5 CLOSEST Airports to Disneyland and How To Get There [2024]

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Plan the smoothest, most magic-filled trip by knowing your options for the closest airports to Disneyland!

Whether you’re planning a trip with the whole family to stay in the iconic Disneyland Resort, or heading into the magic solo for the day, visiting Disneyland is always a favorite activity for all travelers. 

Unless you can float down from the clouds like Mary Poppins, you’ll have to figure out where to fly into for Disneyland and how to get from the airports to Disneyland by yourself.

There are multiple options for airports near Disneyland to suit your schedule and budget, as well as transit options for the last leg to the actual park.

Below, I’ve compiled a guide to the five closest airports to Disneyland (or Disney California Adventure Park) and everything else you need to know!

Closest Airport to Disneyland: The white, gold, blue, and pink facade of Disneyland's 'It's a Small World!" ride with an overcast sky behind it.

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What’s the Best Airport to Fly Into to Go to Disneyland?

Crowds of people walking down the brick-paved road leading into Disneyland on an overcast day.

The top two options for visiting Disneyland, based on proximity, affordability, and accessibility, are John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA)

Distance to Disneyland: John Wayne Airport (Santa Ana Airport) is the closest airport to Disneyland, only 14 miles away and about a 20-minute drive through Orange County

Why it’s worth flying to: John Wayne Airport is one of the smallest airports in California, making it super navigable and quick to head through the baggage claim area and be on your way to the Disneyland Resort once you land. 

The pros to this Orange County airport are definitely its proximity as the closest airport to fly into for Disneyland and its small size. 

Flights to John Wayne Airport are typically more expensive but often worth it for the convenience and ease. 

John Wayne Airport offers mostly domestic flights, with international service to Canada and Mexico. 

Here are the airlines that John Wayne Airport serves:

Air CanadaFrontier Airlines
Alaska AirlinesJSX
Allegiant AirSouthwest Airlines
American AirlinesSpirit Airlines
Breeze AirwaysUnited Airlines
Delta Air LinesWestJet

There are various rental car companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, Avis, and more available at John Wayne.   

There’s also ground transportation connected to John Wayne Airport through the Orange County Transportation Authority busses and trains, luxury ride service shuttles, taxis, and ride app pick-up locations. 

In general, this Orange County airport is well-connected if you’re looking to get around the nearby area or just go straight to Disney.

How To Get To Disneyland From John Wayne Airport

A view of the highways around John Wayne Airport seen from above, with a pinkish-blue sunset fading in the sky above.

If you’re driving: The driving route to Disneyland from SNA is relatively direct and short (only about 20 minutes) along two main highways. 

  • From the airport, you’ll take the CA-55 N for about 5 miles.
  • Take exit 10B from the 55 to merge onto the 1-5 N towards Santa Ana. 
  • Drive about 7.5 miles and take exit 110 for Harbor Blvd. 
  • You’ll start seeing signs for Disney California Adventure Park right away. 

If you’re taking transit: Find the Ground Transportation Center for taxi service and busses at the airport arrival terminal. On average, transit will take about two hours from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland using the Orange County bus route. 

  • From John Wayne, you’ll want the 53 bus toward Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. 
  • Ride until “Artic – Dock 6.” Transfer from here onto the 50 towards Long Beach and ride to “Katella Ave. WB @ Harbor Blvd.” 

There is also a direct shuttle service from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland daily if booked in advance. Because it’s the nearest airport to Disneyland, it’s also easier to use ride apps or a taxi. 

This ease and flexibility make John Wayne the best airport for Disneyland if you can find a flight that works for you.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The silhouette of an airplane lifting off over the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) against an orange sunset.

Distance from Disneyland: Los Angeles International Airport is only 35 miles (as little as a 40-minute drive, depending on traffic) from Disneyland Resort. It’s the closest major airport to Disneyland.

Why it’s worth flying to: Los Angeles International Airport is the fifth largest airport in the world. Because of its giant size, LAX serves almost every airline and has, by far, the most options available in terms of flight times/itineraries, direct flights, and cost. 

The ground transportation is well connected at the Los Angeles airport to get you straight to Disneyland Resort or the Anaheim Resort Area, as well (or really anywhere in Southern California).

Its size, however, also makes it much less direct to navigate, and depending on which gate you’re flying into, you could easily be looking at a 20-minute walk to baggage claim. If you’re with children or have disabilities, this may be something to keep in mind. 

A major positive is the plentiful car rental options. The rental car pick-up area is located right there in arrivals as well, within the parking structure, and can be accessed from the ground transportation center via the airport shuttles that operate on an ongoing basis. 

For those looking to rent a car and who have needs for a booster or car seats, Los Angeles International Airport is a good option for the many rental car facilities and options available. 

Getting to your Disneyland hotel from here will take a little longer than from John Wayne, but all your needs will be met.

If you’re looking for transit or ride-app pick-up locations, there’s lots of signage to direct you to the right spots, whether that be straight to the Disneyland Resort or to another stay in LA. 

