10 Best Reclining Camping Chairs With a Footrest—2024 Luxury

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Short on time? Our pick for the best reclining camp chair with a footrest is the Sport-Brella Recliner Chair.

Relax in comfort on your next camping trip with one of our picks for the best reclining camping chairs with a footrest.

Camping chairs are the unsung hero of camp gear. Sure, you’ll survive your camping trip if you don’t have a chair, but I spend most of my time sitting around the campfire when I’m camping. 

And sitting on dirt or tree stumps is not exceptionally comfortable. Camping chairs are essential to a comfortable camping experience.

The standard camping chair uses a polyester or oxford cloth fabric over a folding metal frame. 

And while a typical camping chair is a serious upgrade from no chair at all, you’re missing out on a whole world of comfort if you’ve never explored reclining camping chairs.

There are a few different types of reclining camping chairs, ranging from classic camping chairs with upgrades to–my favorite–zero-gravity reclining chairs.

So, if you’re interested in kicking back with your feet up on your next camping trip, these are my picks for the best reclining camping chairs with footrests to find the perfect lounger for you.

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Luxe Comfort Chair for Camping

#1 Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack

Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack

Our rating: 4.6/5
Price range: $
Weight: 18 pounds
Best for: Camping couples who love to lounge.

Zero-gravity chairs are lounge chairs where the fabric attaches to the steel frame with elastic lacing. They can generally adjust to lie flat, and they give you the feeling that you’re floating on a cloud.

The Caravan Canopy Infinity Zero Gravity Chair comes as a two-pack. So, for the price of one, you and your partner can both experience the joy of a zero-gravity reclining camping chair. 

These two chairs use Textilene fabric over a durable steel frame and support up to 300 pounds of weight. And the locking system allows you to easily latch your chair in the ideal position. 

These are no-frills recliners, but they include a headrest pillow that you can also use for lumbar support. 

With that said, they don’t have any pockets or cup holders, and they’re also somewhat on the heavy side, although they fold down small for transport.

But, if you’re looking for a simple and sweet reclining camp chair, this is the one. Once you put your feet up in a zero-gravity lounge chair, you’ll forget all about any extra features. 


  • It comes in a set of two
  • Inexpensive (per chair)
  • Comes with pillow


  • No cup holder
  • Not super durable

#2 ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair

Our rating: 4.6/5
Price range: $
Weight: 10 pounds
Best for: Warming your feet by the fire.

Alps Mountaineering makes a lot of high-quality camping gear, and this chair is no exception. The Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair is an upgraded version of a standard camping chair.

Like any camping chair, it uses a heavy-duty polyester fabric over a foldable steel frame, but what sets it apart is the attached footrest. 

It also only weighs ten pounds and comes with a convenient carry bag so you can sling it over your shoulder. 

While the back of this chair isn’t adjustable, the footrest design puts you in a natural reclining position. 

If you want to sit upright, simply plant your feet on the ground rather than the footrest. As a bonus, a mesh cup holder in one of the armrests means a cold drink can always be at hand.

One thing to note is that this chair has a lower weight capacity than some of its competitors, only accommodating up to 225 pounds. 

But, it’s also one of the most affordable and lightweight reclining outdoor chairs on this list, making it ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their fireside game.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a cup holder


  • No headrest pillow
  • The back doesn’t adjust

#3 GCI Outdoor Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger

GCI Outdoor Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger

Our rating: 4.7/5
Price range: $$
Weight: 20 pounds
Best for: Frequent campers who love to nap in the sun.

If you’re looking for a deluxe zero-gravity camping chair, the GCI Outdoor Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger might be just what you had in mind.

This reclining camp chair features a powder-coated steel frame with a Textilene seat. It has a padded headrest and a handy lever that lets you adjust how far the chair reclines and lock it in place at the ideal spot.

In addition to all the standard design features of a zero-gravity chair, the GCI Outdoor model also comes with a convenient beverage and phone holder. 

And it has a more generous 300-pound weight capacity so that the average person can lounge comfortably in it.

Like many loungers of a similar size, this twenty-pound chair is a bit heavy. It’s certainly not a backpacking chair, but if you’re a car camper, it’s worth packing the GCI Outdoor into the car. 

