27 BEST Gifts for Swimmers: For Kids, Pros & All [2024]

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Short on time? Our picks for the best gifts for swimmers are the Swim Watch and the Natural Muscle Rub Gift Set.

The best gifts for swimmers to use in, out, or around the water.

Most of my swimming memories come from the fresh waters of Lake Michigan.

Sure, in the Chicagoland area where I grew up, it’s only warm enough to swim in during July and August…but swimming is part of what makes those the best months of the year!

While I was never a competitive swimmer, I’ve always enjoyed the activity. Whenever I got a new swimsuit, I was ready to jump into the pool or open water. 

If you’re looking to pass that excitement on to the swimmer in your life, this article is for you.

Whether your favorite swimmer enjoys the challenge of open-water swimming, swimming as a hobby, or is looking to be the next member of the USA national swim team– check out these gift ideas for swimmers.

A young female swimmer in a white swimcap pokes here head out of the pool to adjust her goggles on a sunny day, with the background in soft focus.

Gifts for Kid Swimmers


Product image for the VIAHART Aquapella Swimming Kickboard in black.

If you’re trying to find the best toy for the swimming pool, hit two birds with one stone by gifting a kickboard.

This VIAHART Aquapella Swimming Kickboard is a simple but sturdy tool that helps you practice your kick strokes. 

Kickboards make great gifts for anyone who wants to strengthen their legs or core. 

Using a kickboard makes you a stronger swimmer because your legs are responsible for moving the same body weight through the water– without the help of your arms.

P.S. I know often think of kickboards as something kids use in swimming pools, but I’m here to debunk that myth. They’re not only for kids, but are also a piece of swimming gear for adults (even on open water!).

Kid’s Custom Swimcap

Product image for the Kid's Custom Swimcap in pink.

It can be hard to keep a swim cap on kids’ heads. The first few times I had to wear a swim cap felt odd, so I got it.

But it’s a feeling that an aspiring professional swimmer should get used to.

Kids may feel more enticed to wear one if they have a personalized swim cap with their name on it. 

While a pint-sized swimmer may be less interested in the reasoning behind swim caps (increased speed, protection from chemicals or sun, etc.), they’ll enjoy having a swimming accessory to call their own. 

Order a whole set of these caps for an adorable set of swim team gifts or birthday party favors… for any mini Michael Phelps in the making!

Swim Gear Bag

Product image for the Custom Swimming Bag in blue.

I feel like I’m always carrying a ton of things around with me. What can I say? I’m not a minimalist. 

That’s why I have a bag for everything: a work bag, a gym bag.

If I were a swimmer, a swim bag would be the first thing I’d want. So, if you’re looking for practical gift ideas for swimmers, this bag is the way to go.

Whether carrying a water bottle or changing clothes, a bag like this creates a designated spot for all your dryland gear. 

This polyester bag measures 20″ W x 14 “H x 4” D. The two side mesh pockets make for easy access on the outside. The zippered main compartment keeps items secure on the inside. 

You can pick the bag’s colors and the swimmer decal on the front. Additionally, you can personalize it with the name of your swimmer. 

Personalized Sterling Swim Necklace

Product image for the Personalized Sterling Swim Necklace.

As a little kid, I loved getting jewelry associated with my hobbies. Any form of a charm won bonus points. 

Considering this Hand Stamped Mini Initial necklace from Etsy has a silver swim goggles charm, it would be a perfect pick for any jewelry-loving swimmer. 

You can personalize this sterling silver necklace by choosing an initial, birthstone, and necklace length. 

While this gift could be for anyone of any age, it’s an excellent choice for younger swimmers. The quality is nice, but not so crazy that you’d have to worry too much about losing it.

(That being said, it’s best to wear this necklace outside the pool, not inside it. Chlorine is not a chemical that’s friendly to most jewelry.)

Kids Swim Fins

Product image for the FINIS Booster Kids Swim Fins in orange.

I loved playing games like mermaids when I was a kid swimming in a pool. A pair of swim fins always helped me ‘get in character’ and conjure up that mermaid feeling.

Swim fins help kids swim faster and help improve swimming techniques at the same time. 

Strengthening leg muscles and releasing shoulder tension help kids feel more confident in the water. 

FINIS is a quality swimming brand that makes fins out of natural rubber. You have color choices of green, orange, or purple.

They recommend this pair for kids aged 8 to 12– but FINIS offers a range of sizes in case you have younger or older kids. 

One thing to remember: it’s fun to wear swim fins, but it’s essential to practice swimming with them off as well. Split your swimmer’s time with them at least 50/50, and you’ll be golden. 

