62 Best Gifts for Hikers That They’ll Actually Use

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TL;DR: The best gifts for hikers are the Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs, Darn Tough Socks, and the America the Beautiful Pass. Here’s why:

  • The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs is a practical book that teaches useful outdoor skills like tracking animals, predicting weather, and finding water, at an affordable price.
  • Darn Tough socks are high-quality, moisture-wicking, and comfortable, perfect for hiking. Socks are essential and wear out—and at under $25, they’re an affordable gear gift.
  • The America the Beautiful Pass provides a full year of free entry to 2,000 National Park locations, allowing lots of hiking opportunities.

We all know people who always seem to be hiking in beautiful places on the weekends. Perhaps you’re usually beside them on those adventures because you’re a hiker yourself.

If you’ve found this post, you’re probably looking for some gift ideas for that hiker in your life.

Speaking from personal experience as an avid hiker myself, most hikers prefer experiences over material things. 

So, it’s pretty easy to please when it comes to gift giving because they get much of their happiness from the best free gift in life: nature.

That said, hikers still need gear and practical items that make it easier to navigate the outdoors. And it never hurts to give a useful or fun item when it’s a special occasion.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your outdoorsy girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, parent, or coworker, this detailed guide features hiking gifts for every type of hiker out there.

These are my picks for the top gifts for hikers, from practical to fun gifts. 

gifts for hikers

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations!

Best Hiking Stocking Stuffers

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

Burt's Bees Hand Salve

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows the elements can take a toll on your skin, especially your hands. 

If you know someone who spends every weekend outdoors, this Burt’s Bees Hand Salve does wonders. 

It’s the perfect inexpensive outdoor gift for him or her to include as an add-on thoughtful gift, especially if they’re prone to dry or cracked skin.

Hiking Snacks

Beef Jerky Bundle

Snacks are another one of the best gifts for people who like to hike. You can never have too many snacks on outdoor journeys.  

A few of my favorite hiking snacks include beef jerky, peanut butter, and some good ol’ energy bars (right now, I’ve been feeling RXBars for their minimal ingredients). 

These snacks could be perfect stocking stuffers for hikers or good to include in a fun gift basket for your favorite hiker.

Nice Chocolate Bars

Theo Chocolate Salted Almond Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

Along with the hiking snacks above, a chocolate bar is another thing you probably won’t find me without on a long hike. 

There’s no better treat than a nice chocolate bar to keep your energy up and reward yourself after an especially steep climb. 

These vegan Theo chocolate bars are easily one of the best gifts for hikers under $30 and could be a great stocking stuffer or addition to the ultimate hiking gift basket.

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for hikers, you can’t go wrong with Gear Aid Tenacious Tape. 

This stuff is magic for keeping gear lasting longer, even with the wear and tear that happens over the years. 

It barely takes up any space but can make all the difference if you discover a tear in your tent three days into a week-long backpacking trip.

NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets

Nunn Sport Hydration Tablets

Good for long day hikes or backpacking trips, NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets add electrolytes back into a hiker’s body after hours on the trail. 

I always feel better when I have hydration tablets or electrolyte powder after a long day of hiking. It can keep overall energy and morale up on longer backpacking trips. 

It’s also one of those inexpensive gifts that a hiker can never have too much of, so they’re a good bet regardless of who you’re shopping for.

Best Gifts for Hikers Under $25

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Socks are a good hiking gift that’s inexpensive. Quality moisture-wicking and comfortable socks are one of the most important products a hiker can own. 

And it’s hard to have too many socks, especially for a regular hiker.

Darn Tough Socks is a top brand numerous hikers swear by (myself included!). I’ve never come across better socks than these for hiking. 

Made from cozy merino wool, these socks keep your feet at the right temperature and provide ample cushioning and support. 

I prefer their crew socks, so my mid-hiking boots don’t rub against my ankles too much.

Hiking Buff 


There’s nothing worse than sweat in your eyes during your final ascent when you’re about to take in the grand views you’ve been looking forward to all day.

I love hiking with a multifunctional buff to prevent sweat or wispy hairs from getting in my eyes when I take the trail by storm.

This affordable and stylish buff goes with everything and is the perfect present for an outdoorsy person.

And not only does it keep sweat and hair out of your face, but it can also protect your neck from the sun or be a make-shift mask or face cover when necessary.

