25 BEST 25th Anniversary Gifts [2024 Gift and Ideas Guide]

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Short on time? Our top picks for the best 25th anniversary gifts are the Nambe Love Bowls and the NYT Anniversary Book.

The best 25th anniversary gifts to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Making it to a quarter of a century with your partner is no easy feat, and it’s a milestone you should celebrate. 

If you’re like me, you’ve been gifted silver accessories like a watch or necklace at some point.

But a 25th anniversary is the time to elevate your silver gift-giving skills. That’s because the 25th year anniversary is known as the silver wedding anniversary. 

When you give a silver 25th-anniversary gift meaning to honor the relationship’s staying power, you draw on silver’s natural characteristics: strength, brilliance, and longevity.

Additionally, anniversaries each have a gemstone and flower associated with them. The iris flower and the tsavorite stone are traditional symbols for a 25th-year anniversary gift.

Other gift guides may only list pieces that are made from silver.

This comprehensive list provides you with a range of options, starting with traditional 25th-anniversary gifts but branching out with things that honor the silver year in a fun way.

With a name like ‘the silver jubilee anniversary,’ how could you not be excited to celebrate?

Best 25th Anniversary Gifts: an elderly couple wearing beige jackets seen from behind as they walk down a forest path lined by purple flowers.

#1 Silver Infinity Bracelet

Product image for the Silver Infinity Bracelet.

Because the 25th year is the silver anniversary, the most classic anniversary gift is anything…silver!

When it comes to 25th-anniversary gifts for her, the first traditional gift to consider is jewelry (a bracelet, a ring, a watch, etc..…).  

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas can quickly become luxury 25th wedding anniversary gifts, depending on the grade of silver you choose. While pure silver does exist, it’s much more common to come across sterling silver.

You’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, but you hope to continue celebrating anniversaries with your partner forever, right?

Recognize that with a silver jewelry piece like this infinity bracelet

#2 Infinity Love Knot Necklace

Product image for the Continuous Connection Necklace.

Another 25th-anniversary jewelry gift is this Infinity Love Knot Necklace

Carefully crafted from sterling silver, it’s an excellent 25th-anniversary gift that won’t break the bank.

What I like most about this gift is its modern take on the traditional infinity knot. 

It makes the perfect gift for someone who may like a more discreet version of this symbol.

#3 Silver Ring

Product image for the Silver Ring.

When it comes to 25th-anniversary ring ideas, sterling silver provides a world of options. 

You can wear this sterling silver ring independently or stacked with a wedding ring. 

Sterling silver jewelry is often more durable than gold-plated jewelry. It makes a perfect gift for someone who prefers to keep jewelry on throughout the day but doesn’t want it to get worn out too quickly.

#4 Silver Chain for Him

Product image for the Silver Chain for Him.

Shopping for 25th-anniversary gifts for him doesn’t have to be difficult with a classic gift such as a silver chain or silver bracelet.

After all, silver jewelry isn’t only for women!

The finer the silver is, the more it will cost. This chain from Mejuri is 925 sterling silver, meaning it’s 92.5% pure silver.

Mejuri items are jewelry pieces that won’t break the bank without sacrificing quality.

#5 Personalized Cufflinks

Product image for the Personalized Cufflinks.

When it comes to accessories for men, cufflinks are a classic choice. But, if your partner wears cufflinks, they may have a silver pair already.

That’s where these personalized name cufflinks come in. 

The elegance of this typeface with your partner’s initials means even this small choice stands out.

#6 Fossil Watch

Product image for the Fossil Watch.

Does anyone else feel like gifting a watch is a guy’s equivalent of gifting a bracelet?

Items with a timeless design always make great gifts because you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

This Fossil watch is a great 25th wedding anniversary gift, featuring a scratch-proof crystal lens and water resistance for short swims.


#7 Waterford Silver Picture Frame

Product image for the Waterford Silver Picture Frame.

A silver picture frame by Waterford is an example of a classic anniversary gift, specifically one that fits the silver wedding anniversary theme. 

You have the frame size options of 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″.

P.S. Picking out a special photo for this silver frame makes a successful 25th-anniversary gift for parents!


#8 Silver Frames (Large)

Product image for the Silver Frames (Large).

If you like the idea of a photo or home decor piece but want to make a statement–choose this pair of Intersection of Love frames from Uncommon Goods.

Your frames will come with a graphic of intersecting street signs displaying your names.

Plus, if you ever want different photos inside, you have two beautiful silver frames to work with.

#9 Nambe Love Bowls

Product image for the Nambe Love Bowls.

If you’re looking for 25th wedding anniversary traditional and modern gifts, Nambe items are a fantastic choice. 

