6 BEST Shower Tents for Camping [2024 Buying Guide]

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TL;DR: The best shower tent is the NEMO Heliopolis because of handy unique features like an interior light, cupholder for soaps, and an overhead towel rack. It has a spacious 7-foot interior height, pairs perfectly with NEMO’s pressurized shower bag, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s heavier and more expensive than other options, but it’s the top option available.

Being dirty and stinky is a common side effect of a weekend camping trip. But a camping shower tent allows you to refresh out in nature. 

I love having camping shower tents because they can be used for several things. I’ve used mine for a spot to change in private, a bathroom, and a shower. 

At first, I didn’t think I needed a shower tent. I either held out until I got home or poured water over myself behind my car. 

It wasn’t until one of my friend brought his shower tent that I fell in love with it. 

Shower tents are a game changer, and I can’t go camping without one now. 

If the idea of skipping showers or showering in front of others at a campsite don’t sound appealing to you, keep reading my review to learn about the best shower tents available today.

Best Shower Tents
Water coming out of a portable shower head inside of a shower tent.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

#1 Caddis Rapid Privacy Shelter

Most Durable

Caddis Rapid Privacy Shelter shower tent in blue, grey, and wite.

Height: 84 x in / 213 cm
Shower System: Not Included
Floor Size: 48 x 48 in / 192 x 192 cm
Changing Room: Yes, depending on the style

Staying clean during a camping trip is important, and having a quality shower tent that will last is, too. That’s why I love the Caddis Rapid Privacy Shelter

This shelter is named “Rapid” for a reason. The Caddis shower tent sets up in minutes due to the pre-attached poles. 

Single-room shower tents are nice because they’re easier to travel with. 

If you need a bigger one with a separate shower compartment, Caddis also sells a two-room shower tent.

The single-room tent has more than enough space for me, though. 

Now, let’s talk about what makes this shower tent so durable.

For starters, the shower tent frame is made from steel. This is great because something like fiberglass would be more likely to bend and break. 

The rest of the pop-up shower tent is made from mesh and 190-denier polyester taffeta. Mesh material is great for ventilation and it’s used for the roof.

Some added benefits that I love to take advantage of are the double pockets on the inside and outside. These pockets fit everything from shower scrubbers to toiletries.  

This shower tent is pricey and has no removable floor, which makes it harder to use as a bathroom. 

Overall, the quality of the Caddis makes up for the price tag.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • Set-up time is fast
  • Good ventilation


  • Expensive
  • No removable floor

#2 NEMO Heliopolis

Most Features

NEMO Heliopolis Shower Tent in orange.

Height: 84 in / 213 cm
Shower System: Not Included
Floor Size: 48 x 48 in / 122 x 122 cm
Changing Room: No

Taking a shower while camping doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. I find that showering is easy breezy using the NEMO Heliopolis and its features. 

I’ve often sat around a campfire at night and gone to bed smelling like smoke because it was too difficult for me to shower in the dark before sleeping. Not anymore.

The NEMO Heliopolis has a battery-powered light for showering at night. 

No need to hold a flashlight or jerry-rig the light. 

The NEMO Heliopolis shower tent also has a towel rack, storage pocket, waterproof toilet paper dispenser, and a beer holder – yes, a beer holder. 

Who doesn’t love a shower beer? Now the party doesn’t have to stop even when showering or changing clothes.

The price tag might scare some away, but it’s well worth it. The shower system isn’t included but pairs perfectly with the Nemo Helio portable shower

And the water system is pretty cool in this setup because the Helio water bag can be pressurized with a foot pedal. There’s no need to hang it overhead.

Unfortunately, there’s no skylight, which I think all privacy tents should have for the airflow.

But with so many features, it’s a great shower tent.

Besides that, the Nemo Helio is one of the best camping shower tents on the market today. 

And if anything happens to this near perfect shower tent, it’s covered by their lifetime warranty.


  • Overhead towel pouch
  • Door locking mechanism
  • Cuholder inside
  • Battery-powered light for easy use at night
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive
  • No sky roof


#3 Wakeman Outdoors Pop-Up Pod

Best Budget Option

Wakeman Outdoors Pop-Up Pod shower tentn in black.

Height: 75 in / 190 cm
Shower System: Not Included
Floor Size: 40 x 40 in / 102 x 102 cm
Changing Room: No

Camping gear can be expensive. Sometimes, it’s too expensive to take a risk on. Not the Wakeman Outdoors Pop-Up Pod. It’s cheap and effective! 

