11 BEST Women’s Snowboard Pants for 2024 [Warm & Stylish]

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TL;DR: The best women’s snowboard pants are the North Face Freedom Bib Pants, which feature breathable and waterproof DryVent fabric, thigh vents and mesh gaiters for temperature regulation, and an adjustable fit that provides coverage and warmth for active snowboarding while still flattering your figure.

I grew up cross-country skiing with my family, but many of my childhood friends from Northern California love snowboarding. 

And when it comes to winter sports, appropriate clothing is crucial. 

Whether you’re cross-country skiing or snowboarding, the proper garments will keep you warm and dry while allowing for a full range of movement.

If snowboarding is your winter sport of choice, then there’s a specific list of things you’ll need from your snow pants. 

In general, snowboarders tend to make more contact with the ground, so snowboarders will want warmer, more waterproof bottoms than skiers. 

And don’t forget about fashion! Women’s snowboard pants are notoriously pricey. 

If you’re going to invest big bucks in a piece of clothing, you’ll probably want it to be flattering on top of being functional.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of snow pants to wear while hitting the slopes this winter, read on for my top picks for the best women’s snowboard pants. 

snowboard pants for women

Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

#1 Flylow Foxy Bib Snowboard Pants

Warmest Snowboard Pants

Flylow Foxy Bib Snowboard Pants

Star rating: 4.7/5
Materials: Polyester
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Being active in cold, snowy environments

Cold and snowboarding go hand in hand. Although there will be some warmer days in the wintertime, a dedicated snowboarder is usually out there in frigid temperatures. 

And on those days, you’ll want to reach for a pair of snowboard pants with extra warmth. 

The Flylow Foxy Bib Snowboard Pants have an all-polyester construction with a three-layer intuitive membrane perfect for the backcountry. The seams are also fully sealed and watertight. 

Bib pants are essentially snow overalls, which means more coverage. And more coverage makes for some of the warmest snow pants.

The Flylow pants have a loose fit that allows a base layer underneath and won’t constrict movement.  

Despite their baggy cut, they still have a tailored look and an elastic waist for smooth, clean lines and a feminine silhouette. Flylow offers these bib pants in a range of attractive and unique colors.  

And, when things start to get too warm, there are ventilation zips on the inner and outer thighs.


  • Three-layer membrane
  • Thigh-vents
  • Baggy fit


  • Pricey
  • Not much insulation

#2 Columbia Bugaboo Omni Heat Snow Pants

Best Snowboard Pants for Short Legs & Petite Women

Columbia Bugaboo Omni Heat Snow Pants

Star rating: 4.5/5
Materials: Nylon and taffeta
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Pint-sized snowboarders 

I am a short woman, and I come from a long line of short women. 

To give you an idea: at five-foot-three, I’m the tallest woman in my family, so I’m no stranger to having to cuff every pair of pants I own. 

Luckily for women like me, the Columbia Bugaboo Omni Heat Snow Pants come in short sizes, with an inseam of 29″.  

These short pants don’t skimp on warmth and durability, however. 

The outer nylon is an Omni-tech material that provides breathable waterproofing and windproofing. And thermal insulation and a thermal-reflective lining keep your short legs warm in wet snow.

They also have an adjustable waistband for when you need a little extra room.

The only downside is that these pants only come in black, so they’re aesthetically a pretty basic pair of pants. 


  • Thermal insulation
  • Windproof
  • Adjustable waistband


  • No color options


#3 Burton Gore-Tex Gloria Pants Tall Sizes

Best Snow Pants for Tall Women

Burton Gore-Tex Gloria Pants Tall Sizes

Star rating: 4.6/5
Materials: Gore-Tex nylon and taffeta mesh
Waterproof: Yes 
Best for: Sporty women who are taller than 5′ 8″

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and not everyone is short like the women of my family. 

In some ways, I’m lucky. When my pants are too long, I can cuff them or hem them. For tall women, the struggle is more real.

When your pants are too short, there isn’t much you can do. And high-water pants are especially troublesome for snowboarders because you don’t want to leave your ankles exposed to the icy cold. 

Burton Gloria Gore-Tex Pants come in tall sizes from XS to XL, all of which have a 34.5-inch inseam. 

As the name suggests, the Burton Gloria Gore-Tex pants use two-layer Gore-Tex stretch fabric, so they’re ultra waterproof while remaining breathable. 

The fully taped seams keep you dry and warm, and the mesh-lined inner thigh vents help air out body heat during an active day of snowboarding. 

In addition to the zipper vents, the patented “Living Lining” also helps regulate temperature.

These Burton snow pants have a slim fit, with a flared leg opening to accommodate heavy boots. 