REI Co-op Lightweight Compression Stuff Sack

rei co-op lightweight compression stuff sack

Having everything you need and nothing you don’t is important when hiking and backpacking. I turn to the REI Lightweight Compression Stuff Sack to free up space in my pack. 

This sack compresses a sleeping bag, trail pillow, extra quilt, or whatever else the hiker in your life may need on the trail. 

And most importantly–this compression pack frees up space for other valuable supplies while helping to maintain organization while on the move.

Best Gifts for Hikers Under $50

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

cheap hiking gear - hydro flask water bottle for hiking

A durable water bottle that doesn’t leak and can handle the harshest terrains is one of those must-have pieces of gear for any hiker. 

A water bottle for the trail is one of the more practical gifts for a hiker, and it doesn’t get much better than the Hydro Flask. 

The Hydro Flask is one of the most popular hiking water bottles because it’s tough and very well-insulated. This water bottle can keep drinks hot for six hours and cold for 24 hours.

Plus, it’s easy to attach to any backpack with its handle; it’s also BPA-free and resistant to bacteria and odors.


Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

Another one of the best gifts for a hiker is a durable phone case for outdoor adventure activities. 

I’ve been blown away by the look, feel, and performance of these phone cases.

I don’t know about you, but I drop my phone all the time. Defoam and Humixx cases are shock absorbent and protect phones submerged in water up to 6.6 feet for one hour.

In my experience, no scratch-proof screen protector works 100% perfectly, but these are as good as you’ll find. They’re perfect for taking photos and checking routes on the go.

For more phone case recommendations, read our guides to the Otterbox Defender Review, Otterbox Defender vs. Commuter Series, Best Otterbox Alternatives, Otterbox Symmetry vs. Commuter Series, and Otterbox Symmetry vs. Defender Series.

Gregory 3D Hydro Reservoir

Gregory 3D Hydro Reservoir

One of the best practical presents for hikers is a hydration bladder. Every serious hiker uses a hydration bladder to make staying hydrated on the trail easier. 

The great thing about hydration packs is that they all have a similar design and size (usually 2L or 3L). 

So, no matter which brand you buy, it’ll probably work in the pack your loved one uses. 

The only thing to watch out for is some smaller packs are designed specifically for 2L, so make sure your giftee has a big enough backpack if you want to get the 3L version. 

I personally always prefer carrying 3L with me because I drink a lot of water on the trail, and I would rather have too much than not enough. 

This Gregory Mountain reservoir is a little pricier, but it’s still an affordable present and a higher-quality version that will last for years.


SUUNTO M-3 Compass

Quality Compass

Another practical present for outdoorsy people is this affordable, waterproof, and shockproof tactical compass.

This compass is a great gift idea for an old-school hiker who doesn’t feel like they need a full-on GPS device. 

And in general, you never know when all of your tech devices will run out of battery, and a compass might come in handy. 

An extremely lightweight and quality compass is always a good option for affordable navigation gifts for hikers.

Smartwool NTS Merino 150 Beanie

Smartwool NTS Merino 150 Beanie

For both day hikers and backpackers, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice merino wool beanie. 

This beanie from SmartWool is one of my favorites for cold weather hiking since it’s lightweight, warm, durable, and doesn’t chafe while doing more physical activities.


Best Gifts for Hikers Under $100

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

One of the best gifts for nature lovers is a US National Park Pass, which comes out to under $100 and offers up a whole year of free entry to any US National Park.

If I had to choose my top gifts on this list, this is one of my favorites because it gives someone a whole year of outdoor adventures at 2,000 National Park locations across the country.

This pass works in all 50 states, and 10% of proceeds go back into the National Park  Foundation, so it’s a win-win!

Gregory Nano Daypack

Gregory Nano Daypack

Daypacks are essential gear and a good pick for regular hikers. If you’re looking for a good gift for a hiker and you’re willing to splurge a little, look no further than this Gregory Nano Daypack. 

The great thing about Gregory packs is how comfortable they are for all-day wear.

This frameless and unisex pack includes a 3L internal hydration sleeve, a waist belt, an easy-pull top drawcord, attachment loops, and plenty of pockets to organize hiking accessories.

For more backpack recommendations, read our guide to the best hiking backpacks for women.


