12 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking With Your Pup in 2024

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TL;DR: The best dog backpack carrier for hiking is the Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets. We love the Kurgo carrier because it has hip, sternum, and load-lifter straps to balance your dog’s weight so you’re both more comfortable—plus, it’s machine washable, has tons of pockets, and it’s TSA-approved.

If your dog is like most dogs, he practically dies of sadness when you leave him home alone. 

This is where dog carrier backpacks for hiking come in–they’re a great alternative to leaving your not-great-at-hiking dog behind.

With a dog backpack carrier, you can take your dog virtually anywhere and avoid separation anxiety pain. 

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the views together without worrying about overstressing their body.

After countless hours of research, this article includes the best backpacks for dogs by size and style, plus the overall best dog backpack carrier for hiking.

Note: this article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free recommendations.

A Yorkshire terrier sticks its head out of a grey backpack dog carrier.

Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

#1 Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack

Best for Small Dogs

Product image for Texsens bubble backpack pet carrier for small dogs.

Our rating: 4.8/5
Max dog weight capacity: 13 pounds
Product weight: 4.4 pounds
Size: 13.4 ” x 10.2 ” x 16.9 “
Best for: Smaller dogs like chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Jack Russells

The Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack is a durable, fashionable, comfortable pet carrier backpack for hiking with your furry friend.

It’s one of the smaller backpacks on our list, so it’s only suitable for little dogs. 

However, it’s such a nice bag that if your puppy outgrows this pet carrier, you can use it to carry their food, toys, and supplies on weekend getaways.

This is also an airline-approved dog backpack carrier, so you can go from hiking in the mountains to flying with less stress and gear. 

When you aren’t using the Texsens Traveler Bubble pack, it folds down to easily slip underneath a dorm room bed or into a closet.


  • Iconic bubble window with the option for a plastic cover or mesh screen
  • Side ventilation windows and nine ventilation holes
  • Synthetic leather exterior is stylish and water-resistant fabric
  • Removable, washable floor pad
  • Sternum strap


  • No hip belt
  • There’s a weird odor from the synthetic leather at first, so you’ll need to air it out before use

#2 Coppthinktu Dog Carrier

Best for Medium Dogs

Coppthinktu Dog Carrier

Our rating: 4.8/5
Max dog weight capacity: 22 pounds
Product weight: 14.53 ounces
Size: 14.13” x 11.22” x 2.76”
Best for: Small to medium size dogs like pugs and Jack Russel terriers

The Coppthinktu Dog Carrier is an affordable, comfortable choice if you prefer a wrap-around pack that keeps your dog snug in a specific position.

You can wear it as a front pack today and a backpack tomorrow. 

My favorite feature is the horizontal strap that fastens around your torso to relieve strain from your shoulders. It’s higher than a hip belt, offsetting the pull of them leaning forward.

Do note that this carrier has two different styles to choose from. The key difference is the distance between the leg holes. 

The smaller style also has extra padding around the neck so little dogs feel comfy and snug. 

Meanwhile, the slightly larger size has elastic bungee material that conforms to your dog’s body.


  • Super cute colors and patterns
  • Versatile for wearing in front or back
  • Torso belt to offset your dog leaning forward
  • Sturdy material


  • Fits dogs on the smaller end of medium
  • Less padding in the larger size

#3 K9 Sport Sack Kolossus Carrier

Best for Large Dogs

Product image for K9 sport sack kolossus carrier for large dogs.

Our rating: 4.4/5
Max dog weight capacity: 20-80 pounds
Product weight: 4.7 pounds
Size: 32” x 10” x 8”
Best for: Big puppies like poodles and labs

Dog backpacks aren’t just for lap breeds. The K9 Sport Sack Kolossus Dog Carrier is an excellent backpack carrier for large dogs.

The XXL Kolossus size accommodates dogs weighing up to 80 pounds who are up to 29 inches long and 40 inches around.

This heavy-duty hiking carrier, similar to a backpacking backpack, has 60 liters of space and comes in black or myrtle green.

Adjustable shoulder/torso sizing and ergonomic, padded shoulder straps disperse the weight evenly.

