43 BEST Gifts for Fishermen (Experts or Beginners) – 2024

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Short on time? Our picks for the best gifts for fishermen are the Waterproof Dry Bag and Wireless Smart Fish Finder.

The best gifts for fishermen–from fishing line for the catch to filet knives for the meal–and everything in between.

I’ve always admired fishermen.

Why? Well, fishing takes patience, and patience is a virtue that I often find myself without.

My memories of fishing are primarily from my childhood. Over the summers, my siblings and I would vacation with family and friends at a small lake in a nearby state. 

The kids would go fishing off the dock, and the adults would take the boat to Lake Michigan to catch fresh salmon. 

When they returned, we’d all gather around the filet table and squeal as we watched them filet the salmon in preparation for us to eat.

My mind goes to these memories as I brainstorm great fishing gifts.

This article is full of fishing gift ideas, from quick gifts under $20 to luxury or high-ticket items. Maybe your favorite fisherman is into fly fishing, kayak fishing, or even ice fishing.

One thing to note: the words fisherman and fishermen colloquially refer to all genders, despite their connotation.

Also, the term angler refers to anyone who fishes with a hook and fishing line. Best known as fishing the “traditional” way.

Regardless of their preference, this list is sure to have something they’ll love.

An older man in a brown, brimmed hat holding a fishing pole sits in a chair in tall grass on the banks of a lake with a young, red-haired boy in a checkered shirt sitting beside him holding a fishing pole.

Best Gifts for Fishermen Under $20

Waterproof Phone Case

Product image for the Wellhouse Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch.

If your favorite angler is also a bit clumsy, a waterproof phone case could be a lifesaver for them. 

Even if they’re not specifically clumsy, you’re always in the presence of water when fishing. That means there’s always a chance of a phone getting wet. 

I especially like this Wellhouse universal phone case because it’s securely fitted to the phone. 

This makes it easier to use the screen as usual (compared to keeping it in a loose plastic waterproof bag).

The case comes equipped with a wrist strap and a built-in emergency whistle. Plus, you have a ton of color options to pick from.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Product image for the MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag.

Considering fisherman spend so much of their time around water, anything water-resistant is a great gift idea.

This Marchway waterproof drybag is a fan favorite. It’s a great gift for fishing or other outdoor adventures like kayaking, boating, camping, etc. 

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and color options. 

The best part? This bag floats. Worst case scenario, it gets knocked into the water, but the items inside will be protected and reachable.  

Want more dry bag options? Check out our top picks for the best dry bags!

Pocket Knife

Product image for the personalized pocket knife.

Standard outdoor gear, like a pocket knife, will always make a good gift for hunters and fishermen.

This pocket knife is one of the best fishing gifts because of the fish and wave design on the blade. 

You can also personalize the gift by etching a name into the wooden handle.

Pocket knives come in handy for all kinds of situations in the great outdoors. It’s always helpful to have one, but a nice personalized one has an extra special edge.

Fishing Pliers

Product image for the Fishing Pliers.

Fishing pliers are must-have pieces of fishing gear.

This plier set from Amazon is a popular choice. I like that the pliers come with a protective sleeve to help keep them in good condition. 

Additionally, the material is adept at resisting wear from both fresh and saltwater.  

Help your favorite angler out and do them the favor of giving them a new, long-lasting, and durable set of pliers.

Personalized Fishing Lure

Product image for the Personalized Fishing Lure.

Fishing lures are another staple piece of fishing gear. Why not gift a personalized fishing lure?

If coming up with personalization text is giving you writer’s block, this Etsy seller has included a helpful list of common phrases to use for customization. 

I love that this product arrives in a gift box, making it ready to go! They also offer a small wooden stand so this gift can remain on display.


Product image for the Outdoor Sun Hat for Men.

Does the fisherman in your life often return home with a little too much sun?

These lovely fishing hats make a great gift idea. They’re made of lightweight, breathable materials and have an adjustable strap. The brim protects your face, and the extended back flap protects your neck. 

