7 Best Heated Ski Socks: Comfy + Long Lasting [2024]

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TL;DR: We chose the FieldSheer Premium 2.0 Heated Socks as the best heated ski socks that are both comfy and long-lasting. Our key reasons for choosing these are:

  • The use of wool and other high-quality fabrics
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Four different heat settings
  • Affordable price

Nobody likes having cold, numb toes. Cold feet are among the worst things that can happen to you in the snow– especially while skiing. If your feet are cold, your performance will slip. 

That’s where heated ski socks come in. 

Heated socks are different than wool socks as they come with a battery pack, and most come with different heat settings. No matter where you are, they’ll keep your feet warm for hours. 

At first, I was confused when I started looking into buying heated ski socks for myself. Some are really expensive, while others are on the cheaper side. What was the difference? How much should I spend?

Now that I’ve spent hours researching the best heated ski socks, I love using them even if I’m not skiing. 

If you want to eliminate the guessing game and find out which heated socks are worth the money, keep reading to see my top picks!

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#1 Trazon

Best Budget Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the Trazon heated Ski Socks.

Material: 90% cotton and 10% spandex
Battery Life: 3-7.5 hours
Area of Heat: Entire bottom of the foot

If you’re just getting into skiing or other winter sports, you might not want to spend much on a pair of heated socks. The Trazon is the best budget option on the market today.

The battery life is perfect for a ski session, helping your feet stay warm the entire time. It’s an easy 2-hour recharge with any USB-C charger once they lose their charge.

Two layers of fabric surround the Trazon ski socks’ heating element. The top layer is a windproof fabric, and the bottom layer is simply there for comfort. 

One downside is that the Trazon socks are primarily cotton and contain no wool, which is a moisture-wicking fabric. So, if your feet get wet, they’ll stay wet for a while. 

Boot heaters might be a better option if your feet often get wet from the snow or sweat while skiing.

You can put the boot heaters in any ski boot and also wear your favorite pair of wool socks. 

But if you’re simply looking to keep your feet warm while skiing or any other activity for a low cost, then Trazon heated ski socks are the perfect solution!


  • Affordable price
  • Keep your feet warm for up to 8 hours
  • Fast 2-hour charge


  • Made from cotton and not wool

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#2 THERM-IC Sock Set V2

Most Durable Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the THERM-IC Sock Set V2.

Material: 15% Merino Wool
Battery Life: 7 hours
Area of Heat: Entire foot with three heating levels

Have you ordered heated socks in the past, only to have them fall apart? Or maybe you simply like buying quality products. Therm-ic Sock set v-2 socks are this list’s most durable heated ski socks!

Therm-ic heated socks contain wool and other high-quality fabrics. These fabrics help to make them durable and are good at controlling the moisture inside the sock. 

The Therm-ic socks are longer than average, which helps to keep the battery out of the boot. Also, since they’re tall, they’re easier to charge. 

The heating elements on the Therm-ic socks are so well-hidden that you won’t even notice they’re there. No exposure to the heating element ensures a comfortable fit and enjoyable time on the slopes. 

While the Therm-ic heated socks are expensive, they come with three heat settings. What’s not to love about that? Kiss your frozen toes goodbye!


  • Made from high-quality material for increased durability
  • There are three levels of heat settings to choose from
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Expensive

#3 Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Heated Socks

Best Adjustable Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Heated Socks.

Material: 80 % nylon, 20 % spandex
Battery Life: N/A
Area of Heat: Surrounded Heat

Heating technology has come a long way. Constant warmth isn’t necessary once you have warm feet. If you’d love a quick burst of heat but don’t need them scalding hot, try the Hotronic XLP One heated ski socks.

What makes Hotronic unique is its adjustable heat settings– you can choose from three adjustable heat settings, to be exact. 

On top of the three different settings, there’s a quick burst of heat button, too. The short burst of heat lasts for three minutes and is excellent for those who don’t need constant heat.

The Hotronic comes with shin and instep protectors for maximum comfort. These heated socks are expensive, but they do the job with high-quality tools. 