The entirety of the greater Los Angeles area is accessible from this giant airport!

How To Get to Disneyland From Los Angeles International Airport

A dark green, old-timey, double-decker bus with the words, "Disneyland Transportation Co" written across the side.

If you’re driving: The drive from LAX to Disneyland Resort will take at least 40 minutes. You’ll be going right through the thick of Los Angeles traffic, which can be brutal, so it may take much longer, depending on the time of day. 

  • From LAX, you will take the I-105 E and follow that for about 17 miles, to then merge onto the 1-5 S toward Santa Ana. 
  • After about 4 miles, you’ll take exit 110 B for Disneyland Drive. 
  • Follow Disneyland Drive, and you’re there!

If you’re taking transit: On average, transit to Disneyland will take about 2 hours from LAX. Conveniently, LAX is connected to the Los Angeles metro and bus system. Though, getting from any LA airport to Disneyland by bus is going to be a trek.

  • For the most direct, mid-day route, you’ll want to take the LAX-it shuttle services to the train. 
  • Hop on the Metro Rail Green Line C Line and ride from Aviation Station/LAX Station toward Norwalk Station. 
  • Ride to Norwalk. 
  • You’ll then take the 460 bus from Norwalk Station to Disneyland. 

The LAX-it is a complimentary shuttle service that helps travelers get around Los Angeles International Airport for free. 

It’s also possible to book a direct shuttle service from LAX to Disneyland if private shuttle services to Disneyland Resort are what you’re looking for. You’ll have to make sure to book this in advance. 

In general, LAX will be cheaper and more accessible to out-of-state and international travelers seeking to visit Disneyland and Disneyland Resort, though it’s one of the farthest airports from Disneyland on this list. 

If you prefer budget flight options and aren’t worried about the travel time or the chaos of a high-traffic international airport, Los Angeles International Airport will be your best bet. 

Though it’s not the closest airport to Disneyland, 35 miles isn’t too bad–you just need to be mindful of the traffic.

Other Airports Close to Disneyland

An airplane taking off against a pale orange sky with the sun setting.

Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Distance from Disneyland: Long Beach Airport is much closer to Disneyland Resort than LAX. It’s about 19 miles and a 20-minute drive from LGB to Disneyland, which means that it’s the second closest airport to Disneyland Park.

Why it’s worth flying to: Long Beach Airport is actually rated one of the best airports in the US (based on votes by readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine). 

The number one thing to keep in mind when considering Long Beach Airport is its small size, meaning easy navigation and less chaos. However, unlike major airports, it serves only a handful of airlines, making it inaccessible to most international travelers. 

LGB does offer direct flights domestically, however, by the following airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • US Airways 

What makes it attractive to Disneyland visitors is definitely its proximity and small size. From the plane to baggage claim to Disneyland, everything will be quick and easy. AndIt has car rental options available as well. 

Flights through Long Beach Airport will be on the pricier side, though, so this again comes down to weighing price vs. convenience. 

How to Get to Disneyland From Long Beach Airport

A bird's eye view of Long Beach Airport nestled between the beach and mountains.

If you’re driving: Taking your car rental from Long Beach to Disneyland will be about 20-25 minutes, depending which route you take. 

There are two options: 

  • More direct; taking you on the CA-91 E and then onto the I-5 S towards Santa Ana, basically the fast highway route. 
  • Or, you can head south initially and go through the city of Long Beach via the I-405 S before getting onto the I-5 N after about 16 miles. 

If you’re taking transit: The most direct transit route from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland will take you about an hour and a half. 

  • From the airport, you will take the 104 bus toward 104 Spring/Norwalk Blvd until you reach Norwalk & Wardlow NE. 
  • Get off here, and transfer to the 46 bus toward The Village at Orange. 
  • Ride this one until Ball-Cast, and then transfer one more time onto the 83 toward Laguna Hills Transportation Center. 
  • Ride this until Disneyland. 

From the Long Beach Airport, you’re also able to use ride apps or book yourself a private shuttle service here if you book in advance. It is also possible to find Karmel Shuttle Discount Tickets for direct LGB to Disneyland airport transfer services here.

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

A small shuttle bus stopped outside of Ontario International Airport (ONT), while two workers sit on a bench in the shade.

Distance from Disneyland: Ontario International Airport is similar in distance from Disneyland to LAX airport (33 miles, 40 minute drive), but in the opposite direction. 

Ontario is a city inland from the coast, just north of Anaheim (where Disneyland is located). 

Why it’s worth flying to: The perks of Ontario International Airport is that it’s an accessible option for international flights without the chaos of LAX.

Ontario itself is also a more budget-friendly option for hotels and places to stay in southern California. It’s a bit removed from Los Angeles proper, offering a more quiet, family-friendly feel, but still within close access to the action. 

Ontario is a great option to consider for accommodation on your Disneyland vacation if you’re not looking to stay right in the Disneyland Resort area!

