15 Best Heated Gloves for Cold Weather [Stay Warm This Winter]

Reviewed by Jodelle Marx
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Short on time? Our pick for the best heated gloves is the Neveland Heated Gloves.

The best heated gloves on the market to keep your hands warm in cold weather, whether you’re snowboarding, working, or hiking.

I’ve always had a hard time keeping my hands and feet warm.

With the slightest coldness in the air, my extremities turn into freezing icebergs.

So, when I discovered hand warmers and heated gloves I was convinced that they must’ve been made for me–and anyone else who dislikes having cold hands too.

There have been times when I wished I had high-quality heated gloves to keep me warm while snowboarding down a mountain or, you know, when I decided to visit Montreal in January.

But alas, I’m glad I know about them now and that I can use them to keep myself warm no matter what I’m doing or where I’m traveling.

For those of you who are looking for a solid pair of heated gloves, I spent hours researching the very best on the market so I could put them all into one article. 

These are my picks for the best heated gloves, organized by activity or what you might need them for. Stay warm and comfortable while enjoying the cold this winter!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

A gloved hand holds out a chunk of ice in front of of a blurred landscape.

Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

#1 Savior Heated Gloves

Best Classic Heated Gloves

Product photo of black Savior Heated Gloves - Best Classic Heated Gloves.

Temperature: 100F – 150F
Battery life: 2 hours (high heat) – 7 hours (low heat)
Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Simple, reflective strip, and high-quality materials
Best for: Walking, snow sports, or to improve circulation for arthritis or Raynaud’s Syndrome

When I say classic, I think of Savior Heat Heated Gloves

Savior is a trusted brand with straightforward, good-quality heated gloves to stay warm, no matter the weather.

Made from polyester and pearl cotton, Savior gloves are well-insulated and waterproof, but still breathable.

The palms of these rechargeable heated gloves are made from lambskin, giving a sophisticated feel and added durability. 

The Savior Heat Heated Gloves also feature good insulation to help you stay warm without running down the battery as quickly as you might with thinner gloves.

And these electric gloves heat not only your palms but fingers as well–taking about 30 seconds to warm up.

With their medium thickness, weight, and well-made design, Savior Heated Gloves can be used for most outdoor activities.


  • Versatile–can be used for most outdoor activities 
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials 
  • Heats entire hand and individual fingers
  • One-year warranty


  • Because of the button location, they might turn on in your pocket
  • The battery pack is on the underside of the wrist, which is cumbersome if the glove doesn’t fit well

#2 MADETEC Heated Gloves

Best Heated Ski Gloves and Snowboard Gloves

Product photo of MADETEC Heated Ski and Snowboard Gloves in camouflage.

Temperature: 100F – 140F
Battery life: 3 hours (high setting) – 7 hours (low setting)
Battery: 7.4 V 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes on tops of hands, parts of the palms are water-resistant polyester
Features: You can use all fingers with touch screens and the material is flexible
Best for: Skiing and snowboarding, ice fishing, outdoor research, or shoveling snow

MADETEC is a quality brand when it comes to heated gloves and the MADETEC Double Windproof Heated Gloves are no exception.

These battery-heated snow gloves have a unique dual closer system for fitting the extra-long cuffs snugly against your forearm. 

This prevents wind from entering and body heat from escaping.

With three levels of warmth and thick well-made materials that still allow for dexterity, these winter gloves are the best option for skiing and snowboarding.

As a bonus, there are heating elements along the entire hand, and touchscreen compatibility allows you to use your phone in cold temperatures without removing the gloves.

If you’re looking for the warmest snow gloves that will keep your hands toasty warm season after season, MADETEC has some of the best unisex gloves for skiing and snowboarding.

Looking for more snow gear? Read our guides to the best snowboard gloves and women’s snowboard pants.