Plus: K9 is the leading brand of backpacks for dog owners, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in a quality product. They even offer a 60-day quality guarantee!


  • Fits larger breeds
  • Ergonomic, padded, adjustable shoulder straps and torso length
  • Sturdy hip belt with pockets
  • Removable storage bag
  • Hydro port for hydration bladder
  • Doubles as a backpacking pack for trips without your dog


  • Expensive
  • Somewhat heavy

#4 Lukovee Pet Carrier Backpack

Best Front Pack Dog Carrier

Product image for Lukovee Pet Carrier Backpack.

Our rating: 4.8/5
Max dog weight capacity: 35 pounds
Product weight: 1.28 pounds
Size:‎ 15.35” x 11.81” x 2.75”
Best for: Dog-loving hikers who want to keep an eye on their pup

The Lukovee Pet Carrier Backpack is our pick for the second-best dog backpack carrier for hiking. 

It only weighs about a pound but carries dogs up to 35 pounds thanks to durable materials and minimalistic design. 

Sturdy cushioned straps clip around your dog’s torso like a baby carrier, leaving their legs and tail free. 

It’s designed for front or back carrying, adding another layer of versatility that most dog backpack carriers don’t offer.

I also appreciate that Lukovee intentionally uses buckles instead of zippers so there’s no worry about accidentally zipping up your dog’s skin or getting hair stuck in the zipper.

The one downside to this pack is the lack of pockets, but you could easily wear it with a fanny pack for carrying treats.

For another standout front dog carrier, check out the Woyyho Pet Dog Carrier Backpack. It’s more of a backpack shape for dogs who don’t like being strapped in.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive 
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Buckles instead of zippers


  • Some dogs may not like having their legs dangle
  • No organizational pockets

#5 Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier

Best Budget Dog Backpack Carrier 

Product photo for Texsens pet backpack carrier.

Our rating: 4.7/5
Max dog weight capacity: 20 pounds
Product weight: 2.49 pounds
Size: 13″ x 11.42″ x 16.73″
Best for: Smaller dogs like chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Jack Russells

The Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier is an excellent backpack for small dogs and the best dog backpack for those on a budget.

Sticking your furry friend into a backpack carrier for hiking doesn’t have to mean hiding them away from the world.

It has a three-sided PVC mesh construction for a well-ventilated interior and a foam-filled cushioned backing.

The backpack accommodates pups up to 15 pounds, so it’s perfect for the littlest dog breeds.

And as all dog lovers understand, accidents happen, so the removable bottom pad is easy to toss in the washing machine.

This dog hiking backpack carrier also features chest buckles to offset your dog’s weight. Plus, they help keep the shoulder straps from slipping down if your dog shifts inside the bag.

As a bonus, it’s the size of a standard airplane carry-on bag too, perfect for taking your furry friend from the trails to the sky without the hassle of extra bags.

When you aren’t using it, this backpack folds down for easy storage in dorm rooms or apartments.


  • Mesh construction for airflow and viewability 
  • It has a removable, washable pad
  • Fully enclosed and approved by most airlines


  • No hip strap
  • Heavier than other bags this size

#6  PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

Best Luxury Dog Backpack Carrier

Product photo for the PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier.

Our rating: 4.5/5
Max dog weight capacity: 18 pounds
Product weight: 3.26 pounds
Size: 12.5″ x 10.2″ x 16.3″
Best for: Small stylish dogs and their owners

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier is a luxury bag at a respectable price point.

It’s very similar to the previously mentioned Texsens backpack but with a few discerning features. 

For example, the double zippers buckle together for an added level of security. The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier also has a large pocket in the front, and the sides aren’t full mesh.

Sometimes the outside world is overstimulating, which is why it’s nice that only the top half of the bag is made of mesh.  

The front pocket is perfect for storing treats, poop bags, and toys. 

Water bottle pockets on the left and right add even more storage space so that you can really carry all of your pet’s supplies in one place.

Another luxury aspect of this bag is the removable sherpa floor. This adds comfort but is easily washable.