  • Insulated Gore-Tex
  • Vents for cooling
  • Temperature-regulating lining


  • Limited color options for tall sizes
  • Low-rise waist may need a belt

#4 Columbia Wildside Pants

Best Snowboard Pants for Curvy Figures

Columbia Wildside Pants

Star rating: 4.4/5
Materials: Polyester and taffeta 
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Full-figured winter athletes

In addition to understanding the short-person struggle, I’m also familiar with the challenges that come with being curvy. 

Curvy can mean many different things, but no matter where you fall on the spectrum, traditional sizing can be tricky. 

Columbia pants have more generous cuts that fit curvier bodies, and the Columbia Wildside Pants are particularly forgiving.

Although they’re slim-fit snowboard pants, they use Omni-tech stretch polyester, so they’re not only waterproof but stretchy as well. They also have an adjustable waist to accommodate some fluctuation in girth. 

These insulated pants also feature a layer of reflective taffeta for warmth and microtemp insulation for days with colder temperatures. 

The Wildside pants are available in size XS up to 3X, so there’s something for everyone.


  • Stretch fabric
  • Adjustable waist
  • Insulated with heat-reflective taffeta


  • No vents
  • Basic design

#5 The North Face Freedom Bib Pants

Best Snow Bibs

The North Face Freedom Bib Pants

Star rating: 4.8/5
Materials: Nylon
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Romping around in the snow

Snow bibs are essentially like snow overalls or women’s snow pants with suspenders. 

When I was a kid going backcountry skiing with my family, we called them snow suits, and we had a couple of hand-me-downs from the 70s that came with matching jackets. 

Once we were all suited up in our bibs, we could spend hours throwing ourselves into snowbanks and sledding down hills. 

The bib design provides more coverage and more warmth than other pants and the added plus of never having to tug them up.

And you can’t go wrong with The North Face Freedom Bib Pants

The outer construction features two layers of a patented nylon fabric called “DryVent,” which is waterproof and breathable. 

Along with easily adjustable straps, these bibs come with vents in the thighs that dump heat, and mesh gaiters that seal out the snow around the ankles. 

These two features form a chimney system that pushes hot air out through the vents, making these great for ski gear as well as for snowboarding.

In addition to standard black, these snow pants also come in a unique magenta floral pattern.


  • Thigh Vents
  • Breathable and waterproof fabric
  • Mesh gaiters to keep out snow


  • Limited color options
  • Not a lot of insulation

#6 Arctic Quest Insulated Resistant Trousers

Best Budget Snowboard Pants

Arctic Quest Insulated Resistant Trousers

Star rating: 4.3/5
Materials: Polyester, polyfill, taffeta
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Snowboarders with a limited budget

Snowboard pants can be staggeringly expensive, with some pairs costing more than $500. 

But what if you only snowboard once a year? Or you simply don’t have hundreds of dollars to invest in a pair of the very best women’s snow pants?

There are still options if you’re looking for snowboarding gear at a more reasonable price. 

The Arctic Quest Insulated Resistant Trousers are warm, stylish snow pants at a fraction of the average cost.

These pants have many of the same features you’ll find in pricier pairs. 

They have a thick layer of polyfill insulation, so they’ll be sure to keep you warm. The polyester outer is water and wind-resistant. And they have zippered pockets and reinforced boot gaiters to seal against the snow.

In addition to the standard black, white, and red, they also offer an array of fun patterns like pink camo and my personal favorite: cheetah print. 

Be aware, however, that these pants run small, and you’ll especially want to size up if you plan to wear a base layer underneath.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good insulation
  • Fun pattern options


  • Sizing runs small
  • No leg vents

#7 Patagonia Powder Town Pants

Best Snowboard Pants for Beginners

Patagonia Powder Town Pants

Star rating: 4.3/5
Materials: H2No® Performance Standard 2-layer shell, polyester
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: First-time snowboarders

There’s a first time for everything. Maybe you’ve never snowboarded before, but you’re excited to learn. 

You might think that you should buy the most inexpensive pair of snow pants in case you end up deciding that the sport isn’t for you. 

However, a budget pair of pants might not have all the features that could benefit a beginner. The Patagonia Powder Town Pants will have your back if you’re new at this. 

These shell pants have a durable finish that’s waterproof and helps with abrasion resistance. Because let’s face it – you’re probably going to fall a bit if you’re a beginner. 

Patagonia Powder Town Pants also have an added safety feature: a reflector embedded in them enhances radio signals, which can help speed up the search if you end up getting lost.

Plus, waterproof zippers, articulated knees, and gaiters help seal out the snow and keep you limber, giving you a more comfortable snowboarding experience.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Safety features


  • Expensive
  • Limited color options

#8 Roxy Rising High Shell Snowboard Pants

Best High-Waisted Snowboard Pants

Roxy Rising High Shell Snowboard Pants

Star rating: 4/5
Materials: Polyester, elastane, fleece
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Stylish snowboarders

High-waisted pants are flattering on a wide range of body types, and they’re also some of the most comfortable pants to wear. 