  • Dual-closure wind-blocking cuffs
  • Comfortable and extra durable
  • Heat the entire hand and individual fingers


  • The top of the hand is waterproof, but sections of the palm are only water-resistant

#3  Neveland Heated Mittens

Best Heated Mittens

Product photo of Neveland Heated Mittens in black.

Temperature: 100F – 155F
Battery life: 2.5 hours (high setting) – 8 hours (low setting)
Battery: 5V 4800mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Heating wires across backs of hands and over fingertips, touch screen compatible material across fingertips and thumbs
Best for: Walking, skiing or snowboarding, skating, ice fishing, camping, arthritis, Raynaud’s Syndrome 

If you like wearing mittens instead of gloves, Neveland Heated Mittens are the best winter mittens.

They feature three levels of heat to keep you warm and toasty no matter how cold it is outside.

And the heat levels are color-coded to make it easy to see which level you’re using at a glance. 

If you or a loved one has arthritis or Raynaud’s Syndrome, these mittens can help relieve pain and stiffness.

The maximum heat for these mittens is 155 F, which is hot-hot-hot. With a higher-than-average voltage and mAh, your hands will be cozy all day long.


  • Fingertips and thumbs have touchscreen functionality
  • Heat entire hand and fingertips 
  • Anti-slip and waterproof
  • Soft and comfortable yet still durable


  • The battery is cylindrical, which feels a little extra bulky in the cuff than low-profile rectangle batteries

#4 Lancergears Camo Heated Gloves

Best Gloves for Hunting

Product photo of camouflage Lancergears Camo Heated Gloves for Hunting.

Temperature:  105F – 122F
Battery life: 4 hours (high setting) – 8 hours (low setting)
Battery: 7.4 V 2700mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Reinforced palm for extra durability
Best for: Hunting, winter sports, your first pair of heated gloves, outdoor research students

If you or a loved one likes to hunt, you understand the frigid cold that preys on fingers. 

The Lancergears Camo Heated Gloves will keep your hands warm on cold mornings so that you’re ready when it’s time to pull the trigger.

They’re waterproof and the palm is reinforced, making Lancergears some of the best winter gloves for the outdoors.

You can even pair them with the Lancergears Heated Jacket for the perfect hunting-themed Christmas gift. And if you don’t like camo, they also come in black.

Made of spandex and polyester, these gloves are comfortable and lightweight. 

Plus, Lancergears electrically heated gloves are at the right price point to keep your fingers warm. 

Each heated glove offers 122 F of heat, so they’re not the hottest, but they’ll get the job done.

Otherwise, if you’re able to invest more, check out MADETEC Double Windproof gloves.


  • An affordable addition to your winter gear
  • Wide cuffs that fit over the sleeve of a coat
  • Good for keeping hands warm on cold mornings while hunting


  • Battery is only 2700mAh, so it probably won’t actually last 8 hrs

#5 Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners

Best Thin Heated Gloves/Heated Glove Liners

Product photo of black Snow Deer Thin Heated Glove Liners.

Temperature: 100F – 145F
Battery life: 2 hours (high setting) – 6.5 hours (low setting)
Battery: 7.4V 2200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: No
Features: Thin, lightweight, and thumbs and index fingers can use electronic screens
Best for: Cycling, horseback riding, walking, hiking, and stiff joints

If you care more about flexibility and aren’t facing extreme cold, Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners are my favorite thin warm gloves.

Use these Snow Deer gloves on their own or underneath extra-large outer gloves.

If you do use them on their own, just note that the Snow Deer Heated Liners are made from lycra and neoprene on the outside. 

This means they aren’t waterproof (including when it comes to melted snow). 

These Snow Deer gloves might pass an ice bucket test initially, but your hands will be wet and cold when the ice melts.

The heated elements prevent frozen fingers by heating the whole hand for up to six hours.

If you’re looking for a simple pair of thin gloves that heat up, these Snow Deer Heated Liners are a good choice.


