11 Best Tents With a Screen Room For Bug-Free Camping & More Space

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Short on time? Our pick for the best tent with a screen room is the Big Agnes Big House 6.

I’ve found the best tents with a screen room to help you camp comfortably.

Last summer, bae and I went camping at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and we discovered, to our dismay, that the wasps in the campgrounds are, like, really awful. I have camped in MANY places and never had such a persistent problem. 

It was so beautiful outside, and we couldn’t enjoy cooking outdoors because the wasps would swarm us! According to the campground hosts, “meat bees” are a thing in the Sierra Nevada. 

Now you know. 

Even if you’ve never battled insane meat bees, you probably know how annoying gnats, mosquitos, and ticks can be on a camping trip. 

That’s why I love a good outdoor screen porch. A screened porch tent works as a regular tent with a fully or partially enclosed mesh room attached, and it’s brilliant. 

You can eat your meal in peace inside a screen tent and enjoy the great outdoors without having to spend half your time slathering yourself in bug spray. 

Your screened porch can also be a second sleeping area on warm summer nights. 

Below I’ve compiled the best tents with screen rooms. Click through if you’re down to have a bug-free summer camping experience.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

An example of one the best tents with a screen room, seen from the inside with a pair of bare feet crossed in the foreground, and a field with two other pitched tents and an RV visible through the screen.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

#1 Nemo Switch

Best 2-Person Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Nemo Switch 2-Person Tent with Screen Room.

Our Rating: 5/5
Packaged Weight: 8 lbs 5oz.
Floor Area: 31.2 sq. ft and 18.5 sq. ft + 9.2 sq. ft vestibule
Peak height: 57″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 2

Two-person tents are, by far, the most popular tent size, so I’m so excited that Nemo, a company that makes high-quality tents, has a two-person tent with a screen porch. 

The Nemo Switch is the best tent with a screened porch for two.

This three-season dome tent works as a tent, mesh room, and sun shelter all at once. It includes a generous sleeping area of over 30 square feet with two vestibules outside each door. 

The screen porch provides UPF 50+ protection even without the fly. With the fly, you can extend the sun awning with trekking poles to create a spacious sun-free spot to hang. The 57” center height is also very high for a two-person tent. 

Finally, this tent is relatively lightweight at just eight pounds and five ounces. 

Of course, no tent is perfect. The tent stakes are basic heavy steel with blunt ends, making them hard to pound into the ground. Additionally, setting this tent up in the wind can be tricky (although that is true of many tents).


  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Versatile design includes tent and sunshade
  • Roomy interior
  • Two doors and two vestibules


  • Tent stakes are heavy steel with flat edges
  • Setting up in the wind is tricky

#2 Coleman Carlsbad

Best 4-Person Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.7/5
Packaged Weight: 10 lbs 4oz.
Floor Area: 63 sq. ft + 36 sq. ft screen room
Peak height: 84″
Number of Doors: 1
Sleeps: 4

If you want to size up from a two-person tent, check out this Coleman Dome tent with a screen porch (also called the Coleman Carlsbad tent, on the Coleman website.) 

The Coleman Carlsbad tent is one the best tents for summer camping. The “Dark Room Technology” blocks 90% of the sunlight in the main room, not only keeping the tent darker but cooler too. 

The screened porch is 36 square feet and has a sewn-in floor for maximum protection. 

Coleman is a budget brand, but they’ve taken measures to give you the highest quality tent for the price point. This family camping tent is rated to withstand 35 mph winds (that’s windy!), and the rainfly has inverted seams for extra water protection.  

Finally, the Coleman Carlsbad tent has an electrical port to accommodate whatever gizmos you can’t live without. 

One nit-picky issue I see with this tent’s screened area is the shape. The front wall is sloped, so you can only sit right against the tent body, thus reducing the livable square footage.


  • Darkroom technology
  • Can withstand 35 mph winds
  • Electrical port included
  • Sewn-in floor 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sloped screened porch reduces livable space

#3 REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Tent

Best 6-Person Tent with a Screen Room

Product photo for the REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Tent with a Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.9/5
Packaged Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz
Floor Area: 83.3 sq. ft
Peak height: 78″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 6

If you want a sizeable multi-room tent with a screen room, consider the REI Co-op Wonderland Basecamp 6.