With high-rise pants, you don’t have to worry about your pants slipping down, and the waistline hits you at the narrowest part of your torso.

The Roxy Rising High Shell Snow Pants deliver when it comes to both comfort and aesthetic. 

The slim fit hugs and flatters your figure, while the patented Roxy “Dryflight” fabric keeps you bone-dry. Soggy pants will not be a problem.

The polar-fleece lining makes these Roxy snow pants warm as well as stylish. Down at the hem, boot gaiters and stretch panels can accommodate heavy boots. 

And aesthetically, these pants are anything but neutral. They come in a range of candy-bright colors like coral and aqua.


  • Fleece lining
  • Waterproof outer
  • Flattering cut


  • No neutral color options
  • No leg vents


#9 Outdoor Research Hemispheres II GORE-TEX Bibs

Best Gore-Tex Snowboard Pants

Outdoor Research Hemispheres II GORE-TEX Bibs

Star rating: 4.5/5
Materials: Gore-Tex nylon, polyester, elastane, kevlar
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Wet, slushy days on the slopes

Gore-Tex is a waterproof – yet breathable – fabric membrane that usually has a polyester or nylon outer layer and a polyurethane inner layer.

Many different pants brands use their own versions of Gore-Tex fabric, and these garments are typically more water-resistant than the non-Gore-Tex version. 

The Outdoor Research Hemispheres Bibs take full advantage of Gore-Tex, using a 3-layer construction to ensure maximum water resistance. 

This fabric is not only waterproof but also super stretchy, allowing you to move freely.

These OR Hemispheres bib pants are easily some of the priciest pants on this list. But, with articulated knees, reinforced scuff guards, and mesh gaiters, these heavy-duty bib pants are some of the best women’s ski pants for snowboarding.


  • Stretchy
  • Waterproof
  • Thigh Vents


  • Expensive
  • Only come in black


#10 Arc’teryx Sentinel AR Pants and Sentinel LT Jacket

Best Snowboard Pants and Jacket Combo

Arc'teryx Sentinel LT Jacket
Arc'teryx Sentinel AR Pants

Star rating: 4.5/5
Materials: Gore-Tex Nylon, flannel, GORE C-Knit textile
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Seasoned snowboarders who want top-of-the-line gear

If you’re super passionate about snowboarding, then you might want to invest in some head-to-toe apparel that will take your performance to the next level.

The Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants and Sentinel Jacket are certainly an investment, and both pieces together will put the price tag into quadruple digits. But, with that kind of investment, you’ll get a durable matching set.

Both pieces feature an outer shell of a three-layer Gore-Tex nylon laminate, which is breathable and waterproof. 

These two garments are also windproof and have patented “Slide ‘n Loc” hardware so they can fasten to each other and prevent snow from getting inside.

The bottoms have light flannel insulation and waterproof side vents for cooling, as well as deep zippered thigh pockets for storing belongings.

The jacket has armpit vents, zippered storage pockets, and a large storm hood that accommodates a helmet. 


  • Three-layer Gore-Tex
  • Top and bottom hook together
  • Cooling vents in both garments
  • Lots of pocket space 


  • Expensive
  • Pants have only light insulation



#11 Volcom Women’s Swift Bib Overall Snow Pant

Most Stylish Snowboard Pants

Volcom Women's Swift Bib Overall Snow Pant

Star rating: 4.7/5
Materials: Stretch Oxford
Waterproof: Yes
Best for: Fashionable Snowboarders who value function AND form

The number one thing to look for in snowboarding pants is functionality, but style is important too. 

If you’re a dedicated snowboarder investing money into a piece of clothing, you’ll want to buy pants that make you look and feel good on top of controlling temperature, moisture, and movement.

Volcom is one of the top snowboarding clothing companies. They make a variety of well-loved pants, like the Aston Gore-Tex Pants and the Volcom Species Stretch Pants

But while those pants both have a basic aesthetic, the Volcom Swift Overall Bib is stylish as well as top-quality.

These overalls use a stretch Oxford fabric cut into a slim fit, so they hug and flatter your figure without constricting your movement. 

Along with the fully-sealed seams, the fabric repels wind and water to keep you dry and warm while also looking your best. 

These Volcom snowboard pants also include mesh-lined vents along the inner thighs to release heat when things start getting too warm. 

In addition to a flattering cut, these overalls come in many exciting colors and patterns, such as acid-wash black and a muted cheetah print.


  • Stylish
  • Stretchy fit
  • Mesh vents


  • Not a ton of insulation
  • Stretchy slim fit doesn’t leave much room for a base layer

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants

What to Look for in Snowboarding Pants for Women

What to Look for in Snowboarding Pants for Women


The best women’s snowboarding pants should have the right balance of waterproofing and breathability. 