If you want immediate warmth and fast heating, look no further than the Hotronic XLP One to pair with any ski boot.


  • Shin and Sintep protectors 
  • Breathable materials
  • Three heat settings + a burst of heat mode for up to three minutes


  • Expensive

#4 ActionHeat Wool Heated Socks

Best Merino Wool Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the ActionHeat Wool Heated Socks.

Material: 50% wool, 48.5% cotton and 1.5% Spandex
Battery Life: 4 Hours
Area of Heat: On top of the toes

Cold feet are one issue, but what if your feet also sweat a lot? A wool sock takes care of both those issues. The best heated ski sock with that in mind is the ActionHeat heated socks

These heated socks contain an ActionHeat wool blend that helps with warm feet and keeps the moisture out.  

Since they’re wool, you’ll be warm in your ski boots even without turning the heat on. Even without heat fusion technology, I’d still trust the ActionHeat socks to warm my cold toes.

Everyone knows that losing feeling in your toes is the worst. That’s why the heating elements of the ActionHeat heated socks are in the toe region, and that placement can be both a pro and a con.

These might not be for you if you prefer heated socks with an all-around heat. But there’s no harm in trying the ActionHeat socks because they’re priced extremely low compared to others on this list.


  • Made from 50% wool
  • Budget Friendly
  • Focused heat in the toes


  • Heating element only in the toe region

#5 MIEVNIO Heated Ski Socks

Fastest Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the MIEVNIO Heated Ski Socks.

Material: 80% cotton, 12% polyester and 8% elastane
Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hours
Area of Heat: From Toes to Heel

Sometimes, I can’t wait long enough to get my feet warm. When they’re that cold, the faster the heating elements turn on, the better. That’s why I love the speed at which the MIEVNIO socks heat the feet.

The MIEVNIO heated socks use a 7.4V 2200mah rechargeable lithium battery pack, capable of heating your foot in 30 seconds. Other heated socks can’t reach high temperatures this quickly. There are multiple temperature settings if you don’t like it too hot. 

The SVPRO heated socks are a good alternative if these feel a little over your budget. That said, the quality of the MIEVNIO socks is much better, with only a slight price increase. 

While MIEVNIO doesn’t use wool in these socks, they’re still excellent for warming your feet speedily.

So, if you don’t like frozen toes or are simply impatient, try out the heating power of the MIEVNIO heated socks!


  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • Affordable price
  • Made with durable fabric


  • They don’t use wool

#6 FieldSheer Premium 2.0 Heated Socks

Longest Lasting Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the FieldSheer Premium 2.0 Heated Socks.

Material: Merino Wool & Mobile Warning Technology
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Area of Heat: Under the Toes

If you like long sessions on the ski slopes or hate having to charge batteries 24/7, then you’ll be looking for the heated socks with the longest battery life. 

Let me save you some time and tell you that the longest-lasting battery of any heated socks is the FieldSheer Premium 2.0!

FieldSheer heated socks can last up to 10 hours. But it doesn’t stop there. Most heated socks only have three heat settings, but the FieldSheer Premiums have four! 

You can also control the temperature from your phone with Bluetooth.

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics for outdoor socks, and Fieldsheer uses just that. The heating elements are only in the front of the foot but still provide warmth. 

While your entire toe area feels the heat, you can relax, knowing that the soft material and cushioning will make your foot more comfortable. 

If you want the heating element to be on the entire foot, you can look into the Rabbitroom Electric Heated Socks, but their quality isn’t as good as the FieldSheer’s. 

Take your ski days to the next level with the FieldSheer Premium 2.0.


  • Four Heat settings
  • Made from Merino Wool
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • Heat can be controlled through Bluetooth


  • Heating element only underneath the toe section

#7 Snow Deer Heated Socks

Warmest Heated Ski Sock

Product image for the Snow Deer Heated Socks.

Material: 80% cotton, 12% polyester, 8% Elastane & CoolMax
Battery Life: 5 to 7 hours
Area of Heat: Under the Toes

If you love winter activities but hate the cold, you’ll want heated ski socks that can go up to high temperatures. 

