Momondo Review [2024]: Are Their Cheap Flights LEGIT?

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TL;DR: After using Momondo, we recommend it if you want a search engine that quickly sorts through the best discounts for your airlines tickets, hotels, and car rentals. You’ll see negative Momondo reviews out there, but in writing this Momondo review, we consider the site trustworthy—the key is to thoroughly vet any third-party sites that it directs you to for booking.

Whenever I travel, I have to be certain that I’ve found the best deal available. I pride myself on finding the cheapest flights, rental cars, or hotels. 

Rather than choosing a destination and paying the cost–whatever it is–I prefer to follow the deals.

Traveling where I find the best deals helps me be able to travel more frequently. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

I’ve added Momondo to my travel arsenal because it’s an all-in-one search engine. It’s a great way to save and cut your search speed in half. 

There are pitfalls to using budget travel websites. Some travel deal sites can be confusing or seem like a scam.

Momondo might feel illegitimate because it’s one of the lesser-known sites. 

So, is Momondo legit? Keep reading my Momondo review to find out.

A view looking over the shoulder of a man sitting at a white desk, looking at a computer monitor displaying flight search results on the Momondo website.

What is Momondo?

A screenshot of the Momondo 'About us' page.

Momondo is a free travel metasearch engine that compares flight deals, hotels, vacation packages, and car rental prices throughout the industry. 

Travel shouldn’t be exclusionary. People worldwide should be able to experience travel, and that’s what Momondo helps with. It aims to allow others to be curious, take the plunge, and buy that flight. 

Momondo’s booking process is simple. They don’t personally sell flights or hotel rooms. Instead, they show you the prices and then bring you to that company’s website. 

Momondo is a great place to start your search for the cheapest flights.

Once you’ve found the deals you’re after, Momondo Flights will send you directly to the airline booking sites to purchase the flight.

How Does Momondo Work?

A view of a white desk with a computer monitor sitting on it, displaying the Momondo website 'About' page.

Momondo is a metasearch engine, which means they retrieve information from across the internet and put it all in one place, similar to Google Flights.

Search engines like Momondo are all over the internet, but some are better than others. To see for yourself, you’ll want first to tap the ‘flights’ button on the left sidebar to find flight deals. 

Type in the search engine which airport you want to fly out of and which airport you want to fly to. Next, choose your desired departure date. 

For a round-trip flight, select your return date and then click search. Momondo will show you a list of different flight options you can choose from. 

Momondo doesn’t use cookies on its website, which means you don’t have to worry about increasing prices because you keep visiting. 

The best way to save money on flights is to have flexible dates. Momondo has a handy tool for this exact purpose. When you choose your travel dates, you’ll notice the word ‘exact’ after either departure or return. 

To opt for flexible dates, you can switch this for up to three days before or after your dates. The search results that will pop up will be for those range of dates instead of only for an exact timeframe. 

This flight search tool has helped me find fantastic deals over the years. As a result, I’ve traveled to some of my bucket list locations for pennies on the dollar. 

Momondo offers a multi-city flight option. You’ll want to click the round-trip or one-way button to find cheap flights through multiple locations. 

Clicking that button will also allow you to select ‘multi-city.’ Here, you can add more locations and dates. 

I’ve used this feature a bunch when traveling through Europe. It’s so easy and cheap to fly from one country to another. It helps me plan my trip more efficiently. 

A Quick Look at Momondo as a Company

Screenshot of the Momondo 'About us' page.

In 2006, Momondo was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Booking Holdings Inc. acquired Momondo for $500 million in 2017. Kayak, another popular search engine website for travel deals, manages Momondo. 

Over the years, Momondo has won many awards for their work. In 2010, Travel + Leisure named it the “best travel website for finding bargain deals.”

Later, in 2017, Momondo earned the title of the “best flight comparison website for multi-city and mobile.” 

You might be wondering how Momondo makes money since they don’t have any booking fees. It’s pretty simple. 

Momondo gets paid for redirecting you to the consumer’s website. They also display travel-related ads to their visitors. This payment style is how they can keep the site free of charge!


Momondo Review: My Experience With Using Momondo

A POV-shot of a man's hand holding up an iPhone showing flight times in the Momondo app, with a soft-focus living room in the background.

You’ve come to this Momondo review to answer one big question: “Should I use Momondo to find cheap flight deals on my next trip?” Read on for answers.

Momondo Flights

I love using Momondo to find cheap flights. The best experience I had with it was when I visited Europe. I wanted to figure out which route was the most affordable for me to fly. 

I typed my departure airports into their search bar and clicked search. This tool helped me find the perfect route to save the most money. 

Other travel sites don’t have the multi-flight tool and simply don’t offer as many customization options. I wish they did! Many travelers have the same problem, and this tool helps save a lot of time. 

Momondo Hotels

Using Momondo to find great hotel deals is another way to use this site to its fullest potential. Combining a cheap flight with cheap accommodation can make your vacation affordable. 

Momondo’s hotel search engine will find different hotel deals by looking at some of the best websites. Mostly, Momondo tends to recommend Agoda or

Another great thing about Momondo is the types of accommodations. During that same trip to Europe, I was able to save even more on the grand hotel deals Momondo offered. 

Momondo will also search for apartments and homestays. Other booking sites don’t have as many results for accommodations and hotels. 

Momondo Car Rentals

Recently, I was in Puerto Rico, which is one of those places in Latin America where you need a rental car to get around. 

I love the freedom of having a rental car, but the price can be daunting sometimes. That’s where the Momondo low prices come in handy. 

