51 BEST Adventurous Gifts for Outdoorsy Women in 2024

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Short on time? Our picks for the best gifts for outdoorsy women are The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs and Teva sandals.

As someone who’s an outdoorsy woman myself, I know we tend to prefer making memories over accumulating things. And that can make gifting difficult!

But while I enjoy receiving “experience” gifts like a camping trip together the most, I’m still always happy getting things that’ll help improve my experiences in the outdoors.

With this in mind, I put together a detailed list of (mostly) field-tested hiking, camping, and nature gifts that I’ve loved having, receiving, gifting, or just really want (in case my husband is reading 😉 ).

This guide will help you find the perfect gift for that adventurous woman in your life who loves spending time in nature.

An outdoorsy woman walking on a hiking path with a backpack and camera in hand, looking out towards the water and hills in the background--outdoor gifts for women.

Fun Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Insulated Wine Bottle

Insulated wine bottles are the perfect gift for wine lovers who like being in nature. This bottle holds a full wine bottle’s worth of wine (750 ml). It has an easy-pour opening and a non-slip silicone base to prevent spills. Double-walled vacuum-sealed insulation keeps wine chilled no matter the temperature outside.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Hiking Journal

Journaling about each hike makes it easy to see how we progress throughout the year. Whether or not she’s a writer, she can reflect on her hikes with the simple prompts in this journal. Each page includes a place for the date, location, elevation, and description. Maybe she saw a bear or met her true love on her weekend hike. Or maybe she pushed her body to new limits and wants to document her workout. Whatever the case, these hiking journals are simple and make journaling very approachable.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

Nature is good for the soul but not gentle on hands. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve is a lifesaver for outdoor women. Nourishing olive oil and beeswax bring life back into the skin. She’ll love returning home or to her campsite after a long day and rubbing this hand salve on dry or sore hands, feet, knees, and elbows to prevent her skin from cracking. The fact that it smells of lavender and eucalyptus is just a bonus.

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Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Artisan Chocolate

There’s nothing better than a chocolate bar on the trail or after a strenuous adventure to keep your energy up. I was hesitant about Hu Chocolate because it’s expensive—but omg, please buy me more of this chocolate. These Hu Chocolate Bars are gluten-free, dairy and soy-free, vegan, and downright tasty. Their cashew butter + dark chocolate bar is the perfect pick-me-up on adventures.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Camping String Lights

I’ve been obsessed with these magical camping lights since my friend decorated our sleeping area with them a few years ago. Tea lights set the mood and keep away scary monsters by emitting soft lighting for playing cards and relaxing before bed. These solar-powered lights have four settings and last up to 20 hours on one charge.

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CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Camp Blanket

I have so many memories wrapped up in wool blankets by the campfire. Even in summer, the temperature drops after sunset. Every outdoorsy woman needs a sturdy wool blanket to cozy up in. These beautiful Pendleton blankets are made in Oregon. They’re luxury gifts that will last a lifetime. Wool isn’t as plush as sherpa, but it’s naturally moisture-wicking and water-repellant, perfect for outdoor activities. Since Pendleton is expensive, the best budget alternative is this Alpaca fiber blanket from Etsy. It’s a handwoven masterpiece for a fraction of the price.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

A Little Pampering Gift Set

For when your outdoorsy friend is worn down and needs a little pampering. Spa sets are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. They’re easy to purchase and perfect for your girlfriend, best friend, or mom.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Nature’s D*ck Pics Calendar

Nature has a sense of humor, and this calendar is proof. I don’t know about you, but my friends will get a kick out of this when they unwrap their Christmas gifts this year. These calendars are the perfect gift for white elephant parties and your dirty friends who like to laugh.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

National Parks Tea Towel

Want to know my favorite gift-giving secret? Skip the wasteful wrapping paper and wrap gifts in a tea towel. It’s more sustainable, more thoughtful, and adds a secondary gift. These National Parks tea towels will look adorable in her kitchen, RV, or with her camping gear.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Therapeutic Heat Pillow

I love curling up with a heating pad or pillow after a long day of snowshoeing, skiing, or yard work. These heating pillows are perfect Christmas gifts for women with achy muscles and joints. I like microwave therapeutic pillows more than electric heating pads because she can refrigerate them in the summer for a cool compress.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Mushroom Photo Blocks

Let’s bring the outdoors inside! I love gifting art that speaks to a friend’s passion. When I don’t have time to paint something, I turn to the artists on Etsy. These mushroom photos are simple and add an outdoorsy flare to any home.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Solo Stove

Yes, Snoop Dogg is right—using a Solo Stove is the best way to quit smoke. After testing the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0, we’re huge fans of the near-smokeless design. It’s safe, easy to use, and requires less maintenance to keep the fire going.