  • Lightweight and good flexibility 
  • Use index fingers and thumbs on screens
  • Heats hands and individual fingers


  • Too thin for a full day in extreme weather
  • A bit bulky compared to other glove liners
  • Not weatherproof

#6 Widitn Heated Gloves

Best Heated Waterproof Gloves for Snow

Product photo of Widitn Heated Waterproof Gloves for Snow in black.

Temperature: 104F – 149F
Battery life: 3 hours (highest setting) – 7 hours (lowest setting)
Battery: 7.4V 6000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Can be used with electronic devices, waterproof, and C-port charging
Best for: Any snow sports, biking on cold mornings, working or playing outdoors in inclement weather

Widitn Heated Gloves are a solid option for keeping your hands warm from wind, rain, and snow.

These battery-heated winter gloves have a waterproof polyester outer shell and an additional waterproof layer within. 

They’re so waterproof that after removing the battery, you can toss them in the washing machine without damaging the heating chips. 

Soft velvet lining maintains body temperature while offering breathability for up to seven hours of adventures.

And your fingers will stay extra warm thanks to heating elements along each finger. 

The palms are covered in non-slip PU leather, perfect for gripping ski poles or bike handles–something that’s especially important to me.

If you’re looking for a pair of waterproof self-heating gloves that are ready for the elements, Widitn Heated Gloves are the way to go.


  • Two layers of waterproofing
  • Machine washable
  • Heating element along each finger, preventing cold fingers
  • Adjustable tightening strap on wrists for a snug fit


  • Not all fingers are compatible with screens
  • Only a 90-day manufacturer warranty

#7 OMVMO Heated Gloves

Best Budget Heated Gloves Under $100

Product photo of 
OMVMO Heated Gloves in black and grey.

Temperature: 113 F – 140 F
Battery life: 4 hours (highest setting) – 10 hours (lowest setting)
Battery: 5V 6000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Affordable, charge level indicators on the batteries
Best for: Outdoor sports, motorcycling, outdoor research students, rheumatism, and osteoarthritis

Don’t sacrifice your warmth and comfort because you’re on a budget. The OMVMO Heated Gloves have 8 layers of protection, insulation, and heating.

Even at a low price, these are some of the best battery-operated heated gloves under $100.

The rechargeable batteries are 5V 6000 mAh, which means hours of keeping your fingers toasty warm.

My least favorite factor is that the palm isn’t covered in anti-slip material. The fingertips are, which makes them compatible with touch screens. 

If this isn’t an issue for you, then these are the best electric-heated gloves you’ll find at this price.

At a few dollars cheaper even, the Lancergears Camo Heated Hunting Gloves are comparable.


  • Affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Mostly waterproof
  • Medium temperature lasts up to six hours


  • Don’t heat individual fingers, just the back of your hand

#8 Serious Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves

Best Heated Gloves for Extreme Cold

Product photo of Serious Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves for Extreme Cold in black leather.

Temperature: 100 F – 150 F
Battery life: 4 hours (highest setting) – 12 hours (lowest setting) *advertised, but in reality, probably less
Battery: 3000Ultra Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: No, but has a waterproof insert to keep hands dry
Features: Heat Touch technology, 4 heat levels, and waterproof DryHand insert
Best for: Skiing, snowboarding, or any kind of winter sports

As a high-quality pair of snow gloves that can withstand extreme temperatures, the Serious Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves are the most expensive gloves on this list–but for good reason.

Quality materials protect your hands from cold air even in sub-zero temperatures.

These Serious Heat gloves feature a unique Heat Touch Flexible Fusion heating panel that’s more durable than single-wire heating gloves. 

Imagine a fabric with embedded heating wires that evenly heats the entire hand, including heating panels up each finger that wrap around the fingertips.

These battery-heated gloves also have a durable PU leather palm and shell, a waterproof DryHand insert, a one-handed wrist cinch, and three heat settings.

