Dollar Flight Club Review: Only for Frequent/Flexible Fliers

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TL;DR: After testing out Dollar Flight Club, we found good deals and even bought a ticket to Peru using the deals available to members, but we don’t recommend Dollar Flight Club for everyone because it’s difficult to cancel memberships and some users say that cancelled memberships aren’t honored. Here are the key takeaways from my Dollar Flight Club review:

  • Members get flight deal alerts, access to the deals database, and perks like free checked bags—extras like included checked luggage can set Dollar Flight Club above competitors.
  • In order to access the best flight deals, you have to become a member. Membership is cheap, but some users complain that Dollar Flight Club doesn’t always honor cancelled memberships.
  • Dollar Flight Club competes well with others for domestic deals. International coverage is more limited.
  • Try Dollar Flight Club if you’re okay with potential difficulties cancelling your membership, but otherwise, Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going) or Sky Scanner have great deals and are more reliable.

I’ve always said that the airport is one of the happiest places in the world—more times than not, I’m flying to a new destination to start a new adventure.

There’s only one thing that makes these airport moments better: a fantastic flight deal that I simply can’t pass up. That’s where Dollar Flight Club comes in. 

Members of Dollar Flight Club save, on average, $500 per flight. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money for me. 

Dollar Flight Club offers benefits and deals beyond cheap international flights.

And receiving Dollar Flight Club notifications feels like being notified of free money.

But with other competitors like Scott’s Cheap Flights, is Dollar Flight Club really that much better?

Read my full Dollar Flight Club review to learn what they offer and if it’s legit enough to use over its competitors.

A view over the shoulder of a man sitting at a computer desk, looking at a desktop monitor displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

What is Dollar Flight Club?

A screenshot of the "How it works" page on the Dollar Flight Club website.

Dollar Flight Club emails inexpensive flights to members for free or through a paid subscription service.

Most of the flight deals are discounted by 60% to 90% of the regular value.

Being flexible with your schedule is the best way to get Dollar Club deals and see the world.

Jesse Neugarten started Dollar Flight Club in 2016, a year after he experienced a 7.8 earthquake at Mt. Everest.

The catastrophic event of 2015 spurred him to live every day like the last and help others find amazing deals for travel.

To this day, the Dollar Flight Club team finds the best flight deals available and sends them straight to member inboxes. 

Sometimes I wish their human team was more comprehensive–they mostly depend on automated systems that sort through thousands of flights.

Dollar Flight has a small team of remote workers who help members cancel a trip and manage the refund process. I’ll talk more about that later.

The most important thing to know is that you have to be a member to get the best deals. 

There are three different tiers of membership to choose from. 

So, let’s dive in and understand the Free, Premium, and Premium+ membership tiers.

How does Dollar Flight Club work?

A screenshot of a page on the Dollar Flight Club website displaying the company's backstory.


The free tier is available to everyone. You can make an account to learn how the Dollar Flight Club website works.

As a Free member, I saw a small fraction of the total deals available. 

There were primarily international flights, with a few domestic deals for places like Los Angeles and Denver.

The Dollar Flight Club displays each opportunity on the main page. But only Premium members can access the details of the premium deal section, which is password protected.

How much is Dollar Flight Club Premium?

Premium membership is where frequent travelers want to be. It costs $69/year to sign up. 

Once I became a premium member, I could access all the available flight deals. 

They emailed me the best deals based on my four selected Dollar Flight Club departure airports and dream destinations. 

I also found it interesting that this membership tier comes with added benefits. 

As a premium member, you gain access to mistake fares. These are the cheapest flights you’ll ever find because it was an accidental price posted by the airline.

Other benefits include discounts on some of the most popular brands, like Babbel, Allbirds, and Fodor’s Travel. 

How much is Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus?

Go with Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus if you want a good deal on first-class or business-class flights. 

The Premium Plus tier costs $14/month, billed as an annual fee. That’s $168, which isn’t much if you save $500 on tickets.

I only book economy flights, but I researched this tier a lot.  

Premium Plus members receive all the benefits that the premium members receive plus even more savings if you fly business. 

I read a review explaining that Premium Plus members even receive 20% off on Mobile Passport Plus.

But I couldn’t find anything about this on the Dollar Flight Club website. 

I hope that they partner with Mobile Passport Plus again because it allows you to bypass customs when returning from overseas. 

It’s a worthwhile convenience if you’re a frequent traveler who prefers Business class.

Dollar Flight Club Review: My Experience Using Dollar Flight Club

A view over the shoulder of a man sitting at a computer desk, looking at a desktop monitor displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

Inputting Your Home Airport

Dollar Flight Club has a lot of similarities to Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights). While signing up, they asked for my home airport.