Pickleball set

Pickleball is one of the best camping activities. If you’ve never played Pickleball, consider it giant ping pong or miniature tennis. There’s less sprinting, and the ball doesn’t bounce as far as in tennis. It’s a great game for all ages.

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CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Photo Phone Case

Turn her favorite hiking pictures into a phone case as a constant reminder of her favorite place on earth. Photo cases are the perfect gift for your favorite Instagram girly, who always has the best sunrise pictures on her story. A phone case won’t clutter her house, and the personalization adds a layer of thought.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Camping Coffee Gift Box

Send your favorite coffee lovers a camping-themed coffee gift box. They’ll enjoy wool knit socks, 12 ounces of coffee, a classic enamel camping mug, and handmade caramels. The medium roast coffee comes in a reusable can, perfect for camping.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Bee Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are always a welcome gift because, let’s face it, she can never have too many pouches. If she loves spending time in the outdoors, she probably also appreciates bees. This makeup bag is even personalized with her name. Take this gift to the next level with beeswax and honey lip balm to finish off the set.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Pocket Scrunchies

I’m that person who stuffs everything in my bra, but sometimes that’s not an appropriate solution to the whole “women’s pants have small pockets” issue. If she’s a wild woman who can’t be bothered with a purse when she goes into town, pocket scrunchies give her a spot for lip balm, cards, and keys without drawing attention.

Clothing for Outdoorsy Women

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Hiking Buff

Hiking buffs are cute and useful. They work as a headband, scarf, sun shield, bandana, or liner for a helmet. The stretchy fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and features 50 SPF. Buffs are also quick drying to manage moisture from sweat or rain.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Darn Tough Wool Socks

Everyone knows cotton kills, so save her with wool hiking socks. Darn Tough makes my favorite durable hiking socks to keep her feet warm, comfortable, and dry. Mid-cushioning and breathability make them perfect for strenuous hikes and suitable with hiking boots or sneakers.

Read our complete guide to the best hiking clothes for women.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Garmin Vivoactive Watch

Among outdoorsy women, smartwatches that track health data are coveted tools for meeting fitness goals. Garmin watches, particularly, symbolize her investment in her health and sport. With the Garmin Vivoactive Watch, she can monitor her steps, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, heart rate, hydration, and more.

The Vivoactive watch offers several pre-programmed workouts, such as running, hiking, swimming, and more. It even connects to Spotify and wireless headphones for easy listening when her phone is in her backpack.

Read our guides to the best outdoor watches and the best Garmin watches for women.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Explore More Sweatshirt

Warm sweatshirts are the best gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend who is always cold. She’ll love the simple circular design and will feel special wearing something from you. I recommend the Maroon or Military Green if she’s prone to dusty or dirt-heavy activities.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Teva Sandals

Tevas are a wonderful gift for outdoorsy moms (or anyone who enjoys comfortable and durable sandals). I love my Tevas because they’re versatile with comfortable EVA foam and good traction. The easy-to-adjust straps are secure for hiking and navigating wild terrain. Plus, these sandals work as water shoes and are easy to wash when dirty.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Hiking Boots

Every outdoorsy woman needs a durable pair of hiking boots. I’ve been hiking in my Merrell Moab Mid 2 hiking shoes for the past year, and I love their waterproof construction, ankle support, and affordability. They’re a good bet for regular day hikers and wild women looking for new hiking boots.

Read our guide to the best gifts for hikers.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket


A slightly more versatile boot, Blundstones can handle long walks or easy hikes and then fit right in at the grocery store or a pub. These are the quintessential granola-girl boots. Blundstones use Australian leather that can stand up to hardcore adventures. My best friend wore her Blundstones across Europe, trekking from city to city, exploring any hike she came across.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Alpaca Fiber Glitten Gloves

I just ordered a new pair of fingerless alpaca fiber gloves to surprise my mom because she lost hers. Alpaca fiber (wool) is incredibly warm. It’s naturally water-repellent, soft, and hypoallergenic. These glitten gloves are stylish and practical. They’re a luxurious gift for her to wear on crisp walks and outdoor explorations.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Birkenstock Clogs

These Birkenstock Clogs are the best thing since, well, Birkenstock Sandals. My friends wear them all year round, but clogs are especially nice in the winter. Clogs offer extra protection and warmth. Birkenstocks are easy to slide on as she’s heading to the rock climbing gym, grocery store, or a friend’s house.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Mountain Bracelet

Looking for mountain gifts for her? These mountain bracelets will always be on my list of the best outdoorsy gifts. Earthy tones will help her feel connected to the mountains, while the charm is simple and comes in etched silver. These bracelets also make perfect friendship bracelets for any outdoorsy girl.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Mountain Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are one of the best jewelry gift ideas for adventurous women. She can wear studs night and day without getting caught on clothes or equipment. Best of all, she doesn’t have to worry about taking them off and losing them in her tent.

