My HONEST Fabletics Review: What’s “Fab” & What’s Not [2024]

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TL;DR: Good news–Fabletics is fab. In this honest review, I’ll walk you through my favorite Fabletics workout gear and why the brand is worth it.

These are the key takeaways from my honest Fabletics review:

  • Fabletics’ quality is excellent for the price you pay
  • Fabletics items do not wear out quickly
  • You can often find a Fabletics coupon code or sale
  • To consistently have access to ideal prices, you have to manage your VIP membership each month

Do you remember when Fabletics exploded onto the activewear scene becoming insanely popular seemingly overnight? The brand was everywhere thanks to its celebrity spokeswoman, Kate Hudson.

Today, Fabletics flies more under the radar. They’re no longer the trendy new athleisure brand on the block. Instead, they’ve settled into being a tried-and-true brand making quality workout wear that lasts for years.

I should know. I’ve been sweating and stretching in my Fabletics gear for seven years now. As someone who’s put their leggings, sports bras, shirts, and more through the wringer, I’ve developed hard-earned opinions about what makes them worth your investment.

So, whether you were once bitten by those early Fabletics ads or are just hearing about them now, stick around. By the end of this Fabletics review, you’ll know exactly which pieces to snag based on my years of testing their versatile athletic staples.


Major Sales
Memorial Day & Black Friday

Why We Like Fabletics
Their clothes are affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting.


  • Great value thanks to the durable materials and constant sales.
  • There are tons of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from.
  • Inclusive sizing from XXS to 4X, plus tall and short sizing.
  • Most of my Fabletics leggings come with pockets of some kind.


  • There’s no “Cancel Subscription” button. You have to call or cancel through the online chat feature.
  • Products are discontinued often, so it’s hard to re-purchase old faves.
  • Cycling through new designs too frequently isn’t a sustainable manufacturing model and feels like fast fashion.

What is Fabletics?

A woman wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a jean jacket smiles at the camera while standing on a grassy embankment with a view of a sunny harbor framed by eucalyptus trees visible behind her.
Wearing my Salar leggings during a trip to Morro Bay.

Fabletics is a brand (popularized by one of my favorite rom-com actresses, Kate Hudson) that offers affordable, versatile activewear clothes you can wear in and outside the gym.

While Kate Hudson is the face of the brand, Fabletics was actually founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Ginger Ressler.

When Fabletics first landed on the athleisure scene, they made quite the entrance with an offer too good to resist: 2 pairs of buttery-soft leggings for just $24.

After sliding into their leggings for the first time, many of us were hooked. Not to mention, surprised, by the quality materials and trendy designs that came at a fraction of the price of other giants like Lululemon!

What began as a brand for cute and affordable leggings has since evolved into so much more over time. Fabletics now also offers men’s clothingmaternity piecesunderwear, and even scrubs.

The one catch? To get those lower prices that Fabletics is known for, you have to join their subscription-based VIP Membership ($59.95/month).

If you choose to purchase their clothing without a membership, you’ll be paying a lot more for the same clothes, so it’s usually not worth it.

Fabletics Membership

A woman wearing black leggings and a leather jacket looks out at the view while standing on a grassy hill looking out over an ocean view.

How does the Fabletics VIP Membership Work?

Becoming a Fabletics VIP member allows you to access VIP perks like the Fabletics Fit app and member (aka lower) prices. 

There’s a monthly fee of $59.95 to be a member, which can then be used to buy Fabletics clothing each month. You can skip months to avoid paying the monthly fee, but you have to remember to go in and manually do this before the 6th of every month to not get charged.

Honestly, I find the “regular” prices they list on the Fabletics site to be a bit extreme–the VIP prices seem more on par with what the items should cost.

The good news is you can cancel anytime you want after signing up to be a member. 

Do you get charged for your first month of Fabletics?

Fabletics charges their membership fee on the 6th of every month. So, as long as you remember to “skip” the month, you won’t be charged, even for your first month!

How can you make the most of your Fabletics membership?

One of the best ways to use the VIP membership is to purchase an outfit with your membership credit. 

This monthly fee of $59.95 is called a member credit or monthly credit. You don’t have to use it for an outfit–you can use it as regular store credit for its face value.

However, one credit is typically worth one whole outfit, which can be a good way to get the most bang for your buck.  

Outfits are curated pieces of Fabletics clothing. For example, an outfit may be leggings, a tank top, and a jacket. 

By redeeming one member credit for these predetermined outfits, you’re getting an entire outfit of workout clothing for a good deal.

If you like coordinating workout sets or outfits, this can be a good way to make the most of your Fabletics membership. 