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier is a stylish choice with classic heather grey siding. Plus, it comes with a collapsable food dish that clips to the outside.


  • Front zipper pocket and two side mesh pockets
  • Double zippers that buckle together
  • Removable sherpa floor
  • Matching collapsable food/water dish
  • Mesh windows on the top offer plenty of ventilation
  • Non-see-through bottom half gives nervous dogs more privacy


  • Completely mesh sides would be better for dogs who like knowing what’s going on at all times

#7 Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack

Most Comfortable Carrier (For the Wearer and the Dog)

Product photo for the Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Comfortable Carrier.

Our rating: 4.7/5
Max dog weight capacity: 20 pounds
Product weight: 3.7 pounds
Size: 9.84” x 13.4” x 18.7” 
Best for: Commuting, long walks, and hiking

Timbuk2 is a long-standing San Francisco-based brand that makes high-quality bags of all types. 

It’s no wonder then, that they also make the best dog backpack carrier for hiking for those who are looking for quality and comfort.

Like all their products, the Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack comes with a lifetime warranty. 

On top of that, this bag offers plenty of excellent features, such as the removable chest and waist straps and padding in the air mesh back panel and shoulder straps.

Not to mention, Timbuk2 uses superior materials. The main body is hard-wearing PVC, and the interior’s ripstop nylon is a water-resistant fabric that’s easy to wipe clean.

There’s also a generous amount of organizational pockets for a leash, snacks, or your other belongings.

Plus, it’s a versatile pack. With a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs, this bag can accommodate a wide range of small to medium-sized dog breeds.


  • Quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lots of pockets
  • Inconspicuous 
  • Side and top zippered windows for your dog to put its head out


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Pricey

#8 COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack

Best Backpack Carrier for Puppies

Product photo for the 
 COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack.

Our rating: 4.8/5
Max dog weight capacity: 18 pounds
Product weight: 4.41 pounds
Size: 13.4” x 10.2” x 16.5”
Best for: Puppies who are still getting used to the carrier

Hiking with a puppy in your backpack can take a little getting used to, both for you and your pet.

Luckily, the Covono Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack is a puppy carrier for hiking with many features that make the transition easier for a young pup.

A mesh window on the top and a transparent window in the front let in lots of light. And an expandable design with four separate entrances helps coax wary pets inside.

Plus, nine different venting holes, as well as oxford cloth and acrylic construction, keep your dog feeling breezy with plenty of air.

Another reason why this is the best puppy backpack is that there are features to make things easier for pet parents. 

A self-adhesive, washable, and removable pad makes clean-up a piece of cake. 

And padded shoulder straps with buckles at the waist and chest help lighten the load, which has a maximum capacity of 18 pounds.


  • Multiple entrances
  • Lots of vents
  • Removable bottom for easy cleanup
  • Reasonable price


  • Somewhat heavy 
  • Lots of bells and whistles may make things more complicated

#9 Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets

Most Versatile Dog Backpack Carrier

Product photo for the 
 Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack, showing a dog model's head sticking out of a red backpack.

Our rating: 5/5
Max dog weight capacity: 25 pounds
Product weight: 3.86 pounds
Size: 12.99″ x 10″ x 21″
Best for: Avid hikers and their puppies

Kurgo has some of the top dog backpacks on the market. And it’s no surprise why the Kurgo Dog Backpack for Small Pets is their most popular offering.

This backpack is an excellent choice for pet owners who like to have their dogs with them all the time. 

It comes in small and large size options. I’m focusing on the larger size, which is built like a traditional hiking backpack. 

However, if you’re looking for something more on the fashionable side, definitely check out the smaller option.

Fit for carrying up to 25 pounds, the large pack has load lifter straps, a sternum strap, and a hip belt.

The bottom is waterproof and the whole bag is machine washable, so it’s easy to clean after a long dusty hike or if your dog has an accident.

The Kurgo dog carrier backpack also features a plethora of zippered organization pockets, a clip tether on the inside, and mesh ventilation to give your dog ample airflow.

If your pup stays home, you can use it as an everyday pack for hiking or traveling. When it’s all zipped up, no one will realize that it can hold dogs.