The Wakeman Outdoors Pop-up Pod is an affordable shower tent that can be transported easily. 

Setup is as easy as taking the pod out of it’s bag and stepping back… this shelter springs up on its own. 

Afterward, it folds into the carry bag in seconds.

The shower system isn’t included, but that’s to be expected at this price range. 

Since the Wakeman only weighs four pounds, it’s easy to bring on your next camping trip. 

Even though the price might not showcase this, there’s more than enough changing and shower room to have some privacy wherever you are. 

This pop-up design does have its flaws, though. It’s an all-black tent, so it can be hard to see inside, even during the day. But it’s hard to say pop-up tents aren’t convenient. 

There’s the option to add on a portable camping toilet, but I don’t see the point as I can make the same thing for far cheaper. And why spend extra when this is the budget option, anyway?

Since this outdoor shower tent is very lightweight, it has two pockets that fit sandbags, plus four stake attachments.  

I like to use the loop and toggles to keep the door open during the day. This allows for airflow and keeps the inside cool. 

It’ll be hard to find a more durable shower tent at this low price. 

This showering shelter is made of polyester and the poles are made to fold up, so they’re less likely to break or bend than other tents.

The Wakeman Outdoor Pop Up Pod is the best budget shower tent on the market.

If you want the second best affordable shower tent, look at the GigaTent Pop-Up Pod

The GigaTent Pop-up Pod is slightly more expensive but features a flexible steel frame that makes it more sturdy. 

Both of these tents can be considered the best portable shower tent for anyone on a budget.


  • Lightweight 
  • Budget shower tent
  • It comes with a carry bag
  • Easy to setup


  • Difficult to see inside
  • The shower system isn’t included

#4 Green Elephant 

Best for Beginners

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent in navy blue.

Height: 83 in / 211 cm
Shower System: Not included
Floor Size: 47 x 47 in / 119 x 119 cm
Changing Room: No

Looking for another quick and easy camping shower to set up that won’t break the bank? 

The Green Elephant is a pop-up tent perfect for weekend camping trips.

Most shower tents that come with a lot of features are expensive. Not the Green Elephant. This is a cheap privacy tent on steroids. 

The material of the Green Elephant and the design are very similar to the Wakeman Outdoors. 

I love recommending this tent to my friends who want to try out a portable shower for the first time. This is largely due to the easy setup process and its features. 

I wouldn’t fear bringing this portable camping shower tent to the beach because of the high-quality tension lines on the outside.

On top of that, it also comes with four sandbags, making it the best shower tent for pitching without a lot of planning. 

Being that the Green Elephant is twice the price of the Wakeman Outdoors, I’m glad that it has a thicker and more sturdy design. 

It’s of course, heavier too, but not by much. And being able to travel anywhere with the carry bag is a plus. 

My other favorite privacy tent features of the Green Elephant are a toilet paper holder, a clothes hanger, and a flashlight hanger. 

Many shower tents with special features are 10+ pounds, but this one is only 5.5 pounds.


  • It comes with four sandbags and tension lines
  • Great price considering the amount of features
  • Easy to hike with – lightweight
  • Setup in seconds


  • Unstable design that relies on the sand bags
  • No shower system is included

#5 KingCamp

Best Large Shower Camping Tent

KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent in black and grey.

Height: 85 in / 216 cm
Shower System: Not included
Floor Size: 42”× 83” / 106 x 210 cm
Changing Room: Yes

Not everyone is the same size, and small spaces can be frustrating for taller people who have to bend over. That’s what the KingCamp Oversized Shower Tent specializes in. 

The price range of the KingCamp isn’t cheap, but it isn’t the most expensive shower tent on this list either. 

There’s ample room in this pop-up shower tent so that you won’t feel claustrophobic. 

Two separate rooms can be used for multiple things like changing, a bathroom, and a shower. Putting a portable toilet on one side and a shower on the other can feel like being at home. 

The KingCamp has no shower system, but a hook inside is perfect for a solar shower bag.  

Even though this spacious shower tent is oversized and has two rooms, it only weighs 17 pounds. This is heavier than the pop-up tents on this list, but it’s not bad for its size. 

It’s also not a quick-setup privacy tent, so the KingCamp is a pain in the ass to setup alone.

If it were only fiberglass poles, I’d be nervous about its durability, but the steel poles help to support it even further.

