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Mulholland Drive and the Mulholland Scenic Overlook are among the most recognizable locations for an LA road trip.

Named after the famous Los Angeles civil engineer William Mulholland, Mulholland Drive offers the city’s most stunning view of the LA skyline. 

This landmark has appeared in several notable Blockbuster films, including City of Angels (1998), NightCrawler (2014), and the 2001 film Mulholland Drive

One of the most Instagram-worthy spots in LA, you simply can’t beat Mulholland Scenic Overlook photos. 

Its many public scenic overlooks make the amazing views accessible to anyone venturing along this iconic road. 

I took about a thousand photos when I visited for the first time, amazed I could see as far as Catalina Island.  

Grab your camera and head to the Mulholland Scenic Overlook for your movie star moment!

A telephone pole in the foreground of a view looking down a sloped road, lined with dry golden grass and the hazy sprawl on Los Angeles beyond.

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Mulholland Scenic Overlook Map

How to Get To Mulholland Drive

A scene on an LA freeway with two green signs, one reading "Mulholland Dr Valley Circle Blvd" and the other reading "Woodland Lake" with green leafy trees to the right and a partly cloudy sky overhead.

By Car

It’s easy to get directions to the Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlook parking lot on Google Maps or a GPS device. 

If you’re coming from Hollywood, drive to where Mulholland meets Cahuenga Blvd. near Encino Hills Drive and follow Mulholland Drive to Leo Carrillo State Beach. 

The Mulholland Drive portion will take you through the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Beverly Hills, and many more stunning areas with celebrity houses and city views. 

At Highway 405, Mulholland Drive becomes Mulholland Highway.

The road stretches 21 miles, which takes about two hours. I recommend giving yourself at least three hours to be safe. 

Expect tourists, a full parking lot, and bus tours. 

Can You Walk Mulholland Drive?

There aren’t sidewalks the whole way, and it would be a long journey along narrow, winding mountain roads. 

Other Ways to Get to Mulholland Drive

There are multiple options to get to Mulholland Drive without a car. 

In the spring and summer, bus tours will take you along the famous parts of the Mulholland scenic parkway.

Some major bus routes also take you close to Mulholland, such as the 734, 761, 233, and 240. 

On some parts of the Mulholland Highway, you can also cycle safely.  

Hiking trails off Mulholland bring amazing views, such as the Fine Overlook at the Summit.

Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlooks

A brown sign with white text listing the rules for the Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlook, with a view of dry golden grass and rolling California Hills beyond.

Jerome C. Daniel Overlook Over The Hollywood Bowl

Where: 7036 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: Overlooking the Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater in downtown Los Angeles. 

On clear days, this Hollywood Bowl Overlook will give you breathtaking views of the San Fernando Valley, the Griffith Observatory, Verdugo Hills, and the Hollywood Sign. 

You can see the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, and Catalina Island, depending on the weather.

Planning a day trip to Catalina Island? Check out our full guide!

Runyon Canyon Park

Where: 7317 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: The North Entrance to Runyon Canyon Park is on Mulholland Dr. 

This famous 130-acre park is in Hollywood, east of the Santa Monica Mountains, and makes a great day trip.

It offers paved walking paths and strenuous hiking trails from the north side that connect to Mulholland Dr. with incredible views of the entire valley.  

Universal City Overlook

Where: 7701 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: Views of the San Fernando Valley, including 

Universal City, Universal Studios, Studio City, Burbank, and North Hollywood.

I strongly suggest visiting the Universal City Overlook right before sunset so you can see the daylight and sparkling city lights after dark. 

Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook

Where: 8401 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: hiking trails with spectacular views of the Fryman Canyon.

The Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook offers plenty of hiking and a large paved parking area. 

If you’re looking for a longer Mulholland Scenic Overlook hike, hiking trails like the Betty B. Dearing Mountain Trail are accessible on the north side of the road. 

Mulholland Scenic Overlook 

A dramatic view of early sunset from the Mulholland Scenic Overlook with rolling green hills in the foreground.

Where: 8591 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: Sweeping vistas of Los Angeles from this outlook are incomparable. 

Panoramic views of the city, the mountains, the Hollywood Sign, the San Fernando Valley, and the Downtown LA skyline make this the most famous overlook from the movies. 

You may recognize some iconic scenes while you’re there! Just beware that there’s limited Mulholland Scenic Overlook parking. 

Barbara A. Fine Overlook

Where: 11801 Mulholland Dr, Studio City, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: Hiking and views of the Upper Fork in Fryman Canyon. 

On the north side of Mulholland Scenic Parkway,  a short trail to several lookout points that offer views of Fryman Canyon, the Simi Hills, Griffith Observatory, the San Fernando Valley, and the San Gabriel Mountains. 

Stone Canyon Overlook

Where: 13931 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA
Why it’s worth visiting: A high viewpoint of The Stone Canyon Reservoir

The Stone Canyon Overlook is 850 feet above sea level in the Santa Monica Mountains, with views of The Stone Canyon Reservoir on the south side of Mulholland Scenic Parkway.  

Mulholland Drive: Where To See Spots From The Movie

The outer facade of Pink's Hot Dogs stand, a pink building with red and white striped awning, with a clear blue sky beyond.

Best Time to Make the Trip

A nighttime cityscape view from an LA hill overlooking the lights of the city.

The best time to visit Mulholland Drive is spring or early fall when it’s not too hot and crowded with tourists. 

I’d also recommend going in the early evening and staying for sunset at any of the overlooks to see Mulholland Scenic Overlook at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Mulholland Scenic Overlook

A hazy view of Downtown LA on a bright, clear day, with green hills in the foreground.

Where is the best lookout point on Mulholland Drive?

The Jerome C. Daniel Overlook over The Hollywood Bowl is the most popular and highest scenic overlook on Mulholland Drive. 

What celebrities live on Mulholland Drive?

Notable past and present residents include Madonna, John Lennon, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, and David Lynch.

Was La La Land filmed on Mulholland Drive?

The famous lamp post scene from La La Land was filmed at Cathy’s Corner on Mount Hollywood Drive, east of Mulholland Drive. 

Is it scary to drive?

It’s a windy, hilly, narrow road. If heights scare you, go slow and visit in the daytime when it’s populated with lots of light. 

Is there anywhere to stay or eat on Mulholland Drive?

Many hotels, restaurants and activities are nearby, including some overlook restaurants. 

Can you see the Hollywood sign from Mulholland Scenic Overlook?

Yes, you can see the Hollywood Sign from most overlooks. 

What other movies were filmed there?

Other Points of Interest

Prefer mother nature to cityscapes? Head out on Mulholland Highway East to the volcanic mountain formations in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here you can check out:

  • Malibu Creek State Park
  • Las Virgenes Valley
  • Seminole Overlook

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A telephone pole in the foreground of a view looking down a sloped road, lined with dry golden grass and the hazy sprawl on Los Angeles beyond, with the text overlay, "Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlooks."

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