Birdies Shoes Review (for 2022): Are They Worth the Price?

birdies shoes review

My honest Birdies shoes review! This is what you should know before you buy a pair and whether they’re really worth the cost.

I first came across Birdies slippers on Instagram. This is probably because I’m a fan of Tieks and social media algorithms know me better than I know myself these days.

When I found out the company was San Francisco-based I was even more intrigued to potentially support a local business. But, Birdies don’t come cheap.

I was still on the fence until I went to a birthday party and saw my sister looking comfy and content wearing her Black Velvet Starlings.

I had mostly only seen her wear Tory Burch flats in the past so I peppered her with questions about how she liked her Birdies and if they were really worth the price.

She gave me an emphatic “Yes!”. That was the last push I needed (social proof is a powerful thing!). I bought my Cheetah Calf Hair Starlings the next week and started testing them out.

After giving myself ample time to break them in and try them out, I wanted to write an honest Birdies shoes review to help anyone else who might be on the fence about buying them.

By the end of this review, you’ll get the full rundown of my personal experience with Birdies, what to know before you buy them, and whether I think they’re worth the cost.

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honest birdies review

A Quick Look at Birdies as a Company

Birdies was founded in 2015 by Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey, who wanted to design products for women by women.

These two moms started the Birdies company with the intention of having comfortable but stylish slippers to wear around the house.

They wanted to create slippers that wouldn’t be too socially unacceptable to wear even if you were hosting a dinner with friends at your house – as they say, a “stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper.”

Eventually, with how popular their slippers became, customers started requesting shoes that could also be worn outside.

So, they re-designed their shoes to be versatile enough to wear inside and outside the house without losing too much of the original slipper comfort.

With more funding and growing popularity over the years, they’ve expanded from their initial slipper line with other styles of shoes, including slides, sneakers, and sandals.

My Experience With the Birdies Starling Flats

My Birdies flats arrived within a week after buying them in a small shoebox with minimal packaging and a soft white bag to carry them in.

I immediately started wearing them around the house but noticed my toes feeling pinched and my heels sore after wearing them for long periods.

I ended up sending this first pair back and ordered a half size up, which was noticeably more comfortable once I put them on.

I spent the next month walking as much as possible in my Birdies and felt them fit a little better each time I put them on. These are my main pros and cons after testing them out for myself and breaking them in properly.

Birdies packaging
birdies flats



The biggest thing for me when it comes to shoes is the comfort factor. This is especially the case because I walk everywhere around town, sometimes for miles on end, and I need shoes that can keep up with that lifestyle.

Luckily for me, Birdies didn’t disappoint. After I received the better-fitting shoes, it truly felt like my feet were walking on clouds.

Birdies flats feature 7-layer comfort technology and I loved the arch support, which is hard to come by sometimes in a designer flat.

The only issue I had with comfort initially was a slight rubbing on the heel, which stopped once I wore them a few more times for longer periods.

Style & Versatility

The style and versatility of Birdies slippers were a slam dunk for me.

I’d been wanting to try out this new slipper flat trend that seems to be all the rage these days because in the last year, especially, I’ve worn mostly slippers (#2020) and comfort is a high priority for me.

When I slipped on my Birdies, I found them to be just as cute and stylish as how they looked online.

Although I was tempted initially by the Black Velvet Starling, I’m very happy that I bought the Cheetah Calf Hair Starlings. I’ve found that Cheetah print is not only fun and a statement piece but it pairs well with a lot of different colors and outfits.

I’ve been able to wear these Birdies slippers with most things in my wardrobe, including dresses, pants, and jeans, and for both casual and more business casual outfits.

Birdies style and versatility


The aspect that I’m always a little anxious about when it comes to buying shoes online, besides finding the right fit, is the quality.

With my pair of Birdies flats, it was easy to see as soon as I opened the box and took the shoes for their first spin that they were high-quality shoes that lived up to their price tag.

I could see the slight fuzziness of the individual calf hairs around the exterior. I felt the luxurious dual-layered high-density foam and memory foam cushioning with its quilted satin.

And I loved the overall build of the shoes, with a sturdy rubber sole, that looked up to the challenge of long walks.

quality of birdies shoes

They Offer Half Sizes

I’m usually a 9.5 so when companies don’t offer half sizes I usually have to size up or down.

I ended up sizing up to a 10 anyway for The Starling, but I appreciate the fact that Birdies offers half sizes for that perfect fit. It makes a difference, especially when you’re spending a good chunk of change on flats.

Easy Returns & Exchanges

I returned my first pair of Birdies when they were a little too snug and the return process was super easy and stress-free.

I just dropped them off at my local FedEx within the 30-day window and received my money back within a week or two.

I decided to return my previous pair and just buy another pair because I knew it would be faster than doing an exchange, but you could go about it either way if you wanted to get a different size.

Easy returns and exchanges

They Have Vegan Options

This isn’t the case for my pair, but Birdies has a good amount of vegan options for their shoes if you’re looking for animal-friendly flats. Any of their velvet or satin shoes are 100% vegan.