Proper protection like this will make a difference on sunny fishing trips. 

Rub-a-Way Bar

Product image for the Rub-a-Way Bar Stainless Steel.

Looking for the perfect gift for musky fishermen? Go with a rub-a-way bar!

This little stainless steel bar is a handy gift because it absorbs odors. 

The stainless steel will help eliminate the lingering smell of fish (and any other strong food odors like garlic, onions, etc.).

I hadn’t realized stainless steel had this magical power. It’s one of the best gifts for fishing dads or husbands who often arrive home juuuust a little too stinky for your liking…

Fish Drink Sleeve

Product image for the Rivers Edge Products Can Coozie.

These funny gifts for fishermen also serve a purpose!

These drink sleeves are shaped like a fish’s mouth and will keep any can cold. They insulate your beverage but keep your hand temperature comfortable.

How fun would these be to have out on a fisherman boating trip?!

Fishing Manual

Product image for the Fish&Stream Total Fishing Manual

The Total Fishing Manual is exactly what it sounds like the ultimate guide to tips and techniques for fishing. 

The authors interviewed local guides, prizewinners, and other experts to compile the information into this guide. 

There’s tons of information inside, plus colorful and plentiful pictures.

Fishing Log Book

Product image for the Personalized Fishing Log Book.

A fishing log book or journal makes a unique fishing gift because no two journals will be identical. 

This journal from Etsy contains pages where you can document every detail about your fishing day or trip. Weather, water level, companions– you name it, you can record it.

Best Gifts for Fishermen Under $50

Learn to Tie Knots

Product image for the Essential Knot Tying Kit.

Fishing knots come naturally to some and take longer to learn for others (I fall into the latter category). 

This kit is the perfect fishing gift idea for someone just starting in the sport or who has trouble perfecting their knots. 

If your fishing enthusiast hasn’t nailed this skill yet, they’ll be grateful for this gift. 

Digital Fish Scale 

Product image for the KastKing Fish Scale.

During the salmon fishing trips of my childhood, I’d be eager to know the weight of each catch right away. Everyone on the boat wanted to know who had caught the biggest fish right then and there!

With a gift like the KastKing Fish Scale, you can quickly hook your fish and get its weight in kgs or lbs. 

The digital scale is water-resistant– a crucial quality of the best fishing gifts.

The tape measure that conveniently slides in and out of the bottom makes it easy to measure your fish in addition to weighing it.

This brand also gives you the option between purchasing just the weight tool or a combo set with an additional strap and pair of lip grippers.

Gear Organizing Bag

Product image for the Gear Organizing Bag.

Do you know any backpackers who also enjoy fishing? They’d love a gift like this.

This fishing organizer bag from Etsy is a great way to keep all your fishing gear in one place.

Pockets around the outside hold up to five rods, and there’s ample space for equipment on the inside. 

It’s a durable and waterproof polyester material. 

An external buckle helps keep everything in place, and an adjustable strap makes it portable and easy to carry.

Whether someone is new to fishing or needs a better way to transport their gear, this gift will make a big difference on the next fishing trip.

Tackle Box

Product image for the Fishing Accessories Kit.

A tackle box is a great gift idea for anyone looking to build up their fishing gear collection. 

Organizing all your gear in a compact tackle box will help save space. Plus, you’ll know where everything is: no digging around in the bottom of a bag and accidentally poking yourself on a hook.

PLUSSINO offers either a 397 or 264-piece tackle set. Each set includes stainless steel fishing items like hooks, jig heads, and sinkers (among many others). 

Stainless steel is the best material for fishing gear because of its anti-corrosion properties. This is important for items that spend so much time in and around water. 

Stainless steel makes each piece long-lasting.

My favorite thing about this product is the flexibility of compartment sizes. The dividers inside are removable– aka, completely customizable. This means your giftee can change the interior to their liking.