I will say, however, that it’s a good option only if you’re planning to rent a car, which you can do from ONT Airport. There’s a free shuttle service to the car rental center for all rental car customers and also to some Ontario hotels

I’d advise against relying on other transportation options from Ontario. Traffic in Southern California can take hours, and you’ll be wishing you’d splurged for the Disneyland Resort if you’re spending hours each way schlepping to Disneyland.

How to Get to Disneyland From Ontario Airport

If you’re driving: About a 45-minute drive (33 miles). 

  • From the airport, follow signs for the CA-60 W to Los Angeles and follow that for about 12 miles. 
  • Merge onto the CA-57 S and follow signs for Santa Ana for about 14 miles until you see Exit 3 for Ball Rd. 
  • Exit here, turn onto Harbor Rd, and you’re there!

If you’re taking transit: Transit from Ontario International to Disneyland will take you about 3 hours on the most direct route. 

  • You’ll take the 380 bus from Ontario Airport towards NB-Ont Connect. 
  • Ride the 380 until Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink, and then transfer onto the Metro San Bernardino Line 305 toward LA Union Station. 
  • Ride this to Union Station, and then transfer to the Metro Orange County Line 682 toward Laguna Niguel / Mission Viejo. 
  • Ride this line until Fullerton. 
  • Transfer here from the 682 to the 543 bus towards Santa Ana – Harbor and Macarthur. 
  • Ride this to Disneyland.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) 

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) seen from the outside with rolling hills and a hazy blue sky behind it.

Distance from Disneyland: Also comparable in distance to LAX, Hollywood Burbank Airport is about 50 minutes from Disneyland driving (41 miles), making it your farthest option from Disneyland from up in Burbank. 

Why it’s worth flying to: Burbank Airport (previosly known as Bob Hope Airport) was voted the best airport in the US by Fodor’s Travel, and it lives up to its reputation as stress-free, convenient, having helpful staff, and as a smaller airport terminal. 

If you’re flying domestic, Hollywood Burbank Airport may be attractive for its smaller size and ease to obtain taxi service and shuttle vans, which will come right to arrivals. 

BUR Airport offers service from several large American airlines including:

Alaska AirlinesJetBlue Airways
American AirlinesUnited Airlines
Avelo AirlinesSpirit Airlines
Delta AirlinesSouthwest Airlines
Frontier Airlines

If you’re looking for an upper-class selection of airport hotels and activities for convenience near your hotel on either end of your Disneyland trip, Burbank has you covered. 

From state-of-the-art hotels to conveniently located restaurants, attractions, shopping, and even the Burbank Aviation Museum, Burbank can be a great addition to your Disneyland vacation!

Again, a smaller airport means higher costs for flights and more limited transit services getting from Burbank down to Anaheim if you’re staying either at Disney or in the Anaheim Resort Area, so the cons to Hollywood Burbank are that it won’t be as accessible to everyone. 

It’s also a bit of a distance from Disneyland. They do offer rental cars, as well as being connected to buses, trains, and shuttle service options around Burbank and into LA. But if you’re looking to transit, this one may not be ideal. 

How to Get to Disneyland From Hollywood Burbank Airport

A close-up of a green sign for the  I-5 displaying the words "North" and ''South" beside an arrow, with palm trees and hills in the background.

If you’re driving: The drive will be a relative straight shot down the I-5 S, which you’ll get onto right from the airport. 

  • You’ll follow the I-5 S all the way down to Anaheim, following signs for CA-60 E/Interstate 5/Soto St/Santa Ana as you go. 
  • You’ll take exit 110B for Disneyland Dr after about 30 miles on the highway, and then you’ll have arrived just a short ways off the highway down Disneyland Dr. 

If you’re taking transit: The most direct transit route from Burbank Airport to Disneyland will take you about 3 hours. Definitely not the closest airport to Disneyland by transit. 

  • From the airport, you’ll walk to the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center outside of arrivals.
  • Find the bus stop at Hollywood Way / Thornton bus stop to catch the 222 bus toward Hollywood – Vine Station, and ride that until the Lankershim / Campo De Cahuenga stop. 
  • Get off here and transfer to Metro B Red Line toward Union Station at the Universal / Studio City Station. 
  • Take the Red Line to Pershing Square.
  • Transfer again here to the 460 toward Disneyland, and ride this all the way to Disneyland. 

Other ground transportation options include private shuttle tours into LA or choosing to go from the airport to Disneyland by taxi or rideshare app services. It’s connected, but it just takes a little bit of extra maneuvering unless you’re doing a rental car or calling a cab.

No matter where you end up flying into, your trip to Disneyland Park will be magical! Just remember to buy your Disneyland tickets in advance and reserve a spot at any of the Disneyland hotels nearby since both can sell out ahead of time. 

Your airport option may be just one leg of an otherwise jam-packed vacation, but it can save you a lot of hassle if you make an informed decision on this part. 

Now you have the tools to prepare an itinerary that’s right for you and the family! Enjoy!

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