Seirus Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves hold heat with 150g HeatLock insulation, so you can use the low or medium heat settings to preserve the battery.

If you want to invest in a good pair of gloves for those bitter-cold winter days, these gloves will last season after season.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the budget for Serious gloves, Ffraao Heated Gloves are my favorite alternative.


  • Advanced heat technology with Heat Touch technology and 150 g HeatLock insulation
  • Waterproof DryHand insert to keep hands free of moisture
  • One-handed adjustable wrist and cuff cinch 
  • One year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Battery lifespan is shorter than advertised
  • The battery pocket is on the underside, which is less comfortable

#9 Shaalek

Best Heated Cycling Gloves

Product photo of the black Shaalek Best Heated Cycling Gloves.

Temperature: 100 F – 150 F
Battery life: 2 hours on high – 5 hours on low
Battery: 7.4V 5000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Five heat levels and heated fingertips
Best for: Cycling and riding

Officially, Shaalek gloves are considered motorcycle gloves–yes, a different kind of biking. 

But Shaalek is my top pick for cycling gloves because they have all that a cyclist needs and are higher quality than most gloves intended for cycling. 

We’ll start with the weak point for these gloves since there’s one big one: they’re a bit bulky compared to traditional cycling gloves. 

Still, the bulk is worth it if you’re looking for something that will last and truly warm your hands. 

Now that that’s over with, the fun part. 

The double windproof design and five heating levels keep your hands safe from the cold when they’re most vulnerable. 

For safety, there’s also a reflective strip on the cuffs and knuckle protection.

If you’re really looking for something slimmer, I recommend the Savior Heated Gloves. They don’t have knuckle protection, but they do offer a little more dexterity.


  • Windproof
  • Heated wires cover hands and fingers
  • Knuckle protection
  • Very high maximum temperature and long-lasting battery


  • Bulkier than traditional cycling gloves

#10 Gerbing 12V Vanguard

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Product photo of Gerbing 12V Vanguard black Heated Motorcycle Gloves.

Temperature: 100F – 155F
Battery life: 2.5 hours on high – 8 hours on the lowest
Battery: 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Long battery life when fully charged, waterproof, and knuckle and palm protection
Best for: Riding and cycling

The Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Gloves are the upgraded version of Gerbing’s popular 7.4V gloves. 

These 12V gloves have a stronger battery that lasts longer and offers a higher max heat for up to two hours. 

You can even connect to the bike battery for maximum heat on longer rides.  

They’re especially made to withstand cold wind and even rain as you’re riding at high speeds.

No worrying about cold fingertips either. The microwire heating system wraps from the back of your hands and over each fingertip.

Other important features for bikers include knuckle protection and palm gel pads.

Overall, these leather gloves are some of the best gloves available to keep warm on winter rides.


  • Microwires heat fingertips
  • Knuckle protection and palm gel pads for safety
  • Extend the heating time by connecting to your bike battery


  • If you do connect these gloves to your bike battery, it adds another $60-$150

#11 Neveland Heated Gloves

Best Heated Work Gloves

Product photo of Neveland Heated Work Gloves in black.

Temperature: 100F – 155F
Battery life: 2.5 hours on high – 8 hours on the lowest
Battery: 7.4 V, 4800 Amp rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Long battery life when fully charged, waterproof, and three heat settings
Best for: Working in frigid conditions, shoveling snow, outdoor research, snow sports

Although these gloves can be used for various outdoor activities, the Neveland Heated Gloves are perfect cold-whether work gloves.

At the lowest temperature, the battery will last for up to eight hours. And if you need to use a higher temperature all day, it’s easy to pick up a second set of batteries.

Durable but flexible materials also make these gloves ideal for working outdoors. 

They’re made of DWR fabric, which has a polymer coating to prevent water from soaking through. 

Plus, they feature a cozy fleece inner lining that wicks away sweat so you don’t get cold fingers from the moisture.