These earrings are a unique gift, handmade to order. They come in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Gingko Leaf Bracelet

Jewelry for the outdoorswoman doesn’t always have to be simple. These bracelets are a special gift made to order. This cuff bracelet with delicate ginkgo leaves is the perfect way for your outdoor-loving friend to bring her passion and style together.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Nano Puff Jacket

Every outdoorsy girl needs a warm and high-quality jacket. Cotopaxi’s Nano Puff Jacket is stylish and functional for hiking, snowboarding, and even heading out on the town. It’s compact and folds down, making the Nano Puff easy to bring on adventures. Another great thing about this specific puff jacket is that it’s made from recycled materials. A lot of outdoorsy women appreciate environmentally-friendly gifts, so this nano puff jacket ticks plenty of boxes and will keep your outdoor-loving friend warm.

Gear for Outdoorsy Women

CARTMAN 148 Piece Tool Set Gift

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Eno DoubleNest Hammocks are a basic luxury every outdoorsy lady needs. They’re so easy to string up that you’ll see college campuses spotted with these brightly colored hammocks. Hammocks are more than just the perfect place to read a book or nap; they’re a social necessity for outdoorsy women who like to hang out in nature. Unlike cotton hammocks, Eno compress to the size of a grapefruit and are super lightweight for hiking, backpacking, and kayaking

Looking for more options? Read our guide to the best hammocks with mosquito nets.

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GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift


Gone are the days of replacing batteries. This rechargeable headlamp is convenient and useful. I always carry a headlamp while camping, backpacking, and even traveling. The bright LED light is perfect for campground bathroom runs or hikes in the dark. I used mine on an impromptu midnight hot springs tour in the Costa Rican jungle. While everyone else used their phone flashlights, I had hands-free light without risking dropping my phone in the water.

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CARTMAN 148 Piece Tool Set Gift


The first time I saw a Jetboil was when my best friend whipped out her Jetboil on a backpacking trip. Within minutes, we were gobbling down Mountain House pasta. The one-liter insulated cup sits directly atop the flame and boils water faster than most backpacking stoves. Jetboils are game-changers. They’re easy to use and super compact with a push-button lighter.

Read our guide to the best gifts for campers.

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CARTMAN 148 Piece Tool Set Gift


I’m always happy to receive a new daypack because they’re so useful, and each one has its advantages. If you don’t know where to begin, Osprey is a trusted outdoor gear brand. Their Daylite Pack is durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. It’s lightweight and the perfect size for carrying everything she’ll need on a day hike.

The Daylight Pack has dual compression straps, making it easy to wear all day without getting sore. It has two external mesh pockets, a hydration bladder pouch, and trekking pole attachments.

Looking for more daypacks? Read our guide to the best hiking backpacks for women.

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CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Garmin inReach Explorer Handheld GPS

Handheld GPSs are big-ticket items many outdoorsy women receive as gifts. We’ve all become dependent on our phones, but phones are useless when there’s no service. The Garmin inReach Explorer is a safety essential. She can navigate, notify loved ones that she’s okay, and call for help in regions that don’t have cell service. The tracking system also lets her leave digital breadcrumbs so she can always find her way back to safety. And it uses satellites to ensure no gap in the coverage area.

Read our complete guide to the best handheld GPS devices.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Aeropress Coffee Maker

If her preferred kitchen is a camp stove, add an Aeropress to her outdoor gear. Aeropress is an award-winning camp coffee maker that cleans up with a simple rinse. It makes drip coffee and espresso directly into her mug. She won’t have to give up the good stuff in the backcountry.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle

I wish I bought my water purification bottle sooner. Water purifiers are unique gifts for outdoor-loving women. The Grayl GeoPress is simple to use and removes waterborne pathogens that might make her sick. She can fill it from any creek and drink straight from the mouthpiece.