Personalized Gear Box

Product image for the Personalized Gear Box.

My hobby is sewing, and I love my personalized sewing gearbox. This personalized gearbox from Etsy is the fishing version of that!

A tackle bag or box is a great gift idea to kickstart anyone’s collection. Your fisherman’s name (or nickname!) can stand out proudly on the lid. 

The top layer divides into sections. The bottom area is open, providing a place to put a fly box or fishing lines.

If you want to go an extra step, add other gear to the inside, like stainless steel jaws or a microfiber bait towel.

Folding Camping Chair

Product image for the Folding Camping Chair in green.

A lot of fishermen don’t bring chairs with them for the sake of portability.

You can solve that problem with the PORTAL Backpack Cooler Chair. This little contraption allows for two ways to sit and carry. It weighs 5lbs, but can support up to 225lbs!

It’s got a built-in 20L backpack, which makes it a great place to carry any personal belongings or fishing gear, making it a great addition to anyone’s next fishing or camping trip.

JBL Speaker

Product image for the JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker.

It’s no secret that fishing takes a lot of time. Some people prefer silence, but others like some entertainment. 

Choose a speaker like this if your giftee prefers some music– or is someone who often goes on fishing trips with other people.

The JBL Clip 3 is a portable and waterproof little speaker. I love JBL because it’s a brand known for quality sound and durability.

It’s easy to use and bring, thanks to its built-in clip. It can quickly attach to anything from a belt loop to a bag buckle. 

Fish Cookbook

Product image for the Hook, Line and Supper.

I love receiving cookbooks tailored to my interests. Naturally, I recommend the same as gifts.

This Hook, Line, and Supper Cookbook consists of more than three hundred pages of recipes for anything you can catch in lakes, rivers, streams, and seas.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion with your favorite fisherman, this book could lead to quality time together. Team up with your giftee to prepare a recipe with the fresh fish they catch!


Product image for the "This Is My Fishing HOODIE" sweatshirt.

Fishing lovers will adore anything fishing-related– so a cozy sweatshirt is a great gift idea.

This hoodie from Etsy reads “This Is My Fishing HOODIE” and features a fish decal designed to look like it’s resting in the front pocket.

The unisex style comes preshrunk to help with accurate sizing and ranges from an S to 3X. 

Your giftee can wear this to stay comfy at home or to keep warm on the boat. 

One thing I remember from early morning fishing trips on the lake is that dawn can be chilly even in the summer.

Fish Sock Variety Pack

Product image for the Fish Sock variety pack.

I’m someone who loves fun, themed socks as gifts. If you or your giftee are the same way, these could be the perfect gift. 

Fish lovers will appreciate this variety of socks featuring trout, bass, tuna, and dorado.

This bestseller on Etsy comes from a brand called FishyFeet. Sounds like they know what they’re doing!

MacKenzie’s Galley & Garden Gift Set

Product image for the MacKenzie's Galley & Garden Gift Set.

When your hands are constantly getting wet, they are much more likely to dry out. A lovely hand cream or lotion can make a huge difference.

As MacKenzie states, life on the water is the inspiration for their products. MacKenzie items are made in New England using biodegradable ingredients.

This Galley & Garden gift set has a hand scrub, scrub bar, and lotion. 

MacKenzie also makes many other products, so check out their store to find more. 

Personalized Cutting Board

Product image for the Personalized Wooden Cutting Board.

Some of the best fishing gifts can be items used after the hard work outdoors is done.

Consider a personalized cutting board if you need a fisherman gift idea for someone who enjoys the fruits of their labor.

This Etsy listing allows you to choose from various board shapes and materials. 

I love the etched ruler at the bottom– so your giftee can size up the catch of the day while fileting. 

Dry Wicking Fishing Shirt

Dry Wicking Fishing Shirt

Shirts get wet and dirty quickly when fishing. Having another shirt on hand (a dry-wicking shirt!) is always a good idea for a fisherman. 