Having a popular home airport improved my experience because more flight opportunities existed. 

Unfortunately, the free membership only provided access to deals for one home airport. 

When I upgraded to the premium package, I got to select four departure airports on my profile. 

From there, Dollar Flight Club sent me flight deals based on my chosen departure and destination airports. 

Whenever I wanted to change my airports, I simply went into settings, then flight alerts. 

Four departures and five destinations may seem like a lot, but Scotts Cheap Flights lets you select five departure airports in the free membership tier. That increases to 10 when you upgrade to the next level. 

Setting Up Notifications

I have a rather lengthy bucket list. On top of this bucket list, I have a handful of top-priority destinations. 

Dollar Flight Club helped me by sending me notifications if a deal popped up specifically for these locations. And it’s easy to set up these notifications too! 

In settings, I went to flight alerts and scrolled down to input my “dream destinations.” 

It didn’t take long for me to get my first email about a deal to one of my dream destinations, Peru. I instantly bought the ticket and didn’t look back. 

Below this section, I was also able to enter my favorite airlines. 

Selecting specific airlines isn’t important to me because I always buy the cheapest ticket. But it might be helpful if you want to earn points for a rewards program. 

The Deals

Choosing deals is the fun part. Although I had notifications set up, I still liked to sign into Dollar Flight Club’s website almost daily. 

It’s easier to plan the perfect trip with inspiration from their flight options. 

I take good deals as a sign. If the price is right, it’s hard to say no to a trip of a lifetime. 

Most of these deals were time-sensitive, meaning they only lasted a few days. Have your credit card ready for time-sensitive deals! 

New deals popped up daily, and the latest travel deals were at the top of the page. 

Each listing showed a percentage discount, which made it easy to tell which deals were worth diving into. 

For example, I saw a flight to Ireland for $510 roundtrip out of D.C. The details noted that this was only 43% off the regular price. I knew this was true because I’d seen this flight often.

As a free member, finding the best deals for domestic flights was easy. I frequently saw 60% to 70% off on flights. 

These are huge savings for people flying domestically, but I was after those insane international deals. 

When I clicked on a deal I liked, Dollar Flight Club told me the standard price and a link to the flight to book directly with Google Flights or Skyscanner.

Below the pricing, Dollar Flight Club listed the roundtrip dates of the deal. 

All this information is excellent but less in-depth than other services. 

You’ll notice me reference the Dollar Flight Club alternative, Going (Scott’s Cheap Flights). 

That’s because Going goes above and beyond with more customization options.

I would like Dollar Flight Club to add more information about the flight and destination. 

Ultimately, the price matters, but the more information, the better.


A pair of hands typing on a keyboard on computer desk in front of a desktop monitor displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

Easy to Use

Although it seems there’s no longer a Dollar Flight Club, their website is straightforward to use. 

Flight Club posts new flight deals on the home page, where they’re easy to find. 

I like that they know what we want when we pay for their service. The visuals aren’t too crazy, and it’s easy to focus on the important stuff. 

After all, I’m a member of Dollar Flight Club because of the flights.

Partnership Perks

Added perks are something that Dollar Flight Club has on other competitors. Dollar Flight Club works with a vast list of partners to give discounts on travel-related products.

My favorite partner of theirs is Babbel. As an avid traveler, learning the language of your country helps enhance the experience tenfold. 

I got 35% off of Babbel for six months and 55% off for 12 months–this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

For me, paying for Dollar Flight Club services means saving hundreds overall. 

Mistake Fares

Mistake fares are hard to come by, but if you can buy one, you must pounce on the opportunity. The savings you can make from these is extraordinary. 

I’ve seen mistake airfare before, and it helped me reach Japan for the first time. I didn’t know if I could even go during those dates, but that didn’t matter. 

There’s something special about waking up to an email from Dollar Flight Club and finding a deal of a lifetime.

These error fares are accidents the airline company makes and are only available briefly. Once the company realizes the mistake they made, the deal is gone. 

Concierge Service

Not everyone has the time or wants to plan an entire vacation detail by detail. It’s a lot of work and can be very demanding. That’s why Dollar Flight Club has its own concierge service

As a lifetime Dollar Flight Club concierge program member, I received one 10-day trip itinerary. It would cost me $15 per extra day if I wanted more than ten days. 

This program is great for those short on time who want their trip planned without hassle. 

They create an itinerary based on any budget, which makes this service unique to Dollar Flight Club.


A desktop monitor sitting on a white desk, displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

Very Few Deals for the Free Version

The free version of Dollar Flight Club deals is pointless. It’s great to see how the site works, but I was barely getting any deals. 

Dollar Flight Club does offer a free trial period for $1 to test their premium service, but be careful. 

