My Honest SnapTravel (Super) Review: Is SnapTravel Legit?

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Sick and tired of paying hundreds for hotels and flights, I tried for my SnapTravel review–here’s what I found out.

Have you looked at hotel and flight prices recently? They’re INSANE!

And with so much travel to catch up on after the past few years, weddings to go to, and long-delayed plans finally coming up, my wallet is feeling the squeeze.

But with hotel rates and flight booking pricier than ever, I listened closely when I heard that you could get discount flight tickets and cheap hotels with online travel agents. 

SnapTravel (now rebranded as Super) is popular because you don’t have to pay for their services. 

Unlike some other online travel agents, with SnapTravel, you don’t immediately work with a person. 

Instead, SnapTravel uses AI chatbots that communicate with you over messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or regular text SMS. 

A real person is available if needed, but their chatbot is surprisingly good!

I tested SnapTravel for this review and compared their deals to actual prices. 

In this honest SnapTravel review, I’ll investigate whether the company is legit, share my experience using SnapTravel’s services, and answer all your questions about the website and app.

SnapTravel Review: A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage and a pair of hands typing on the keyboard visible at the bottom of the frame.

What is SnapTravel?

Close up of a hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

SnapTravel is an online booking website (and app!) that combines the benefits of a travel agent with the ease and free cost of online booking platforms.

SnapTravel is essentially an online travel agent that lets you plug in dates and a location to find hotel and flight deals (just like any other online booking website).

You can occasionally find great deals because, like a travel agent, SnapTravel has access to discounts on hotels and flights and can pass those discounts on to you.

SnapTravel doesn’t charge you for its services. And unlike many apps, you don’t have to download the SnapTravel app to use their product.

Instead, you enter information directly into their website like any other booking platform. You can also opt to chat with a bot over several messaging apps.

A Quick Look at SnapTravel as a Company

A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

First off, SnapTravel went through a rebranding recently and now goes by Super, and hotel booking is now part of their Superbrand. 

Super Travel hasn’t quite taken off yet, so I’ll still call it SnapTravel for this article.

SnapTravel is a Canadian startup founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneurs Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi.

SnapTravel is a legit company with investors like Steph Curry (though I doubt he spends hours scouring the internet to save fifty bucks on a flight!).

It combines advanced chatbot technology with the business model of an online travel agent to find the best hotel and flight deals for customers.

Rather than charging people for these services, SnapTravel is free and relies on commissions from customers’ bookings.

Additionally, although I haven’t seen this in any chats with SnapTravel, they will sometimes send sponsored messages that partners might pay SnapTravel to advertise to its customers. 

Of course, SnapTravel mentions this as a positive– giving customers suggestions for where to stay or what to see.

SnapTravel Review: My Experience With Using SnapTravel

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

I researched SnapTravel hotel booking, SnapTravel flight booking, and SnapTravel customer service. Here’s my experience.

SnapTravel Hotel Booking

“Snaptravel Hotels” now goes by the name “SuperTravel.” They are booking hotels solely over Messenger. 

Now SnapTravel has added a more familiar way to show their deals. You can find SnapTravel hotel deals through a search system or by scrolling to the bottom.

I wasn’t able to start searching immediately, however. When I first hopped on to find a hotel, they wanted to ensure I wasn’t a robot. Okay, fine, I understand that. 

But SnapTravel did this in a strange way. I had to get a code sent to my phone. In doing so, they can now send marketing messages, which was a negative experience for me.

When you use SnapTravel, you’re not finding the best deals for a hotel through a search. Instead, you search to see what options are available, and then you can talk with their AI chat.

When searching for the best hotel deals in Mill Valley, I stumbled upon Travel Lodge. The first screen of this search showed a savings of $6 off in pink on top of the picture. 

As I proceeded to find the savings for three nights, it came back as $11. In the end, Snaptravel showed me a total savings of $17.85. 

But when comparing this deal with the hotel’s website, I saved closer to $9.88. This amount is still 3% in savings– which is good! 

When factoring in other reward programs (if you stick with one hotel company), the savings could be a wash. Still, these travel deals make SnapTravel legit!

SnapTravel Flight Booking

Close up of a pair of hands holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

As I’m writing this, the entire SnapTravel website is currently under maintenance as they transition to their re-branded name. 

You might wonder where the flight deals are when you visit Super’s website. Until recently, to view the flights, you had to visit SnapTravel. 

In the short time since I tested SnapTravel, things have changed again. Now when you click that link, you’ll get a message that the third-party carrier they used to work with has ceased operations, and they don’t currently have a third-party carrier associated.

Regardless, my experience with their previous set-up was not positive. I was disappointed with my flight search for several reasons. 