The Wonderland 6 is slightly different from the other tents on my list in that it doesn’t have a separate screen porch; the whole thing is a screen room. 

The Wonderland 6 combines the straight-wall livability of a cabin-style tent with a more aerodynamic rounded top. This tent sleeps up to six but remains lightweight thanks to the aluminum tent poles. 

The two rooms in the Wonderland are separated by a divider wall with a center zipper (rather than just a sheet that hangs down), and you can roll the divider wall back to create one ample family camping space. 

I like that the Wonderland 6 features a color-coded setup system for fast assembly. I also appreciate that REI uses thick, quality materials: 75-denier polyester and 150-denier polyester on the fly and floor, respectively. 

If you want a tent with a screen room attached that’s separate from the main room, Wonderland 6 might not be for you, since this tent doesn’t have a separate screened porch. 

Instead, the two large rooms have screens over the top and opaque tent fabric about halfway up the wall. This design limits your ability to look outside.

Note: I compared the Wonderland 6 to the Coleman Weathermaster 6-person tent with a screen room. The Weathermaster has its pros, but ultimately I chose the Wonderland because of the superior material quality.


  • Livable vertical wall design
  • Color-coded set up
  • Two interior rooms
  • Thick tent fabric


  • Halfway enclosed screened porch may block views

#4 Zempire EVO TXL V2 Tent

Best 8-Person Tent with a Screen Room

Product photo for the Zempire EVO TXL V2 Tent with a Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.7/5
Packaged Weight: 85 lbs
Floor Area: 257.3 sq. ft + 66.7 sq. ft screen room
Peak height: 84.6″
Number of Doors: 3
Sleeps: 8

The Zempire EVO TXL V2 Tent is the best 8-person tent with a screen room. The Zempire is almost as big as an empire–it’s perfect for a large gathering or a glamping setup.

The Zempire is a tunnel tent with three rooms. You can’t close the exterior vestibule off from the rain, but you can do so for the two inner rooms. 

Using a patented SeroLink frame system, the Zempire combines a standard tent frame with inflatable beams. The inflatable beams would be a plus in windy conditions because they allow the tent to sway with the wind. 

And regardless of where you are in the tent, the Zempire has three foldaway doors for easy access.

The Zempire uses heavy-duty 150-denier polyester on the entire tent with a fully taped rainfly for water protection. While it doesn’t have a built-in lighting system, the Zempire has little light rigging hooks throughout the tent to hang lanterns.

Finally, I appreciate that this tent has a repair kit and a three-year guarantee from EVO. 

One downside to note is that its giant size and premium design features come at a high cost, so this tent is not for you if you’re on a budget.


  • Enormous living area
  • Three foldaway doors
  • Water repellent fabrics
  • Includes repair kit and a 3-year guarantee


  • Expensive tent with screen room

#5 Core 10-Person Lighted Instant Tent with Screen Room

Best 10-Person Tent with a Screen Room

Product photo for the Core 10-Person Lighted Instant Tent with Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Packaged Weight: 47.8 lbs
Floor Area: 140 sq. ft
Peak height: 84″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 10

There aren’t many 10-person tents with screen rooms on the market. Thankfully, the one I found is high-quality!

If you need a large tent with a screen room and want room left for *whatever*, check out the Core 10-Person Lighted Tent with Screen Room

There is much to love about this family cabin tent. First, this tent has a proper screen porch outside the main room. With an 84″ peak height, this is also a very tall tent. 

I will note that although this instant cabin tent sleeps 10, the screened porch only seats two to three people max. 

As the name implies, the Core is an instant-setup tent that has a built-in lighting system with three brightness settings. 

The thing with most instant tents is that the poles are pre-attached, and while this can make set up easier, remember that if one of the poles breaks, you can’t just replace it quickly with another pole. 

The Core has a room divider for two rooms inside the tent and many gear storage pockets. 

Similar to brands like Ozark Trail, Core is a popular brand making large, affordable instant tents. So, the 10-Person Lighted model has a very reasonable price for such a large tent.


