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    • Taylor (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and yoga instructor passionate about exploring the connections between humans and nature.
    • They live the ultimate van life in California, exploring pristine beaches, vibrant cities, and evergreen mountains.
    • Taylor uses their expertise to offer California road trip advice and travel recommendations.


As Taylor winds through California's coastal and mountain roads in their van, they gain insights into the state's diverse landscapes and cultures. With this firsthand experience, Taylor offers valuable tips and recommendations for travelers looking to discover the true essence of California's natural beauty and vibrant communities.   In 2022, they published a collection of poems titled, My Body Is An Orchard, while serving as a steward of the land in California. Taylor also co-hosts Full Bloom Pod, an explorative conversation of relationships and love.  


Taylor studied Communications, Art History, and Design for Theatre at Concordia University in Montreal and Fashion Design at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Their curiosity about diverse topics gives them a unique approach to understanding California's rich culture.  

Upcoming Projects & Goals

Currently living a nomadic lifestyle in their 1997 Ford Econoline van, Taylor draws inspiration from the landscapes and adventures in California. Their upcoming projects further explore human relationships with the natural world.