First of all, their site is super slow! The last time I tried using it, it took over 30 seconds for the page to load. Maybe that’s why their site is under maintenance now. 

It doesn’t stop there, either. SnapTravel wasn’t really showing cheap rates– quite the opposite, in fact! I had to double-check to make sure they were correct.

I put my desired flight dates from LA to Omaha into SnapTravel, and they showed me a round-trip flight for $440. The same route on Google Flights was $237! How does that make any sense?

These flights were also during the week and six months in advance. I wanted to talk to the support team about these flight prices. It seems they currently only offer that for their hotel deals. But more on this later. 

Eventually, everything will be under the “Super” brand. Hopefully, all of this work is worth it, and they will have lower prices. 

When researching SnapTravel, I found negative reviews more frequently than I would have liked. 

Still, the SnapTravel reviews on the Better Business Bureau give them an A+ rating! 

It wasn’t all bad. SnapTravel did have some good flight features, like the ability to search for multi-city flights. 

However, given that many SnapTravel alternatives exist, they need to step up in this department or stick to hotels.

SnapTravel Customer Service

A view looking over a man's shoulder at his hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

When you’re trying to find out if SnapTravel’s amazing deals are legit or not, you will run across some negative reviews. 

The complaints mostly had to do with reservations not going through, cancellations not working, etc. 

I suggest confirming the booking details with the airline and/or hotel to avoid dealing with this. 

This issue becomes an even bigger deal when customer service isn’t reliable. SnapTravel uses AI, which has become increasingly popular in recent months.  

SnapTravel’s chat can answer a lot of questions easily, it seems. I also asked their AI chat to look at flights for me. 

Surprisingly enough, it did this and even found cheaper flights than I saw when I tried to search on their website myself. 

When you click support, there will be multiple options you can choose.

Which option you’ll choose will depend on what type of question you have. They’ll then send you an article about it. 

I wanted to talk to an agent directly, so I simply clicked “talk to agent” in the chat box to do this. They’ll then prompt you to give more information about what you need. 

From here, things got tricky. I needed to talk to the support team about a plane ticket they deemed as “non-refundable.” Instead, they sent me to their old SnapTravel flights website to complete a form. 

Since they are a third-party site, it might be challenging to receive a full refund. Be sure to check out the SnapTravel refund policy before booking anything!

I also read about some of these issues before checking their online reviews. The SnapTravel reviews were correct; their customer service was sub-par, to say the least.


A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage.

Supercash Bonus

SnapTravel offers its own unique credit card affiliated with MasterCard. This card is one of their best perks, and here’s why. 

The SuperCash card offers a 10% cashback on all purchases you make on SuperTravel. On top of this, you’ll also get 5% cashback on brands like Nike and Apple through SuperShop

Lastly, you’ll receive 2% cash back on all other purchases outside of SuperTravel. 

These deals are excellent and, at the bare minimum, would be a wash with other credit cards or reward programs.

Good Deals for Hotels

Since you can’t currently book flights (or, rather, they make it extremely difficult), you’ll find the best deals with SnapTravel hotels. 

Their deals on hotels do save you a good bit of money. It’s always worth a look using their user-friendly search system. 

I always want to ensure I have the best price for any accommodation I book. Given that, I’d consider adding SnapTravel as a top website for booking hotels.

Free to Use

At the end of the day, it’s hard to complain too much about a company that is completely free to use. 

Finding a SnapTravel Coupon or SnapTravel discount code to receive even better travel deals is possible. Just make sure to double-check your reservation after finding those deals!


Close up of a hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

You Can’t Stack Credit Card Points with SuperCash

This is where SuperCash isn’t an absolute must to use. I have fantastic travel credit cards that give me just as good (if not better) deals as what I can find on SuperCash. 

Knowing how to use these points from all the different credit cards can be confusing. That’s why SuperCash is a great tool because it’s easy to use! At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to have it.

Page to Book Flights is Slow

When I looked into flights a few months ago, the website was too slow. Because it was taking far too long to load the pages, I almost immediately went to look at the same route on Google Flights. 

This issue simply can’t happen in this day and age. I’m hoping they fix this aspect because they have the potential to offer an awesome service if they were to model it after their hotel booking interface.

How to Have the Best Experience Shopping on SnapTravel

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

I want you to learn from my experience shopping on SnapTravel. When booking a hotel, you’ll have the best results if you find a good deal on SnapTravel, and then check other sites. 

Make sure the price and availability match up with what you’re seeing on SnapTravel. There are deals out there on SnapTravel, but these normally come through the messenger.