Believe me, once you’re napping at zero-gravity, you won’t be thinking about the weight.


  • It comes with a pillow
  • It has a cup and phone holder
  • Good quality materials


  • Somewhat expensive
  • It doesn’t come with a sunshade

#4 GCI Outdoor Director’s Chair with Ottoman

GCI Outdoor Director's Chair with Ottoman

Our rating: 4.5/5
Price range: $
Weight: 16.3 pounds
Best for: Car camping and tailgating. 

If zero-gravity is a little too “laid back” for you, GCI Outdoor has other options that can keep you more upright and alert. The GCI Outdoor Director’s Chair is an excellent reclining folding chair with a footrest that has a versatile design.

This chair adjusts to three different positions, so you have the option to sit forward and upright and then stretch out to recline as the evening progresses. 

As the name suggests, this chair comes with a separate footrest, giving you a choice between relaxing or sitting forward. 

The footrest uses the same powder-coated steel and polyester fabric as the chair itself, and it folds up to fit inside the folded chair, which has a convenient carrying handle. 

This chair is close to twenty pounds, so it’s a bit heavy, but if you’re car camping, you won’t need to drag it very far.

On the side of the director’s chair is a sizeable fold-out side table with a built-in cup holder where your drink will stay safe and secure even if you’re an enthusiastic gesticulator. 


  • It has a fold-out side table 
  • Back adjusts up and down
  • The stool folds up into a portable package


  • Heavy
  • The rigid design might be less comfortable

#5 Kamp-Rite Folding Lounge Chair

Kamp-Rite Folding Lounge Chair

Our rating: 4.4/5
Price range: $$
Weight: 20 pounds
Best for: Afternoon naps or lounging by a lake.

Sometimes you just want to stretch out and the Kamp-Rite Folding Lounge Chair has got you covered when you want to relax fireside.

Like many reclining camping chairs, the Kamp-Rite Chair is pretty sizeable and heavy, although it comes with a convenient storage bag for carrying. 

The footrest is not a separate ottoman but an extension of the seat itself, with the same sturdy frame as the rest of the chair. 

One thing to note is that this chair doesn’t have an adjustable backrest, as the design is similar to a poolside lounger that puts you in a reclining position.

With that said, both armrests feature an integrated cup holder, so you can have two drinks handy at once or use one as a place to set your phone, sunglasses, or bug spray.

The Kamp-Rite is a sturdy chair with a durable frame that can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It also provides enough legroom for tall people to lounge comfortably in it.


  • It has two cup holders
  • It folds up and has a convenient carry strap
  • Good quality and strong fabric


  • Large to transport
  • The back doesn’t adjust 

#6 ENO Lounger Hanging Chair

ENO Lounger Hanging Chair

Our rating: 4.8/5
Price range: $$$
Weight: 3.4 pounds
Best for: Relaxing at a campsite or over a river.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out the Eno Lounger Hanging Chair, a swinging reclining camp chair that hangs from a tree branch.

Not only is this chair super comfortable, but it’s also fun to sit in. You could even suspend it over a calm stream and let your feet dangle into the water while you sip a cold beverage from the convenient cup holder.

But if you want to keep your feet up off the ground, this hanging swing also has a sling-style footrest. Lounging in this swing is similar to lounging in a hammock, except it’s quicker and easier to hang.

The seat uses ripstop nylon and the minimalist frame is lightweight aluminum. 

And, unlike its earthbound, steel-framed competitors, the Eno Hanging chair weighs less than three and a half pounds and packs up small. So, this could be a good solution if you’re backpacking and want to bring a chair with you to relax between hikes.

Your only dilemma with this chair will be finding a sturdy branch to hang it from. 


  • It hangs from a tree branch
  • It has a cup holder
  • Lightweight to transport


  • A little pricey
  • Only supports up to 250 pounds

#7 GCI Outdoor Legz-Up Lounger Chair

GCI Outdoor Legz-Up Lounger Chair

Our rating: 4.4/5
Price range: $$
Weight: 11.6 pounds
Best for: Dedicated campers who’d like to take a load off.