How do you skip a month of the Fabletics VIP Program?

All you need to do is log on to your account before the 6th of each month and choose to skip the month.

Is Fabletics membership easy to cancel?

Yes. Contact customer service by chat or phone to cancel. There is no cancellation fee.

Can I cancel Fabletics after my first order?

Yes, you can cancel anytime after your initial Fabletics purchase.

Can I shop at Fabletics without being a member?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to be a Fabletics member to shop on their website, but you’ll be paying a lot more since you won’t have access to the VIP member-discounted prices. 

Fabletics Review: My Experience With Fabletics Clothing

A woman seen from behind wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a black tank top walking away down a path through a redwood forest.
Wearing my Salar leggings while hiking in Big Basin State Park.

I’ve had a very positive experience with Fabletics overall. As you’ll see in the following sections, I’ve tried a variety of Fabletics clothing: leggings, sports bras, shirts, and a dress. 

I still wear many of these pieces regularly, even after owning them for years. Some I wear for day-to-day outfits and others I use primarily for workouts, which speaks to Fabletics’ versatility.

The cons with Fabletics clothing are minimal. Read on to find out what they were–I’ve only had two emerge from everything I’ve tried. 

Whatever style of Fabletics clothing you’re looking for, I hope my time with and use of each piece can help you shape what you want out of Fabletics.

Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Legging

A woman in black leggings and a blue shirt stands smiling on a street corner in front of a store with a sign that says "Haight Ashbury."
A woman wearing black leggings and a leather jacket smiles at the camera while standing on a rocky hill looking out over an ocean view.

From left to right: Wearing my Define PowerHold leggings in San Francisco, and while exploring the cliffs of Marin.

I tried the Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings in black, size medium (tall 31).

These leggings are a Fabletics bestseller, and I completely understand why.

I love where the ⅞ length hits at the top of my ankle and the high-waisted design of these leggings (that’s not too high or too low). 

As someone who is 5’10, I’m happy with the ⅞ length. However, they do offer regular lengths too. And if that’s not enough, this style is so popular they are also available as legging shorts.

These leggings are an excellent level of thickness. They’re comfortable, hold up well, and are snug in a shapely way. I’ve had this pair since 2016 and have yet to replace them. 

I also love the waistband pocket. It’s perfect for placing small things like keys or earbuds but also will stretch to hold a phone if needed (although not super securely).

Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Legging, Floral Print 

A woman wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a black tank top stands next to a man in a turquoise t-shirt while standing on a cliff overlooking a rocky coast on a cloudy day.
A woman wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a black tank top looks down while walking towards the camera down a path through a redwood forest.

From left to right: Wearing my Define PowerHold leggings on a trip to Channel Islands National Park, and while hiking in the redwoods of Oakland.

I tried the Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings in a floral print, medium size (tall 31). 

These are the same style as the leggings above, so my likes are the same. The only difference is that I wear this pair less because of the pattern. 

I typically wear patterned leggings for workouts and hikes, whereas I wear solid black ones more interchangeably for daily wear and weekly fitness classes. 

Note: these are my only pair of Fabletics leggings that have developed a small hole in the knee–but only after four years of use.

Looking for more leggings besides Fabletics? Read our guides to the best hiking leggings and travel pants for women.

Salar Legging 

A woman wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a white sweater poses with one arm up in front of a vineyard on a sunny day.
A woman wearing navy blue patterned leggings and a green tank top poses smiling next to a woman wearing black bike shorts and a pink sports bra on a scenic overlook with a valley and a blue sky behind them.

From left to right: Wearing my Salar leggings while wine tasting in Calistoga and hiking to the top of Mt. Diablo on a hot day.

I tried the discontinued Salar Legging in Stardust, size medium (tall 31). 

While I like these leggings, they are my least favorite of the pairs I own. 

They’re a little more restrictive, not quite as stretchy, and I find they fall a little as I wear them.

That being said, these are the pair I’ve gotten the most compliments on. Like many other Fabletics pieces, the design is just so fun.  

Cold Weather High-Waisted Legging

A woman in rust red leggings and a black tank top stands facing the camera on a beach on a sunny day.
A woman in rust red leggings and a black tank top stands with her back to the camera on a beach on a sunny day.

Wearing my Cold Weather leggings in beautiful Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

I tried these Cold Weather High-Waised Leggings in Merlot, size medium (tall 31). 

These leggings are very comfortable and stretchy. However, they’re a bit thinner than other Fabletics leggings I own, making them a little less warm. I find this ironic, considering these are labeled as “cold-weather” leggings.

