11 Best Luggage Brands [2024] + Which Ones to Avoid

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TL;DR: The best luggage brands for reliable and quality travel experiences are Away and Monos. I chose Away as my top favorite brand because:

  • It’s durable and easy to clean
  • It provides plenty of space
  • It comes with handy extra features like a leather luggage tag

If you try and seek out one of the top ten luggage brands in the world, you’ll find various answers. 

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to purchasing luggage. 

Hard side vs soft side, checked vs carry-ons, an investment piece with a lifetime warranty vs a lower-cost piece that will allow you to change up your style in a few years… the list goes on.

I went through quite a few pieces of luggage over the years until I came across one of the brands on this list. 

I’ve never turned back since owning it because I have seen firsthand the difference it can make to own a quality suitcase.

After all, you want your luggage to arrive at baggage claim in one piece! 

So, what luggage brands are best? Let’s explore options for anyone preparing for personal, international, or business travel.

Travel gear is often a topic on our minds here at the Atlas Heart. Aside from this article on the best luggage brands of 2024, check out our picks for the best hardside luggage sets.

Woman in red dress and sunglasses holding a light blue hardshell suitcase outdoors with trees and a clear blue sky in the background.

Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations


Best Carry-On Luggage

Product photo for the Away Bigger Carry-On in black.

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
Return Policy: Free returns and exchanges on unused items for the first 100 days

I was a pretty early user of Away luggage (specifically the Away Bigger Carry-On), and I’ve never turned back.

Away has changed my travel experience. This bag provides the most packing space for a carry-on that still fits in the overhead bin.

Away offers two sizes of carry-on bags: the Carry-On and the Bigger Carry-On. 

The bigger carry-on is precisely as it sounds: bigger than most while still fitting nearly all airplane carry-on size regulations. 

If you want to maximize your packing space, this bag is for you.  

I was the first to get an Away suitcase in my family, but each member has their own now. When we took our last family trip, we joked that we looked like a walking Away ad!


Best Warranty

Product photo for the Monos Carry-On Pro in black.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Return Policy: 100-day trial on all luggage

After our experience using the Monos Carry-On Pro, we’re happy to report that they’re one of the best suitcase brands.

When it comes to durable luggage, you can turn to Monos. They’re a luggage brand with a lifetime warranty– because they believe in the strength of their bags. 

They offer a 100-day trial, meaning you can test it out for yourself and even return it if you’re unsatisfied.

Something unique about their website is the test videos. Here, you can see video footage of situations you may find yourself in with your bag and how their carry-on pro holds up.

Like other bags from our highlighted best luggage brands, this carry-on bag has a built-in TSA lock, 360° spinner wheels, and a durable aluminum extendable handle. 

The carry-on pro features an exterior front pocket. I think this would make an excellent bag for flight attendants or anyone who travels for business trips– when you may want to access a few items at any time without unzipping the entire bag.


Most Stylish Luggage

Product photo for the Delsey Chatelet in white and brown.

Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
Return Policy: Unused merchandise within 30 days of the original shipped date

The Delsey Chatelet is the most identifiable of this brand’s suitcases. 

This iconic suitcase boasts curved brown leather accents on the front and corners.

Inside, you’ll find organizational pockets, and on the outside, a TSA combination lock and anti-theft zipper and closure system. 360° doubled, and durable wheels support everything. 

The Chatalet comes in multiple sizes, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs (or buy multiple sizes to form a matching set). 

The suitcase’s overall quality sets Delsey apart. At Delsey’s price points, you are paying for that quality, but this bag will be worth the investment. 

P.S. One thing that caught my attention about Delsey was their 15% student discount!


Best Softside Luggage

Product photo for the Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Carry-On in black.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Return Policy: Full Refund within 100 days

The Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Carry-On is the best soft-sided suitcase because of the tear and stain-resistant fabric and genuine leather detailing.

You’ll recognize TravelPro luggage by the Eiffel Tower logo on the front of their bags. TravelPro is one of the best luggage brands and features impressive, long-lasting materials. 

This specific bag has some nice touches, like a built-in luggage tag and USB port (with a corresponding power bank pocket). 

It comes with a complimentary suit bag and a TSA-compliant toiletries case. 

By nature, soft-sided suitcases will stretch more than hard-sided luggage– a bonus is finding an intentionally expandable bag.


Best Hardside Luggage 

Product photo for the Samsonite Omni PC Luggage Set in black.

Warranty: Limited Warranty (further warranty depending on product)
Return Policy: Unused merchandise within 90 days of the original shipped date

The Samsonite Omni PC Luggage Set is one of our top recommendations for hard-sided suitcases. 