When it comes to reclining camping chairs, GCI Outdoor offers many options. If the others on this list haven’t inspired you, then their Legz-Up Lounger Chair might be the one for you.

This chair has four adjustable reclining position settings, including an adjustable footrest. 

Depending on your mood, or the time of day, you can either sit upright with your feet down or lounge back with your feet up. A flap on the side of the chair provides a beverage holder and a storage pocket for small items such as your phone.

The breathable mesh seat-back and padded headrest offer customizable comfort as well. There’s also padding on the footrest, so comfort runs head to toe.

While this chair has a weight capacity of only 250 pounds, the unit itself is relatively lightweight. 

It folds up small and features backpack straps, so there’s no need for a carrying bag. You can easily transport it on a short hike to a beach or on your way to a picnic.


  • It has a headrest pillow and footrest pillow
  • It includes a cup holder and a phone holder
  • It folds up into a backpack for transport


  • No sunshade
  • Only one cup holder

#8 Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Our rating: 4.8/5
Price range: $$
Weight: 11.9 pounds
Best for: Relaxing on a sunny day.

Have you ever taken a nap in a reclining lounge chair, only to wake up with a sunburn? 

The problem with most reclining camp chairs is that they still leave you exposed to the sun. However, with the Sport-Brella Recliner Chair, you won’t have to worry about roasting your skin.

This chair comes with a built-in full-coverage umbrella, which can swivel three ways to provide shade as the sun moves across the sky. 

The umbrella also has metallic undercoating, which provides extra UV protection, and a convenient footrest lets you kick back and enjoy that shade.

The backrest is adjustable to three different recliner positions, and there are other several unique features to this chair as well. 

An insulated side pocket can store up to four drinks and keep them cold. In addition to that, there’s also a cup holder in the armrest and a built-in bottle opener. Once you settle into this chair on a sunny day, you won’t need to get up for hours. 


  • It has a sunshade
  • The built-in pocket is insulated and can hold up to four drinks
  • Includes a bottle opener


  • No option to lay flat
  • The materials aren’t the most durable

#9 Happybuy Folding Camp Chair

Happybuy Folding Camp Chair

Our rating: 4.1/5
Price range: $
Weight: 10.9 pounds
Best for: Kicking back while camping in the summertime.

There are few worse feelings in the summertime than getting hot and sticking to your chair. If this is an issue that has plagued you, then the HappyBuy Folding Camp Chair is for you.

This reclining camping chair uses breathable mesh throughout the seat and backrest so that you won’t get overheated, even on the muggiest of summer days. 

It has two seat-back positions, and you can lie back if you start getting drowsy after sitting in the sun. It also includes a cup holder and a side storage bag, so you can have everything you need close at hand.

With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, this is a good option for heavier people. However, the footrest can be short for someone over 6′, so it’s not as good for taller people. 

This chair is also reasonably lightweight, but you should be aware that it’s a bit stiff to fold up. Adding some WD40 to the joints should help loosen it up.


  • It has a cup holder and phone pocket
  • It’s made out of breathable mesh
  • It has a padded headrest


  • A little difficult to fold up
  • Not large enough for a tall person

#10 EVER ADVANCED Zero Gravity Lounger Chair

EVER ADVANCED Zero Gravity Lounger Chair

Our rating: 4.6/5
Price range: $$$
Weight: 19.8 pounds
Best for: Campers looking for extreme comfort.

If you’re ready to take your comfort to the next level, then you’re ready for the Ever Advanced Zero Gravity Lounger Chair

This zero-gravity recliner goes above and beyond. While all the chairs on this list have a footrest and a reclining design, few of them have padded seats like the aptly-named Ever-Advanced. 

Soft padding runs down the length of the whole seat for an extra cushy experience. Additionally, a sizeable adjustable pillow doubles as a headrest and a lumbar pillow, depending on your needs.

The Ever Advanced is a zero-gravity chair, meaning you can adjust it anywhere within its 170-degree range. Simply lie back and feel weightless. 

Lastly, a pop-out side table includes a cup holder, so your beverage can be within arm’s reach at all times. 

This is the only chair on this list with a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and it provides a comfortable fit for people up to 6’2″, so everyone in the family can take a turn on it.