Regardless, I don’t have any issues with them being see-through, and I like the additional back pocket on this pair that fits my phone securely.

Black Dress

A woman wearing a short black dress stands in an interior space in front of a desk with a map on the wall behind her.
A woman wearing a short black dress stands with her back to the camera in an interior space in front of a desk with a map on the wall behind her.

My black Fabletics dress is super comfy and the perfect length and weight for a go-to LBD for my travels.

I tried this discontinued dress in black, size small (I think!). 

I got this black dress at a clothing exchange with friends in 2019. It’s relatively old, so you won’t find this dress on the Fabletics site anymore.

Most of the current dresses they offer are more athletic in style.

So, I’ll be quick with my review: I found this dress lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for traveling, although it’s a little on the boxy side. 

My positive experience with this dress has made me consider getting other Fabletics dresses and pieces beyond workout gear. 

Green Joggers

A woman wearing green joggers and a dark sweatshirt smiles at the camera in a living room, standing next to a giant balloon shaped like a champagne bottle.
A woman wearing green joggers and a white sweater stands on the edge of a pond looking down at her feet with the Palace of Fine Arts behind her.

I used to wear my green joggers alll the time. Now that they’re a little on the “saggy” side, I mostly just wear them around the house.

I tried this discontinued pair of joggers in army green, size medium–here’s the closest option.

I’ve been wearing these green joggers for a few years now, and they’re perfect for lounging around the house or walking around town and hiking.

The joggers are thicker than Fabletics leggings, so they’re ideal for colder days, and the looser fit is a nice change from the usual tighter leggings I wear.

The material has started sagging and looks a little more worn now, but that’s after wearing them regularly for three years.

Dry-Flex Open Back Tank

A woman in a white top and turquoise pants looks down at a pad of paper while sitting on the edge of a bed in a white room.
A woman seen from behind wearing green joggers and a white workout top with open back, walking on an uphill path lined with desert vegetation.

Even though the material of this top has thinned a bit over the years, I still wear it most weeks for Orange Theory workouts.

I tried an older version of the Dry-Flex Open Back Tank in white, size small.

I’d been wanting to get an open-back tank top for yoga and workout classes because they’re cute and breathable, so when I came across this open-back tank, I was sold.

I’ve been wearing this tank for around the same time as the joggers above (3 years), and it has not disappointed me.

The Dry-Flex tank top is on the see-through side (especially since I got white), but that hasn’t bothered me much since I always wear it with a sports bra.

Now that I’ve washed it countless times, I’ve started to see the material thin in some places, and it’s definitely looking more worn. I only started noticing this after a couple of years, though, or around 50+ washes.

I still wear it weekly for Orange Theory classes and even hiking sometimes.

Looking for more options? Read our guide to the best hiking shirts for women.

Teal Sports Bra

A woman wearing sunglasses and a teal sports bra stands on a beach and smiles at the camera.
A woman wearing a white, open-back top and patterned leggings stands with her back to the camera looking out a mountainous landscape.

This is still my favorite sports bra that I own–you just can’t beat the cool crisscross back!

I tried this discontinued sports bra in teal, size medium—here’s the closest option.

This Fabletics sports bra is my favorite of the sports bras I own. It has just the right amount of support (I’m a B cup, for reference). I also love the back design! 

I got this in 2018, and I still wear it for workouts all the time.

Floral Purple Sports Bra

A woman smiles and looks over her shoulder while facing hte camera and wearing a floral purple sports bra in an interior space.
A woman smiles and looks over her shoulder wearing a floral purple sports bra in an interior space.

Even though it’s not quite as supportive as other sports bras I own, I love the cut and pattern of this floral bra. It’s versatile enough to wear as a regular bra too.

I tried this discontinued sports bra in purple floral, size medium—here’s the closest option.

Another Fabletics bra I own is this floral purple sports bra.

Compared to my teal sports bra, this one offers less support and is trickier to wriggle into, although it’s still very comfortable. 

I’ve worn this bra for all types of workouts–from Orange Theory classes to yoga–and for day-to-day wear. While it may not measure up to the teal bra, it’s not a bad choice! 

Hey! Monroe here from The Atlas Heart team. I’ve also been using Fabletics for years, so I wanted to jump into this article and share my thoughts on the following two workout tops. 

Sync Seamless Long-Sleeve Top

A young woman in a long-sleeved black top and black leggings standing in a living room in front of a floral patterned couch.
Close-up of a young woman's arm in a long-sleeved black top and black leggings.

All about that sleeve pattern! Plus, it means that it’s breathable.

I tried this discontinued version of the Sync Seamless Long-Sleeve Top in black and pale pink top, size small—here’s the closest option.

