9 BEST Tall Tents: Guide to Camping for Tall People [2024]

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TL;DR: The best tall tent is the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent. It’s 6’6” tall, durable, and easy to set up.

These are the best tall tents for tall people looking for a comfortable camping trip this fall.

Certain things in life are easier for shorter people. Unfortunately, tent camping is sometimes one of those things.

When car camping or at a festival, I want to feel comfortable in my own tent.

This is also true when backpacking, but it takes extra attention to detail.

Being too tall for a tent makes for a miserable experience. I’ve been around plenty of frustrated, tall friends.

First off, it’s harder to get dressed bent over and makes their back hurt. But even more importantly, if their sleeping bag touches the tent wall while it’s raining, their sleeping bag might get wet.

As an avid camper who wants to ensure everyone is comfortable, I always have tents for tall people on hand.

Finding the best tent for tall people isn’t always easy. There are so many to choose from on the market today that it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Keep reading this guide to find the best tall tents for you or a friend in need of one for this upcoming fall season.

Best Tall Tents
A blue tent standing tall on a grassy hill with a sunset or sunrise silhouetting the mountain ranges in the background.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

#1 Gazelle T4 Hub Tent

Overall Best Tent for Tall People

The Gazelle T4 Hub Tent in green and light grey.

Weight: 30 Pounds
Peak Height: 6’6
Size: 4

Sometimes, having a simplistic tall tent that can fit a small group of friends is all you need to have a good time. That’s what I love about the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent.

This tent is perfect for dry summer days and rainy camping trips for many reasons. First of all, is the 210-denier Oxford weave polyester shell material that this Gazelle is made out of. 

Polyester is excellent at keeping rain out and protecting against the sun with 50+ UV protection. There aren’t mesh roof vents, but they aren’t necessary in this case. 

The Gazelle T4 Hub has plenty of airflow from six mesh windows and two D-shaped mesh doors. I’ve been in tents with only two windows, and it got hot quickly. 

The floor space is perfect for a 4-person tent and extra gear. With all the pockets inside, you truly don’t need anything else. 

Setting up the Gazelle T4 Hub is quick and easy.

With the price range in the middle of most tents on this list, there’s a chance some of the stitching can come apart. But if you take care of it, this shouldn’t happen. 

I love the addition of the carrying case to help with the weight. It makes traveling with it that much easier. Having to take multiple trips to the car isn’t ideal. 

When looking for a simple tent for tall people in small groups, there isn’t a better option than the Gazelle T4 Hub Tent.


  • It has six windows and two large doors for maximum airflow
  • Plenty of space to fit four people and gear
  • It has an easy-to-use carry case
  • Quick pop-up design


  • Stitching can fall apart if not taken care of properly
  • On the heavier side


#2 Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 6

Most Durable Tall Tent

The Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 6 tent in white, orange, and slate blue.

Weight: 21.9 Pounds
Peak Height: 7′

When I first saw the Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 6, I stopped to admire it — this is a good looking tent.

Owning a tent you’re afraid might fall over in the slightest bad weather is not fun. The Eureka Copper is propped up by steel and fiberglass poles that can withstand just about anything.

This tent has so much sleeping room that it can easily fit a cot or air mattress due in large part to its steep walls. A tall person will feel right at home in this tent. 

The Eureka! Copper is a great car camping tent because of its size and features. It has many pockets inside to bring everything you want from your car into the tent when it’s set up.

There are some issues with faulty zippers, but it’s still a quality tent. Make sure to check the zippers when you first receive it, and you’ll be set.

Waking up to rain in a tent is never fun, and thankfully, that won’t happen with this tent. 

The Eureka Copper has extended fly coverage that hangs over the door for extra protection. And don’t worry about the windows. They are large enough for good views and have amazing ventilation. 

The windows are made from mesh, which helps create the ventilation system, and the Eureka Copper even has a mesh roof. All around, it’s a great option!


  • Poles made from both steel and fiberglass to create a durable tent
  • Mesh windows and roof for increased ventilation 
  • Large rainfly to cover more than enough space
  • Peak height of 84 inches


  • The zippers are known to break easily

#3 REI Skyward 6

Best for Summer

The REI Skyward 6 in blue and off-white.