Grayl GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier Bottle

Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier

If your hiker prefers to filter water with a proper water filtration system instead of iodine tablets, this GRAYL GeoPress Purifier is one of the best gifts for hiking any trail. 

I recommend this water filter bottle over something like a Lifestraw, which is cheap but can be hit or miss with how well it works.

Not only is the GRAYL GeoPress water bottle easy to use on the trail, but you can also take it around the world to purify freshwater from waterborne pathogens. 

Activated carbon prevents you from ingesting chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and microplastics. 

It doesn’t get much better than clean drinking water if you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts for outdoorsy people.

Anker Portable Charger

A portable charger or power bank is one of the best presents for hikers who like to stay connected while out in nature.

This Anker Portable Charger is one of the best Amazon hiking gifts. It can charge two devices simultaneously and provides multiple charges before it needs recharging. 

Most importantly, this charger is durable and perfect for a backpacking adventure or a long hike where it’s important for a phone, GoPro, fitness watch, or Kindle not to run out of battery.

Best Gifts for Beginner Hikers

Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp

black diamond spot 350 headlamp

A nice ultralight headlamp is a must-have whether you’re backpacking, car camping, or trail running. 

And if the backpacker in your life is looking to upgrade to a more durable one that will last for years, the Spot 350 Headlamp might be the ideal gift (that’s also affordable).

Weighing only three ounces and easy to fit into any bag, this waterproof headlamp does its job well, emitting up to 350 lumens and having a beam distance of 279 feet.

Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking boots aren’t usually my go-to gift recommendation since they can be very personal to the hiker. 

With that said, if you consult your loved one ahead of time and find out just what size and color they want, this can be a fantastic gift idea because a quality hiking boot is an essential gear, especially for new hikers. 

I’ve been hiking in my Merrell Moab 2 Mid boots for a while now, and they’ve been a game changer for not having sore feet, ankles, or knees after long hikes. 

If you’re looking for gifts for an outdoorsy person in your life, these comfortable boots are versatile and come in a few different colors. Oh, and the best part? They’re completely waterproof.



REI Co-op Traverse Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles

These trekking poles are a good option if you’re looking for cool outdoor gifts for hiker friends.

It took me a while to understand the magic of hiking poles and how much better they can be for your knees and balance.

But I eventually realized how useful trekking poles are if you hike regularly and want to go easier on your joints.

The REI Co-op Traverse Trekking Poles are comfortable for any terrain, no matter how rocky, and they’re easily adjustable for all heights.

They’re made from lightweight and durable aluminum, making them perfect for any type of hike.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife Victorinox

You can’t go wrong with a product known worldwide as a go-to outdoor item–the Swiss Army Knife. 

A versatile Swiss Army Knife can come in handy for many outdoor situations, and every hiker should carry one with them at all times. 

It’s also an inexpensive present that’s perfect for someone new to hiking.

Tilley LTM6 Airflo Broad Brim Hiking Hat

hiking hat tilley ltm6 airflo hat

Stylish hiking hats that effectively block UVA and UVB rays are necessary for long days on the trail.

A good hiking hat should be practical, provide decent sun coverage, and be versatile enough for all types of outdoor adventures.

And if you’re looking for gifts for people who love the outdoors, this Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat from REI is a good option.

This hat is not only water-repellent but has UPF 50 sun protection and moisture-wicking material in the sweatband to keep sweat out of the eyes.

Best Hiking Gear Gifts

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Nano Puff Jacket

The Nano Puff Jacket seems to be on everyone’s Christmas list these days because it’s hands-down the best trail jacket for hikers.

It’ll not only keep you warm during winter hiking, but it’s also incredibly lightweight and super packable. Nano Puffs can roll up and fit into your pocket!

This jacket is one of the best hiking gifts for people on the go who need something to keep them warm on the trail but don’t want to pack a bulky jacket. 

They’re also great for everyday wear if you live somewhere like the Bay Area where everyone dresses like they’re about to go on a hike.

Looking for more clothing recommendations? Check out our guide to the best hiking clothes for women.

REI Co-op XeroDry GTX Jacket

REI Co-op XeroDry GTX Jacket

A good rain jacket is one of the best gifts for hikers or campers in wetter climates. A good rain jacket for hiking can also make the outdoors much more enjoyable in cold weather.  

This GTX jacket by REI Co-op is breathable, lightweight, windproof, and quiet. It features a durable 2-layer GORE-TEX fabric for the outer shell.