If you’re looking for durable, rechargeable battery-heated gloves for long workdays in the cold, these are a great option.


  • Heating system extends along each finger
  • Long-lasting battery


  • The softer DWR shell offers flexibility but might not be rugged enough for heavy work like hauling wood

#12 Fraao Heated Gloves

Best Gloves to Keep Your Fingertips Warm

Product photo of Fraao Heated Gloves in black.

Temperature: 100F – 160F
Battery life: 2.5 hours on high – 8 hours on the lowest
Battery: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Heating elements along each fingertip, waterproof, and windproof
Best for: Snow sports, hiking, and walking

I need all the help I can get when it comes to heating my fingertips. That’s why I like Ffraao Heated Gloves, which have heating elements from the wrist to the fingertips. 

With waterproofing and a rocking high heat, I would trust putting my hands in an ice bucket with these electrically heated gloves.

Six layers of insulation trap heat and the interior is a cozy, breathable velvet that you’ll love slipping your hands into.

Otherwise, if you have a larger budget and you’re facing more frigid temperatures, check out the Seirus Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves

Serious gloves also have heating elements at the fingertips. They cost a pretty penny, but they’re a good long-term investment.


  • 60-day warranty
  • Each fingertip is compatible with electronic screens
  • Elements evenly heat the hands and fingers


  • Polyester instead of leather makes them less durable than the Serious Hellfire gloves

#13  Akaso Heated Gloves

Best Heated Hiking Gloves

Product photo of Akaso Heated Hiking Gloves in black.

Temperature: 113F – 140F
Battery life: 2 hours on high – 8 hours on low
Battery: 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: 3 heat settings, waterproof, and inexpensive
Best for: Hiking or other outdoor activities when it’s not below freezing

Akaso Heated Gloves make it so you don’t have to give up your morning walks or weekend hikes because of the cold. They’re simple and affordable.

These battery-heated gloves have 3200mAh batteries, not as long-lasting as most heated gloves, but plenty for a short hike or morning walk.

With the heating element turned on, warmth is dispersed from the back of your hand to your fingertips.

Waterproof and wind-resistant materials are also great for windy beach walks.

Plus, I love that the PU leather palms are compatible with screens. Take as many pictures as you want while the gloves are still turned on.


  • All fingers can be used with electronic screens
  • Rechargeable batteries sit on top of the wrist
  • Heating elements along the backs of fingers and hands


  • There are cheaper comparable options

#14 Aroma Season Heated Gloves

Best Heated Gloves for Women

Product photo of white and multi-colored Aroma Season Heated Gloves modeled by a man in a olive green, fur-trimmed coat.

Temperature: 100 F – 150 F
Battery life: 5 hours on high – 10 hours on low
Battery: 2PCS 7.4V 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Three heat levels, waterproof, stylish, and safety power-off after one hour
Best for: Winter sports

After all of the other black gloves, how about a pair of white gloves with colorful patterns?

The Aroma Season Heated Gloves are made with skiers and snowboarders in mind. They’ll look good on the slopes and keep you warm. 

The outer material is soft polyester and a non-slip faux leather combination, which helps you grip ski poles. 

Underneath, waterproof tarpaulin protects you from melted snow and light rain. 

While everyone has their own preference, I like the placement of this battery on the top of the wrist because it doesn’t interfere with bending my wrist. 

All things considered, these gloves aren’t as tough as others on this list, but they’re suitable for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.


  • One-year quality warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Cute pattern


  • No XS size for people with smaller hands
  • Sizes run large, which can also make them good heated gloves for men who like a splash of color instead of boring old black

#15 PhysioNatural Microwavable Therapy Mittens

Best Microwavable Heated Gloves

Product photo of 
blue, mitt-like PhysioNatural Microwavable Therapy Mittens, modeled by a woman in a white shirt with light brown hair.

