30 Best Gifts for Surfers in 2024 (No Matter Their Experience Level)

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TL;DR: The best gifts for surfers are Surf Wax, the INDO Balance Board, and Wetsuit Shampoo because these are all useful things that any surfer would love to receive.

  • Surfers can always use more surf wax. We recommend Sticky Bumps because it provides long-lasting grip and traction on the board with tropical scents.
  • The roller-style Indo Balance Board is fun way to bring surfing home and help improve core strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Wetsuit shampoo prolongs the life of wetsuits and prevents stinkiness with a formula made specifically for neoprene.

When choosing that perfect gift for the surfer in your life, it can be hard to know where to start if you don’t surf yourself. 

Do you go with a practical piece of gear or something more fun and unexpected?

If your loved one has been surfing for years, they likely already have all the gear they need. However, they might appreciate something more meaningful, like an in-person experience. 

Or maybe they’ve only just started learning how to surf. In that case, it might be better to consider a more practical gift or piece of gear to get your loved one on the right foot. 

At any rate, to find that perfect present, you’ll want to consider their skill level, how often they surf, and their personality. 

This gift guide will help you discover the best gifts for surfers, from gear and learning materials to experiences and fun novelty gifts to brighten their day. 

By the end of it, you’ll have the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift idea for the surfer in your life. 

What to Gift a Surfer

Best Budget Gifts for Surfers Under $25

Surfboard Leash

Abahub Premium Surfboard Leash

So what do you get the surfer in your life when they’re just starting? Two words: surfboard leash. 

Board leashes keep surfboards from flying away from the surfer, which is essential for helping them avoid injuries. 

And they’re considered necessary for most boards, both for the surfer’s safety and others in the water. 

A general rule of thumb is that you never want a surfboard leash to be shorter than your board. 

So as long as you know how long your giftee’s surfboard is, this can be a great gift idea since you’ll know what length leash to get them.

Surf Wax

Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Water Surfboard Wax

If you’re looking for that perfect Secret Santa gift for the surfer who has everything, surfboard wax is an excellent option that just about every surfer could use more of. 

Surfboard wax is a must-have tool in any surfer’s arsenal that helps them stick to their board and avoid sliding around. 

A good surf wax will even have their wetsuit sticking to the board. This small gift will save them a trip to the local surf shop so they can hit the waves sooner. 

Since it’s small, inexpensive, and vital to a surfer’s success, it makes for the perfect stocking stuffer gift idea, too! 

Changing Mat & Dry Bag

Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat

Are you looking for practical gift ideas that won’t go unappreciated? One of the best budget gifts for surfer guys or girls is a changing mat. 

There’s nothing worse than ending an awesome day on the waves and being stuck in a cold, wet, dirty wetsuit. 

A changing mat and dry bag helps them keep their suit separated from other items without getting water everywhere. 

It’s an unexpected gift that they’ll be able to use after every session.

Pickle Wax Remover

Pickle Wax Remover

Surf wax is essential, but it’s just as important to remove wax buildup without damaging a surfboard. 

But removing it can also be a hassle, and many methods leave behind residue or leave boards looking dull and lifeless. 

This fun pickle-shaped wax remover, complete with a wax comb, solves that problem. It leaves any surfboard shining like it’s brand new. 

Besides being practical, it’s also a great novelty gift idea with its fun pickle shape that will make any surfer smile from ear to ear.

As a thoughtful gift that will undoubtedly get a lot of use, it would make an excellent budget stocking stuffer or small gift. 

Center Nub Fin

Ho Stevie! Stabilizer Surfboard Fin

While you shop for the best surf gift for your loved one, think about what might help improve their overall surf skills. In many cases, the right surfboard fins can make or break a surfing experience. 

Fins are an essential part of the surfboard. Most importantly, they function as a tool to maintain the speed and control of a board while “cutting” through the waves. 

While each fin has a specific purpose and benefit, center nub fins are an absolute must-have for beginner surfers. 

Give your surfer a lightweight fiberglass center nub fin, and they will notice a significant improvement the first time they try out maneuvers like cutbacks that require more control.

Wetsuit Shampoo

Gear Aid Wetsuit

Unlike most clothing, a wetsuit needs to be properly cleaned and cared for if it’s going to last as long as it can.

How do surfers keep their wetsuits clean? They use a wetsuit shampoo explicitly made for the neoprene materials that make up the suit. 

It’s also a great, unexpected, and unusual gift for surfers since it’s not something they’d generally ask for.


Best Gifts for Surfers Under $50

Changing Poncho

Poncho Changing Robe

Surfers often want to change out of their cold wetsuits and into some warm clothes once they get out of the water. However, it’s challenging to do that while out in the open. 

That’s where the changing poncho comes in.

This is a beneficial gift idea that your surfer will appreciate every time they return from an hour or two in the cold water. 

Ponchos not only offer the surfer privacy while changing, but they’re also a quick way to get warm and stay that way. 

Hangair Wetsuit Dryer

Underwater Kinetics HangAir Hanger

Every surfer knows that it can take forever to dry their wetsuits properly and other swim garments. That’s why the Hangair Wetsuit Dryer is such a thoughtful gift for surfers. 