When you’re snowboarding, you’ll be crashing into snow frequently, and water leaking into your pants will leave you very cold. 

On the other hand, your body warms up as you work out, so you’ll want some airflow. There’s a reason they don’t make pants out of rubber! 

Materials such as Gore-Tex keep water out while allowing some breathability.


It’s crucial to dress warmly enough when you’re spending extended periods outside in cold weather. 

When shopping for women’s snowboard pants, pay attention to the type and quality of the insulation.

Venting System

Even with breathable waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex, things can get sweaty when you’re snowboarding, 

Vents help mitigate that heat to keep you at the right temperature all day long. 

Look for snowboarding pants that include vents, especially if you expect to be taking on strenuous slopes. 

Types of Women’s Snowboard Pants

Types of Women's Snowboard Pants

Snow Bibs

Snow bibs are snow overalls. They offer more coverage and eliminate the need for a belt, which can help you stay comfortable in your clothes.

Shell Pants

A shell pant has minimal insulation, and you should wear them with an insulating layer underneath, such as long underwear

Non-insulated pants should have a relaxed fit to allow for layering.

Insulated Pants

Insulated pants come with several layers of material to keep you warm and cozy. 

Depending on your activity level and the outside temperature, you can wear this type of women’s snowboarding pants alone or with a base layer.

FAQs About Women’s Snowboard Pants

FAQs About Women's Snowboard Pants

What pants are good for snowboarding?

Whether you’re snowboarding, ski touring, or resort skiing, you’ll want your snow pants to be at least somewhat waterproof because snow melts and can soak into your clothing. 

Waterproofing is essential for snowboarders, as you’ll probably be hitting the snow more frequently than someone in ski pants. 

Because of this, you’ll probably want to opt for women’s snowboarding pants with more insulation if you’re a beginner. 

If you’re a pro, you’ll want to focus on pants with advanced cooling vents, as you might be working up a more serious sweat.

Should snow pants be tight or loose?

When you’re snowboarding, you’ll want to have a full range of movement. Constrictive clothing isn’t ideal. 

Your pants shouldn’t be so loose that you’re swimming in them, but they should be loose enough that they’re not impeding your leg movement, or else they should have some stretch.

Are you supposed to wear pants under snow pants? How many layers should I wear?

If you’re wearing shell pants with limited insulation, then it’s a good idea to wear long underwear underneath. 

But many snowboard pants use built-in insulation and even vents to cool you down. This is because snowboarding is a very physically active sport, and as you move around, your body heats up. 

Depending on the insulation in your snowboard pants and your activity level, you may not need to wear a base layer, especially on warmer days.

Are snow pants and snowboard pants the same?

Generally speaking, snowboard pants are a subcategory of snow pants, which includes pants for both snowboarding and skiing. 

The distinctions can get a little murky. Some brands market their pants for snowboarders and skiers, while others target one specific group. 

Both men’s and women’s snowboard pants tend to fit looser than ski pants to allow more movement. 

Should snowboard pants be long?

Snowboard pants should be a little longer than standard pants because you don’t want any snow making its way into your leg opening and inside your boot. 

Most snowboard pants have “gaiters,” which tighten around the ankle to shut out snow. Short snowboard pants might leave you with freezing ankles or wet socks.

How many snowboard pants do I need?

You will probably want at least two pairs of snowboard pants, especially if you’re wearing them without long underwear. 

If you’re going on a multiple-day snowboarding trip, and you’re sweating while you board, you probably don’t want to put on the same pair of pants every day.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Women's Snowboarding Pants

My pick for the best snow pants for women is The North Face Freedom Bib Pants.

These pants win out in several categories. First of all, they’re bib overalls, which I believe are the best choice for snowboarding pants. 

Bib pants leave no chance for constricted areas or exposed skin in your midsection and no need for a belt.

The North Face Freedom Bibs are breathable and waterproof, with just the right balance of roominess with a flattering cut. 

They also offer some stylish colors and patterns in addition to plain black if you’re looking for some aesthetic flair.

And these bib pants have all the added features you could want: vents, gaiters, articulated knees, and lots of pocket space. 

And while these aren’t the cheapest item on the list, they’re still reasonably priced for the quality, making them the best snowboarding pants in just about every category.


Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary grew up in San Francisco, CA, and spent her childhood camping up and down Northern California. Her offbeat, colorful sense of style has been a mode of self-expression for as long as she can remember. As a visual artist, she travels the world, and her gear has to keep pace.

With an upscale NY art gallery exhibition today and research adventures in Italian ghost towns tomorrow, Elina has high standards and prioritizes style, versatility, and comfort. Her online shopping addiction has led her to test everything from sustainable shoes to water bottles over the past few years, and she’s always up to date on the latest trends.

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