Momondo lists its “great deals” at the top first while also showing the company’s rating. They also make it easy to filter which cars you prefer.  

This feature comes in handy because sometimes you need an SUV. Having an SUV or 4WD vehicle in Puerto Rico is helpful for going on hikes. If the price was low enough and the company had decent reviews, we booked directly.

Momondo’s filters helped us save hundreds of dollars per week and made Puerto Rico a little more affordable. 



A view looking over the shoulder of a man sitting at a white desk, looking at a computer monitor displaying the Momondo website.

Free to Use

I wouldn’t use Momondo if it wasn’t free. There are too many other travel sites that are super useful and cheap. 

Many popular sites that help you search for cheap flights are also free to use. A free-to-use site is an industry-standard.

Seeing ads is just the price you have to pay. Most travelers should be okay with seeing an ad if it means getting a cheap flight. If the site is popular, they have ads.

Fly Anywhere Feature

The fly-anywhere flight search option is one of my favorite tools for finding cheap flights. I often use it when I’m traveling for extended periods. 

Other booking sites, such as Skyscanner, use this feature as well, which helps me plan my trip more efficiently.


Flight Alerts Option

Flight alerts are fantastic if you’re like me and know you’ll travel soon. Not everyone has time to look up cheap flights constantly. 

Flights can fluctuate greatly depending on how far out that flight is. I like to add flight alerts so I don’t get stuck paying for an expensive flight. 

To add flight alerts, turn on the price alert option on the left-hand side after searching for a flight and enter your email.


A view of a white desk with a computer monitor sitting on it, displaying the flight search results on the Momondo website, with a glass. ofwater sitting on a coaster beside it.

3rd Party Search Engine

3rd party search engines are widespread these days. I use many different 3rd party search engines to find cheap flights. 

Many Momondo reviews will suggest that they’re scamming, but they’re only an information collector. Pay attention to where they send you before writing bad Momondo reviews.

When you aren’t booking directly through an airline, it can be tricky to get a refund. Situations can occur where Momondo won’t be able to give any money back. 

Similar Deals to Other Sites

Momondo offers some great deals, but none of these are out of the ordinary if you know where to look. They have “private deals,” but you can find these exact deals elsewhere. 

Momondo is still a tremendous all-in-one site for cheap flights and car rentals. However, this site doesn’t have unique travel deals that others don’t have, so I end up using multiple sites.

Momondo Cancellation & Exchange Policy

A screenshot from the FAQs page on the Momondo website, showing their Cancellation & Exchange Policy.

Since Momondo is a 3rd party flight search tool, they may not be responsible for canceled flights. You’ll have to speak with the travel provider for flight issues.

You should always read over the terms & services before booking. 

FAQs About Momondo

A view looking over the shoulder of a man sitting at a white desk, looking at a computer monitor displaying the FAQs page on the Momondo website.

Is Momondo a trusted site?

Is Momondo legit? Yes! There have been some bad Momondo reviews over the years. Once you understand the terms & services, however, you’ll realize that Momondo isn’t to blame. 

You make every booking through the travel partner site and not Momondo. Momondo only shows you different prices. Most travelers are used to these sites.

After reading many Momondo reviews, it’s clear some people are still getting scammed. The main thing is to pay attention to what website they bring you to. If the price or prices are too low to be accurate, be wary. Momondo is simply an aggregator of information. 

Is Momondo the same as KAYAK?

Momondo is technically not the same as KAYAK, but it has similar features, and KAYAK manages it. You might end up finding the same flight results on KAYAK as you do on Momondo. 

Is Momondo the cheapest?

Momondo has cheap tickets, but it’s not the cheapest. A lot of other great sites have reasonable prices, too. Prices fluctuate a lot when you’re looking for a cheap flight. 

Flexible travel dates will give you the best chance of finding cheap flights. Try to purchase your ticket during the Goldilocks window! 

How does Momondo make money?

Momondo makes money through advertisements and affiliate-style sales from airline/hotel providers. When you’re booking a flight, Momondo earns a commission from that purchase.

Their commission doesn’t affect the ticket price for the flight. You can count on the Momondo cheap prices to be legit. 

Does Momondo include Southwest?

Momondo technically shows Southwest flights but not the prices. You have to click “view deal” to see the ticket price.

Is Momondo legit for hotels?

Momondo isn’t just effective for a flight search. Momondo’s cheap hotels include deals from sites like and Agoda.

Momondo will send you to the hotels’ site for booking, similar to when you’re booking a flight. Try it out on your next trip! 

Conclusion: So, is Momondo safe to book with?

A POV-shot of a man's hand holding up an iPhone showing hotel search results times in the Momondo app, with a soft-focus living room in the background.

What’s the verdict on my Momondo review? When it comes to Momondo, cheap price options are abundant.

Based on that alone, I’d give them five stars! Momondo is an easy and fast way to get search results for booking hotels, flight deals, and rental cars. 

Momondo Flights is their most popular section, and you can still find reasonable prices there. That said, there are other competitors out there that might have a cheaper deal. 

Many customers, including myself, have found Momondo helpful when planning a vacation.

Finding cheap flights is a breeze on Momondo, but they’re often the same price as what you’ll find on Google Flights.

If the cost of your time is important, I highly suggest adding this site to your arsenal of travel tools. Momondo reviews might seem hit or miss sometimes, but the prices don’t lie! 

If you pay attention to what site the travel deal is on, then Momondo is safe to book directly with. 



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