Swimmer Bag Tag

Product image for the Swimmer Bag Tag in light blue.

Anyone who has competed in some form of group athletics knows that very often, personal items get jumbled in a big pile. 

I’m picturing my high school badminton team meets, where our backpacks and racket covers often overlapped in a pile on the gym floor. 

Just as travelers use luggage tags, athletes can also benefit from bag tags.

You can customize this personalized swim bag tag from Etsy with any information you’d like. The Etsy seller’s example shows the name, address, and phone number.

The aquatic background makes it perfect for anyone who loves the pool. The tag is aluminum, and the strap is rubber.

P.S.: If you like this gift idea but want something more substantial, consider pairing it with the towel from this list! I love how the pool lane backgrounds match. 

Gifts for Advanced Swimmers

Swim Watch

Product image for the Garmin Swim 2 watch in black.

The Garmin Swim 2 Watch is the perfect gift for competitive swimmers or open-water swimmers!

This watch monitors all aspects of your swimming performance: distance, pace, and overall swimming efficiency. 

Its seven-day battery and built-in GPS make it a great choice as the best gift for open-water swimmers. You can also create a custom workout using the online analysis feature. 

I’m sure, at this point, you can see why any competitive or open-water swimmer would enjoy this.  

It is one of the pricer gifts on this list, but if you’re looking for an extra special Christmas gift this holiday season, this handy piece of technology is a great gift for someone who loves swimming. 


Buoy Water Bag

Product image for the Swim Buoy Waterproof Dry Bag in orange.

If your favorite swimmer prefers to swim on open water, consider a buoy bag as the best gift for outdoor swimmers.

This waterproof bag is a good tool for open-water swimming because it serves several purposes.

This bright orange bag makes anyone going on an open water swim more visible. The bag attaches around your waist and floats alongside you without extra effort. 

Because of its buoyancy, it also serves as a flotation device if you need a break.   

The waterproof PVC fabric makes it a space to bring your items out on the water with you.

While this tends to be a popular gift for an open-water swimmer, people use this item for other water sports like kayaking!

Malibu C Swimmer Shampoo Conditioner Set

Product image for the Malibu C Swimmer Shampoo Conditioner Set.

I love that in the beauty world is that they can tailor a shampoo for everything– swimmer’s hair included! 

Swimmer’s shampoo removes chlorine, restores moisture, and hydrates. All of these factors help keep a swimmer’s hair manageable and at maximal quality. 

If you need a gift for a swimmer girl, consider this Malibu C Swimmer Shampoo Conditioner set (although, there’s no reason guys wouldn’t enjoy it too!).

Malibu C’s swimming shampoo uses an orange scent and 100% Vegan ingredients. 

It’s excellent at protecting hair from discoloration– after all, no one wants to exit the pool with noticeable green hair, right?!

RAEMAO Massage Gun

Product image for the RAEMAO Massage Gun.

My mom once got this as a gift for the holiday season, and I think I’ve used it more than her.

In the past, when I had sore muscles, I’d turn to foam rollers. I have nothing against them, but in terms of efficiency and pain relief…I prefer something like this RAEMAO Massage Gun.

This massage gun comes with 15 different head attachments and ten different speeds.

This tool uses concentrated force to target a specific muscle, reducing pain and increasing your range of motion.

You can see why this is one of the best gifts for swimmers.

My favorite thing about a gift like this is you can hit hard-to-reach spots on your own, such as your back, shoulder, neck, etc.

Just warn your swimmer to proceed with caution for a proper recovery. Once, I was trying to get a kink out of my neck, which made the problem worse…these things are powerful!

Muscle Recovery Balm Gift Set

Product image for the Everything Hurts Natural Muscle Rub Gift Set.

When I get sore muscles, they last for a while. That’s why it’d be so lovely to have something like this muscle recovery balm gift set, which I’d be able to use over an extended period.

This “Everything Hurts” Muscle Rub gift set has a lotion bar, cream, mist, and rub stick. 

The products have natural ingredients like cocoa shea butter, aloe leaf, and essential oils. Plus, the packaging is sustainable and zero-waste.

I love that this gift set includes various products so you can switch up the form of muscle treatment. Your swimmer will appreciate items they can use to recover after their time in the pool.

Gifts for All Swimmers

Microfiber Sports Towel

Product image for the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel in dark blue.

Here’s what you need to know about a microfiber sports towel: they’re easily portable, quick drying, and the perfect gift for a swimmer!

This soft and super absorbent Rainleaf microfiber towel comes in various sizes and colors. I most often see swimmers with something around the 16 x 32-inch size.