Weight: 12.9 Pounds
Peak Height: 6’6
Size: 6

Bugs are essential to the ecosystem, but sometimes I want to forget about them. It’s never a fun time when they get inside your tent. That’s why the REI Skyward 6 is the best tent to use for camping in the summer! 

It can get hot during the summer, we all know that. That’s why I love the Skyward’s large mesh window. This helps to provide great ventilation while keeping those pesky bugs out. 

And if you want to hang out outside for a bit, there’s a large awning you can sit underneath. This is perfect for relaxing after outdoor adventures.  

The Skyward 6-person tent doesn’t have a room divider, which makes it less private for large groups. But it’s still perfect for groups of tall campers because it has a peak height of 78 inches. 

The provided fly cover is truly the best of both worlds. It protects exceptionally well against the rain while still providing the breathability you need during the summer.  

Since the Skyward has many attachments, it can be difficult to set up. This might frustrate you if you’re only looking for fast pop-up tents. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad, though. 

There’s plenty of sleeping space for up to six people, and it’s great for family camping trips. 

There’s no need to hesitate to buy this product if the Summer is fast approaching. REI makes great products, and they’ll last for years.


  • Large mesh window that keeps the tent cool while keeping bugs out
  • It has a large awning
  • It Reaches 78 inches in height and is large enough for families


  • Might be difficult for some people to set up on their own

#4 Coleman Octagon Blackout

Best Tall Tents for Families

The Coleman Octagon Blackout tent in forest green and neon green.

Weight: 45 Pounds
Peak Height: 7’1
Size: 6

Sometimes, you need a large tent to comfortably fit you and your family. Taller campers can rejoice after using the Coleman Octagon Blackout tent.  

The Coleman Octagon is also known as one of the best blackout tents today. Coleman makes a lot of durable tents for tall people. So, if you’re looking for a tall tent, this is a solid choice. 

The tent size is large enough to fit up to six people comfortably. Meanwhile, tents are often rated for six people, but it aren’t comfortable.  

Having a tent of this size, you hope the weather resistance will be up to par. It is! The Coleman Octagon’s poles are made from both steel and fiberglass. This helps its flexibility while increasing durability. 

If you’re one to carry your camping gear long distances before reaching a campsite, then the Coleman Octagon might not be for you. Weighing at 45 pounds, it’s not easy to carry. 

There are plenty of storage pockets to put all your items in, and this tent will be your new home on your next camping trip.

The Coleman is also fantastic for a couples retreat. It’s large enough to fit a mattress and turn it into your very own glamping experience. There’s no need for sleeping bags when it’s just the two of you.

So, if you’re planning your next outdoor adventure with your family and want everyone to feel comfortable, look no further than the Coleman Octagon.


  • Blackout capabilities to help with sleep
  • Large enough to fit a mattress or great for families
  • Durable poles
  • Peak height of 85 inches


  • It weighs 45 pounds and isn’t easy to carry

#5 Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2

Most Versatile Tall Tent

The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 backpacking tent in orange and tan with two trekking poles holding up the awning.

Weight: 2-3 Pounds
Peak Height: 3’4”
Size: 2

You don’t always need a tent with much standing room when camping alone or backpacking. That’s why the Big Agnes Copper Spur is perfect.

This tent is mainly for sleeping, so it’s not tall enough to stand in, but its length is 88 inches, slightly over seven feet.  

The weight of the Big Agnes Copper Spur is also ideal as a backpacking tent. It weighs only a few pounds and can easily be thrown in your backpack without worry. 

The Big Agnes Copper Spur has features that usually only larger tents have. Specifically, you can connect the rainfly to the pole structure. 

Rainflies are important because they provide cover in rain and shade during hot summer days. 

The Big Agnes Copper Spur is expensive and for a smaller niche, but the quality is amazing. 

All of the fabric throughout the tent is sealed with solvent-free polyurethane tape. This helps to keep any rain out of this great tent. 

On top, there’s a mesh ceiling which increases ventilation and the door has a dual vent option for adjustable ventilation. There are also plenty of storage pockets and hooks to stay organized in your tent.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur isn’t your most roomy tent, but it has plenty of leg room to stretch out after a long day outdoors. 

It’s also too pricey to be the best backpacking tent for beginners, which is why I see it as a super versatile tent for someone tall who camps often.