  • Built-in lighting system
  • Instant setup
  • Enormous sleeping capacity
  • Reasonably priced for such a sizeable tent


  • Small screened area 
  • Pre-attached poles can be a blessing and a curse

#6 Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8

Best Family Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Packaged Weight: 34 lbs 15 oz
Floor Area: 130 sq. ft
Peak height: 84″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 8

Are you looking for a spacious family cabin-style tent for your next camping trip? The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8-Person Tent is the best family camping tent with a screen room. 

The electrical port and internal gear storage are my two favorite features that make the Copper Canyon family-friendly. An e-port is an excellent feature on a family camping tent because you can power a fan or a small portable AC unit– or even use it for a projector movie night! 

The Copper Canyon has plenty of features that earn it the top spot as the best tent for families. It probably goes without saying why gear organization is clutch for family camping.

You can divide this tent into two rooms with the divider curtain (also clutch for family camping). 

Finally, the Copper Canyon is a cabin-style tent with vertical walls for maximum livability. No ducking your head or crouching beneath a domed ceiling. 

Note that the Copper Canyon has no separate screened area; the entire tent body is the screened area. Liek Core and Ozark Trail, Eukea is a budget brand, so expect budget materials. The Copper Canyon features a mix of steel and fiberglass poles, and the mesh is low-quality. 

Finally, the window covers have loops rather than zippers to keep the fabric in place, which some people find annoying.


  • Two rooms
  • Electrical port
  • Gear storage lofts
  • Cabin style design for max headroom


  • Small screened area 
  • Pre-attached poles can be a blessing and a curse

#7 Big Agnes Big House 6

Best Instant-Setup Tent with a Screen Room

Product photo for the Big Agnes Big House 6 Instant Tent with a Screen Room.

Our Rating: 5/5
Packaged Weight: 16 lbs 7 oz
Floor Area: 83 sq. ft
Peak height: 81″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 6

You might know Big Agnes for their excellent tent designs and high-quality materials, and I’m happy to say that the Big Agnes Big House 6 doesn’t deviate from this reputation. 

First, the Big House 6 has color-coded webbing and buckles for fast setup, and the guy lines are reflective, so you don’t trip over them at night. 

The Big House 6 is very versatile, but I will say upfront that it doesn’t include a completely separate screen porch. You can purchase an extra sizeable shaded vestibule, but you have to buy it separately. 

Aside from that con, I like the Big House 6 because the fly doubles as a standalone sun shelter, a feature I don’t see on many other tents. The sun shelter is perfect for camping, cooking, or picnicking. 

The Big House 6 has tons of interior pockets for gear organization (you know I love my pockets), plus the ceiling has attachment points for gear lofts, drying lines, or other Big Agnes accessories. 

Finally, the Big Agnes 6 is one of the best tents for easy carrying because the carry bag is a backpack.


  • Doubles as a sun shelter
  • Color-coded webbing and buckles for fast setup
  • Backpack style carry bag
  • Lots of interior pockets


  • No separate screened porch
  • Extra large vestibule sold separately

#8 Core Family Cabin Tent 9

Best Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Core Family Cabin Tent 9 with Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.7/5
Packaged Weight: 37 lbs
Floor Area: 126 sq. ft
Peak height: 78″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 9

The Core Family Cabin Tent is my pick for the best cabin tent with a screen room. Cabin tents are ideal for a comfortable camping experience.

You can easily set up a camp table and chairs inside big cabin tents, and with a mostly screened tent like the Core Family Cabin Tent, you can enjoy the breeze and sunshine without the bugs.  

This tent has an instant setup with pre-attached poles. You can divide the space into two rooms with the room divider, and inside the tent, you’ll find small storage pockets. 

The Core Family Cabin Tent includes a sewn-in floor for max critter protection, and you can tie the mesh up on either side to create an accessible entryway. 

I always like when big tents have electrical ports because supporting your friends or family’s gadgets is easier. 

Finally, like Coleman, Ozark Trail, and Eureka, Core is an affordable brand, and this cabin tent is very budget-friendly, especially for such a big tent. 