The Snow Deer Heated socks are the definition of warmth. Snow Deer uses infrared heating elements to deliver high-quality warmth throughout the sock. 

Heat transfers from these heating elements to the sock through electromagnetic radiation. You can change the heat settings easily when you need to.

I suggest you do 10-20 minutes on high and then keep lowering with the control button until your sock reaches the perfect warmth. 

If you keep it on the highest setting, the battery lasts only two hours. That’s why the ability to change settings is so important. 

Lenz Heated socks are a good alternative if you want super high-quality warmth, but they’re also quite expensive. 

That’s why I prefer Snow Deer heated socks. They’re the perfect solution to the cold without the astronomical price tag.


  • High Temperatures for ideal warmth for cold weather
  • Uses CoolMax to wick moisture and remove odors
  • Affordable Price


  • Battery pack only lasts for two hours on the highest setting

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best [product] and What to Look For


Warmth is the most crucial aspect of your heated ski socks. After all, that’s why you’re buying them, right? 

The best heated socks have at least three heat settings to keep your feet warm. Some of the socks on this list have up to four settings or even a burst of heat for a short period, like the FieldSheer and Hotronic, which provide immediate warmth. 

Heat levels can vary, but you’ll ultimately decide how much warmth you want. The settings generally will range between high heat, medium heat, and low heat.  

You can opt for boot heaters for your ski boots instead, but either way, you still need socks for your cold feet. 

Some people have complained about the lowest setting (or even sometimes the highest setting) not keeping you warm. For added insurance against this problem when you buy heated ski socks, make sure they’re wool. 

There are heated ski socks on this list, like the Therm-ic, that use heat fusion to provide an even distribution of heat throughout your socks and ski boot. 

Battery Pack

A battery pack with a long battery life is essential for winter sports because you’ll likely be outside for a long time. It won’t be good if your battery dies! 

All the socks on this list are battery-heated socks, so there’s no need to worry. The battery life will usually depend on your setting or temperature range. 

In most cases, the higher the temperature, the shorter the battery life. Some are better than others, though, like the FieldSheers.  

The batteries are generally in a pocket at the top of the sock because that’s the most comfortable place for them. You can usually charge these batteries by USB, making it easy for most people to recharge them. 

Area of Heat

Along with different temperature settings, heated ski socks will vary in which areas of the foot they target. 

Some ski socks target the entire foot, but many of the best heated ski socks mainly heat under the toes and upper foot. This section of the foot is the most important to keep your feet warm.

If you’d prefer to feel the heat throughout the ski boots, I’d suggest looking into some boot heaters and then wearing your own wool socks. 

Opting for socks with heat fusion will help distribute the heat through your ski boots for a warmer overall feeling. Heat fusion can make a huge difference in your ability to have a fun day of outdoor activities! 


Heat is essential when spending extended periods of time outdoors in the snow, but keeping your feet dry is equally crucial.

Perhaps you’ve noticed me mentioning wool repeatedly. That’s because it’s the best material to help to control moisture and keep you warm simultaneously. 

Many socks on this list don’t contain wool, but there are some, such as the FieldSheer. However, even if ski socks aren’t wool, they often use a blend of synthetic fabric with similar properties that help reduce moisture build-up. 

If you want heated ski boots but don’t want to spring for heated wool socks, another good option is to look into boot heaters and pair them with wool socks you already own. You can then choose your wool sock for warmth and moisture control. 


Like any winter sock, you want the right thickness and cushioning. You’ll want a thick sock for your cold feet during ski days and other snow-related outdoor activities. On the other hand, how much cushioning you’ll need can vary depending on the activity.

If you’re doing long-distance hiking, a lot of cushioning is ideal. It’s not as necessary to have thick cushioning when skiing in cold weather because your feet won’t be pounding on the ground continuously for hours straight. 

The main objective is to find warmth, but if you need extra padding, look into boot heaters and wear your padded socks. 


