7 BEST Tents for Beach Camping [2024 Guide]

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Short on time? Our pick for the best tent for beach camping is the Kelty Cabana Shelter.

Wake up to an ocean view with one of these best tents for beach camping.

Beach camping is very different than regular camping in a forest campground, but I thoroughly enjoy it. 

There’s nothing like going to bed to the sound of waves and waking up to a view of the ocean.

Finding the best beach tents might seem easy, but I wish I had known a few more things before heading to a windy beach and setting up my tent. 

There’s a difference between finding the best beach umbrella tent and pitching a weather-resistant tent perfect for a sandy location.

You need a special tent if you’re pitching it on the beach, so keep reading this guide to find the best tents for beach camping.

A blue and purple tent on a sandy beach with a calm sea and a partly cloudy sky in the background.

#1 Kelty Cabana Shelter

Best Value

Product image for the Kelty Cabana Shelter in blue and orange.

Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Size(s): 2 – 3 people
Setup Time: a few minutes

When camping on the beach, you have specific requirements that regular dome tents can’t always provide. 

When you’re visiting the beach, sun protection is key, so it’s nice to have something to lay under. 

An umbrella beach tent is like an umbrella that you can stake down, but this type of tent doesn’t provide enough protection to sleep in.

That’s where the Kelty Cabana Shelter steps in! This beach camping tent provides the ultraviolet protection factor during the day while offering the cozy protection of a dome tent at night.

Some tents will get very hot while shielding you from the sun’s harmful rays, but the Kelty Cabana nicely combats this.

The Kelty comes with three large mesh windows to let in good airflow, and you can open the entire front wall to relax in the breeze during the day and then close it up to get some sleep at night.

This tent has a nice carrying bag, but the setup becomes complex depending on the weather.


  • Multiple windows for increased airflow
  • The front wall can open up for a more relaxing design
  • It comes with sandbags for extra security


  • Setup time can take longer than expected


#2 OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach Tent

Easiest Beach Tent to Setup

Product image for the OutdoorMaster Pop-Up Beach Tent in blue.

Weight: 6 lbs. 6 oz.
Size(s): 4 people
Setup Time: seconds

Pitching tents can become a hassle, and that’s especially true for beach tents because beaches tend to be windy with uneven ground. 

I love the OutdoorMaster Pop-up beach tent because of its quick and easy setup time. Pop-up tents are fantastic for beginners, and this pop-up beach tent is no different!

With a 3000mm PU coating of the tent fabric, the OutdoorMaster Pop-up tent is also highly water resistant, so there are no worries about wet weather while relaxing there.

Beach canopies have this persona of being easy to set up, but that isn’t always the case. 

The OutdoorMaster, however, has pre-attached poles that make setting up a breeze. 

Given how cheap this tent is, there will be some durability issues over time. The material is still good enough to protect you and your family with 50+ UV protection.

Like the idea of a pop-up tent? Check out our list of top picks!


  • High coating rating to make great water-resistant fabric
  • 50+ UV Rating for sun protection
  • Set up a tent in seconds


  • Durability issues


#3 REI Co-op Half Dome

Most Versatile Beach Tent

Product image for the REI Co-op Half Dome in light blue.

Weight: 5 lbs. 11 oz.
Size(s): 3 people
Setup Time: a few minutes

Some might say that there’s more to life than the beach. With a versatile tent like the REI Co-op Half Dome, you don’t have to switch to a different tent when you’re camping in other locations. 

There’s no point in a beach camping trip if you can’t see the ocean!

Multiple mesh windows provide ventilation and better views, making this a good beach tent. 

The REI Half Dome comes with ripstop panels, which help to reduce sand flinging up into the tent on those windy days.

Guy lines also help hold the vestibule open against the sea breeze.

This portable tent doesn’t have a beach shade canopy-style opening, but on the plus side, it’s lightweight enough to go backpacking with.


  • Lightweight enough to go backpacking with
  • It has a ripstop panel to protect it from dirt and sand
  • Excellent ventilation due to the windows made from mesh
  • Storage pockets that can fit almost everything


  • Isn’t a beach shade tent

#4 Coleman Skydome Darkroom

Best Summer Beach Tent

Coleman Skydome Darkroom

Weight: 11 lbs.
Size(s): 4 people
Setup Time: a few minutes

Summer can get hot, and that heat gets amplified even more at the beach. Not all beach tents are ideal for super-high temperatures.

If you’re trying to stay cool while you camp at the beach during the summer, check out the Coleman Skydome Darkroom

Coleman makes some of the best camping tents, and this is one of them. 

At the peak of the summer, I usually suggest a darkroom (also called a blackout tent) if you’re trying to get some quality sleep. 

This Coleman Skydome blocks out 90% of the sun, which helps to reduce the heat. 

The tent body is heavier than most on this list, but it has a large beach bag for easy carrying. When overnight camping, the sun will also not wake you up in the morning. 

Other beach tents don’t have this capability.