Remember that cabin-shaped tents catch the wind more easily than tents with rounded tops. Additionally, although the Core boasts “H2) Block Technology,” I wish the fly extended down to the bottom of the tent.


  • Electrical port
  • Budget-friendly
  • Instant setup


  • Cabin tents catch the wind
  • Rain fly doesn’t extend to the ground

#9 Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4

Best Dark Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Coleman Tent Oak Canyon 4.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Packaged Weight: 40.8 lbs
Floor Area: 141.6 sq. ft
Peak height: 78″
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 4

Even though Coleman is a budget brand, I’ve got to give them props for their darkroom tents.

I am a light sleeper, but even if you aren’t, you’ll be surprised how fast the sun rises in the summer, invades your tent, and makes it hard to sleep in. 

The Coleman Oak Canyon 4 is the best tent with a screen room and dark room technology. Coleman’s dark tents block 99% of sunlight, keeping the tent’s interior up to five degrees cooler. 

You can divide the Oak Canyon into two rooms, including a proper separate screened porch. I’m also impressed by Oak Canyon’s waterproof rating. At 4500mm, it will protect you from more than just light rain. The fly is fully taped, and the groundsheet is sewn-in. 

On the con list, Oak Canyon uses steel and fiberglass poles. Steel is heavy, and fiberglass is one of the cheapest pole materials. 

Weirdly– and I never say this about Coleman tents– the Oak Canyon is expensive for a four-person tent.


  • Blocks 99% of sunlight
  • Includes separate screened area
  • High waterproof rating


  • Expensive

#10 Coleman Dome Tent

Best Budget Tent with Screen Room

Product photo for the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Packaged Weight: 8.8 lbs
Floor Area: 90 sq. ft
Peak height: 71″
Number of Doors: 1
Sleeps: 6

The Coleman Dome Tent is the best screen porch tent on a budget. It’s similar to the other Coleman dome tent on my list, but this version is bigger and less expensive. 

This budget-friendly tent has a good screened area in the front and sleeps six with room for two queen-size airbeds. 

The setup is intuitive on the Coleman Dome Tent, and you can set it up using the clips outside the tent in less than 15 minutes. 

This three-season tent comes with moderate weather protection in the form of inverted seams (meaning that they tuck the needle holes into the seams inside of the tent). 

Since this is a budget tent, expect budget materials. The dome tent has fiberglass poles and polyester taffeta (75-denier). The gear pockets are also tiny on this tent–big enough for a cell phone, but that’s about it. 

Finally, although I like that this tent has a separate screen room, it’s a relatively small screened area with space for two.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Screened room in front of the tent
  • Inverted seams for weather protection
  • Fast setup


  • Small gear pockets
  • Small screened area
  • Budget materials

#11 Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Best SUV Tent with a Screen Room

Product photo for the Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent.

Our Rating: 4.7/5
Packaged Weight: 41 lbs
Floor Area: 100 sq. ft
Peak height: 84′”
Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 6

If you have a camping setup in your car, the best tent for you might be a screened area that attaches to the back of your vehicle. The Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent is a giant tent that sleeps six with a removable screened area. 

Napier Sportz SUV Tent attaches to the cargo area of an SUV or hatchback while allowing you to open and close the back hatch. I like that the Napier Sportz SUV Tent has a removable screened area, giving you maximum flexibility on where you can park. 

This tent uses steel and fiberglass poles, and the floor is bathtub-style for protection from the elements. 

One downside to this SUV Tent is that it’s darn heavy.


  • It fits most hatchbacks and SUVs
  • Removable screened room
  • Two doors


  • Heavy

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tent With a Screen Room

A view from inside a tent with a screen room at dawn, with sleeping bags in the foreground and snowy mountain peaks visible through the open tent door and the mesh screen walls.

What to Look for in Tents with Screen Rooms

Floor Included

As much as I love the great outdoors, I prefer having a slight separation from the greatness. 

Screen rooms either have the floor built-in or are floorless. I prefer that my screened area has a floor because it allows the porch area to become a sleeping area in a pinch and provides better protection from crawling bugs. 