The brand includes a carrying bag with each towel, which keeps it separated in your swim bag from other items like flip-flops.

This towel is an excellent gift for swimmers, but it’s not swim-specific. 

Beyond swimming, microfiber towels are helpful for the gym, running, and the beach. You can bring this versatile piece of dryland gear anywhere. 

Personalized Swim Towel

Product image for the personalized swimming towel in light blue.

Am I the only one who prefers having separate towels for separate activities?

For example– I love a big fluffy beach towel for the beach but prefer a thin towel when bringing something to sit on in the park.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a towel designated for one thing. This personalized towel from Etsy would make an excellent gift for swimmers.

The background print of the towel is a graphic depicting pool lanes, and you can customize it with your giftee’s name— big and bold across the front. 

With this gift., there won’t be any confusion over whose towel is whose among other swimmers.


Product image for the Swim Team Candle.

I have a soft spot for cozy gifts. Candles rank high on that list!

This candle specifically made the list of best gifts for swimmers because of its punny title… “Smells like the opposite of pool chlorine.”

What exactly is that smell, you may ask?

Well, you get to choose. The Etsy seller has included various scent options, from Beachwood to Blood Orange. 

Regardless of which scent you choose, it will smell quite different from the pool deck! 

Personalized Tumbler

Product image for the Personalized Swimming Tumblers in black, blue, and pink.

Any athlete knows how important it is to stay hydrated, and that extends to swimmers, too!

I always recommend personalized water bottles as gifts, but this style of tumbler is hugely popular right now.

This Etsy listing allows you to choose the tumbler color, name, and decal. The seller offers four different swim-related decals; you can even submit a custom design.

It’s always good to have a constant reminder to stay hydrated, and having some form of a fun and personalized water bottle makes it all that much easier. 

Neoprene Swim Socks

Product image for the Neoprene Swim Socks in black.

Neoprene swim socks are also known as fin socks. While you can wear them alone, many people like to wear them with swim fins (they can make for a more comfortable fit).

Neoprene socks have a couple of main functions. They protect your foot, have an anti-slip sole, and the material acts as insulation. 

These swimming socks are an ideal gift for any water sport (jet skiing, kayaking, paddling, boarding, diving, surfing, etc.). 

Classic Style Swimsuit

Product image for the Classic Style Swimsuit in black.

While some may argue this swimsuit style looks like an old-school piece, I honestly prefer the classics in life. 

Having the right gear makes for a faster and stronger swimmer. Sometimes, having a reliable, sturdy suit is just what you need.

So, when it comes to the best gifts for male swimmers or the best gifts for female swimmers, consider a standard athletic style suit. 

The swimming brand BALEAF makes a lovely Women’s Racerback Athletic One-Piece as well as the Men’s Swim Jammers. People appreciate that the polyester material holds up well in chlorine water.

Neoprene Personalized Swim Pouch

Product image for the Neoprene Personalized Swim Pouch in black.

If you want a personalized gift for a swimmer that they’re bound to use, check out this customized neoprene pouch.

I have a neoprene pouch like this, and I bring it everywhere (especially when traveling). There’s just something about the material that I love. 

This gift from Etsy is extra fitting for any Olympic hopefuls, considering the decal on one side depicts water splashing onto the Olympic rings. The other side will feature your swimmers’ name.

This swimming pouch is the perfect place to store items you may not want kicking around at the bottom of your bag, like swimming goggles (gotta protect those lenses) or your phone. 

Neoprene is waterproof, meaning your items inside aren’t at risk of getting wet.  


Product image for the 'My swim season never ends' sweatshirt.

There is nothing better than an oversized, comfy sweatshirt. 

That’s true for any giftees– competitive swimmers and swim coaches alike.

Your favorite swimming enthusiast will thank you next time they pull this sweatshirt on after hard training or a long practice. 

This sweatshirt from Etsy is tailored to swimmers and reads, “My swim season never ends.”

From my personal life experience– sweatshirts are very welcome among athletes! Especially when you can use them to cover up wet clothes.

Training Swim Fins

Product image for the Training Swim Fins in yellow.

At first glance, you may think swim fins make a funny gift for swimmers. Admittedly, I always felt so, too! That was until I tried a pair on.

Made from soft natural rubber, these FINIS Training Swim Fins are comfortable and help any swimmer develop power. 

The blade angle of the fin makes for faster swimming and increases the flexibility of your ankle.

These fins are a great tool for any swimmer who wants to strengthen their leg muscles and kicking ability.

