8 BEST Portable Hammock Stands [2024]

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Short on time? Our pick for the best portable hammock stand is the ENO Nomad Hammock Stand.

These are my picks for the best portable hammock stands, whether you’re car camping or on a small budget.

I love laying in a hammock; who doesn’t? There’s no better feeling than being out in nature, reading a book, and hanging out in a hammock. 

One issue, however, has been that I sometimes have trouble finding a spot to hang up my hammock. That problem evaporated when I started using a portable hammock stand.

What’s great about these portable hammock stands is that they allow me to set up my hammock virtually anywhere. 

There’s a massive variety of these stands on the market, so the perfect fit for you is out there.

Gone are the days of finding the perfect two trees to set up my traditional hammock.    Whenever I go car camping, I only bring my best portable hammock stand. 

So, if you’re looking for a more convenient way to set up your hammock for this upcoming fall season, check out my picks for the best portable hammock stand.

A young blonde girl wearing jeans and a white sweater stands on a grey hammock supported by a stand next to an apple tree in a backyard setting.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

#1 Lazy Daze Hammock Stand

Most Easily Portable

Product image for the Lazy Daze Portable Heavy Duty Steel Hammock Stand.

Weight: 36 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: 52” x 10” x 8” (132cm x 25cm x 20cm)

One of my biggest concerns when purchasing my first portable hammock stand was whether it would be easily transportable. That’s not an issue with the Lazy Daze Hammock Stand

I was shocked at how easy it was to move this aluminum portable hammock stand around because of its excellent durability.

Typically, the durable items I buy tend to be harder to move because “durable” can often equal “heavy.”

If I ever wanted to move it to another close location, I attached the optional wheel, and on it went. Thanks to the wheel, I didn’t have a lot of use for the carry bag, but it came with one regardless.

This stand is super affordable and comes with numerous perks, so it’s hard to beat this price.

It’s on the heavier side when compared to others on this list, but it makes up for that with its portability.

The Lazy Daze Hammock Stand was one of the first hammock stands I tried out. Their 30-day money-back guarantee allowed me to try it out without worrying whether or not it would actually be useful for me.

As it turned out, I loved it!


  • It comes with an attachable wheel for easy movement
  • Made from quality materials to make it durable
  • Affordable price


  • On the heavier side

#2 ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

Best Overall

Product image for the ENO Nomad Hammock Stand.

Weight: 15 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: 34” x 11” x 10” (86cm x 28cm x 25cm)

Coming up next is a portable hammock stand that won’t disappoint. The ENO Noman Stand is my favorite and most used hammock stand because it checks all of my boxes.

ENO is a big player in the hammock industry, and rightfully so. Their products are fantastic and easy to travel with. They’ve also done something different with this product that sets it apart from other hammock stands. 

The ENO hammock stand has collapsable aluminum poles. It’s very similar to the backpacking tent that I use. Not only is it easy to set up, but it’s even easier to pack away. 

The price tag was high, but I trust this brand, and the carry case is perfect for summer road trips! I plan to use this portable hammock stand for years to come. 

Fifteen pounds is extremely light compared to the other hammock stands on this list, which initially made me nervous about its stability. 

This ENO Nomad Hammock has six different adjustment points, so I could adjust it wherever I needed to. It was perfect on uneven ground or gravel.

Generally speaking, I can use this portable hammock stand in almost every situation and trust it with my life. That in itself deserves the best overall stamp.


  • Only weights 15 pounds
  • Made from collapsable poles to help with portability
  • Six different adjustment sections to increase stability on any surface


  • The price tag is high


#3 Sunnydaze Universal Hammock Stand

Most Versatile Hammock Stand

Product image for the Sunnydaze Universal Hammock Stand

Weight: 33 pounds
Carrying Case: No
Folded Dimensions: N/A 

If there’s one portable hammock stand I recommend to those who own multiple hammocks, it would be the Sunnydaze Universal Hammock Stand.

I recommend the Sunnydaze to that kind of hammock enthusiast because of how versatile it is. It has two S hooks, two heavy-hanging hooks, and two chains. 

Many hammock styles can fit on the Sunnydaze hammock stand. I love using it in my own backyard but sometimes, I even bring it on my car camping trips. 

It doesn’t come with a convenient carry bag, but I prefer to keep this in one place for a while. Other portable hammock stands don’t offer you as many options as this one.

The setup process is simple, which is a huge plus for me. It’s a fair price, mainly because it has a year-long warranty.  

This warranty is great because even though it can hold up to 550 pounds, some support bars have been known to bend. 

Overall, this is a hammock lover’s dream stand!


  • Works great with a variety of hammock styles
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • It holds up to 550 pounds and fits two adults with ease


  • It doesn’t come with a carry bag
  • Bars can bend under heavy pressure


#4 Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand

Best Lightweight Portable Hammock Stand

Product image for the Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand.

Weight: 17.3 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: 50” x 9” x 9” (127cm x 23cm x 23cm)

The Kammok Swiftlet Hammock Stand‘s quality in relation to its weight is why I’ve named it the best lightweight, portable hammock stand. In fact, it’s the lightest stand on this list. 