Going without a floor can have benefits, too, though. You can pop a floorless screen room over a picnic table easily. 

Removable Floor

If you choose a tent with a screened area with a floor, I recommend making sure you can unzip the floor as needed. 

Removable floors typically zip into the tent body. A removable bottom is a snap to clean, giving you the versatility of a floorless screen room or a fully enclosed screened room. 

Convertible Screen Room

Some screen rooms can be removed or folded back and tied onto the tent frame. I like this design because it allows for greater versatility. You can put away a convertible screen room if, for example, the tent doesn’t fit the tent pad with the screen attached. 

YKK Zippers

Sticky tent doors are a pain, but choosing high-quality YKK zippers may alleviate some problems. Tentmakers know YKK zippers as a high-quality product and will brag about using YKKs on their screened porches. 

Enclosable Walls or Rain Fly

As excellent as a tent with a screen house is, you should be prepared for weather protection. If your tent doesn’t have a fly, look for porch tents with enclosable walls to protect the interior space. 

Sufficient Space

Ensure your screened-in porch has enough room for your planned family activities. Tentmakers will usually list the screen room’s floor space and center height separately. Plan for every person in your group to use between 14-20 square feet of space.

If you plan to camp with air mattresses, check the square footage on your beds. Many tent manufacturers also show the layout of their tents with queen-sized air mattresses vs. the layout with sleeping bags.

Quality Materials

Choose a tent with quality materials, and don’t be fooled by tent makers claiming wonderful things about their patented “AwesomeShield Pro Technology Plus,” especially if they can’t explain the technical specs of their AwesomeShield.

Look for tent materials with a high denier (D) rating. The denier is the thickness of each fiber in the fabric weave. Typically, the higher the denier, the stouter the fabric, and I like to see denier ratings over 75.

I prefer aluminum poles over fiberglass or steel poles because aluminum is solid and light. Fiberglass is the fallback budget pole material, and steel is strong but heavy.

Types of Tents with a Screen Room

A freestanding screen room tent beside a small brown dome tent pitched in a sloped campsite on a sunny day with fallen logs and a small stream running through it.

Understand the different types of camping tents with a screen room. Nearly all tents with screen rooms are large, family-style tents, and you won’t find ultralight or backpacking tents with screen porches. 

Cabin Tents

A cabin-style tent has a square or rectangular shape with straight walls. Cabin tents can have synthetic or canvas material, and they tend to have a high center height and lots of floor space, which is ideal for family camping. 

A family cabin tent is a great tent style for a front-country camping trip. Since these tents are so large, they are often too heavy for more serious outdoor adventures, like backpacking. 

Despite being so large, these tents aren’t necessarily expensive. There are several manufacturers, such are Core, Coleman, and Ozark Trail, that make very affordable large cabin tents.

Further, their straight walls make for a comfortable interior space, but they aren’t aerodynamic and can catch the wind in the wrong way, so they’re better for fair weather. 

Dome/Tunnel Tents

Both dome and tunnel tents have rounded tops, so they handle better in high wind. The curved shape means there is less living room inside the tent, but this usually isn’t a problem for the large screen tents on my list. 

Car Screen Rooms

If you already have a camping setup in your car but want to add a screened porch area, there are plenty of car screen rooms on the market. 

A car screen room acts as a protected extension out the back tailgate. Most screen room tents for vehicles fit a wide range of vehicle types. 

FAQs About Tents with a Screen Room

What is a tent screen room?

A tent screen room is a protected, screened-in space directly attached to the tent’s main room. 

A screen room provides extra floor space to relax away from bugs and other annoying critters. They are sometimes a feature of a complete tent, or they can stand alone. Screen rooms can have an attached floor or they can be floorless.

Why have a screen room on a tent? Is it worth it?

Whether you have a floorless screen room or one with a floor, it’s worth having a tent with screen areas because they add an open sleeping area at night and a protected space to hang out during the day. 

What’s the difference between a screen room and a vestibule?

When we’re talking about camping tents, a vestibule is a small, covered area outside the tent’s door. The vestibule is almost always open to the air. 

On the other hand, a screen room is a fully enclosed room with mesh screens on all sides. 