Unlike a traditional hanger, the Hangair includes a built-in fan that blows 120 cubic feet of air per minute through the suit, significantly shortening the drying time. 

If the surfer in your life often complains about how long it takes for their wetsuit to dry, it would mean the world to them to know that you listened to their concerns and came up with a creative solution.

Microfiber Beach Towel

Microfiber Beach Towel

There’s nothing like a quality beach towel wrapped around you after coming back from a surf session in the cold ocean.

This microfiber towel quickly wicks away water and dries in less time than traditional terry cloth towels. 

And with a wide range of fun, eye-catching designs and a compact carrying case, it’s an excellent addition to any surf bag.

Casio Watch

Casio Men's G-Shock

When you think of good presents for surfers, a watch might not be at the top of your list, but it should be. 

Casio is a trusted surf watch brand, known for its durable waterproof watches that last for years.

And this Casio G-Shock Watch is no exception. 

This Casio surf watch is hands down the best watch for surfers when it comes to comfort, shock resistance, and durability.

Looking for more options? Check out our guide to the best Garmin watches for women.


Best Surf Gear Gifts

Surfboard Car Rack

HandiRack Universal Inflatable Soft Roof Rack

Does your loved one usually drive to their favorite surf spots? If so, a car roof rack to tie down their surfboards can be a great gift idea. 

This roof rack attaches directly to any car, giving them space to store their board. Unloading and loading are a breeze, as well. 

With tie-down straps and inflatable bars for cushioning, this car rack makes sure your surfer’s board is securely protected for the entirety of the trip.

Surfboard Travel Bag

Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag

A surfboard is not exactly the most portable or easy-to-handle item, so a travel bag can make a massive difference if your surfer often travels with their surfboard.  

This travel bag is the kind of item that every surfer should own, so it makes a great gift for surfer guys or girls who are just starting and don’t have a lot of essential gear yet. 

A surfboard travel bag keeps your surfer’s board from getting damaged while making it more portable. It’s the perfect surf gift for anyone planning a surf trip soon. 



What are the best presents for those just beginning to surf or thinking about getting into surfing? 

Before they catch their first wave, they’ll need a beginner-friendly board to get them started. 

The Wavestorm is the beginner board to get when they’re just starting to learn skills like paddling, popping up, and getting used to their balance. 

It’s an excellent option for a quality budget board that will get your aspiring surfer to the next level faster.


Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Think outside the box and get the surfer in your life a cool pair of sunglasses that will keep them protected from the sun while looking stylish and hanging out at the beach. 

Sun exposure is a serious problem that can cause lasting damage, especially for surfers who spend hours in the sunshine every day. 

While sunglasses can be an easy budget gift idea, it’s better to make sure you buy a quality pair that will last for years, like these Costa Del Mar sunglasses.



The best Christmas gifts for surfers aren’t always the most obvious.

A great gift idea is useful but one that they wouldn’t necessarily have thought to get for themselves. Or an excellent gift could be something they’ve been eyeing for a while but couldn’t quite afford yet. 

A GoPro can fit into both of those boxes, which is why it’s such a great gift. 

It’s the perfect gift for any surfer who loves to share their sessions with friends or keep track of their progress.

In addition, a good add-on gift to the GoPro is a surfboard mount, which allows your surfer to attach their camera directly to their board and record their session from the best view possible.


Long Sleeve Rashguard

No one should surf without proper protection from the elements, making a rash guard a practical and stylish surf gift. 

Rashguards offer protection from surfboards, cold water, the sun, and harsh waves.

A proper rashguard should be form-fitting and made of a durable and stretchy performance fabric to allow for freedom of movement even when wet. 

These rashguards for women and men are ideal picks if you’re looking for quality at an affordable price. 

Surfboard Storage Rack

Surfboard Storage Rack

If you’re shopping for a more experienced surfer who owns a whole range of boards, they’ll need a place to store them. 

This adjustable rack system is customizable to the needs of the surfer and their home. 

And with rubber-lined hooks, they can be sure their boards are protected until the next time they hit the waves. 

Best Unique Gifts for Surfers

Hire a Surf Photographer or Videographer for a Session

Hire a Surf Photographer or Videographer for a Session

Is your surfer’s birthday coming up? If they’re an experienced surfer and have years of experience under their belt, they’ll likely want to pick out their gear themselves.

Instead, get them an experience that they’ll fondly remember, like a surf session videographer or photographer, to help them capture footage of them catching waves in their favorite surf spot.

Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

I’ll admit, surf lessons may seem like an obvious choice, but they’re a fantastic gift idea for brand-new beginners who are just starting to get their feet wet. 

Having a solid foundation can make them a much better surfer in the long run, as long as they’re consistent and have the proper training. 

Do your research and set up your loved one with an experienced and friendly surf instructor who will give them the best start possible. 

Indo Board

Indo Board

When someone has just picked up surfing, they’re learning a whole new skill set that most don’t come by naturally.

They’ll likely need a bit of extra training to develop the core strength and balance required for more advanced surfing. 

Using an Indo Board is a great way to improve their sense of balance and the core strength needed to stay upright while surfing. 