Waterproof: No
Features: 1.5 minutes to heat up in the microwave, soft and comfortable, muscle relaxation, and pain relief
Best for: Arthritis, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and stiff joints 

Microwavable heated gloves are the best heated gloves for arthritis therapy and they don’t cost an arm and leg to try.

PhysioNatural Microwavable Therapy Mittens are perfect for anyone seeking relief from arthritis, Raynaud’s Syndrome symptoms, or general pain across the fingers and hands.

Unlike the other gloves on this list, these therapy mittens have inserts full of microwavable clay beads and flax seeds.

The natural materials hold moist heat, increasing blood circulation and offering immediate pain relief. 

They’re by far the best at-home heated gloves for Reynaud’s Syndrome.

These mittens are also ideal for anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, Dupuytren’s contracture, joint deformity, trigger finger, or who simply uses their hands and fingers a lot for their job.

If you’re looking for a pair of therapeutic gloves for arthritic hands that can be used outside, I’d recommend the Neveland Heated Mittens or Serious Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves.


  • Affordable
  • Only take 1.5 minutes to heat up in the microwave–and you don’t have to deal with getting batteries in and out of small pouches
  • Immediate pain relief and muscle relaxation
  • Natural heat therapy with flaxseed and clay beads
  • Help increase blood circulation
  • Easy to use and slip on when your hands just need a break
  • Machine washable


  • Heat isn’t as long-lasting as battery-heated gloves, but these are great gloves for heat therapy (~30 minutes to one hour)
  • Only for indoor use–not made to withstand the elements

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Heated Gloves

A happy woman wearing heated gloves on a cold, snowy day.


The heating elements and temperature ranges determine how heat spreads throughout your gloves.

Usually, cheaper heated gloves only have heating elements at the back of the hand.

If you’re looking for full coverage, double-check that the heating wires extend to each fingertip.

On average, self-heating gloves have three temperature settings, which fall between 100F – 150F.

Weatherproofness & Durability

Quality materials go a long way when it comes to protecting your hands.

Waterproofness is important since snow melts and high durability means they’re less likely to tear.

Many heated gloves have waterproof layers below the outer shell protecting the entire glove.

For durability, I look for winter gloves that have PU leather or leather palm. This adds grip for holding ski poles or shoveling snow and is more durable than polyester.

Chemical vs Electric-Heated

The vast majority of heated gloves are electric-heated, battery-operated gloves (usually with lithium-ion batteries).

There’s a small subset of chemically-heated gloves though.

These gloves use disposable warming packets full of iron, cellulose, salt, activated carbon, and water.

Chemically-heated gloves work because when the iron oxidizes, it produces heat that warms up your hands.

Although they heat your hands for up to eight hours, I’m not a fan of chemically-heated gloves because they heat your hands unevenly.

The single-use heating packets are also wasteful and they don’t provide multiple temperature settings.

The gloves mentioned in this guide are electric-heated gloves with rechargeable batteries. 

But if handwarmer gloves are more your style (or price point), I recommend the MCTi Waterproof Ski Gloves.

Battery Life

Electric gloves usually come with lithium-ion batteries that last anywhere from 2-8 hours.

Like your phone battery, most glove batteries won’t last as long over time as they originally did.

There are two measurements of battery power that you should know about if you’re interested in buying heated gloves. 

The first is the voltage, which is the heating ability. A 12V battery has a ton of strength to make your hands warm.

The second is the mAh. The mAh tells you how many hours of said voltage are available. For a battery that lasts longer, look for something like 5000mAh.


The average price for well-tested gloves is $75-$300. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find cheaper gloves, but they probably won’t be as long-lasting.

If you can invest more, I recommend buying electric-heated gloves in the $120 range.


Just like any pair of gloves, heated gloves come in different sizes. And it’s important to get the right size.

If you go too big, you’ll lose flexibility and heat.

Go too small–well, I’m sure we’ve all experienced gloves that are too small and know how fun that is.