Samsonite is one of the best luggage brands overall and makes all kinds of travel accessories. They’re a longstanding, go-to luggage brand, from under-seat luggage to packing cubes.

This specific Samsonite luggage set comprises a carry-on and two checked bags, all with a simple and classic design. 

They each have built-in TSA-compliant locks and multi-direction spinner wheels. The micro-diamond polycarbonate texture is excellent when it comes to resisting scratches.

Omni PC’s style works wonderfully for business and leisure travelers because the straightforward design won’t go out of style.


Best Printed Luggage

Product photo for the CalPak Astyll Luggage in white marble.

Warranty: 1-year, 2-year, or 5-year limited warranty, as stated on the individual products
Return Policy: Unused within 30 days of purchase

CalPak’s Astyll Luggage first came on my radar for their super trendy marble-printed luggage set.

In addition to its beautiful and sleek hard shell, the bag features dual spinner wheels with TSA-approved locks and expands up to 2 inches if you need more space (which, admittedly…I always do). 

Even if marble isn’t your thing, CalPak has other printed suitcases. Additionally, they have entirely different styles– including some that remind me of a Tumi Bag. 

In addition to carry-ons and check-in luggage, you can find a travel backpack, other travel bags, and items like laptop cases. CalPak has a large variety of products to choose from.

Briggs Riley 

Best Luggage for Frequent Flyers

Product photo for the Briggs Riley Essential Carry-On Expandable Spinner in black.

Warranty: Lifetime guarantee
Return Policy: Unused with the original tags attached, refund within 30 days, free return shipping

The Briggs Riley Essential Carry-On Expandable Spinner is an excellent choice for frequent travelers on different-length trips. 

I say this because, when it comes to storage space, the carry-on expandable spinner can extend using their ‘one-touch system.’ 

This slider raises the bag’s base a few inches and holds it in place when doing so. 

Additionally, this bag is great for packing clothes flat and keeping them wrinkle-free (also making it an excellent option for business travelers). 

Combined with quality features and materials, the Essential Carry-On is a good choice for someone whose space needs vary depending on their current trip.

Eagle Creek

Best Duffel 

Product photo for the Eagle Creek Migrate Duffel Bag in black.

Warranty: No Matter What™ Warranty
Return Policy: Unused condition with all components and tags within 60 days

I rarely ever use anything other than roller bags. However, if you enjoy using other travel bags such as a duffel bag, check out the Eagle Creek Migrate Duffel Bag.

Duffel bags are often people’s go-to for weekend getaways or short trips. 

Even with 100% recycled materials, this bag is rugged and water-resistant.

For example, the seamless ‘bottom bathtub’ provides durable construction. This will protect items inside from water or other damage if you accidentally place the bag in a compromising spot (like a damp tarmac).

The bag has many pockets (some lockable) and external compression straps. 

There are also backpack straps that you can tuck away when not in use. I’d prefer padded straps, but at least they are there.

Eagle Creek calls their warranty the “No Matter What” Warranty, and it covers all functional aspects of the product for your gear’s entire lifespan.

The Migrate duffel comes in 40L, 60L, and 90L size options (and a 110L option with wheels). 


Best Luxury Luggage 

Product photo for the Paravel Aviator in black.

Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
Return Policy: Unused in original packaging within 30 days

The Paravel Aviator is the “world’s first carbon-neutral carry-on.” 

This recycled polycarbonate suitcase also has recycled aluminum handles, recycled zippers, vegan leather details, and Negative Nylon lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles per suitcase.

The design is beautiful and has just the right amount of detail. 

The only thing that I would consider is the leather details could get damaged, depending on how the bag gets handled.  

I say this because I bought a similar set of luggage and ran into this problem. Vegan leather is not always as durable and genuine leather.

Then again, that set was not from a reputable suitcase brand– the accents on Paravel’s may hold up better. 

Features include interior pockets, a removable laundry bag, built-in TSA-approved locks, and 360° double spinner wheels with carbon steel bearings.  

Travelers Club

Best Luggage Set

Product photo for the Travelers Club Midtown Hardside 4-Piece Set in black.

Warranty: Varies product to product
Return Policy: Varies depending on the site you purchase from

The Travelers Club Midtown Hardside 4-Piece Set is our choice for the best luggage set because it has various bag options: a carry-on, checked bag, boarding bag, and toiletries bag. 

Key features to highlight include reinforced corners and 360° wheels. The boarding bag, an alternative to a travel backpack, will work nicely as under-seat luggage.