I’ve tried two different ‘seamless’ style long-sleeve workout tops from Fabletics.

I purchased these Fabletics tops as an alternative to the popular Swiftly Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt from Lululemon (Fabletics has since released an even more similar top).

Overall, I’ve been impressed with their performance. I purchased one in black and one in pale pink. 

As is a theme with lighter colors, the pale pink shows more lines from my sports bras and leggings than the black does. The only con I’d give these shirts is that the sleeves are too long for me. 

To be fair, I’m pretty short–meaning, my arms are too. But there is so much extra material that I have to fold the ends over four or five inches. I imagine that even people with longer arms would still have extra material around the wrist. 

Cashel Cropped Swing Tank

A young woman in a sleeveless black top and black leggings stands in a living room.
Close-up of a young woman's armpit in a sleeveless white top and black leggings, standing in a living room.

I liked this flattering black top so much, I bought it in white too.

I tried this discontinued Cashel Cropped Swing Tank tank in black and white, size small–here’s the closest option

I liked this workout tank top so much in black, I bought it in white too. 

There are two reasons why I love this tank. The design is airy, fun, and different from a standard workout top, but it’s still flattering.

The thinness of the fabric isn’t an issue for the black top, but the white is a bit see-through.

I also love how lightweight this shirt is. I can move freely while working out and don’t feel bogged down by sweat. 

Looking for a deodorant to manage that workout sweat? Check out our Lume Deodorant review.


A man and a woman in hikinggear and hiking backpacks jump in the air and high five on a rocky path in an arid landscape.
Wearing my PowerHold leggings while backpacking the Trans-Catalina Trail for five days.


Fabletics’ quality is adequate for the price you pay, if not beyond fair. 

Most notably, Fabletics leggings are still the best and most comfortable leggings I’ve come across, and they’ve lasted me a long time.


Fabletics offers a wide variety of designs. They have so many different styles, lengths, colors, and patterns to choose from.


The Fabletics size range is typically from XXS to 4X. Their wide range of sizing is helpful for anyone looking for plus-size activewear. 

Additionally, I love that they offer some leggings in tall and short sizes, which is a very big plus for me since I have long legs.


Most of my Fabletics leggings come with pockets of some kind. Whether they’re built into the side of the leg or waistband, I always appreciate having somewhere to put items like keys or earbuds. 


Fabletics prices (at least for the VIP members) are fair. Besides, they’re always running deals of some kind. 

It seems like you can always get an item for less than the ‘full’ or highest price listed. 

Height Options

I love that they offer different inseam options for leggings. I think people on either side of the height spectrum appreciate this. 

I’m 5’10, and Monroe is 5’1. Although we have different body types, we can wear workout attire from the same place.


A woman seen from behind wearing green joggers and a white workout top with open back, walking on a coastal path with an ocean view beyond.
My green Fabletics joggers and Dry Flex Open Back Tank on an anniversary trip to Big Sur.

Subscription model

While subscription models can be fun, keeping up with them and reading the fine print can become a hassle. 

It’s easy to forget to log in and skip a month, leading to unexpected Fabletics charges on your credit card. 

Plus, workout clothing is not a style of clothing you necessarily need every month. And that’s coming from a Californian who wears a lot of athleisure on a weekly basis. 


When I first tried out Fabletics, you had to call to cancel your subscription. Though making a call isn’t that difficult, I felt like this was an extra hoop they made customers jump through to discourage cancellations.

It’s now a little easier to cancel–you can cancel through either their chat service or by calling. 

While it’s still not as simple as logging in and canceling your subscription with the click of a button, they at least offer a couple of options for ways to cancel now. 

Constant Cycle of Products

Fabletics has only a few pieces (like their Define Powerhold Leggings) that remain available long-term. 

Fabletics releases new collections constantly, which is exciting. But it also means if you want to buy a piece of clothing you love a second time, that style has probably been discontinued (as exemplified by this review).   

It’s also not very sustainable and makes the brand feel more like fast fashion.

Fabletics Sizing Tips & Fit

A woman in a pink shirt and patterned leggings stands with her back to the camera in a grassy, hill, landscape looking at a small, calm pond.
Fabletics leggings have been my go-to hiking leggings for years.

Fabletics offers a size guide page on its website.

I prefer brands that offer sizes based on a numerical system for better accuracy, as opposed to the small, medium, large, and so on that Fabletics has. However, Fabletics clothing has fit me well even with its more general sizing. 

For reference, I’m 5’10 and typically wear a medium size for most athleisure clothing.