Shopping for someone who’s more of a poncho person? Read our guide to the best backpacking rain ponchos.

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

cotopaxi fuego hooded down jacket

A down jacket is a staple in any outdoor wardrobe. Down offers a lightweight feel, reliable warmth, and exceptional versatility. 

The Fuego Hooded Down Jacket is the perfect down jacket for hiking. It combines the reliable performance of down with a modern color-blocked style so that hikers can express themselves from the trail to the city.

No matter which color you choose, the adventurer in your life will want to wear this daily. 

Prana Performance Hiking Pants

prana performance hiking pants

Moving freely and comfortably on the trail is vital, but so is coverage. Performance hiking pants from Prana effortlessly balance these attributes. 

The Halle Pants II provides everything female hikers need. The slim but roomy cut encourages movement, and ample pocket space keeps you prepared. 

The Stretch Zion Pants II are a great men’s option. The synthetic fabric stretches comfortably and wicks away sweat. Plus, they’re stylish and nice enough to wear to work. 



Smartwool Liner Tech-Compatible Gloves

smartwool liner tech-compatible gloves

Hiking season doesn’t have to mean only warm weather, as long as you have the right gear. If your loved one enjoys winter hiking, these Smartwool Liner Tech-Compatible Gloves are a good bet. 

There’s nothing worse than freezing hands on the trail. Luckily, these merino wool and acrylic gloves keep moisture out and insulate even when wet to prevent frozen hands.

These gloves also have good grip and touchscreen capabilities, so your giftee won’t have to take off their gloves to use their phone or touchscreen camera.

This pair of gloves is one of the best hiking gifts for men or women who suffer from cold hands.

Looking to give your loved one heated gloves instead? Check out our guide on the best heated gloves.

CamelBak Classic Light Hydration Pack

CamelBak Classic Light Hydration Pack

Hands-free hydration is what keeps me moving up the trail to the summit. Hydration packs provide that freedom and extra storage you need for a day hike. 

The CamelBak 70z Hydration Pack has a 2L reservoir perfect for long day hikes, and the 4L storage capacity lets you bring snacks and extra layers. 

This hydration pack is an excellent gift for avid hikers.


Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

If you’re looking for cheap hiking or backpacking gear to give as a versatile and fun gift, a lightweight fanny pack can be an excellent addition to any hiking outfit.

Fanny packs are ideal for when you don’t want to reach into your bag every time to grab something small–whether that’s a phone, chapstick, sunscreen, or a small snack.

This is the perfect gift for day hikers and someone who likes a little flair and 80s throwback. 

It’s also a good present for anyone who needs a practical way to keep items handy and accessible on the trail.

Looking for more options? Read our guide to the best hiking fanny packs.

Garmin eTrex 32x Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin 3Trex 32x

Looking for gifts for backpackers that are essential for safety and peace of mind?

This handheld Garmin eTrex GPS for hikers is a solid choice for anyone who likes to get off the beaten path.

The device has dual satellite support, detailed topographic maps with roads and hiking trails marked, and 25 hours of battery life when actively using GPS mode. 

It would be hard to get lost for good with this powerful handheld GPS. 

A Garmin GPS would be a great gift for anyone looking to splurge a little on someone who loves exploring backcountry trails. 

Read our guide to the best handheld GPS devices

Garmin Instinct Watch

best gps watch for hiking - garmin instinct

If you’re looking to splurge on some luxe hiking gear for a nice gift, this tactical GPS watch by Garmin is one of the best hiking and backpacking gadgets on the market.

Built to be highly durable for any kind of weather or activity, this watch packs in a lot for such a small piece of equipment.

From fitness features that let you track your heart rate to navigation features and dual-position GPS, this watch has all the tech you need for a successful backcountry adventure.

The Garmin Instinct watch is one of the top hiking gadgets on this list if you want to go big with your gift. 

Read our guides to the best outdoor watches and the best Garmin watches for women.

Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars

hiking binoculars - Nikon Trailblazer

These Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars are one of the most thoughtful hiking gift ideas for anyone who enjoys birdwatching or animal spotting on the trail.

They’re small, light, and packable, and they’re a perfect accessory that allows hikers to see the world around them up close and in high definition. Plus, they’re waterproof and fog-proof. 