This dry-wicking fishing shirt depicts a variety of freshwater fish on the front. If your giftee is more into saltwater fishing, they have that option, too (though that choice is made of cotton). 

You can choose different colors, and each offers UPF 50+ protection.


Product image for the Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses.

Sunglasses are the one accessory that is all too easy to forget, which is too bad because they make such a big difference!

You wouldn’t want to be stuck on a fishing trip without sunglasses, nor will your giftee.

A set of polarized sunglasses like these means they’ll have a backup pair to keep in their bag or boat. 

You could always add sunglasses to another item if you don’t feel they are substantial enough.

Extra items like sunglasses, fishing line, or a bait towel also make a great stocking stuffer. 

Mystery Tackle Box

Product image for the Mystery Tackle Box.

Mystery and subscription boxes continue to get more and more popular. The fishing industry is no exception. Enter: Catch Co. Mystery Tackle Boxes. 

Each box contains the best quality fishing lures and other products with a retail value fitted to the price of the box. 

Plus, these boxes come in multiple variations. For example, if you need a cool fishing gift idea for ice fishermen, they have an ice fishing-themed box option.

Or, if you want the best gift for saltwater fishermen, choose this saltwater-themed box.

Portable Filet Board

Product image for the Fish Fillet Mat with Storage Bag.

Fishing enthusiasts who catch fish they plan to eat must first filet them. How nice would it be to have a portable and easy-to-clean mat on hand? 

This Mershca Fish Fillet Mat does just that. Cutting fish on this sanitary and non-slip mat is much easier and safer than any old filet table.

Because it rolls up quickly and comes with a storage bag, this would be great for fishing adventures. 

Filet Knives

Product image for the Personalized Fishing Knife.

These aren’t just any fishing filet knives– they’re personalized fishing filet knives.

These knives from Etsy feature comfortable handles and sharp blades (with covers to prevent injury).

Have fun personalizing a knife with your choice of text and more than 100 different image options.

Fish Guidebook

Field Guide to Freshwater Fish

They say, “there’s lots of fish in the sea,” and it’s true…literally! 

Your favorite angler may be interested in trout fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, etc.

Maybe their location determines whether they are freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing. All these variables affect the kinds of fish they’ll catch. 

Help them become an expert on all types of fish by gifting them this guidebook. You can choose between the freshwater or saltwater versions.  

Portable Shower

Product image for the Portable Shower.

Fishing gifts can be something helpful for outdoor adventures, like this portable shower. 

This rechargeable portable camp shower pump holds up to one gallon of water. Power will last up to 60 or 120 minutes, depending on your battery.  

This is the perfect gift idea for a fisherman who often wants to wash off that fish smell after returning to camp. 

Custom Etsy Portrait

Customized Fisherman Portrait

If you want creative gifts for fishermen, head to the artsy side of Etsy.

Original pieces of artwork, like this customized portrait, make the best creative gifts. Submit a photo with your order and receive a beautiful digital or framed print. 

I firmly believe that a personalized gift will always be a hit. Because this gift can incorporate the whole family, it makes a great Father’s Day gift.

Luxury Fishing Gifts

Fishing Pole 

Product image for the Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic Fishing Pole.

Fishing rods are where it all begins, making them the best gift for new fishermen.

This Sougayilang fishing rod comes with a fishing kit and case. It’s anti-corrosion and includes multiple reel combos. If your giftee is new to the sport, a fishing rod like this will help them determine what they like.

The winning feature of this rod is its portability. It fits nicely in its traveling case when broken down to the starter position. 

(Side note: you may not realize that fly fishing requires a different pole type. If you’re looking for fishing equipment a fly fisherman can use, you can find a good option here.)

Wireless Smart Fish Finder

Product image for the Deeper PRO Smart Sonar.

A fish finder sounds like a way to hack the sport, doesn’t it?

This compact, deep, smart sonar ball connects straight to any smartphone. It helps the user mark fish and map out the surrounding water. 