  • Darkroom technology creates a sun shelter
  • Excellent weather protection with Coleman’s WeatherTec 
  • An affordable price
  • It comes with a carry bag


  • The tent weighs 11 pounds, making it challenging to backpack with


#5 NEMO Aurora 3P Tent

Best Beach Tent for Wind

Product image for the NEMO Aurora 3P Tent in green.

Weight: 6 lbs.
Size(s): 3 people
Setup Time: a few minutes

Windy weather is never fun, but it’s a common problem with beach camping.

If you know you’re camping at a windy beach, then there’s no other tent you should want besides the NEMO Aurora!

This tent is low to the ground, which helps with the tent’s stability in windy conditions. 

The NEMO Aurora also comes with a “Pawprint liner” snap to bring your dog inside the tent without getting the tent floor dirty.

While this tent is technically a 3-person tent, there’s enough room for even more because of the two doors and vestibules. 

This tent’s poles are aluminum. Aluminum tent poles aren’t ideal for the tent’s durability, but they help keep the weight lighter for easy portability.


  • You can add a liner for your pet
  • Low to the ground of better wind resistance
  • It comes with two vestibules


  • Aluminum poles make it less durable


#6 Pacific Breeze Beach Tent 

Best Budget Option

Product image for the Pacific Breeze Beach Tent in blue.

Weight: 4.45 lbs.
Size(s): 3 people
Setup Time: Within seconds

Even when you’re looking for a budget option, you still want a tent that’s worth the money. 

I love the Pacific Breeze Beach tent because it’s the best of both worlds.

While this isn’t the cheapest beach tent on the market, it’s still very affordable and high-quality. 

The Pacific Breeze is a luxury beach tent at a reasonable price, making it the best beach tent Amazon has to offer. 

My favorite thing about this tent is its easy setup due to the pre-attached poles. It’s a beach canopy tent, which makes it a perfect place to relax under the sun. 

It comes with sand pockets and has a UV rating of 50+. 

With its low price comes the typical downfall of less durability, but if you take good care of it, it should still last you reasonably long.


  • Affordable price with many features
  • UV 50+ rating for sun protection
  • Canopy beach tent style


  • Might have durability issues

#7 REI Co-op Screen House Shelter

Best Beach Tent for Two to Four People

Product image for the REI Co-op Screen House Shelter in beige.

Weight: 13 lbs.
Size(s): 4 people
Setup Time: A few minutes

If you’re looking for a simple yet comfortable beach tent for the summer, look no further than the REI Co-op Screen House Shelter

When camping on the beach during the summer, the most significant issues can be the sand, the heat, and the bugs. This tent combats all of those issues perfectly. 

The Screen House Shelter has the biggest mesh windows on this list, creating the best ventilation. This feature also helps keep the bugs out, and its straight zippers are an added plus.

The spacious interior alone makes this a candidate for the best large beach tent.


  • Large windows
  • Straight zipper to keep bugs out
  • Comfortably fits 4+ people


  • It weighs more than most beach tents

FAQs About Beach Tents

A sandy beach at sunset with six dome tents set up in a line along the beach, near a forested hill.

How do I choose a beach tent?

What determines the right beach camping tent for you depends on how you plan to use it. Some beach camping tents are better for more people but aren’t as wind-resistant. 

There are smaller tents that’ll be better to backpack with but won’t have as excellent ventilation as some larger ones. 

So, the best camping tent for someone planning on camping with a big group won’t have the same features as the best tent for a backpacker.

Are camping tents good for the beach?

Most tents are good tents for the beach. The tents that aren’t great for the beach are tents meant for extreme cold. 

If you’re camping in the summer, the last place you want to be is a hot tent. 

How do I keep my tent from blowing away at the beach?

Tent stakes don’t always do much in lose sand. Sandbags or anything heavy will help keep the tent from blowing away at the beach. 

A lot of beach tents also come with sand pockets, which can become like built-in sandbags. 

Can you put a tent on the beach overnight?

Tents can stay on a beach overnight so long as it’s allowed in that particular area. Check your local laws before spending the night in your tent at the beach. 

Conclusion: What is the Best Tent for Beach Camping?

A glowing orange tent pitched on a grassy shore, illuminated by a nearby campfire, with a serene backdrop of the sea and silhouetted blue mountains during twilight.

Finding the best beach camping tents might seem complicated, but it’s an easy decision when you run into a tent like the Kelty Cabana Shelter!

This tent has all the features you want to find in the top beach tents to help you sleep overnight. 

The Kelty Cabana Shelter has huge windows for its size, and its front door flap allows it to open up. 

This flap helps create a comfortable and cool place that sets it apart from other tents with large windows, like the REI Screen House shelter.

It’s possible to bring the Kelty Cabana Shelter backpacking. It’s not the lightest but also not the heaviest beach tent on this list. 

The Kelty comes with sandbags included, which sets above the other best beach tents on this list and makes it my number one choice to bring to the beach.


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