As I stated previously, SnapTravel uses AI to help you find these deals. Send them a quick message in the messenger with your dates and destination, and they’ll send you these deals.

Once you find the booking you like, you can proceed to checkout. At this time, you can even add a purchase to SnapTravel’s VIP program. 

The VIP program includes the following:

  • Free Upgrades 
  • Expedited Customer Support
  • Free Booking Modifications
  • 24/7 Concierge Service

You can get all of this for only $30 for the first six months and then $5 monthly afterward!

Other SnapTravel Products

Close-up of a man in profile looking at his hand holding a phone that displays a chat with a SnapTravel (Super) AI bot, with a soft focus interior room in the background.

SnapTravel (now Super) offers more than great travel deals. They also offer different products that can help you save on your next vacation. 

These savings come from gas, insurance, pharmacy, and phone plans. And there are also shopping deals if you want to buy certain items for your next trip! 

When scrolling through SnapTravel, you’ll see the trending deals of the day in a user-friendly form. These deals help make SnapTravel legit and worth checking out!

SnapTravel Return & Exchange Policy

A white desk with a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage.

What doesn’t make SnapTravel legit (and makes customers angry) is their return policy.

Like many third-party companies, SnapTravel states that they are not responsible if an event arises, like cancellations, delays, etc. There will be no refunds. 

For example: if you booked a great travel deal on a hotel of your dreams only to discover they don’t have a reservation with your name when you arrive, you’re still liable.

You might be able to get SnapTravel credits, but they’re far and few between. 

These issues are among the many SnapTravel complaints you will see online. 

Their return policy is a little better for SuperShop. When you purchase items through Supershop, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of delivery. This is normally more than enough time to return items that you don’t like.

Any item you purchase through SuperShop will normally ship between 24 – 48 hours and will then arrive within 7 – 10 business days. 

The best news is that shipping is free within the United States! That free shipping saved me a lot of money and stress over the years.

FAQs About SnapTravel

FAQs About SnapTravel

Can SnapTravel be trusted?

Is SnapTravel legit and can be trusted? It certainly can! The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives it an A+ rating with almost 2700 reviews and 4.44 out of 5 stars.   

Other SnapTravel reviews and online reviews on sites like Trustpilot rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. SnapTravel works and it’s possible to find great deals. 

Snaptravel’s average rating is still high compared to other sites I’ve used. If they fix up a few things (like the flights), their score can increase significantly. 

How does SnapTravel work?

You must first use the chat feature to find the best deals for your trip. Message them the dates and locations for your upcoming trip. 

SnapTravel will also send exclusive deals through other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. 

From there, they will send the special deals they have for you. If you want to glance at what might be available before this, simply scroll down or use the search bar. 

You must talk with the messenger to purchase SnapTravel flights or a SnapTravel hotel. 

I understand this idea, but it often doesn’t deliver great service. However, with the recent rapid advancements in AI, I can see it being better soon.

You can also request room types and specify whether you want the SnapTravel VIP package, which can be a great travel deal if you plan on using it a lot.  

Are there hidden fees with SnapTravel?

There are no hidden fees with SnapTravel! This is fantastic, as hidden fees can waste time and money. 

Does SnapTravel refund your money?

SnapTravel hotels are non-refundable, but Snapshop is! You can get a refund on anything you order from Snapshop within 30 days of delivery. 

Who owns SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is owned by SnapCommerce, a company that uses AI to help find these deals. 

Is SnapTravel associated with Expedia?

SnapTravel works directly with sites like Expedia and Not only this, but one of their initial investors was the CEO of Expedia! Steph Curry is another known investor.

What is SnapMoney?

SnapMoney is the company that offers cash advances for the SnapCash card.

Conclusion: So, is SnapTravel Any Good?

A man sits at a white desk, typing on a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor displaying the SnapTravel (Super) homepage with a globe, passport, mug of pens, and phone sitting beside it.

SnapTravel has its uses and can find you fantastic deals on hotels. With that said, it does have its drawbacks.

Once they fix their SnapTravel deal page for flights, I think Super will be a huge piece in my arsenal of the best travel deal sites for planning a trip. 

Using their messenger to find the best hotel deals is a simple feature, saving you good money! What really makes SnapTravel legit are its deals on hotels. 

Using SnapTravel to book hotels with their SuperCash card creates amazing savings. It’s something everyone should think about using when planning their vacation.

My Favorite Alternative to SnapTravel 

My favorite alternative to SnapTravel is This is largely due to their fantastic rewards program for hotels. A lot of times, you’ll get a great deal plus a one-night stamp. 

When you get ten stamps, you’ll receive a free night’s stay worth up to the average of those ten hotels! 


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