Depending on the item, you might have more flexibility with sizing. For example, I’m pretty sure the black dress I got from my friend at a clothing exchange was a size small, but it still worked for me since it’s a loose-fitting dress.

Regardless of our height difference (she’s 5’5), the dress fit me because of the flowy style and stretchy material.

Because of my height and build, I’m immediately a fan of any brand that offers pants in different lengths. I love that many Fabletics leggings allow you to select a regular, short, or tall inseam.

Overall, Fabletics does an excellent job with sizing–both in the range of sizes offered (XXS to 4X) and accuracy.

Fabletics Return & Exchange Policy

Fabletics offers box-free and printer-free (therefore more sustainable!) returns. You can return unused items with tags still on within 90 days of purchasing.  

Fabletics also offers free shipping in the US for orders over $49.95. Any order total that comes in under this amount will cost $5.95 for shipping within the US. 

Standard shipping takes an estimated 6-10 business days (rush shipping is available for a higher price). 

Fabletics Discounts & Coupons

Fabletics often runs sales. Fabletics’ Black Friday and Memorial Day sales are two of the biggest I’ve seen them offer. 

I’ve also noticed sales on other holidays and other random points in the year. 

For an extreme example, as I’m writing this article, they’re running an 80% off everything sale. 

Most of the time, the sales don’t require promo codes–you can find the sale prices proudly presented on the homepage of their website. 

Where to Buy Fabletics Clothing

The best place to purchase Fabletics clothing is on their website or brick-and-mortar stores (which you can locate by clicking here).

You might also find deals on Fabletics pieces using apps like Mercari, Poshmark, and Vinted. 

And Fabletics has a partnership with thredUP, a large online thrift store. Because they’re officially linked, thredUP can be an excellent place to look for Fabletics gear at a discounted price.

Fabletics FAQ

A woman seen from behind wearing green joggers and a white workout top with open back stands looking out a rocky coastline.
I love the peek-a-boo aspect of the Dry Flex Open Back Tank.

Does Fabletics have good quality?

Yes, the Fabletics clothing I’ve tested has all been very high quality.

Is Fabletics as good as Lululemon?

I haven’t tested a ton of Lululemon clothing yet (I’m currently in the process of doing so), but so far Fabletics has felt comparable to Lululemon’s quality.

The only difference I’ve noticed so far is that Lululemon still probably has a leg up on technical features (like moisture-wicking and breathability) compared to Fabletics.

Is Fabletics a legitimate website?

Yes, Fabletics is a well-established and legitimate brand.

Who owns Fabletics?

Fabletics is owned by TechStyleFashion Group. However, many people recognize Kate Hudson as the face of the brand.

Are Fabletics squat-proof?

Every pair of Fabletics leggings I’ve tried has been squat-proof. This is one of the biggest things I look for when shopping for leggings.

What fabric is Fabletics clothing made out of?

The materials used will depend on each item. Regardless, most Fabletics workout clothes use the same materials as other athleisure pieces: polyester, elastane, and spandex.

Does Fabletics also offer men’s clothes?

Fabletics men’s clothing was released in 2020, with Kevin Hart releasing a collection as a new face of the brand. They now even offer Fabletics boxers.

What celebrities work with Fabletics?

The most famous, of course, has been Kate Hudson. But many celebrities have released collections with Fabletics: Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens…the list goes on. 

Celebrity partnerships seem to be a staple of Fabletics marketing.

How sustainable and ethical is Fabletics?

On their sustainability page, Fabletics states they are working towards eco-friendly initiatives like reducing carbon emissions throughout their supply chain, using recycled mailing materials, and trying to release eco-conscious styles.

The thing is, Fabletic’s brand runs on constant new collections. This inevitably makes them a part of the fast fashion cycle, though not as fast as brands like Halara, Shop Cider, Emery Rose, or Shein.

While I try not to support fast fashion, I appreciate that at least Fabletics’ pieces last a long time.

Conclusion: So, is Fabletics Clothing Worth it?

A man and woman wearing activewear and rock-climbing gear smile at the camera while standing on a boulder overlooking an alpine valley.
Doing the Via Ferrata in Lake Tahoe with my PowerHold Leggings and white Dry Flex Open Back Tank.

My answer to this question is a solid yes. Since 2016, I’ve been impressed with all of my Fabletics clothes

I continue to wear all of my Fabletics items because they’re comfortable, stylish, fit well, and last. 

Between the VIP membership and frequent sales, you can find quality athletic clothing for a great price. 

I hope sharing my experience with the pieces in this article helped you decide whether you’ll try Fabletics for yourself. I know I’ve really enjoyed my experience with the brand and recommend them to any other athleisure fans out there!


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