  • Zero-gravity design
  • Completely padded
  • Pop-out side table with cup holder


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Reclining Camping Chair with Footrest

What to Look for in Reclining Camping Chairs

What to Look for in Reclining Camping Chairs


Several different types of camping chairs recline, so it’s best to know what you’re looking for. 

If your top priority is utmost comfort, and you’re looking for a heavy-duty camping chair with a footrest, you might want to look for a zero-gravity recliner. 

If you’d like a camp chair that’s lightweight and portable, look for an upgraded folding camping chair like the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair, or an alternative design, like Eno’s Hanging Swing Chair.

Extra features

When it comes to camping chairs with footrest attachments, extra features can help a particular reclining chair stand out from the rest. 

Cup holders come in handy for setting your drink down. Reclining camp chairs are likely to have soft or slanted armrests, and there aren’t many coffee tables in the woods.

Adjustable headrest pillows are an excellent feature because they provide extra cushioning for either your head or your lower back.

If you’re having trouble deciding between one recliner chair and another, look for a camping reclining chair with extra features to give it an edge.


Camping chairs with footrest designs will run you significantly more money than a standard folding camping chair. 

They can cost up to $150 or more, although you might be able to find a recliner chair with a footrest for as low as around $50. 

Although price doesn’t always determine quality, it can still be a good indication. Keep a keen eye on the cost of the chair–both to save yourself from overpaying and to get an idea of how luxe your chair will be. 


If you’re in the market for a portable reclining chair with a footrest, then the weight will be an important factor when you choose a chair. 

If you’re going to be transporting the chair a lot, you probably don’t want it to be too heavy.

Types of Reclining Camping Chairs with a Footrest

Types of Reclining Camping Chairs with a Footrest

Classic Folding Camping Chairs

This reclining camping chair style is similar to any standard camping chair, but with some upgrades. 

We’re all familiar with the classic style of folding camping chairs; they generally have a powder-coated steel frame and a polyester or oxford cloth seat. 

Some of these, like the Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair, are just classic-style camping chairs with a footrest attachment. 

Others, such as the GCI Outdoor Director’s Chair, are classic folding camping chairs with detachable footrests.

Zero-Gravity Loungers

I’ve been highly enthusiastic about zero-gravity chairs ever since I took the most incredible nap of my life in one once. 

Zero-gravity loungers are camping lounge chairs that rotate all the way flat with your feet elevated. 

Fabric stretches over a steel outer frame without crossbars to give you a weightless and supported experience.

A zero-gravity chair is essentially an oversized camping chair with a footrest. They’re made for deep relaxation and are excellent for lounging lakeside.

If an inflatable lounger is more your style, check out our list of the best inflatable loungers.

Reclining chairs with an umbrella

Some luxury reclining camping chairs take the extra step and include an umbrella in addition to a footrest, so you can nap soundly without worrying about getting too scorched in the afternoon sun.

Looking for a tent to go with your reclining camp chair? Check out our guides to the best 4-person tents, 6-person tents, 8-person tents, 10-person tents, 12-person tents, large camping tents, 3-room tents, instant tents, pop-up tents, inflatable tents, canvas tents, waterproof tents, insulated tents, winter tents, tents with stove jacks, tunnel tents, and cabin tents.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Reclining Camping Chair with a Footrest

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Reclining Camping Chair with a Footrest

My pick for the best reclining camp chair with a footrest is the Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

This chair has it all. Not only does it have a footrest and three adjustable recliner positions for the backrest, but it has an adjustable umbrella as well. As a bonus, The umbrella has metallic undercoating that adds UV protection.

And the Sport-Brella Chair doesn’t stop at sun protection; it has a cup holder and an insulated pocket to hold up to four extra drinks. On top of everything, there’s also a built-in bottle opener, making it a true relaxation station.

Surprisingly, even with all these added features, the Sport-Brella Chair weighs less than 12 pounds, so it’s relatively lightweight. 

When it comes to camping chairs with footrest attachments, the Sport-Brella recliner chair stands out as the best option thanks to its versatility and extensive features.

With that said, any of the options on this list will be sure to upgrade your fireside gear, so you can sit, relax, and lounge in style on your next camping trip.


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