The KingCamp offers plenty of privacy while showering at a campsite and the mesh floor is better than standing on grass or dirty. Plus, it drains extremely well. 

There’s also a towel hanger and two pockets inside to hold everything necessary to get clean. 

And just in case rain is in the forecast, there’s a removable rain fly to keep you dry while changing inside.

The KingCamp is the best shower tent for RVs because the spaciousness offers a luxurious feel for larger groups and glampers.


  • Made with both fiberglass and steel poles for extra durability
  • Mesh floor for easy drainage
  • It’s a large room shower tent
  • Rainfly is included


  • It can take a long time to setup
  • More expensive than some shower tents on this list

#6 G4Free

Most Secure Shower Camping Tent

G4Free Large Outdoor Privacy Shower Tent in black and white.

Height: 90.5 in / 230 cm
Shower System: Not included
Floor Size: 55.5 x 55.5 in / 140 x 140 cm
Changing Room: No

If you’re like me and love going to the beach, you’ll want an outdoor shower tent that can withstand the wind. 

The G4Free is the best shower tent to bring to the beach for this reason. 

Shower tents are known to be flimsy and usually don’t hold up to heavy winds well. But other shower tents aren’t the G4Free. 

The G4Free has all the features to keep your pop-up tent sturdy, like eight metal stakes, four sandbags, and four wind ropes. 

The privacy and ventilation of the G4Free are also outstanding. 

There’s both a mesh roof and a mesh window. Allowing air to move through the tent helps it withstand wind.

But when privacy is priority, the mesh roof can be covered with the rainfly, and the window can be zipped up. I always love having these options. 

Even though the G4Free can stand against strong wind, I’ve read about poles bend from overloading them with too large of a shower water bag.

This isn’t a five-gallon camping shower tent. I’d hang up a max of 3-4 gallons at a time. 

The G4Free is the most study in wind, but not necessarily the strongest. There are plenty of different shower tents if you want to hang a larger shower bag.

Lastly, one of the coolest features of the G4Free shower tent is the removable velcro floor. 

Having a floor makes it more comfortable to shower barefoot, but removing the floor improves drainage and cleaning.


  • Removable floor
  • It comes with multiple gadgets to keep the shower tent secure
  • Windows and ceiling are made of mesh for great ventilation
  • Great privacy tent


  • The poles aren’t the strongest

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Shower Tent

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Shower Tent
Four different colored shower tents in a line, blue, green, camo, and white, next to a river.


When buying the best pop-up shower tent, the last thing you want is to feel like the whole campground is watching you shower. 

Thankfully, all the tents on this list are privacy shower tents. 

Privacy tents with options to view outside are my favorites. Catching a view of the ocean or wildlife while showering is an amazing experience. 

A privacy tent like the G4Free has multiple options for getting fresh air inside while still being a privacy tent. 

While I didn’t include it in this article, the Alvantor Portable Shower also offers great privacy. The Alvantor Shower Tent is significantly more expensive, though.


Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you might want a larger size shower tent. 

My advice is that the best camping shower tents for tall people will usually be extra wise.

Depending on the pop-up design, there could be two separate sections inside. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight tent, you’ll want to avoid the larger ones. One of the better lightweight tents is the Green Elephant.   

Ease of Use and Set up

Having a pop-up tent that is easy to set up is a good perk. 

Unfortunately, oftentimes the best shower tents for an easy setup are also made of cheaper materials.  

If you want a sturdier shower tent, it’ll likely take a few minutes to set up. 

Whether I shower during the day or at night, having certain shower tent features makes the process more enjoyable. 

These features range from mesh windows, flashlight holders, towel holders, and multiple pockets. Some shower tents, like the NEMO Helipolis, have a place to put your beer! 


If a shower tent isn’t properly ventilated, the smell will get bad, and nobody wants that. Good ventilation results from mesh windows, a mesh ceiling, and an open floor. 

The two most important factors are the mesh windows and ceiling. Usually, these can be covered up in case you want more privacy with a zipper or rainfly. 

Also, the tent can become very hot and dark without these features. I’d suggest paying the extra money to have the windows and mesh ceiling included.

Floor Style

Depending on what floor style you choose for your shower tent will also determine the amount of ventilation you get. 

The three most common floor styles are removable, non-removable, and zero floor. 

Shower tents that don’t have a floor are usually the cheapest of the bunch.

My preferred floor style is one that can be removed. A removable floor mat gives you different options. 