However, catching the fish will still require skill.

A fish finder like this can be beneficial for onshore fishing or fishing trips with a boat or kayak.


Product image for the Fishing Drybox Cooler.

There’s a cooler…and then a high-quality live bait cooler like this Engel UC30 30qt leak-proof, air-tight, fishing dry box cooler.

It comes at a higher price, but for good reason. It’s got a capacity of 30qts and is waterproof up to a depth of 3 ft. The hardware is marine-grade stainless steel. 

You can choose between white, orange, and tan.

The fishing rod holders make this cooler stand out. There’s one on each corner, meaning four in total! (Though fly fishermen have noted they’re a bit small for their specific types of rods).

Grundens Ankle Boots

Product image for the Grundens Ankle Boots in black.

Grundens fishing boots are engineered to keep water out.

With soles that offer excellent traction, they’re a great fishing gift for anyone who needs something secure on their feet.

These boots come in a variety of colors and are easy to slip on, making them a constant go-to for any fisherman.


Men's Ultralight Wading Jacket

Because of the price point, you could consider the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Jacket a luxury gift.

Luxury fishing gifts can be incredibly practical, though. 

Orvis is widely known amongst fishermen for doing an incredible job when it comes to protection from wind and rain. 

Anyone who spends time in a climate that experiences rainy windbreaker weather will appreciate this quality piece.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine

A vacuum sealer is one of the best fishing gifts for any fishermen who keep what they catch to eat.

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine preserves food to last up to three years in the freezer.

This particular machine has impressive quality for how easy it is to use.

Solar Power Power Bank

Product image for the Solar Power Power Bank.

A solar-powered power bank is an excellent gift for anyone who spends time outdoors.

This model consists of four ports and four built-in cables. It also comes with built-in features like a flashlight and carabiner.  

You never really know when you’ll need an extra charger. With this one, you don’t have to worry about pre-charging. Let the sun do that job!

Go Pro

Product image for the GoPro HERO9 Black.

A GoPro is a cool gift for any outdoor sports enthusiast. They’re known as the durable outdoor adventure camera. 

I use my GoPro when documenting any outdoor activity because a GoPro gives the footage a specific look and feel. 

Sure, fishing may not be quite as riveting as some other water sports…but that’s no reason not to document!

Best Gifts for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

Personalized Bobblehead

Product image for the Personalized Bobblehead.

If you’re looking specifically for fisherman gift ideas for him, look no further than this bobblehead from Etsy. 

These fun keepsakes make a unique gift because each is completely modeled off your giftee!

Just select your size and attach a photo to your order. The Etsy seller will create the bobblehead– down to the detail of the fish they’re holding.

Fishing Subscription

Screenshot of a web page where you can purchase a Fishing Subscription.

I always love gift ideas that keep on giving: a subscription service for your giftee. If they like magazines, consider buying them a subscription to one like Great Days Outdoors.

If they’re always in need of fishing tackle, check out MonsterBass.

Want to keep them protected and prepared on the water? Look into Sea Tow or Boat Tow subscription services.

Annual Fishing License

Screenshot of a web page where you can purchase an Annual Fishing License.

None of the best fishing gear matters if your giftee can’t use it. 

An annual fishing license will make any fisherman happy because this gift allows them to keep doing what they love!

The specifics will vary by state and country, so look up how to purchase one for their specific area.

Gift Card

Product image for a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.

If you’re struggling with fishing gifts, you can always pass the power to your giftee. 

Getting them a gift card to a store like REI or Bass Pro Shop allows your loved one to pick out must-have fishing tools from brands they already know and trust. 

Fishing Partner

Best Gifts for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

Searching for an inexpensive, significant, and memorable gift for fishing lovers? 

Give them someone to fish with!

Showing interest can be a meaningful way of showing someone you care. Join your favorite fisherman for a fishing trip. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one with the big catch by the end of it. 


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