I felt uncomfortable providing my credit card details after reading review after review about people being charged for Dollar Flight Club subscriptions they didn’t mean to sign up for.

There are also Dollar Flight Club complaints online about difficulties canceling subscriptions and possible scams, but I’ll touch on that later. 

Expensive Premium Membership

The price of Premium Plus and regular Premium service do pay for themselves. 

That’s not the issue here. It’s the fact that I have to pay a higher annual fee for fewer features. 

Similar websites charge less for their services and offer more home airports, for example. 

At this point, if you’re wondering, “But are the paid services of Dollar Flight Club worth it?” Yes.  Every tier pays for itself with your first purchase, so it depends on which site you prefer. 

Premium Plus is cheaper than some of the competitors. So, if I ever switch to flying business class, I’ll look into that tier. 

Canceling Your Dollar Flight Club Membership

A screenshot of the Dollar Flight Club website page that explains the procedures for cancelling your Dollar Flight Club membership.

Canceling your Dollar Flight Club membership is pretty straightforward (or at least that’s what it seemed). 

In order to cancel my free trial, I went to Settings→Account→Billing & Pricing→Cancel/Update Plan. 

You must cancel at least 24 hours before the renewal date to avoid automatic renewal charges.

Other Dollar Flight Club reviews express issues with canceling. I started by pausing my membership.

When I knew I wouldn’t travel for a while, I paused my account to extend my membership for up to six months longer. 

However, when it is time to cancel, multiple members of Dollar Flight Club say the company doesn’t honor canceled memberships. 

Dollar Flight Club is also supposed to send a 7-day notice before the renewal. 

Many members of Dollar Flight Club report no notice before being rebilled. According to Dollar Flight Club’s refund policy, there’s no refund once you pay for the service.

A no-refund policy is typical across sites–it’s the possibility of being charged after I cancel the services that concerns me. 

If something like this scares you, I suggest trying other sites like Going (Scott’s Cheap Flights) or Skiplagged. Setting up Skyscanner alerts also works well. And it’s free! 

By setting up flight alerts on search engines like Skyscanner, I receive an email anytime the price of a flight I watched increased or decreased. 

It’s normal for a subscription-based service like Dollar Flight Club to make mistakes when starting. 

But even in 2023, members complain about wanting their money back after being charged unexpected renewal fees or not being able to reach support due to low staffing.

Dollar Flight Club customer service needs to fix this. 

FAQs About Dollar Flight Club

A desktop monitor sitting on a white desk, displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

How much does it cost to join Dollar Flight Club?

To receive all deals from Dollar Flight Club, you must either be a premium or premium plus member. Service is $69/per year for premium members or $168 for premium plus.

Be careful; regardless of your membership option, they both have an automatic renewal. 

Who owns Dollar Flight Club?

Jesse Neugarten owns and is the CEO of Dollar Flight Club. His mission with Dollar Flight Club is to make traveling more accessible to the public by finding the best flight deals.  

Is Dollar Flight Club legit?

Dollar Flight Club sends great flight deals to its members to help save money. The flight deals pay for the membership after the first purchase. 

So, is Dollar Flight Club legit? Yes, but be careful when canceling your membership; they’ve received many complaints. 

If you don’t want to take the risk, there are other sites out there, like Going and Skiplagged, which offer more customization options.

Is Dollar Flight Club lifetime membership worth it?

There have been opportunities (like during Black Friday) to receive a lifetime membership to Dollar Flight Club. I’ve seen the price go as low as $149–if you see this, jump on it! 

Even if I only took one vacation a year, this would still be the deal of a lifetime. So the lifetime membership of Dollar Flight Club is worth it. 

Conclusion: So, is Dollar Flight Club Worth it?

A view over the shoulder of a man sitting at a white computer desk, looking at a desktop monitor displaying the Dollar Flight Club website homepage.

There’s no doubt that Dollar Flight Club can create travel opportunities that most people have only dreamt of–this alone makes their services worthwhile. 

Once I started planning my trips around a good deal, I could see and do so much more.

I for one, used my membership to buy tickets to Peru–which inspired me to write this review of Dollar Flight Club.

But it’s hard for me to refute that better sites exist. 

I get it if you’re head-over-heels for the fantastic deals with partner brands. The discounts on travel brands are great, but I’m here for the flight deals.

Dollar Flight Club’s service specializes in flights but comes with risks. 

Everyone deserves the right to try out a product they think is free at the time without worrying about being scammed. In this regard, Dollar Flight Club has some things to figure out.

I would become a lifetime member of Dollar Flight Club if I ever found a Black Friday deal for it again, but other than that, there are better sites to find your flight deals through. 


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