How much does a tent with a screen room cost?

The best screen room tents cost upward of several hundred dollars. Cheaper porch tents are available for between $100-$200.

Can you camp with a screen room on your tent?

Yes, you can camp with a screen room on your tent but remember that screen room tents are large, and only some pre-established camping pads can accommodate a large tent and a screen room.

You can gauge the size of the tent pad by looking at pictures of the tent pad online before booking, or you may be able to call the campground ahead of time.

Some campgrounds are strict about staying on the established tent pad, while others are more lenient.

What are the advantages of a screen room tent?

Having a tent with a screen room has many advantages:

  • You have a bug-free place to relax.
  • You can sleep in the screen room if you wish
  • It’s a great place to take off muddy boots and jackets
  • It creates a second room for kids to play, away from adults (or vice versa)
  • If the screen room’s floor is detachable, you can pop the screen room over a picnic table

How to Care for Tents with Screen Rooms

An out-of-focus view of a tree-lined pond on a partly-cloudy day, seen through a halfway-unzipped mesh tent door.

If you’ve purchased a tent with a screen room, you’ll want to ensure it stays in good shape for many years. 

Even the best tents need a little TLC, after all. Here is my advice on caring for tents with screen rooms. Much of this advice is fairly general, and can apply to any other tent, with or without a screen porch. 

Pitch On Soft Ground

Before you pitch your tent, inspect the tent pad for rocks, pinecones, or anything sharp that might puncture the bottom of your tent. 

Even if you don’t poke a hole in the bottom of your tent, pitching over the rocky ground can damage the base and cause holes later on. 

Keep Away from the Fire

Although it might seem like common sense, you’d be surprised how far little embers can blow. I have a small hole in the mesh of my tent from a stray campfire ember. While it didn’t ruin my tent, it’s no longer 100% bug-proof. 

Use a Footprint

The footprint is a tarp you can buy separately and is the exact shape of the bottom of your tent. A footprint is extra insurance against wear and tear. 

If you don’t want to buy the footprint, I’ve also made my own by cutting Tyvec to the shape of my tent. 

Apply Seam Sealer

If you are okay with spending a few more minutes prepping your tent before camping, invest in some seam sealer.

Seam sealer is an excellent investment regardless of your tent type. In many tents, the seams are a weak point because the needle holes create an opening for water. 

Try Gear Aid Seam Grip

Air It Out

Always, always, always air your tent out after every trip. Even if you’re camping in the desert, your exhalations will create condensation on the tent’s interior, which can (and will!) mildew without proper drying afterward.

I leave my tent on the sunny part of the porch after each trip for at least a few hours, if not a day or two.

Have Repair Tape on Hand

The mesh on screen rooms is weaker than solid fabric, so be prepared with some repair tape on hand. Repairing mesh is as simple as applying tape over the hole.

Try the Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Fabric.

Check out this video to see a demonstration.

Lube the Zippers

Keep the zippers on your screened porch in good working order with a lil’ dab of lube! Try Star Brite Snap and Zipper Lubricant

Lubing your zippers once a season will prevent you from tearing the mesh.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Tent With a Screen Room

View of a wide-open, hilly landscape and a blue sky with a few clouds seen through a mesh tent screen room, with a backpack in the foreground inside the tent.

Finding the right tent with a screen room can significantly impact your camping experience. A screen room allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the elements. 

After reviewing practically every tent with a screen room on the market, I’ve picked the Big Agnes Big House 6 as the best one of them all. 

The Big House has tons of interior space and storage pockets. It’s also easy to carry around because the carry bag is a backpack. 

You can quickly set up the Big House 6 with color-coded webbing and buckles. The guy lines are reflective for nighttime safety, and I love that you can use the fly on the Big House as a standalone shade structure. 


author bio - Meredith Dennis

Meredith Dennis

Meredith is a biologist and writer based in California’s Sierra Nevada. She has lived in 6 states as a biologist, so her intel on hiking and camping is chef’s kiss next level. One of her earliest camping memories was being too scared to find a bathroom at night on a family camping trip. Thankfully, she’s come a long way since then and she can help you get there too!

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