I was shocked to learn that the Kammock heavy-duty hammock stand weighed only 17 pounds. That is exceptionally lightweight based on how sturdy of a stand it is. 

What I don’t like is how big the carry case is. 

However, I was pleased with the easy setup process when I unloaded the Kammok Swiftlet from its case. Each piece from this hammock stands snaps and slides in with ease. 

A big turnoff for some (myself included) is that the weight capacity is only 300 pounds. This cuts it close and doesn’t make it an ideal support for double hammocks. 

What the Kammock Swiftlet lacks in weight capacity, it excels in stability and construction. Its easy push pins can make your hammock into a lounger or convert it into chair mode.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Setup is easy
  • Excellent stability and construction allow for a customizable experience


  • It has a high price tag
  • Weight capacity is only 300 pounds


#5 OnCloud Hammock Stand

Budget Pick

Product image for the OnCloud Hammock Stand.

Weight: 30 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: 46 “x7″ x7”

You don’t want to go all out when buying a new type of product for the first time. You’re probably asking yourself, “Will I even like it? Am I going to regret spending this much money?”

An OnCloud Hammock stand erases those concerns. This portable hammock stand is the perfect way to leave your hammocks’ tree straps in the past. 

The OnCloud hammock stand has so many features that I’m shocked by its low price.

Firstly, the OnCloud hammock stand can hold up to 450 pounds, and the setup lasts around 10 minutes. 

Secondly, this portable hammock stand can extend from 9 to 11.5 feet! That makes it more customizable than many other hammock stands on this list! 

Even though I still consider this a durable hammock stand, it does show its cost in some ways. For example, the plastic knobs where the screws go in tend to break occasionally.

I love how easy it is to set this up on the go in almost any location. The OnCloud hammock stand is perfect for smaller areas like a bedroom due to its customizable size.

The best portable hammock stands might not compare to the OnCloud, but it’s the only stand I suggest to those unsure about splurging on unknown equipment.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Holds up to 450 pounds
  • Adjustable from 9 feet to 11.5 feet


  • Plastic knobs can break over time

#6 ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand

Most Durable Portable Hammock Stand

Product image for the ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand.

Weight: 58 pounds
Carrying Case: No
Folded Dimensions: 10’9″ x 3’5″ x 4’1″

I love using my ENO hammock, and the ENO SoloPod Hammock Stand is the perfect, durable compliment. 

This steel stand holds up to anything I put it through that most portable stands wouldn’t be able to. I can easily travel from my backyard and then on a camping trip. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the lightest hammock stand out there, and it also isn’t compatible with a lot of other hammocks. 

It’s not as customizable as other hammock stands on this list, and it’s hard to fit a double hammock onto this stand. 

That said, when I’m using my Eno, this is by far my preferred steel stand for a single hammock.

The stability of the ENO SoloPod heavy-duty portable hammock stand is next level. With the rubber added to the bottom, I can set it up on uneven surfaces when I don’t have enough space to put it on flat ground.

The SoloPod can hold up to 400 pounds, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally bending any bars.


  • Made with durable steel bars
  • It has rubber feet to help with stability
  • Weight limit of 400 pounds


  • It weighs almost 60 pounds
  • Works primarily with Eno hammocks


#7 Tranquillo Double Hammock Stand

Best Folding Hammock Stand

Product image for the Tranquillo Double Hammock Stand.

Weight: 28.8 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: 51” x 7.5”

Sometimes, I want more of an old-school style of hammock, a large hammock that can comfortably fit multiple people. The Tranquillo Double Hammock Stand can help with that.

This portable stand can hold between 550 and 600 pounds. It’s durable enough to withstand the weight of several adults.

Considering its size and strength, the Tranquillo, surprisingly, isn’t the heaviest on this list. It also sets up in just one minute.

The Tranquillo Hammock Stand is a folding stand that allows for a seamless setup because you don’t have to worry about fitting certain pieces in certain directions. 

It’s nice that it’s priced moderately, but that also translates to poor materials. On the plus side, however, it includes a polyester net hammock net.

If you’re looking for an easy folding stand, this is the best portable hammock stand for a stress-free day of lounging.


  • Sets up in one minute
  • Fits double hammocks
  • Affordable Price


  • Made from weaker materials

#8 PNAEUT Double Hammock Stand

Best Value

Product image for the PNAEUT Double Hammock Stand.

Weight: 28.5 pounds
Carrying Case: Yes
Folded Dimensions: N/A

Not everyone who wants a hammock stand already has a hammock. It’s hard to find both in a great deal, but the PNAEUT Double Hammock stand is perfect. 

For a low price, I got a hammock stand AND a hammock. I had to read the description to ensure they weren’t trying to fool me.

The hammock is cotton, making it super comfortable. Also, I have no worries about it breaking because of the sturdy materials.

The PNAEUT is steel, one of the best materials to look for for a durable hammock stand.  

There have been a few instances where people have received a broken product, but these are few and far between, so I wouldn’t worry about it. 