Read our complete guide to the best compact binoculars.

Helinox Chair Zero

Backpacking Camp Chair

A super light camp chair is a good backpacking gift idea for a friend who enjoys backcountry camping.

And at just one pound, this camp chair by Helinox adds comfort to a backpacking trip without adding too much weight. Plus, it packs down so it can fit into any bag, no matter how full. 

It’s also a versatile present since you can use it for any kind of outdoor activity besides just hiking and camping–including tailgating, concerts, and other outdoor events.

Looking for a more luxe chair? Read our guide to the best reclining camp chairs.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash

I’m a recent Jetboil convert after using one while backpacking the Trans-Catalina Trail

Jetboils are now one of my favorite pieces of gear for an outdoor adventure. They boil water in 90 seconds and are great for making coffee, tea, or freeze-dried meals. 

A Jetboil is a practical gift for backpackers, and it might just be a game changer for your giftee.

Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 30 Sleeping Bag

Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 30 Sleeping Bag

It can get real cold when you’re sleeping outside. 

Because of this, the Trestles Elite Eco 30 Sleeping Bag is one of the best backpacking gifts you can give. 

Good sleeping bags are essential outdoor gear for backpackers, and this bag balances a reasonable price with valuable features. 

The synthetic insulation in this bag compresses down small and retains heat, even when saturated by an unexpected storm. Meanwhile, the 30°F rating thrives on temperate summer evenings under the stars.

Kelty Mistral SI Sleeping Pad

kelty mistral si sleeping pad

A sleeping pad is a backpacking necessity that makes the uneven ground more comfortable and provides much-needed insulation. 

The Mistral SI Sleeping Pad offers a great entry-level price with warm insulation, adding comfort and warmth throughout the year. 

My favorite feature of this pad is the combination of foam and air that inflates on its own.

Best Practical Hiking Gifts

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Hiker First Aid Kit

Something that every hiker needs, no matter how capable they are, is a first aid kit. You never know what might happen on the trail, so it’s best to prepare for anything.

The Adventure Medical Mountain Series Hiker First Aid Kit is a compact medical kit that has everything someone might need for unexpected scrapes and injuries. Plus, it weighs less than half a pound.

Don’t Die In The Woods Freakin’ Huge Emergency Blanket

ultralite hiking gear - hiking emergency blankets

These Don’t Die in the Woods Emergency Blankets are a super practical outdoor gift that should be in any survival kit for the outdoors.

These lightweight blankets are packable and are some of the toughest emergency blankets in the world.

They reflect up to 90% of body heat to prevent hypothermia and can easily convert into an emergency shelter or sleeping bag.

Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communication Device

Garmin inReach Mini 2

A satellite communicator is a practical gift for all hikers and backpackers. 

The Garmin inReach Mini is my favorite pick for a good satellite communicator because it’s lightweight, easy to use, and very packable. 

The InReach Mini offers two-way messaging (regardless of cell service) and tracking and can send an SOS signal. 

This communication device is one of the more expensive gifts on this list, but if you’re looking for a nicer present, this is one of my top recommendations.


Bear Vault Bear Canister

bear vault bear canister

You always want to be prepared when hiking in bear country. 

A bear canister is an airtight, bear-proof container to store food and other scented items that might attract bears, making it an essential safety item for both humans and bears!

The Bear Vault Canister comes in four different sizes with a transparent blue finish, so it’s easy to see what you’ve stashed and where.

Best Unique Gifts for Hikers

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

eno doublenest hammock

Another piece of unique hiking gear, and one of my favorite outdoor equipment pieces, is an ENO hammock. 

For long hiking days, hammocks are the perfect way to rest while you eat lunch and take the weight off your feet. 

Whether you have a friend who wants to try out hammock camping or simply hikes a lot, these hammocks are compact, light, and can easily clip onto any backpack. 

This hammock could also be an exciting gift for hiking couples since it easily fits two people. 

GoPro Hero10 Black

gopro hero10 black

You might not think a camera is essential hiking gear, but I respectfully disagree. One of the best gifts for hikers with a rugged lifestyle, GoPros are small, light, and durable.

The GoPro Hero10 takes high-quality shots, can withstand any climate, and is completely waterproof. 

Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal

All-Weather Journal

This Outdoor Journal is the perfect gift for hikers who like to document their travels. 