Keeping the floor intact is better for showering. Removing the floor will have better ventilation, but could mean showing in a mud puddle. 

If the shower floor can’t be removed, then it’s ideal that it’s made of mesh material for better drainage. 

FAQs About Shower Tents

FAQs About Shower Tents 
A dark blue shower tent standing in a dry field with tufts of dry grass.

Are shower tents worth it?

Is a shower tent worth it? Absolutely! You can take showers at a campsite in private, and they can also be used for various other things. 

Pop-up shower tents are especially easy to use as a changing room and bathroom.

Plus, some shower tents come with a lot more features than others.

If you want the best experience while showering, the more features, the better! Some of my favorite features are the beer and flashlight holders. 

How does a shower tent work?

Most shower tents these days don’t come with shower bags. You’ll have to buy a shower bag separately. 

Once you have your shower bag and shower head, you can start to shower with your new tent.  

The setup process will be different depending on which shower tent you choose. 

Place your shower bag on the floor. There will be a hook at the top of your tent to place the shower head through. 

Zip up the door, pump the water, and it’s time to get clean!

What’s the best camping shower with a foot pump?

The best pop-up shower tent and foot pump duo is the NEMO Heliopolis with the NEMO Helio high-pressure shower pump. These items aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth the money.

The Nemo Helio shower tent has many features others don’t have. Meanwhile, their shower pump has a 7-foot hose and can keep a high-pressure level for 5-7 minutes.

There’s more than enough room for you and the pump to fit. 

This is the best combination on the market today, and you’ll own the great outdoors if this is your next camping shower tent.

What’s the best solar camping shower?

My favorite solar camping shower is the Coleman. I’ve used their solar shower bag for years while camping and at music festivals. 

They’re easy to use, too, and aren’t a pain. All you have to do is fill up the bag, lay it down in the sun to heat up, and then find a place to hang it.

Is it better to have a shower tent with or without a floor?

Having a floor or not is a personal preference. The water will drain better if you don’t have a floor in your shower tent. At the same time, your feet will get dirtier. 

I love shower tents with mesh floors because they’re the best of both worlds. They drain easily, and they also help to keep your feet clean.  

How long does a five-gallon camp shower last?

Having a five-gallon camp shower bag is nice because they last a long time. Depending on the style of shower bag, five gallons will last at least 10 minutes, if not longer.

This size is nice because you can share the same bag with multiple people. It can even last longer than 10 minutes if you don’t have it continuously running like a normal shower. 

What can I use instead of a shower when camping?

While there are multiple reasons to buy a shower tent, there are also reasons not to. These tents can be hard to hike with and can be expensive. 

Some other things you can use instead of a shower when camping are wet wipes, hand sanitizer, find a lake, or try dry shampoo. (Please make sure to use biodegradable soaps if bathing in natural bodies of water!)

Some shower tents are possible to hike with, but I’ve mostly used these alternatives while on the trail. 

Anytime I car camp, I always bring my camping shower. 

Conclusion: What is the Best Shower Tent?

Conclusion: What is the Best Shower Tent?
An orange shower tent standing beside a grey damping tent, in front of a body of water.

There are many different styles of shower tents out there for all price ranges. Finding the right camping shower tent isn’t easy. 

But based on my experience, the best camping shower tent overall is the NEMO Heliopolis.

The NEMO Heliopolis has everything, from the most features to being lightweight and made with durable materials. It also pairs with NEMO’s shower bag perfectly. 

I like that the Nemo shower bag pressurizes from the ground. Not hanging it means you can avoid overweighting the roof, as I’ve seen with the G4Free.

NEMO’s tent also offers some of my favorite unique features: a battery-powered light, a cupholder, a waterproof toilet paper dispenser, and an overhead towel rack. 

Other tents, like the Caddis Rapid Privacy shelter, have a towel rack on the outside. This is silly because it makes grabbing your towel difficult without flashing the whole campground. 

While this tent is heavier than the pop-up tents, it’s significantly lighter than the Caddis and the KingCamp.

If money isn’t an issue, then the NEMO Heliopolis is today’s best option. 

The shower room in this tent is also roomier because of the 7-foot height. You’ll never feel claustrophobic in there.

It’s also relaxing to know that this shower tent has a lifetime warranty.

So, if you like to stay clean while camping and enjoy the comforts of having a private shower, consider purchasing the NEMO Heliopolis.


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