With the PNAEUT’s easy setup and carry bag, I gladly take this hammock stand on the go, and it’s perfect for my favorite campsites! 

The best portable hammock stands might have more features, but it was hard to pass up this deal.


  • Comes with a hammock
  • Affordable Price
  • Durable (Made from Steel)


  • There have been occurrences where the hammock stand has shipped with broken parts

Buying Guide: What Makes a Good Hammock Stand?

A rainbow-striped hammock on a freestanding hammock stand on a lawn in a backyard setting.


Nobody likes staying constricted in one place, and neither should you. Having you’re own hammock with a portable stand grants you the freedom to lounge anywhere. 

When choosing a hammock stand for portability, I like to look at the folded dimensions to help determine how big the carry case will be. 

Weight Capacity

Knowing the weight capacity can help keep the hammock stand in good condition because you don’t want to overload it. Single and double hammocks will each need a different weight capacity.

There are some hammock stands, like the Kammock, where the weight capacity is only 300 pounds. In this instance, you shouldn’t try to fit two people in it. 

If your main goal is to be able to use the hammock stand with someone else, then look for hammocks and stands with a higher weight capacity. 


Look at the size of your hammock stand to make sure your hammock will be compatible with it. 

There are hammock stands on this list that are best for double or single hammocks. Hammock stands like the OnCloud can adjust to better suit what size hammock you have. 

Choosing a smaller hammock stand is a great choice when when you only have limited space. Smaller stands will fold down small for easy storage. 

Ease of Setup  

Nobody wants a confusing hammock stand that takes 20 minutes to set up. Being able to easily transport your hammock stand means you can travel more freely. 

The great outdoors is yours to experience, and what better way than to take your hammock outdoors? Traditional hanging hammocks might be too much work for some. 

When it comes to portable hammock stands, you want to most effortless setup possible. If you only have one hammock, you’ll have fewer options. 

You can set up most portable hammock stands on this list in 10 minutes or less.  Pick an easy-to-set-up hammock to enjoy more time with your friends! 


Last but not least is durability. A durable hammock stand is essential if you want it to last for years. 

Most hammock stands on this list are highly durable, but be careful with some cheaper ones. You pay for what you get sometimes. 

Just because a hammock stand is more durable doesn’t mean it can hold as much weight as you think. Still, be sure to double-check the weight capacity. 

Opt for hammock stands like the ENO SoloPod that use steel tubing. 

FAQs About Portable Hammock Stands

A white macrame hammock on a freestanding portable hammock stand next to a wooden fence on a patio in a backyard, banana leaves peaking in from the corner.

Is a wood or metal hammock stand better?

If you’re looking for the best portable hammock stand, metal is better than wood. Wood hammock stands are often heavier and not as easily movable. 

On the other hand, if you plan to keep it in your backyard, a wooden hammock stand might look better. 

Wooden hammocks usually have higher weight capacities and can fit more people comfortably. A single hammock stand will often be metal, which tends to be lighter weight. 

What is the most comfortable hammock setup?

A hammock stand must be on a flat surface to ensure the most comfortable setup. Choosing a hammock stand with rubber feet is a plus. 

When you’re using tree straps, moving those straps up to a 30-degree angle may help to create a more comfortable setup. 

Are hammock stands worth it?

Hammock stands are worth it if you’re tired of searching for the perfect two trees. Sometimes, you must set up camp wherever the good tree spot is. This might not be the best overall spot!

Hammock stands are also versatile; you can use them in your home, back deck, or wherever you want to pack it up and go. 

All the hammocks on this list have a portable design that gives them versatility.

Is hammock camping safer than tent camping?

Overall, a tent is safer for a camping trip than a hammock. A tent will protect you against rain, but a camping hammock can be more comfortable for some. 

I love hammock camping because of the different spots I can camp at and the easy cleanup. If you’re with another person, your best bet will be camping in a tent.  

How long should a hammock stand be?

How long your hammock stand should be depends on the size of your hammock. Not all hammocks are created equal. Start first by measuring your hammock. 

You then want to add two feet to the measurement of your hammock to get the correct size for your hammock stand. 

Some hammock stands are adjustable to fit different-sized hammocks, while others will only fit a single hammock size. 

Conclusion: Which Hammock Stand Should You Buy?

A young blonde girl wearing jeans and a white sweater stands in. aprofile on a grey hammock supported by a stand next to an apple tree in a backyard setting.

Owning a hammock to use when camping is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel one with nature, and it’s typically more comfortable than a regular chair. 

I’ve tried multiple brands, and my favorite one is the ENO Nomad Hammock Stand. I wanted one that was lightweight, easy to set up, and durable. It checks all those boxes.

Being able to comfortably set up on all terrains was a massive plus for me. I don’t like having limits on where I can camp. 

The Eno Nomad uses a tool-free assembly approach, which makes packing and setting up a breeze. I couldn’t imagine camping again without it. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable hammock stand that you know won’t disappoint, look no further than the best portable hammock stand with a carrying bag, the ENO Nomad.



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