Point of view of a pair of legs and feet wearing black heated ski socks with battery packs, sitting against a textured grey surface.

All of the best heated ski socks on this list are high socks, and the reason for this is that they provide the most coverage to warm your cold feet.

The best and most comfortable place to put the batteries is in a pocket at the top of your sock. 

The higher the battery pack, the less likely it’ll interfere with your ski boot, so length matters when it comes to battery-powered socks.

 You can often use a remote control to avoid bending down to adjust it manually. 


Comfort is always a top priority, especially out on the slopes. Many socks on this list are comfortable, but everyone likes different styles.

If you like your feet to be extremely warm, look for heated socks that offer high heat, like the Snow Deer. 

Extra padding can help those who need to land hard on the snow while skiing. Look for socks with cushioning, or opt for boot heaters and your wool socks.


Nobody likes a sock that falls apart, especially if you spend a lot of money on them. The warmth of the sock can only last as long as the material. 

If you want a durable sock, look for materials like wool or nylon/polyester. These materials will ensure the long-lasting durability of your socks. 

FAQs About Heated Ski Socks

A pair of legs and feet wearing black heated ski socks and blue long underwear standing in front of a blank white wall.

Are heated ski socks worth it?

The answer to this question is it depends. Some of the socks on this list are extremely expensive; if you don’t get super cold feet, they might not be worth it. 

Wool socks might be sufficient protection from the cold. Another option is to pair wool socks with boot heaters in each ski boot. 

If you are sensitive to the cold or like the high heat, heated ski socks aren’t a bad idea. I’d suggest first trying to wear one or two layers of wool socks, and if you’re still too cold, then purchasing heated ski socks might be right for you! 

How long do heated ski socks last?

Whether we’re talking about durability or battery life, heated socks can last long. 

As far as battery life goes, however, there are limits. Even the best heated ski socks on the highest setting don’t last all day. 

Going between the highest heat level to medium and then to low will prolong the battery life and keep you warmer for longer. The average battery life between all heated socks is around 6.5 hours. 

As for the socks’ overall lifetime, it’s the materials that comprise the socks that determine their durability. Fabric like nylon and polyester will help to ensure a long-lasting heated sock.

Are heated socks warmer than wool?

Heated socks are warmer than wool because of heat fusion and other techniques that radiate heat throughout your ski boot. But heated socks aren’t always a necessity. 

Putting any heated socks on this list to the highest setting will make them much hotter than a wool sock. 

If you don’t need extreme heat to stay warm in your ski boots, look into getting one or multiple pairs of wool socks.

Many heated socks on this list aren’t wool, but they still use high-quality material to help them last a long time. 

If you bought new boots and aren’t sure how warm they’ll keep you, I suggest trying them out with wool socks first. 

If you’ve tested your ski boot while skiing and you’re still freezing despite your good wool socks, I’d suggest looking into one of the fantastic heated socks on this list! 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Heated Ski Socks

Point of view of a pair of legs and feet wearing black heated ski socks with battery packs, scrunched down to the ankles, sitting against a textured grey surface.

My top choice for the best heated socks that are both comfy and long-lasting is, hands-down, the FieldSheer Premium 2.0

To start, FieldSheer Premiums blend merino wool with their proprietary sweatsheer fabric. 

Wool alone is usually good enough, but the addition of the Sweatsheer takes these socks’ moisture-wicking abilities to a new level. 

The fabric in the FieldSheer ensures that your feet stay warm, no matter the climate.

Another fantastic feature is the battery life. The FieldSheer’s battery can last up to 10 hours, the longest on this list. If you like to stay out on the slopes for a long time, then you won’t find a better heated sock than this. 

While using the FieldSheer control button, you’ll notice that there aren’t the standard three settings, but there are four! You can use the control button on your phone with Bluetooth. 

The only drawback is that the heating element is only on the toe section of the foot, but that’s the case with most heated socks. 

So, if you’re tired of boot heaters or simply want the best heated ski socks, you won’t be disappointed with the FieldSheer Premium 2.0 socks. 


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