They Can Get Hot on Warm Days

I’ve worn The Starling Birdies on a couple of hot days (in the low 80s F) and my feet started getting a little sweaty inside the shoes.

I tend to wear sandals when it gets that warm and the Bay Area generally stays cooler than that, so it’s not a huge deal.

But this is still something to keep in mind – Birdies aren’t the most breathable shoes once it gets hot.

They Take Some Time to Break-In

It took me a good couple of weeks until I felt like the shoes were starting to mold better to my feet. When I first tried on my Starling Birdies they were pretty stiff and I was worried that they might end up being uncomfortable.

It took a few longer wears, but they eventually softened up and became so much comfier after breaking them in properly.

With that said, it’s good to keep in mind that it does take some time to break in Birdies. Don’t plan to be able to wear them for long periods right out of the box.

how long do birdies take to break in


Probably the biggest con to Birdies is their price point. The Starling Birdies are anywhere from $95-$140, which is steep if you’re not used to buying designer flats.

However, as I talk about more below, I still think Birdies are worth every penny.

Other Birdies Styles

Birdies Sizing Tips

Birdies flats, slippers, and sneakers should fit snugly but not uncomfortably when you first put them on.

With the first pair I tried on, the backs of the shoes were digging into my heels and my toes felt very crowded. A half-size up was perfectly snug but not uncomfortable, so that’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

Each style of Birdies has more specific sizing tips as well if you look on the Birdies website.

birdies sizing tips

Return & Exchange Policy

As I mentioned above, Birdies has an easy and quick return and exchange policy, especially if you live within the US.

You can exchange your Birdies within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked, even if you’ve worn them outside.

You just have to go here and insert your order number to get an exchange going. Then, it’s as simple as dropping it off at your local FedEx or USPS within 14 days after you request a return or exchange.

Unfortunately, Birdies doesn’t offer free returns or exchanges for customers based outside the US.

Birdies Discounts & Coupons

Birdies sometimes offers seasonal discounts for all customers and they’ve been offering year-round 20% off discounts for certain groups of customers recently too, including teachers, doctors & nurses, medical professionals, and first responders.

If you refer a friend and they purchase their first pair of Birdies, they’ll get $20 off their order and you’ll get $20 off your next order.

Also, the Birdies website has a sales page with current styles that can be found at a discount, which you can find here.

You can find out more about current Birdies coupons and discounts here.

birdies discounts and coupons

Where to Buy Birdies

Birdies are mostly sold online on their website. Luckily, with their quick returns and exchanges, it’s easy to order a couple of different sizes to try on at home and then easily send back the pair that doesn’t fit as well.

There’s only one physical Birdies store in San Francisco at 1934 Union Street.

FAQs About Birdies

How Long do Birdies Take to Break-In?

At least for their slippers and flats, I would recommend giving yourself at least 1-2 weeks of wearing your Birdies regularly before wearing them for longer periods.

Where are Birdies Made?

Birdies are designed in California and manufactured in China.

Are Birdies Waterproof?

Most Birdies aren’t waterproof but there are a select few styles that are. If they’re labeled as washable, that means they’re waterproof.

If you’re looking for waterproof shoes, I’d recommend checking out my full guide to the best waterproof walking shoes.

Why Are They Called Birdies?

All of the different styles of Birdies are named after birds, so it makes sense that the founders named their shoes “Birdies.”

Why they went with the bird theme is anyone’s guess, but I’m assuming they must have a fondness for birds or thought it would be cute to name all of their shoes after birdies.

Are Birdies Good for Wide Feet?

Birdies can definitely work for wide feet, you just might need to break them in slightly longer and it’s probably a good idea to order a size up.

So, Are Birdies Shoes Worth the Price?

Yes! As you can probably tell from this Birdies flats review, I’ve been very happy with my Birdies so far.

I love that they’re extremely comfortable (gotta love that memory foam cushion, quilted satin insert, and supportive rubber sole) but go with a lot in my closet.

I also feel like their slippers are a good transition shoe from being at home 24/7 in 2020 to going out again in 2021. So yes, I would whole-heartedly recommend Birdies to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, yet stylish shoe.

When it comes to price, I generally look at how many years I plan to use what I’m buying and break it down by month.

Even if my Birdies only lasted for three years (and I assume they’ll probably last a little longer than that), that means I’d still only be paying around $3.89 a month to own these shoes.

And for what I’ve gotten out of them so far, I’d definitely say they’re worth that price and then some.

Are birdies worth the price

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Birdies Shoes Review (for 2022): Are They Worth the Price?

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  1. Hi Mimi, thanks for the review. I’m curious to find out how sweaty they made your feet and/or if they made them stink. I’m planning on getting a pair but worried about this possible issue.

    • Hi Jenny, although they’ve made my feet sweat a bit on hotter days (when it’s in the high 70s and 80s F), they haven’t made my feet stink at all and the Birdies themselves haven’t started to smell either after wearing them for over a year now.

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