The low weight, weather resistance, length, and ventilation make it suitable for everything from mid-summer car camping to intense backpacking trips.

All these features make the Big Agnes Copper Spur versatile and a great two-person tent.


  • All of the fabric is made from high-quality material 
  • It weighs only three pounds
  • There are a lot of features that help you customize it the way you want
  • Two doors


  • Meant for only one or sometimes two people
  • High price tag

#6 CORE 9 Person Tent

Best Value

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent in green, grey, and off-white.

Weight: 30.5 Pounds
Peak Height: 6’6
Size: 9

The best tall camping tents come in all shapes and sizes. The CORE 9-person tent isn’t only tall, it’s great for families and extremely affordable! 

This tent is similar to a cabin-style tent and has tons of interior space — so much space that there are separate rooms. It’s comparable in size to a wall tent, but significantly cheaper.

A room divider creates two separate rooms, great for families and friends. And you’ll have a super spacious tent with the two rooms combined.

The CORE 9-person tent is one of the more affordable cabin tents you can find online. That said, it’s also a large cabin tent and nowhere near the size of a backpacking tent. 

This isn’t an issue if you plan on just car camping. The CORE 9-person tent is also an instant cabin tent, which requires minimal setup time (under two minutes).   

A tall person should have no issues with this cabin tent as the peak height is 10 feet. Cabin-style tents are some of the taller ones on the market. 

Another feature I love about the CORE 9-person tent ventilation system is that fresh air flows in from the vents on the ground while allowing hot air to leave through the top.

If you’re looking for quality floor space for your family during your next camping trip, then the CORE 9 should be on your radar.


  • Affordable price
  • 10-foot peak hieght
  • It can fit up to nine people
  • Great ventilation throughout


  • It’s very large, so carrying long distances might be an issue

#7 MSR Elixir 1 Tent

Best Beginner Backpacking Tent for a Tall Person

The MSR Elixir 1 Tent in grey and burgundy.

Weight: 4 Pounds
Peak Height: 3’3
Size: 1

Backpacking as a beginner can be difficult, especially when finding the best tent for tall people. That’s until I came across the MSR Elixir 1 Tent

One of the main reasons this is a great beginner’s backpacking tent for almost everyone is its price. It costs only $270, which is extremely cheap for a good-quality backpacking tent.

The MSR Elixir is made from 40-denier ripstop nylon, which helps keep your tent safe from abrasions that might occur in the wild. 

Due to its weight, it might not be the best tent for expert and long-distance backpackers. But as a beginner, I did many shorter hikes to start out with, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Tall campers might wonder if a backpacking tent can truly be “tall,” the answer is usually no. But you don’t sit in your tent during backpacking trips except to sleep.

The MSR Elixir 1-person tent reaches 86 inches in length, which is long enough for someone seven feet tall. This tent is also beginner-friendly because it is easy and simple to set up. 

The poles come color-coded to make the process easier for everyone, and the headroom is also optimized due to how the poles are constructed. 

If you’re a beginner looking for the best backpacking tent for tall people, this is your best bet!


  • Poles are color-coded for simple setup
  • Cheap and beginner-friendly price
  • Optimized headroom


  • The weight is heavier than other backpacking tents

#8 Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup

Best Budget Option

The Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup in grey and black.

Weight: 19 Pounds
Peak Height: 4’11
Size: 4

Sometimes, the price matters most, but getting a cheap tent last for only one day is never fun. The Coleman Camping Tent with an instant setup is a reliable tent fit for tall people at an affordable price.

I’ll start by saying Coleman is a great manufacturer of outdoor camping gear, and having this tent priced at only $114 is a steal, especially for a 4-person tent. 

This isn’t the best tall tent by any means, but its dimensions can fit a tall person easily, and it’s great for someone new to car camping. 

The peak height is only 5ft 11in, but the floor dimensions are 8 x 7 feet, so tall people don’t have to sleep in the fetal position.

Unlike the slanted walls of Coleman dome tents, this cabin style tent has near-vertical walls that make it easier to move around inside.

The Coleman Camping tent is also an instant cabin tent and sets up in a minute or less. This helps you enjoy camping more as the tent requires minimal work. 

Coleman is known for their patented WeatherTec system for weather resistance that keeps rain out and you dry. I’ve woken up from water in my tent before, and it’s the worst feeling ever.