And this bag’s versatility doesn’t end there. The straps, which are padded and adjustable, can be stowed away to turn the bag into a regular hand carrier.

What’s more, the Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack is TSA-approved, so you can keep your pet by your side from hiking trails to trips abroad.


  • Discrete and versatile
  • Trusted brand
  • TSA-approved
  • Can transform from a backpack to a traditional carrier


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Pricey

#10 K9 Sport Sack Knavigate

Best for Hiking and Biking

Product photo for the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate for Hiking and Biking, showing a blond female model wearing the backpack and a dog model riding inside of it.

Our rating: 4.5/5
Max dog weight capacity: 50 pounds
Product weight: 2.8 pounds
Size: 10″ x 6″ x 24″ (larger and smaller sizes available)
Best for: Active people who love adventuring with their dogs

The K9 Sport Sack Knavigate is one of the best dog carrier backpacks for hiking or biking due to its lightweight and generous size. 

With sizes ranging from XS to XL, this pack can accommodate dogs from four to 50 pounds.

The Knavigate features a chest strap, so your pet’s weight is distributed across your back and shoulders evenly during a long hike or bike ride.

It’s also designed with mesh along your dog’s body for optimal airflow. 

Unlike boxy carriers, this pack hugs your dog in a piggyback position so they can watch over your shoulder on every adventure.

The bottom of this backpack has removable padding for easy cleaning. Plus, a storage compartment below the dog makes it easy to bring along toys and supplies.


  • Sturdy, high-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • The piggyback position keeps the dog in balance with you while on the move


  • Not cheap
  • Not waterproof

#11 WOYYHO Pet Carrier Backpack

Best Lightweight Dog Backpack Carrier

Product photo for the WOYYHO Pet Carrier Backpack with a white chihuahua dog model inside of it.

Our rating: 4.4/5
Max dog weight capacity: 5-14 pounds
Product weight: 1 pound
Size: 15” x 8” x 17”
Best for: Hikers who don’t want extra weight

Packs don’t always have to be on your back. For small and medium-sized dogs, sometimes the best pet gear is a front pack.

With a front pack, your pup is included in what you’re doing and seeing, and you can keep an eye on them better.

The Woyyho Pet Carrier Backpack is a small carrier for dogs that works as a front pack or backpack. 

It comes in eight different colors and two sizes (small and large), so you can find one that fits your small dog and your lifestyle.

It also has breathable mesh windows and polyester construction, with removable and washable inner pads.

A solid bottom provides a good foundation for a skittish dog that frequently shifts around, while a built-in security clip keeps your pet strapped in. 

As a bonus, chest and waist buckles keep the pack firmly supported on your body.


  • Lightweight
  • Lots of color options
  • Inexpensive 
  • Simple
  • Dual back and front dog carrier


  • Only accommodates dogs up to 14 pounds
  • Not fully enclosed

#12 K9 Sport Sack

Most Durable Dog Backpack Carrier

Product photo for the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Adjustable Backpack, with a dog model inside of it.

Our rating: 4.4/5
Max dog weight capacity: 35 pounds
Product weight: 1.1 pounds
Size: 19” x 11” x 9”
Best for: Avid hikers, bikers, or skiers, and their dogs

As you can see from this article, K9 makes a variety of pet carriers for different dog breeds and sizes. 

And the K9 Sport Sack is another excellent style for a devoted hiker and dog lover.

The body of this bag fits around your dog’s torso snugly, so your pet feels well-supported inside the pack.

The durable Cordura fabric comes in fantastic color options, including Summer Mint and a tropical print.

The pack offers a variety of size options that can accommodate an impressive range of breeds weighing up to 35 pounds, while the bag itself only weighs one pound.

With breathable mesh sides, a safety strap clip, a collar enclosure, and dual side pockets, this backpack is ready for whatever adventure you throw at it.

Plus, a sternum strap and ergonomic shoulder straps save your shoulders and neck from getting sore in the process.

This basic K9 Sport Sack is the best option for medium dogs, second only to the monstrous K9 Sport Sack Kolossus Carrier.


  • Quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • More ergonomic than most other dog carrier backpacks
  • Lots of colors


  • Some dogs may not like having their movement constricted
  • No waist strap
  • On the expensive side

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Backpack Carrier

What to Look for in a Dog Backpack Carrier

A pug sits inside of a brown dog backpack on a bedroom floor, with belongings strwen around.

Choosing the right backpack for your dog is a matter of knowing what to look for.

Most pet backpacks include certain crucial features for keeping your dog comfortable inside the bag.

There are also several features that you’ll often see that help make things more convenient for you, the pet owner.


Finding the right size carrier for you and your pet is essential. 

If it’s too small, your pet will feel cramped and sore. If it’s too big, you’ll be carrying unnecessary weight and your dog might fall out. 

Read the sizing charts offered by each brand and watch sizing video tutorials. Take the time to measure your dog correctly and look for the breeds each carrier is recommended for.

Design and Type of Carrier

There are two main designs to choose from: an open space backpack that your dog can move around in or a snug carrier that holds them in a specific position. 

They both work well, so the type that is best for you depends on what your dog will be more comfortable in while hiking. 

And if you want to use the same hiking carrier for travel, you’ll want to look for one that’s fully enclosed and fits under the seat. 


Another crucial thing to consider is whether the bag is well-ventilated. 

A pack without proper ventilation can cause your dog to overheat–you wouldn’t leave your best friend in a hot car, so don’t put them in a backpack without proper airflow.

The average pet backpack will come with a venting system consisting of small mesh windows, panoramic mesh windows, grommet holes, or mesh panels.

It’s up to you to decide if the ventilation of a particular bag is right for both you and your pet.


In short, this depends on how well it fits both of you and how your dog behaves in carriers. 

Basic security features to look for are a leash clip or collar carabiner, zippers that your dog can’t push open, and secure straps.

How Easy it is to Clean

Some nervous puppies will piddle. This is when it’s good to have a waterproof bottom and a removable pad.

Comfort [For Both the Dog and Human]

Especially for long hikes, comfort for both you and your pup is a matter of health. Sizing and body shape are crucial when finding a good fit. 

For example, Dachshunds have long backs, and a piggyback position might be more ergonomic than a front carrier. And the bigger the dog, the more support features you’ll need. 

At the very least, you’ll always want to look for padded back and shoulder straps on a dog hiking backpack.

Plus, sturdy chest and waist straps will take pressure off your shoulders. Don’t injure your back because there isn’t proper support!


We’re talking about dogs here. We need materials that can endure chewing or scratching. 

Many carriers are made of oxford cloth. This is the same material used for military gear and is trusted to hold up over time. 

You should also look for robust zippers that withstand dog hair and strong buckles.

Extra Features

Once you’ve covered the basic features, look for the extra features that make your life easier. 

Does it have a laptop sleeve or a water bottle holder? Is there a storage space for treats? Just remember that added features mean carrying more than just your dog’s weight.

Types of Backpack Carriers for Dogs

A small dog looks out of the mesh window of a grey dog backpack as it rides on its owner's back.

Structured and Enclosed Carrier

Some dog carrier backpacks have a hard, flat bottom and zip all the way closed.

Your dog stays entirely inside the bag and gets its airflow through mesh windows and grommet holes.

If your pet is an escape artist or feels skittish when confronted by larger breeds, this may be the right backpack for you. 

These types of backpacks also tend to have multiple entry points, making it easier to load a pet in and out.

However, one disadvantage of this type of pack is that they can be rather large and cumbersome to carry on your back.

Front Backpack

Technically, you can wear any backpack on the front, but some feature designs are specific for this type of versatility. 

Dog front carrier packs tend to hug a dog’s torso and may even have leg holes that let the legs dangle freely, similar to a baby carrier.

Front backpacks will generally be lighter and are best suited for dogs that respond well to thunder shirts. 

Traditional Backpack

Some dog backpacks are aesthetically similar to a standard hiking backpack but have hidden features that make them safe to carry dogs. 

Carriers like this may feature lots of extra pockets so you can carry other items aside from your dog. 