A waterproof design means you can use it in any kind of weather to write field notes on hiking trails.

It’s also lightweight and fits easily into a hiking backpack.

NEOVIVID Engraved Compass

engraved compass gift - vintage compass

If you’re looking for personalized hiking gift ideas, this engraved compass is a good alternative to a tactical compass.

This engraved vintage compass features the classic Thoreau quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

It’s a little touch of inspiration for any outdoor enthusiast as they set out on their next journey.

Peak Design Capture 3.0 Camera Clip

peak design capture 3.0 camera clip

The Peak Design Capture Clip attaches to your backpack strap to hold your camera within reach. The compact design has a quick release so that you never miss a shot. 

This camera clip is a good gift for adventurers who seem to have every other piece of outdoor gear already.


JOBY Gorillapod

hiking gifts for her - gorillapod hiking tripod

The JOBY Gorillapod is another perfect gift idea for hikers who enjoy taking pictures on the trail. 

I often do day hikes with my JOBY Gorillapod because it’s such a durable tripod, and you can attach it to anything with grip.

There are a few different Gorillapods out there. There’s something for everyone, no matter what type of camera your giftee uses–from iPhone to mirrorless or DSLR.

JOBY Gorillapods make great gifts for solo hikers who want to have pictures of themselves on their hike but don’t want to lug around a bulky tripod.

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

aeropress go travel coffee press

The Aeropress Coffee Press is a practical gift for outdoorsy people who love hot bean juice. 

The ability to brew Americanos, espresso, and cold brew-style coffee will be the most exciting gift for a coffee-loving-hiker. Additionally, its compact size means it’s easy to fit into any hiking pack. 

This awesome gift will help campers and hikers start their day with a smile. 

Platypus PlatyPreserve Portable Wine Bottle

Portable Wine Tote

The Platypus Portable Wine Bottle is one of the more fun gifts for hikers on this list. Who doesn’t like drinking wine with a friend or loved one in a beautiful location? 

This portable tote by Platypus allows your giftee to transport an entire bottle of wine to the great outdoors in a lightweight, airtight container that won’t spill or weigh down their pack. 

A portable wine bottle is one of the best hiking gifts for the wine lover in your life.

Puffin Beverage Flannel Jacket

puffin beverage flannel jacket

Funny hiking gifts like the Puffin Beverage Flannel Jacket help remind avid outdoors people to keep it fun. Plus, your loved one can also plan ahead and wear their favorite flannel.

This fun and functional stocking stuffer will bring a smile to your giftee’s face and keeps beers ice cold. 

Pro Version Of AllTrails 

When hiking a new trail, nothing is more useful than the AllTrails app. The app’s extensive collection of trail maps helps hikers stay on track anywhere. 

The free version works well, but the features in the pro version make it a great gift for hikers. The pro version cuts out ads and allows you to download maps ahead of time.

The Gaia app also offers a pro version and is another option for hikers. It provides maps and reviews similar to AllTrails. 

Looking for more hiking app ideas to give as a gift? Read our guide to the best hiking apps.

The Greatest 100 Hikes of the National Parks Scratch Off Map

The Greatest 100 Hikes of the National Parks Scratch Off Map

This national park scratch map is another fun gift for hiking enthusiasts.

The hiker in your life can use it to track which national parks they still want to tackle and which ones they’ve already completed. 

It’s the perfect gift for any regular hiker in your life who loves lists and checking things off them.

Looking for more options? Read our guide to the best national park scratch-off maps.

State or Regional Park Passes

State or Regional Park Passes

Another great gift for hikers is a state or regional park pass to explore their local parks.

Like the America the Beautiful Pass, which covers US National Parks, most states also have state park passes.

For California, you can find a few different state passes here, depending on which part of the state they live in and what they’re likely to visit. 

Alternatively, many regions and even counties also have their own park passes. 

For instance, in the East Bay, you can purchase an annual membership for the East Bay Regional Parks.

If they love the trails at their local parks as much as the National Park Service ones, these passes or memberships usually give them free entry, parking, and discounted camping for the year.

Wilderness Survival and First Aid Courses

Wilderness Survival and First Aid Courses

A practical course that they can use on their next adventure makes for the perfect unique gift for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts in your life. 

REI hosts several affordable wilderness survival and first aid courses throughout the year at their store locations across the US. 

