21 BEST Travel Gifts for Couples [2024 Gift Guide]

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Short on time? Our picks for the best travel gifts for couples are the National Geographic Destinations Book, Couple’s Travel Journal, and Custom Etsy Artwork.

The best travel gifts for couples to use before, during, or after their next adventure.

Did you know that traveling helps couples stay together longer?

I’m not saying this rhetorically. The findings of a 2013 U.S. Travel Association concluded, “Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not.” 

As the study explains, traveling helps build and maintain relationships. This is true in friendships but especially in romantic partnerships. 

If you’re reading this article, I probably don’t need to sell you on why you should travel. 

You’re already thinking of your favorite traveling couple or a giftee who loves travel, and I’m here to help out with some travel gift ideas. 

These travel gifts for couples are unique, personalized, thoughtful, and go far beyond the same old, run-of-the-mill travel-sized games you can pick up at a souvenir shop.

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National Geographic Destinations Book

Product photos for the Journeys of a Lifetime book.

Looking for gift ideas for couples and travel lovers to help them discover and plan life-changing trips?

Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic has more than 500 recommendations for amazing adventures and memorable experiences. 

From romantic destinations to thrilling journeys, this book has it all. 

This book would make a great wedding gift for a traveling couple. Imagine receiving this book at your wedding and spending time flipping through it with your partner, pointing out all the places you’d like to go.

(Psst: in search of great gift ideas for traveling couples that love food? National Geographic has a book similar to this centered around food experience).

Customizable Scratch-Off Map

Product photo for the Personalized Scratch Off Map.

I love when I get the chance to visit a different country. Partly, that’s because I can’t wait to get home and use my scratch-off world map!

Scratch-off maps make great gifts for couples who enjoy exploring the world together.

I love this specific option from Etsy because of the hand-drawn watercolor detailing. You can personalize it with your own wording (and font) across the bottom. 

I don’t think you can go wrong with this fun travel gift idea!

Sling Bag

Product photo for the Black Sling Crossbody Backpack.

Looking for travel gift ideas for couples that both partners can use?

This sling bag is unisex, making it suitable for either partner to carry. 

Here’s why it’s useful: while exploring a new place, traveling couples usually shop together… which means they bring new items home. 

Even if you’re not shopping, you’ll need a space for items like water bottles, extra chargers, etc. 

This bag is just the right size to hold the things you carry or accumulate throughout your day, but is still easy to wear and hand off to each other.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Product photo for the Unisex Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag.

Although some people say that practical travel gifts can be tedious, I don’t find that true. For example, I think this hanging toiletry bag is a great gift. 

Couples share hotel rooms, and therefore, they share bathrooms.

Anyone who has shared a hotel bathroom knows how easily the sink space can fill up with toiletries… so keep items separate in a shared bathroom on the next trip with a hanging toiletry bag. 

This Elviros toiletry bag is an excellent choice because the (artificial) leather is water-resistant. The simple color options are suitable for anyone!

Passport Holders

Product photo for the Passport Holder For Couples.

Passport holders are always a good idea!

This is the perfect travel gift idea for couples who like to match. After all, any travel-loving couple will probably be best friends with each other….and their passports.

I prefer this holder from Etsy because it’s a travel-themed gift that allows personalization by choice of color and name. 

Help them keep their passport secure and identifiable by gifting them this set. 

Just remember this listing is for one individual passport, so to form a set, you’ll have to purchase two.

Luggage Tags

Product photo for the Leather Anniversary Luggage Tags.

How sweet would matching luggage tags for travel couples be?

This Etsy listing is for custom beautiful leather luggage tags. The tagline at the bottom reads “Traveling together since __ [Insert Year],” which makes them great gifts for couples because they honor an anniversary. 

Little details like this sound perfect for a travel couples’ gift. 


Product photo for the Samsonite Omni 2 in black.

We all know a person who needs new luggage. If your giftee is one of those people, a lovely carry-on luggage like this Samsonite Omni is a great travel gift idea.  

When it comes to luggage, I’m on team hardshell. I just love how durable this luggage style is. I always lean towards choosing a dark color, so that I’ll worry less about the outside getting nicked or dirty.

P.S. This style comes in additional sizes if you want something other than a standard carry-on. 

Check out more suitcase options in our in-depth guide to hardshell luggage.

Luggage Scale

Product photo for the Etekcity Luggage Scale.

This handy little tool is one of the best gifts you can get your travel couple to save money.

Let me explain–

I purchased this luggage scale when I began to travel internationally, and I can’t stress enough how much I love it. 

I never have to worry about unplanned fees at the airport– one less thing to stress about when heading to different travel destinations.  

While this is a fun little gift, it’s also the perfect complement to any other luggage-related gifts listed above. 

Travel Pillow

Product photo for the Travel Pillow for Airplane.

The last thing anyone wants is a grumpy travel partner. A long travel day is conducive to… precisely that. 

That’s why a great gift idea for couples can be something seemingly mundane– like a travel pillow. 

Travel pillows come in handy on long flights. Sure, they improve your chances of sleeping, but they’re also great for overall comfort when you watch movies or read books. 

Encourage your travel-loving couple to try one out on their next flight! 

Packing Cubes

Product photo for the Think Tank Photo Clothing Cube.

Packing cubes are great for keeping clothes organized. They can be the perfect couples travel gift for an adventurous couple.

I’m talking about a pair that enjoys camping trips and backpacking or who may be sharing a suitcase. 

Think Tank Photo cubes are one of our favorites to recommend because of their high-quality materials and see-through covers. 

The transparent outer shell helps you easily identify whose cube is whose– an excellent feature for couples. 