The price point is significantly lower than many of the brands on this list, considering it comes with four pieces. 

With that comes a few things to watch out for. For example, it doesn’t have doubled wheels, which could make them less sturdy or smooth. 

That doesn’t mean the overall quality of the suitcase will be poor, however, as Travel Club luggage is a well-liked brand. 

While this set may not measure up to some of the higher quality (albeit pricer) brands listed– but it shouldn’t disappoint. 

TJMaxx or Marshalls

Best Budget Luggage 

Warranty: Depends on product
Return Policy: The item must be unused; the time frame depends on the store

Rather than recommending a specific budget suitcase from Amazon, which will likely be a lower-quality brand, I’ll share my strategy for finding discounted, quality luggage.

Before getting my Away suitcase, I shopped for my luggage at a TJMaxx or Marshalls. 

Growing up, it was the most obtainable option, considering the price point and my consistently shifting preferences in colors and patterns.

Plus, I often saw (and still see) well-known brands like Samsonite or SWISSGEAR luggage at these stores, marked down to a steep discount. 

That’s what I’d recommend choosing if you come across them.

I’ve since realized the value of investing in a single, high-quality suitcase. But I know that’s not always a possibility. If affordable luggage is your priority, give these stores a shot.

FAQs About Luggage Brands

A close-up of a person wearing jeans and a white shirt placing a large, black suitcase with wheels into the trunk of a hatchback car.

What is the most exclusive luggage brand?

Some of the most prominent high-end brands that probably come to your mind when considering expensive luggage brands are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Carl Friedrik, Tumi luggage, etc. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if these appeared on a list of the top 5 luggage brands in the world.

But these luxury luggage brands come with a matching exclusive price tag that isn’t doable for everyone. 

I’m happy to report that you have many quality options at a more obtainable price point.

After all, a more modest bag will attract less attention at the airport carousel…which I’d argue is a good thing. 

Are hard or soft suitcases better?

Which luggage pieces are “better” will vary based on your personal preference. 

I always used a soft-sided suitcase until I was 20, when I switched to Away. 

Ever since then, I’ve been a fan of hard shell suitcases because they better protect items inside, and the material is easier to get dirt or marks off of.

How do I know if my luggage is good quality?

Good quality luggage will have good quality materials. In my experience, the number one thing to avoid when selecting luggage is thin materials, whether fabric or plastic. 

Wheels are essential to pay attention to as well. If you want the best wheels, opt for doubled wheels that securely attach to the suitcase bottom.

Another quality check would be to raise and collapse the handle a few times. If it does so smoothly without rattling, that’s a good sign.

What to avoid when buying luggage?

Aside from cheap materials, other things to watch out for could be tailored to how you travel. 

Some people avoid a suitcase that lacks organizational compartments… while others seek open space and forgo that separate shoe compartment. 

I always avoid a suitcase with only two wheels– for me, four 360° spinner wheels are the only way to go.

Which luggage bag size is best?

Regarding travel bags, I prefer carry-on luggage for versatility and portability. I also think it’s beneficial for anyone to have a bag that can fit in the overhead bins if needed. 

That being said, the right luggage will depend on your type of travel.

Business travelers making overnight trips may not need that much space. Alternatively, anyone making long trips or transporting specific items not allowed in the cabin may need checked luggage.

Which luggage brands should I avoid?

It’s always hard to name-drop any specific brand because everyone has different product experiences.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the viral Beis Weekender Bag. While our writer Elina also had some critique for the Weekender, she did really enjoy using their carry-on! 

That just goes to show how much opinions can vary on specific brands. If you’re interested in Beis, check out Elina’s in-depth Beis Luggage Review

On a more general level, if you find a piece of luggage you’ve never heard of before…there may be a reason. 

There can be exceptions to this, but recognizable name brands have their reputation for a reason.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Luggage Brand

A light blue hardshell suitcase nestled next to other bags in the trunk of an SUV.

Even out of all the best luggage brands listed here, I can’t imagine using anything but my Away Bigger Carry-On.

I’ve made countless trips with this bag, which has held up wonderfully. Even when it’s packed to the brim, heavy as can be, and has done its fair share of international travel… it cleans up like new every time.

Each suitcase comes with a leather luggage tag that you can personalize. Additionally, you’ll find many other quality travel accessories on their website or in stores.

A similar style, like the Monos Carry-On Pro, makes a great choice, too.

I hope this guide has given you a peek into the best and worst luggage brands and some insight into what features will inform your next luggage decision.


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