Admittedly, I find the bright yellow to be a lot. But FINIS is a reputable swim brand that has been refining its swimming gear for decades– so I trust them. 

And hey, you won’t have any trouble spotting your swimmer in the pool! 

Finis Tempo Trainer

Product image for the Finis Tempo Trainer in yellow.

If you want gifts for swimmers focused on speed training, turn to a fan favorite like this Finis Tempo Trainer.

This little device clips onto swimmers’ goggles. It operates as a personal pocket pace coach, underwater transmitting an audible tempo beep to keep you on track during interval or resistance training. 

You can use it to monitor your swim stroke, stroke count, and stroke rate. The tempo is adjustable by 1/100th of a second!

Naturally, this little device is waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters. 

While this little gadget makes one of the best gifts for swimmers focused on hard training, it’s helpful for other sports, too, like biking or running. 

Deck Sandals

Product image for the Adidas Unisex-Adult Shower Slide Sandal in black.

You know the pool deck can get slippery if you’re swimming indoors. You know the ground can be rough if you’re at an outdoor pool. 

At least I do, from one too many slips or scuffs on the ground surrounding the pool.

Instead of risky flip-flops, consider getting your friend a pair of deck sandals.

This style from Adidas is super popular because of how easy they are to slip on and the comfort they provide (thanks to their Adidas Cloudfoam footbed).

They’re lightweight and quick drying: two key features for any swimmer gift ideas.

Plus, most swimmers shower before leaving the pool. These would make a great pair of shower shoes.

Anti-Fog Spray 

Product image for the MagicFiber Anti Fog Cleaning Kit.

We’ve all been there: you’ve just snapped your swim goggles in place. Your goggle strap fits perfectly around your head. You open your eyes, and…you can’t see anything.

Goggle fog is such a nuisance. A really easy gift to give is this anti-fog spray.

P.S. If you don’t feel like this is sufficient enough on its own, consider adding this to a gift basket. A customized gift basket would make a great DIY gift for swimmers.

Finis Stability Snorkel

Product image for the FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel in yellow.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for advanced swimmers, check out this FINIS Original Center-Mount Swimmer’s Snorkel.

Whether you swim outdoors or indoors, this tool is fantastic for both lap swimming and adult training. 

This piece of gear allows swimmers to focus on their stroke technique without having to worry about breath. 

With a stability snorkel, you have the chance to put all the attention on your arm: focus on that pulling motion and high elbow.

I’d prefer more color options, but at least the yellow helps any swimmer stand out in the pool or open water. Makes sense to me!

Underwater Earbuds

Product image for the Bone Conduction Headphones in black.

Swimmers all have ways of getting in the zone– one of those can be with music. 

These Dnniakm Bone Conduction waterproof headphones make that possible, even underwater.

I’ve heard music in a pool before through speakers in the wall. It’s fun to experience but not always the clearest quality. Headphones like these will deliver a much more direct sound.

They have a comfortable earbud design and adjustable straps. For extra security, swimmers use their goggle straps to keep them in place, too.

The other good thing about this gift is its versatility. You can use them for other forms of exercise, like running, cycling, surfing, and so on.

The only caveat is the Bluetooth will work for any of those sports…but not underwater. 

I recommend encouraging your swimmer to create a playlist of their favorite songs to swim to. They can then load that playlist as MP3 files, which will work underwater!

Gift Certificate 

A hand holding an Amazon gift card against a soft-focus backgound.

If your giftee has been swimming for most of their life, chances are they have already nailed down their favorite products and brands.

If you don’t want to risk gifting them something they won’t use, let them do the shopping.

Swimmers will appreciate a gift card to athletic stores or Amazon. This will allow them to stock up on any gear they need or purchase something they’ve wanted for a while. 

Sometimes, you just don’t have that insight as a gift-giver.

I’m always one to suggest that gift cards can make thoughtful gifts. Think about it: you’re putting their feelings first. 

You’re ensuring that they get something they will genuinely use or have been wanting!

Gift Card for Food

Various gift cards to Starbucks, Outback, etc., displayed on hooks on a wall.

This gift idea for swimmers provides an endless number of options. 

Anytime I’ve gone swimming in my life, I notice how much hungrier I am after. 

Consider the fact that swimming burns a lot of calories. This is because swimming speeds up your metabolism, meaning your body processes food into energy much faster. 

What I’m saying is food could make the perfect gift.

I once heard a swimmer say, “I cried when I got a Chipotle gift card.”

So, want to bring your swimmer to tears? If you know your giftee’s favorite restaurant or where they go for food after practice with their team…consider getting them a gift card.


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