It’s also not uncommon to expect this tent to have some durability issues because of its price. If you take care of it, then you should be able to get your money’s worth. 

An integrated rainfly is another nice addition to this Coleman tent that helps to increase the setup speed. This means it’s already pre-attached, and you don’t have to do anything.  

If you’re just getting into car camping or don’t want to spend much on camping gear, this Coleman Tent is for you!


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Coleman’s own WeatherTec system
  • Setup in under a minute
  • Comparable in price to a classic dome tent, but offers more headspace


  • It’s an inexpensive tent, so there could be durability issues


#9 The North Face Wawona 6

Best for Cold Weather

The North Face Wawona 6 in orange and grey-orange.

Weight: 15.9 Pounds
Peak Height: 6’8
Size: 6

Sometimes, sleeping near your friends doesn’t keep you warm enough when it’s cold. I don’t enjoy being cold while camping, and if you don’t either, check out the North Face Wawona

North Face is known for its excellent camping and mountaineering gear, from boots and tents to jackets. Finding good equipment through them isn’t difficult. 

The North Face Wawona comes with a double-wall construction to help keep you warm but also has good circulation to keep you cool when it starts to heat up. 

This is also one of the best tents for tall people because of the amount of room available. Not only is it a six-foot-tall tent, but it comes with a vestibule. 

I normally like to use these vestibules, a cover on the outside, to dry out my boots and other gear, but you can use it as extra seating room. 

The North Face Wawona 6 is great for a family but not ideal for those backpacking. With that being said, North Face has many other options. 

It also has color-coded poles, which helps take the stress out of setting on your own. There’s nothing worse than struggling to set up a tent when camping!

I do wish that this tent offered a separate screen room. Having a screen room means you can lounge outside without being attacked by pesky bugs.

Overall, I love North Face’s products, and the Wawona 6 is no different! It’s an exceptional tent at its core!


  • Cozy setup that makes you feel at home
  • Double-wall construction to help with the cold
  • Color-coded poles to make for an easy setup
  • Two doors


  • Too big to bring backpacking


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tall Tent

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tall Tent
Looking through the trees at a grey and navy blue tent in the foreground with a lime green, blue, and black tent in the background at a campground.


We must start with height when discussing the best tall camping tents. Optimal height depends on which activity you’re doing. 

If you’re backpacking, the best tents won’t be as tall but can still be comfortable for tall people to lay down in. The tallest tents are also not easy to pack away and are quite heavy. 

When car camping, it’s easier to choose a tent for a tall person because you’ll be carrying it in your car. Most car camping tents on this list are between six and seven feet tall.


Weight is another important stat depending on your activity type—the backpacking tents on this list range from 2 to 4 pounds. The higher the peak height, the heavier it’ll weigh. 

Obviously, the heavier the tent, the harder it will be to hike multiple miles with it in your pack. Also, the lighter a tent is, the more expensive the materials usually are, so keep that in mind.

When choosing a car camping tent, weight isn’t as big a deal because you normally don’t have to walk that far. Also, most camping tents these days come with a carrying case. 


I like to get my money’s worth; if my tent breaks after the first use, it’s not worth it. 

Ideally, you want the tent walls to be made of high-quality materials so abrasions don’t happen too easily. Over time, snags and minor damage will worsen and shorten the lifespan of your tent.  

Look for tent poles made from either all steel, aluminum, or a combination of steel/fiberglass. 

The steel helps the pole from breaking while the fiberglass offers flexibility where needed. 

Aluminum isn’t as stong as steel, but it’s much lighter weight. Aluminum also doesn’t run the risk of snapping like fiberglass. 

Floor Space

Depending on whether you’re looking for a great family-sized tent or you require a tent for a tall person, floor space is crucial. Peak height isn’t everything!

For the tents that are on this list, if the tent isn’t tall enough for taller campers to stand up in, there’s always enough tent floor space to sleep comfortably.

Added floor space can be created with a vestibule attached to the outside of the tent. I love having vestubules to dry out my boots and store gear so there’s more space inside to lay down.


Certain features on a camping tent can make or break an experience, and even more so for tall people. 

Having a high peak height isn’t the only feature I look for in tents for tall people. 