You can find more information about them (and other styles!) in our article that ‘unpacks’ whether packing cubes are worth it!

Cork Globe with Pushpins

Product photo for the Cork Globe with Pushpins.

As I mentioned, I think a perfect gift idea for travel couples is any sort of mark-off map.

Scratch-off maps are popular, but consider a globe if you feel like doing something a little more off-the-beaten-path!

The concept is the same: you mark each location you’ve traveled to with the included push pins.

Whenever I notice an item like this in someone’s home, I’m always drawn to check it out. 

I love how this travel gift idea is a piece of home decor and a conversation starter. You can truly get to know people by discussing travel stories.


Giant Huge Thin Boho Throw Blanket

It can be hard to know which travel gifts to pick for a honeymoon or a romantic trip.

I think an oversized beach towel or blanket is one of the best gifts for couples headed anywhere they’ll be spending time outdoors.

I always find myself using mine on trips, whether I’m headed to the beach or a city park.

This choice from Amazon is portable and large enough for two. The size helps keep couples close together and interacting in the same shared space instead of separated by singular towels. 

Memory Box

Product photo for the World Atlas Photo Box.

This memory box is a travel gift idea for couples to use once they’re home…but those gifts can be just as useful! 

I collect everything when I travel. Ticket stubs for transportation or museums, tour brochures– you name it, I keep it.

These items will end up in my scrapbooks…buuut it usually takes me some time to make that happen. 

In the interim, they live in a memory box like this. 

I’m especially fond of any memory boxes with an atlas print because it reminds me that what’s inside is from all over the world. 

Custom Travel Photo Drawing

Product photo for the Custom Travel Photo Drawing.

If you’re looking for unique travel gifts for couples, get something truly unique: a custom Etsy artwork commission.

This seller creates digital watercolors using the photo you choose to include with your order. 

My best friend did this for her boyfriend after a memorable ski trip. She commissioned an artist to paint the mountain they had enjoyed skiing down the most. 

Now, it’s a decoration for their home that also has so much meaning behind it!

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Product photo for the Custom Jigsaw Puzzle.

Another unique travel gift idea is this custom jigsaw puzzle, a travel gift for the couple that has everything. 

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for a couple you’re friends with, or you’re shopping for your significant other, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find some amazing photos from the couples’ travel adventures.

Pick your favorite image, and send it in with your Etsy order. The seller will create this beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzle. 

This gift will always be special because it’s intimately personalized to the travel couple who took the picture. 

Travel Buddy Tshirts

Product photo for the Travel Buddies Matching Tees.

This set of travel buddy t-shirts is a fun gift idea.

You could wear these while traveling or just as pajama shirts in the hotel room. I’d lean towards the latter and enjoy it just as much. 

Or what about designating these travel gifts for couples as plane ride outfits? We all know how a long flight can make you feel…why not have a fun and comfy t-shirt to make it all that much better? 

Personalized Travel Ornament

Product photo for the Personalised Travel Places Location Sign Post.

Looking for travel gift ideas for the holidays? 

This personalized travel ornament makes another unique travel gift choice. 

This birch plywood engraved ornament is a fun gift for a couple that’s had a busy year. Simply list the destinations the Etsy seller should include, and they’ll create an etched ornament. 

Though the listing is pictured with four destinations, you can add additional signposts if your favorite travel couple has been extra busy with trips this year.

Personalized keepsakes make for unique gifts because they will be tailored entirely to the traveling couple you purchase them for.


Product photo for the Adventure Book Scrapbook.

Scrapbooks are another excellent gift idea for couples who love recording their travel memories.

Plus, if both partners enjoy contributing, this gift could encourage some real quality time together. 

This cherry and maple wood scrapbook has a beautiful atlas etching on the front, complete with the wording “The Adventures of Me + You.”

You can tweak the book to your liking with the choice of hardware colors, binding colors, and paper type. 

Sometimes, the best travel gifts can be ones you use after you return home.  

Couple’s Travel Journal

Product photo for the Travel Journal and Photo Album.

What do you get for a couple that travels a lot? 

A designated place to record their (many) travel memories!

This journal is a great gift idea because you can bring it on the trip or leave it at home. I’m biased towards recording things in the moment– this journal isn’t too heavy or large, so it’s possible to bring it with you.

At the same time, days can get busy and full when traveling. They also have the option to leave this at home and spend quality time recounting their trip together upon their return.

I love the versatility that this gift offers. 

Ticket Shadow Box

Product photo for the Ticket Shadow Box.

It’s possible to get travel-themed gifts for couples that blend in with their home nicely. 

This shadow box frame has an opening at the top, which allows you to fill it with items like ticket stubs or beer caps.

I love that whenever you look at this box, it’s an instant reminder of adventure. 

I think this ticket shadow box is the perfect gift for couples looking for a way to decorate their home.

Airbnb Gift card

Product photo for the Airbnb Gift card.

Let’s talk getaway gifts for couples: whether you want to help fund a weekend getaway or a romantic getaway for a honeymoon, consider helping with the accommodation cost. 

There are so many creative and fun AirBnbs that are getaways in their own right. For example, my friend and her boyfriend had a blast staying in a cozy A-Frame cottage with a lofted bed and deck with a hot tub. 

If you find a specific AirBnb you like enough, then you can center your entire vacation around it!

Depending on your budget, a choice like this can easily become a luxury travel gift for a couple.

If you like these gift ideas but feel like trying a new rental platform, check out our article about our list of Airbnb alternatives.


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She has now traveled to more than 20 countries and hopes to continue the tally while testing out new and unique travel gear along the way. You can often find her accompanied by a good book and her calico cat.

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