Most brands offer sizing charts, so measure your hand and buy the right size.

Touchscreen Capabilities

This is more of a “nice to have” feature than a necessity, but most heated gloves have at least one finger that is compatible with touch screens. 

The benefit of having touch-screen-sensitive material is that your fingers stay toasty warm while using your phone.

FAQs About Heated Gloves

Are Heated Gloves Worth It?

They are if you’re like me and have chronically cold hands. Just be sure to charge the batteries so they’re ready for your next adventure!

How Long Do Heated Gloves Last?

This depends on the quality of the materials and the amount of stress you’re putting them through. 

If the material is high quality and you’re skiing or playing in the snow, you shouldn’t have issues. 

For anyone hauling wood and shoveling snow, choose gloves with reinforced palms.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

Yes, heated gloves are very safe.

There’s no risk of electric shock from the wiring.

And there’s no reason the gloves would catch on fire since the batteries don’t give off enough heat for that to happen.

There are also safety mechanisms in the batteries to shut them down immediately if they were to ever short circuit.

How Tight Should Heated Gloves Fit?

Just like any gloves, your hands should feel comfortably snug but not restricted. A lot of gloves have a cinch around the wrist to adjust the fit a bit.

Should You Wear Glove Liners With Heated Gloves?

Heated gloves are meant to produce enough heat that you won’t need glove liners. 

Plus, heated gloves usually have soft fleece or velvet lining on the inside for added comfort and warmth. 

But if your gloves are too big, you can make them snugger with liners. 

Are Heated Gloves or Mittens Better?

The bonus of gloves is having more dexterity with all 10 fingers. However, mittens tend to be warmer because your fingers share the heat. 

If you’re more of a gloves person, go with gloves that have heating elements in the fingertips and you’ll be plenty warm.

Can Heated Gloves Be Washed?

Some heated gloves are machine washable because the heated wires are protected by waterproofing. Make sure to check the label and always take the battery out first. 

How Much Do Heated Gloves Cost?

There’s a range of heated gloves on the market, usually costing from $75-$300. 

I know, it’s a wide range.

If you want an inexpensive pair to get you through a trip or a short season of cold weather, it’s okay to buy lower-end gloves.

But when it comes to buying heated gloves, it pays to invest in quality.

Cheaper heated gloves usually have a shorter battery life and just heat the back of your hands, not your fingers.

In general, if you’re looking for top-quality heated gloves, I recommend spending $120+.

What are the Warmest Gloves or Mittens?

Serious Heat Touch Hellfire Gloves are the warmest gloves you’ll find. 

For smokin’ hot mittens, check out the Neveland Heated Mittens.

Where Do You Buy Heated Gloves?

The easiest place to buy heated gloves is online, from online stores like Amazon or the brands themselves. 

Outdoor stores or Walmart are also good places if you prefer shopping in person. 

What are the Best Gloves for Snowmobiling?

I recommend the Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Gloves–plus, you can run them on your snowmobile battery. 

What are the Best Gloves for Cross-Country Skiing?

For cross-country skiing, the MADETEC Double Windproof Heated Gloves are best.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Heated Gloves to Keep Hands Warm

So, when all is said and done, which are the best overall heated gloves? I recommend Neveland Heated Gloves

You’ll return to the house happy that your hands and gloves stayed warm all day thanks to the 4800mAh battery.

These gloves also have a soft fleece lining and a waterproof shell. And the palm is made of PU leather, which adds grip and durability. 

Another reason these are the best rechargeable heated gloves is that they come in sizes XS-XL and the maximum warmth is 155F.


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Mimi McFadden
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1 thought on “15 Best Heated Gloves for Cold Weather [Stay Warm This Winter]”

  1. I deliver ice cream for a living and need durable cold weather gloves for working in the freezers. Superior winter gloves have made everything from shoveling snow to handling flagstone a painless process.


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