for sure we were going to have to move up to Vancouver, Canada for the summer so he could work full time. He’s also a Canadian citizen, so he can work up there with no problem. But alas, his employers are awesome and patient, and willing to work with him to process the work visa as quickly as possible.


Then, before I even had a proper shift at the craft beer bar, I quit. That’s right, I still can’t believe I gave up a perfectly good job that had good beer, but I did it swiftly and without a regretful look back.


And let me tell you, I’ve been so much happier since I put in my early resignation. I came back to the States with a lot of goals and aspirations for what I want to do with my life, and continuing to work in hospitality is not one of them.


I love beer, I’ve enjoyed (for the most part) my many jobs in hospitality, but I’m ready to take a chance and take on a challenge to try and make my writing a reality. If things don’t work out completely, I can always pick up another part time bar job, but for now I’m just excited and thankful that I can spend my days focusing solely on my writing and this blog.



I’ve jumped head first into the world of freelancing. I’m writing every day, whether it be for this blog, guest posts for other websites, or applications for paid writing gigs. In the short time I’ve been in Portland, I’ve secured 3 partnerships with local companies that I’ll be working with this summer, and my head is clearer than it has been in ages.



I have to admit, we haven’t even had a chance to properly explore Portland yet. We’ve spent a few days around the city, but with the focus on getting our lives together and our jobs figured out, we haven’t had much time to just relax and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

And I can tell that Portland has a lot to offer.


Things are finally coming together, my boyfriend loves his job so far and I’m loving my new self-employed one. We’re moving into a share house on Friday that has its own yoga studio and greenhouse. It’s located in Alberta, the arts suburb of Portland.



I’m ready to settle down for a little while, and I think Portland is going to be the perfect place to write and find the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the beauty of the little things.


So, once again, thank you for reading. This blog has made me realize how much I love writing and it has given me a glimpse into what could make me happy in the future.

Cheers, to doing what you love.



Postcard from Veneta, Oregon

When my dad told me he was moving out of the house I grew up in and relocating to Oregon, I was nostalgic and sad to let go of so many memories from my childhood and adolescence.

Well, I finally had the opportunity to see his new place just outside of Eugene, in Veneta, Oregon, and I fell in love with my new home to come back to.

I’ve been to Oregon a few times before, but I forgot just how incredibly beautiful a state it is. I can see why so many people are relocating there, it’s a one of a kind place.

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