A Detailed Tieks Review (for 2020): Are Tieks Worth It?

tieks reviews - are Tieks worth the cost?

Thinking of purchasing a pair of Tieks shoes but not sure if they’re worth the cost? This is my honest Tieks review after owning my first pair for three years and taking them around the world with me.  Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you […]

Best 4 Person Tent for Camping and Backpacking in 2020

best 4 person tent

My picks for the best 4 person tent on the market, whether you’re going on a multi-day backpacking adventure or car camping with friends or the whole family.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years of spending a lot of time in nature, it’s worth it to be prepared and to have the […]

17 Best Weekend Trips From San Francisco (From a Local)

best weekend trips from san francisco, california

The best weekend trips from San Francisco! These are my favorite weekend getaways from the city as someone who grew up in the Bay Area. One of the best parts of living in San Francisco is how centrally located it is in California. There are endless opportunities to get out in nature, take a drive […]

Where to See the Redwoods Near San Francisco (Within a 2-Hour Drive)

where to see the redwood near San Francisco

The best places to see the redwoods near San Francisco, from a local who grew up hiking through them.  Walking through a hushed coastal redwood forest in California is perhaps one of the most magical experiences you can have. It’s damp, quiet, and peaceful, and you’re surrounded by some of the tallest and oldest trees […]

35 Best Things to do in San Jose, California

Things to do in San Jose California

The best things to do in San Jose, California – one of the most overlooked cities in the Bay Area. Often neglected in favor of its artsy sister, San Francisco, you may be surprised to know that San Jose actually has a bigger population than the Golden Gate City. And although it may not have […]

14 Best Hikes in San Francisco, California (From a Local)

best hikes in san francisco

The best hikes in San Francisco! These are the best hiking spots around the city for good views and getting the good kind of lost in nature. No driving necessary.   Although there are various hiking opportunities and parks around the Bay Area and beyond, a lot of people don’t realize how many hiking opportunities there […]

Thoughts On Turning 30 (And My Favorite Memories From My 20s)

thoughts on turning 30

Thoughts on turning 30, my favorite memories from my 20s, and what I’m most looking forward to about the next decade of my life.  I’m writing this post on the last day of my 20s. It’s an odd statement that brings up a lot of feelings, but I guess it’s a good sign that the […]

Allbirds Review: Allbirds Tree Runners vs Allbirds Wool Runners

Ultimate Allbirds Review

My detailed Allbirds review after trying out the Allbirds Wool Runners and Tree Runners. As well as a quick look at every Allbirds shoe style to compare and contrast the right one for you. When I first saw an Allbirds review on a New York lifestyle blog back in 2015, I was immediately drawn to […]

Tieks Sizing Guide: How to Choose the Right Size Tieks for Your Feet

tieks reviews - are Tieks worth the cost?

A full guide to Tieks sizing after my own experience with ordering the wrong size Tieks and having to stretch them out to fit my feet. There’s nothing more disappointing than investing in a quality pair of new shoes and then realizing you bought the wrong size. You’ve not only spent a small fortune on […]

Allbirds Tree Runners Review (2020) | My Favorite Travel Sneakers

Allbirds Tree Runners review

My honest Allbirds Tree Runners review! Find out why they’re my favorite style of Allbirds and whether they’re really as comfortable as people say.   I first came across Allbirds shoes back in 2015 on a New York lifestyle blog and I was immediately intrigued. I had just finished living in New Zealand for a year […]