It also comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can pick a design that’s as unique as your surfer.

Portable Shower Pump

Pomo High Pressure Portable Shower

When coming out of the ocean, the last thing in the world a surfer wants to worry about is getting clean.

The POMO portable shower can help with that. Surfers can spray themselves down directly out of the ocean using a portable pump and hose to get clean quickly and easily.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, you could go with the Ivation portable shower that pumps water directly from a bucket or tub.

Sharkbanz Shark Repellent Band

Sharkbanz Shark Repellent Band

If your loved one spends a lot of time surfing in areas known for shark activity, help them reduce the risk of an interaction with a simple and effective device. 

The band uses magnets to overstimulate the electroreceptors around a shark’s gills and repel them away from the wearer. 

It’s a unique Christmas gift idea that’s sure to be a hit with anyone nervous about surfing because of a fear of sharks.

Surfing Earplugs

Creatures of Leisure SurfEars

Unprotected ears are at risk for infection and even hearing loss. Keep your surfer protected with these sound-in, water-out surfing earplugs. 

These surfing earplugs are designed to let sound in so that the wearer can stay alert while preventing water from getting into their ears and damaging the wearer’s hearing. 

As a bonus, the curved wing design allows the earplugs to stay securely in place, making them perfect for the most active users. 

Surf Books to Give as a Gift

Barbarian Days

Barbarian Days

Books can make some of the best gifts for surfers, and it doesn’t get much better than this haunting and thought-provoking memoir by William Finnegan.

“Barbarian Days” is the deeply personal story of a longtime surfer who spent his life traveling the world chasing the next wave and finding meaning in the surf. 

This coming-of-age story considers the intense relationship between a man, his board, and the waves. Surfing is not simply a sport but a nearly spiritual addiction. 

Surf Science

Surf Science

Does the surfer in your life have a scientific mind? Have you ever caught them posing questions about what makes one wave different from another?

This fascinating book answers just about any question they might have about surfing and presents the science of waves and oceanography from a fun and approachable perspective. 

It’s an excellent resource for surfers, young and old alike, or anyone with a curious streak.

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for younger surfers in their teens to inspire determination and drive in their sport, look no further than this captivating memoir. 

“Soul Surfer” is the inspirational story of Bethany Hamilton, a young woman who famously lost her arm in a horrific shark attack while surfing.

The book details the attack, her recovery, and her eventual return to surfing a month later. 

It’s a story about hope and tenacity that will resonate with surfers of all ages and experience levels, but it’s especially great for teenage readers.

50 Places to Surf Before You Die

50 Places to Surf Before You Die

Sometimes the best Christmas gifts for surfers are the kind they can enjoy when they’re dreaming about their next surf trip.  

Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to surf year-round. If the surfer in your life is stuck inside during a flat spell, get them a gift that will keep them inspired until it’s time to surf again. 

Featuring photos and informative passages about some of the most beautiful, challenging, and unique surf spots around the world, this book makes an awesome gift for a surfer stuck on land wishing to return to the waves.

Stormrider Guide

The World Stormrider Surf Guide

If your loved one likes to travel and take to the waves in beautiful new locations, the “Stormrider Guide” is an essential tool to keep them prepared for whatever comes their way. 

This guide is the ultimate authority on surf locations around the world. With detailed maps, weather forecasting, and travel guides, it’s a must-have for any surfer looking to explore new locales safely.

Just For Fun Gifts

Vintage Surfboard Prints

Vintage Surfboard Prints

What are the best gifts for surfers who seem to have everything, including all the gear they need? Maybe something that’s just for fun. 

Consider getting them these surf-themed prints featuring schematic drawings of surfboards, wetsuits, and other gear. 

They’ll give any surfer’s home a cool, vintage vibe and help bring the ocean indoors. 

Tide Timer

Classic Tide Timer Tide Clock

Not every surfer needs a practical piece of gear. Instead, the best present could be an item they use in their everyday life.

This tide timer is not only a fun retro decor idea, but it also comes in handy if your surfer lives near the beach. 

Since it accurately keeps track of the tides, they’ll never have to guess when to hit the waves. It’s a great surfing gift for dad or mom or anyone who loves a retro design scheme.

FAQs About Shopping for Surfers

What’s a Good Gift for a Surfer?

Obvious gifts like surfboards and wetsuits aren’t always the best choice when you’re shopping for a surfer. 

Many surfers are very particular when it comes to their gear and like to pick it out themselves. 

Instead, the best surfer presents are usually helpful in some way and make the surfer’s life easier. 

Items like a roof rack for their car or the Hangair wetsuit dryer are practical and general gifts for surfers that most of them would enjoy. 

What’s the Best Gift for a Beginner Surfer?

Beginners and younger surfers might need more help finding the right gear, and you’ll also want to consider which gifts might help them improve quickly. 

Some awesome gift ideas for beginner surfers would be things like the Indo Board or Wavestorm, which are both great ways to get them into the sport safely and on a budget. 

You can also never go wrong with buying them surf lessons to help them improve their skills. 

Every surfer has to start somewhere, and lessons with an experienced instructor could be the most important gift you give them.


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