FAQs About Dog Backpacks

A scruffy, white and brown dog sticks its head out of a dog backpack worn by a hiker who's looking out over a mountain vista.

What’s a dog backpack carrier?

A dog backpack carrier for hiking is a hands-free pet carrier worn on your back or your chest.

There are two main styles of backpacks. 

The first fits snuggly around your dog to hold them in a specific position. 

The second style of pet backpack carrier is an enclosed area that allows your dog to move around inside.

Are dog backpacks worth it?

Dog backpacks allow you, as a pet owner, to take your dog almost anywhere. And a pet backpack carrier keeps your pet secure and safe. 

If you’re looking for any sort of dog carrier, backpacks are much more versatile than hardshell carry crates, especially for carrying small dogs.

Can you hike with a dog in a backpack?

Of course, you can carry pets in any old-school backpack, but both you and your pet won’t be very comfortable.

A carrier backpack is specifically designed to hold dogs and other pets. They’re well-ventilated with mesh windows and most have a hip belt and chest strap to evenly disperse the load. 

Plus, there are safety mechanisms like a leash attachment inside of the pack so your dog can’t jump out. 

After all, you’re not really hands-free if you’re constantly putting your dog back in the bag.

Why and when should you use a dog backpack? 

I recommend using dog backpacks for little dogs who can’t keep up while hiking, nervous dogs who like feeling secure, or larger dogs with medical issues like hip dysplasia or arthritis.

They’re also fun for adventures like biking together or traveling. 

If you travel a lot, an airline-approved dog backpack carrier makes it easy to go from hiking to flying with the same bag.

Is a soft or hard dog backpack better for hiking?

For serious hikes, I recommend a soft backpack that wraps snuggly around your dog. Holding them close to your body will help you stay balanced.

Are dog backpacks safe? Are dog carriers okay for dogs?

There’s so much variation between breeds and personalities that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to what’s best for your dog. 

Many dogs thrive inside a backpack carrier, while others find it distressing or uncomfortable.

In general, backpacks are a good solution for both dogs and their owners. However, individual preferences vary, and we don’t recommend putting your dog in a pack if they don’t like it. 

How long can a dog stay in a backpack?

The amount of time a dog should stay in a backpack carrier depends on the climate and the type of carrier. 

For its Sport Sack, K9 recommends that dogs shouldn’t stay in the bag for longer than 45 minutes at a time, with the time limit decreasing in hotter climates.

It’s a good idea to check in with your dog frequently. Just because your dog is out of sight on your back doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

If your dog seems overheated or otherwise uncomfortable, take a break and let your dog stretch its legs.

How do you know which size backpack to carry your dog in?

There are two ways to determine if a carrier is the right size for your dog.

The first thing to consider is the bag’s weight capacity. However, the weight limit doesn’t tell you everything.

For example, your dog may weigh less than 10 pounds but have a very long torso, so you’ll want to look at the actual measurements of the bag, too. 

If your dog is within the weight limit and smaller than the bag’s dimensions, you should be in the clear.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to find the right size carrier for your dog. 

What should I take for my dog when hiking? 

The rule of thumb is to carry eight ounces of water for every half hour that you’ll be out hiking. If it’s hot out, consider taking more. Remember to take a water dish too.

Dog poop bags are also a must, and I always carry treats too. 

Even when you plan to carry your dog, always bring a leash. Depending on the adventure, consider also carrying food, toys, and a towel. 

Our Pick for the Best Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

A brown toy poodle stick its head out of a dog backpack worn by a young woman on a bicycle.

Our pick for the best dog carrier backpack is the Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets.

You can take your best friend nearly anywhere with plenty of ventilation for your dog and support straps for you. Plus, it has a small leash attached to the inside and storage space.

Aside from being a sturdy and well-made bag, I also like its versatility.

It’s comfortable on the trail and TSA-approved, so you won’t need to invest in multiple bags if you decide to carry your dog on a plane later on.

Plus, it functions as a backpack and a traditional carrier with straps that fold away. 

When you leave your dog at home, it can also function as a normal backpack for school, travel, or hiking.


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Elina Ansary

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