If the Grayl GeoPress is out of your budget, go with a Katadyn BeFree Bottle. I always carry my collapsible BeFree bottle backpacking in areas where clean drinking water is uncommon or non-existent.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Reusable Nalgene Water Bottle

We all know that reusable water bottles help reduce waste. But how do you choose between beloved Hydroflasks and Nalgenes? Every active woman should have one of each, but a Nalgene water bottle is the best gift for her to toss into a bag and carry anywhere. I prefer the wide-mouth style, which is easiest to clean.

Pro Tip: Clip a carabiner to the lid and fill it with goodies like stickers, a water bottle cleaning tablet, and a bar of chocolate.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Foldable Color-Changing Lantern

These color-changing lanterns are so much fun to take backpacking. They run for hours and produce a lot of light. PackLite lantern cubes are also way safer than old propane lanterns. We use these lights whenever possible, and they’re even waterproof. My favorite setting is the multi-color fade, or “disco,” as my friends call it, cycles between all seven colors.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Utility Knife

Knives aren’t just for boys—I always carry a jack or pocket knife while camping and hiking. Sure, it makes me feel a little safer, but more than anything, I use it for cutting string, opening cans, and of course, spreading peanut butter on sandwiches. These handcrafted knives make a beautiful gift that she’ll be proud of.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Camping Spice Kit

Spice kits are the gift that keeps giving and easy to refill. My friend’s mom has had her camping spice kit for over twenty years. This wax canvas spice kit is double-stitched and durable for years of camp cooking.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Inflatable Kayak or SUP

Is she a water lover? This year, I spent Fall paddling on an inflatable SUP. It was stable, durable, and super compact. Well-made inflatable gear is so much more convenient. I initially hesitated to test inflatable equipment, but now, I wouldn’t even bother with a hard-sided kayak or paddleboard.

Read our full review of the best inflatable kayaks on the market.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable loungers are like magical air-filled bean bags. They’re fun gifts for anyone who enjoys relaxing in the outdoors. You’ll read mixed reviews about inflatable loungers’ durability. Segoal is our favorite brand of air lounger because they’re tough and a good value.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Hydration Pack for Outdoor Adventures

I received a new Gregory hydration bladder for my birthday this year, and it’s one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received. Gregory is a trustworthy hiking and backpacking brand. The bladder doesn’t leak or taste funny, and it easily slipped into my hiking backpack.

GRAYL UltraPress Water Bottle Gift

Easy-Pack Chair

Skip the bulky folding chairs that she probably already has. This minimalistic, easy-pack chair offers back support and protection from wet ground without the weight of traditional camping chairs. I love these folding chairs for concerts, hikes, and stadium events.

Looking for more chairs? Read our guide to the best reclining camping chairs and heavy-duty camping chairs.

Park Passes and Books for Outdoorsy Women

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

Another one of the best gifts for outdoorsy people is The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs. This book will help her learn about the great outdoors in a practical and meaningful way. She can learn to rely on nature rather than technology when outdoors. 

The book includes tools for identifying her location based on tracking and understanding cardinal directions. It also includes important survival guides for weather, animals, and basics every outdoor lover should know.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

She Explores

She Explores is a book about female courage and bravery for women who want to travel the world. It explores women who live in unconventional places and features stunning photos and stories from around the world. There are also tips for planning solo travel, essential items to pack, and how to embrace the unknown.

CamelBak Horizon Insulated Wine Bottle Gift

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

This is the first book I recommend to my friends after a breakup or if they need an inspirational story about a woman empowering herself. Wild tells the bestselling story of Cheryl Strayed hiking over a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself. Wild has it all: humor, heartbreak, warmth, and suspense. It’s a must-read for women who enjoy captivating books about the outdoors.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox

Swimming to Antarctica is the memoir of Lynne Cox, an all-star swimmer who broke records for swimming in the English Channel and Bering Strait. Her memoir showcases her joy and love for nature and swimming, which any outdoor woman will find inspiring.

America the Beautiful Pass - 2023-2024

America The Beautiful Pass

America the Beautiful Passes belong on everyone’s gift list. They’re easy and meaningful for friends who want to visit more national parks and federally protected lands.

This pass waives admission fees to 2,000 sites across all 50 states for 365 days. A bonus is that 10% of sales go to the National Park Foundation to help preserve America’s national parks.

Looking for more gift ideas? Read our guide to the best national park gifts.

America the Beautiful Pass - 2023-2024

Local Park Passes

One of the best outdoorsy gifts that she can use locally is a regional park pass. For instance, I live in the Bay Area and have an East Bay Regional Park Pass.

Local passes typically offer free admission into parks, free parking, and more for free or at a discounted rate. You’ll need to check with her local parks to see what their passes entail, but this is a lovely gift that she can use over and over to enjoy the great outdoors.


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