Book an upcoming course for your giftee to give them the tools they need to be prepared for the outdoors.

Guided Hiking Trip

Guided Hiking Trip REI

Another one of the best hiking gifts for the adventurer in your life is paying for a guided hiking trip through REI. 

Unlike the more practical courses, this would be a just-for-fun present to enjoy new trails with a group of like-minded people. 

Guided trips aren’t cheap, but if you want to splurge on something for a special occasion, they can be a once-in-a-lifetime, incredible gift for your favorite hiker.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

If your giftee is a voracious reader, Kindles can make great gifts. 

Taking a Kindle on the trail can be magical. I take my Kindle on hikes because it’s easy to fit into my backpack, and I love reading in beautiful places.

If you know someone who also loves reading, hiking, and camping, a Kindle is a perfect way to read wherever they want (without heavy physical books).

COSORI Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator Cosori

One of the more unique, yet practical, items in this gift guide is a food dehydrator. 

A food dehydrator allows backpackers to make their own beef jerky or dried fruit for packable trail snacks. It can be a convenient and economical way to prepare for long hiking trips.

Ruffwear Palisades Pack

ruffwear palisades pack

Gifts for hikers with dogs are surprisingly easy to find. The market is full of practical and fun products for pups. 

Dogs have it too easy (as they should), but the Ruffwear Palisades Pack lets them pull their own weight on the trail. 

Multiple zippered pockets hold treats, water, and waste bags. At the same time, the integrated harness keeps rogue dogs under control. 

The best gifts for avid hikers are items they don’t already own. When the adventurer in your life seems to have it all, why not equip their furry best friend?

Looking for more dog-friendly gifts? Read our guide to the best dog backpack hiking carriers.

Best Hiking Books to Give as a Gift

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs is a practical book for anyone who loves the wilderness  and bringing things back to basics and away from dependence on technology.

This book shows readers how to notice nature’s cues and find their way if they get lost in the woods.

It also covers the art of weather prediction, locating water, tracking animals, and all the other basic survival skills that any regular hiker should know.

100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas is another good gift option for hikers who love to read. You can’t go wrong with this inspiring book if your hiker loves spending time in various parks.

From the best city parks to national parks around the US, this book gives your hiker all the information they would need to plan trips to the most beautiful spots in America. 

And most importantly, they’ll get an idea of the best hikes to do around those parks.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

gifts for outdoor girls - Wild book by cheryl strayed

If you’re looking to gift a hiking book that will give someone all the inspiration they need for their own solo thru-hiking journey (especially if they’re a woman), I can’t think of a better book than Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

I read Wild when I was in college, and it was eye-opening and inspiring to read the honest account of a woman who tackled the Pacific Crest Trail by herself.

It’s still uncommon to hear solo hiking stories from female perspectives, and this is one of the best I’ve read.

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

gifts ideas for hikers - a walk in the woods book by bill bryson

I’m a big fan of Bill Bryson and his way of weaving together wit, humor, and unique observations.

A Walk in the Woods is no exception as Bryson takes on the Appalachian Trail.

This is a great gift for casual hikers and anyone who enjoys humor and a realistic take on what multi-day hiking is like–especially from someone new to it.

Best Last-Minute Gift to Get a Hiker

REI Gift Card

Gift Card REI

And finally, the last gift in this guide you can’t go wrong with when it comes to hikers is an REI gift card.  

REI is the go-to outdoor store for hikers and campers because you can find pretty much anything you need there. 

Their stores are also conveniently located around the US and have an online store with everything your hiker’s heart might desire. 

Whether they’re looking for ultralight gear, a new hiking backpack, a sleeping bag, or something else, giving them a gift card allows them to pick out precisely what they want and need right now. 

It’s definitely the safest bet on this list and an easy last-minute gift idea if you’re short on time.

There you have it! 

My complete list of the best gifts for hikers – from the practical to the funny and more inspirational. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift, these hiking gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face if they love being outside. 


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Mimi McFadden
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When it comes to gift giving, Mimi has it down to a science. With a degree in psychology, she knows that the key to a meaningful and memorable gift is a personalized approach–always paying attention to someone’s unique interests and passions. Since she was little, Mimi has wholeheartedly embraced the tradition of gift giving. Now, she loves crafting fun gift guides to inspire others to level-up their gifting game and to find that perfect gift.

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