Some of the tents on this list feature a screen room, room divider, storage pockets, vestibules, air vents, and a mesh roof.

Features can either be a personal preference, or some might be necessary during the peak of summer.


Ventilation is important, whether you’re cold-weather camping or camping during the summer. It’s also even more important when purchasing a tall tent. 

The air can easily become stuffy since these tall tents generally offer sleeping space for more people. I’ve experienced worse ventilation in a dome tent than in cabin tents, but that’s my experience. 

Having more windows (made from mesh) and a mesh ceiling allows air to circulate through the entire tent.


Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so it’s good to be prepared. Having a tent that is made with weather resistance in mind is essential. 

Coleman tents come with patented WaterTec that helps keep water out at an extraordinary rate. Tents have a water resistance rating measured in hydrostatic head or HH for short. 

You’ll see numbers in the description with mm beside it. Anything less than 800mm isn’t waterproof; a good weather resistance rating is over 3000mm. 

This fabric is usually made with solvent-free polyurethane tape, which works extremely well in wet conditions.

Looking for more tent options? Check out our guides to the best one-person tents, 2-person tents, 4-person tents, 6-person tents, 8-person tents, 10-person tents, 12-person tents, family tents, large camping tents, 3-room tents, instant tents, pop-up tents, inflatable tents, tunnel tents, winter tents, insulated tents, tents with stove jacks, SUV tents, motorcycle tents, tents for wind, tents with an AC port, tents with a screen room, and cabin tents.

FAQs About Tall Tents

FAQs About Tall Tents
Looking into a green tent with a large vestibule and sleeping space in the foreground and a dry grassy hill in the background.

What is the tallest tent?

The Coleman Octagon Blackout tent is one of the market’s tallest tents today. This tent is easy for tall people to stand up in and has blackout capabilities for better sleep. 

All the tents on this list are great for tall people, but the Coleman Octagon might have some added features that make it one of the best tents for you. 

This tent does weigh a lot heavier than most tents other than canvas tents, but that won’t be an issue if you only plan on car camping with it. 

If the tents on this list aren’t tall enough, I suggest going for a wall tent, which are excellent for glamping.

How tall should a camping tent be?

How tall a camping tent should be varies from person to person and also depends on the activity. If you’re going on a backpacking trip, you’ll sacrifice some of the height for a lighter weight.

If you’re looking for the tallest ceilings possible, look for something with vertical walls. The average peak height of a tall tent is around 72 inches or 6 feet.

Long-length floors are also important so you don’t feel cramped when sleeping. Look for floor lengths of 7 feet.

What types of tents provide the most headroom?

Canvas tents and cabin tents normally provide the most headroom, depending on the tent shape. 

A cabin tent usually has straight walls, which helps to create a higher ceiling. 

While you might find a dome tent with a tall peak height, the curved walls cut down on interior space.

It’s harder to use the entire floorspace in dome tents since the height tapers off closer to the tent walls.

I haven’t talked much about canvas tents in this article, but they also offer the most head room and you can learn more about them here.

Conclusion: What is the Best Tent for a Tall Person?

Conclusion: What is the Best Tent for a Tall Person?
Peering through the trees at a blue, white, and orange tent beside a grey tent with orange trim at a campground.

It can be difficult to find tents for tall people that are reasonably priced and offer the best features. That was until I came across the Gazelle T4 Hub — one of the best tents! 

Most campers do some form of car camping, so the weight of the Gazelle T4 Hub isn’t much of an issue at 30 pounds. It’s heavier than the Coleman Instant Setup and the North Face Wawona, but still manageable.

I gravitated toward this beast of a tent because of the features, though. 

The Gazelle is made out of top-tier material. Nearly vertical walls are made from polyester and have a rating of 2,000mm HH, which makes it waterproof. 

The floor is even more waterproof, with a rating of 5,000mm HH. This is the highest rating I’ve seen on any tent in the $300 price range. It knocks the waterproofing of the other tents on this list, out of the park.

And good-quality material helps it last longer.

The vertical walls help create a reasonable amount of headspace at 78 inches. It’s not the tallest, but it’s one of the best six-foot-tall camping tents on the market. 

One of my favorite perks of the Gazelle is its many windows. There are six mesh windows along the walls and two D-shaped mesh doors in front. Ventilation level 100!


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