As a brand, Nambe is known for using an alloy blend of materials, resulting in beautiful pieces that look like silver.

Design-wise, they combine the traditional romantic iconography of a heart with a clean swooped shape.

#10 Engraved Silver Wine Bucket

Product image for the Engraved Silver Wine Bucket.

A silver wine bucket is a handy household item, making this engraved silver bucket an excellent 25th wedding anniversary gift. 

Personalizing this item by having it engraved, and pairing it with your partner’s favorite beverage, are two good ways to further the impact of this traditional gift.

#11 Silver Rim Decanter

Product image for the Silver Rim Decanter.

Another household item that makes a fantastic anniversary gift is a decanter.

Crafted from handmade crystal, this decanter is by the same brand as the silver frames mentioned earlier (Waterford). 

It’s got a flair of silver to honor the anniversary theme without becoming overwhelming.


#12 Silver Personalized Photo Album

Product image for the Silver Personalized Photo Album.

Fill this silver photo album with 4 x 6 pictures of the happy couple, friends, and family. You can choose to engrave the front for an extra personalized touch. 

Or, if you don’t already have an album of your marriage pictures, there’s no better time than now. 

If you are filling this album with wedding photos, the front is the perfect place to engrave your wedding date.

#13 New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Product image for the New York Times Custom Anniversary Book.

If you’re not a fan of silver, don’t worry– there are other kinds of 25th-anniversary gifts for a couple.

If you’re looking for unique 25th-anniversary gift ideas, consider this New York Times Custom Anniversary Book.

This book honors your anniversary date by compiling the headlines of the New York Times Newspaper each year on that day.

You’ll get to look over all kinds of notable events throughout the world during your marriage. 

Because the text may be small for some readers, it comes with a handy magnifying glass!

#14 Harry and David Gift Basket

Product image for the Harry and David Gift Basket.

You and your partner may enjoy culinary experiences, but not the effort of shopping for them. This is where a Harry and David gift basket comes in.

Choose a special location, bring this basket along, and you have a great wedding anniversary gift without too much thought or trouble.

#15 Personalized Word Art

Product image for the Personalized Word Art.

As a best seller on Etsy, this contemporary and personalized gift takes inspiration from your partner’s best qualities. 

Therefore, in a way, this 25th-anniversary gift feels handmade. It honors the life you’ve spent together, the many anniversaries you’ve celebrated, and how well you’ve gotten to know one another.

You can use this framed print as home decor. 

This piece of wall art is an incredibly thoughtful gift and an excellent way to send a personalized message. 

#16 First Toast Customizable Wedding Art

Product image for the First Toast Customizable Wedding Art.

Choosing this piece of wall art gives your favorite couple a fun reminder of their wedding day.

There are a few different design options to choose from, and all of them have an art-deco, vintage poster feel. This means they’re quite stylized…but if that’s your taste, it’s a perfect option!

This 25th-anniversary gift delivers a bold style while honoring and celebrating your wedding date.

#17 Custom/Personalized Where You Met Map

Product image for the Custom/Personalized Where You Met Map.

Where in the world did you meet your partner?

This where-you-met map is a beautiful display of that pivotal moment when your paths crossed.

It really makes a unique gift because each couple’s meeting story and location will be different.

The geographical location is etched on a metalized plate. Underneath the map, you can choose what to engrave: your name, date of the meeting, coordinates of your meeting location, etc.

To keep this item affordable, it’s aluminum. The color of aluminum is silver, though, so don’t worry about straying too far from the theme.  

#18 Customized Pillow

Product image for the Customized Pillow.

Want to incorporate the idea of silver in a way that’s not so obvious?

Choose something like this customized pillow, and pick silver thread for the stitching. 

You can order an entire pillow or just the cover if you have one you’d like to reuse at home.

#19 We Found Each Other Puzzle

Product image for the We Found Each Other Puzzle.

Look no further if you’re on the hunt for 25th-anniversary gifts for couples who enjoy puzzles or games. 

This ‘We Found Each Other’ Custom Puzzle has those exact words cut out of the physical puzzle. There’s also a cutout heart displaying where you met.

You don’t have to worry about finding an image to use–the maker handles that for you. 

Just let them know the location when you order, and they’ll create the puzzle using an aerial view of the spot covering one square mile.

I love that the inspiration for this gift is telling a story– it’s the perfect present if you want something the entire family can use. 

#20 Tsavorite Bracelet

Product image for the Tsavorite Bracelet.

When in your life have you heard of tsavorite?

If you’re like me, maybe you haven’t. Now is the time to introduce yourself to this beautiful stone.

If your partner is a fan of green, you’re in luck–tsavorite also goes by the moniker ‘green garnet.’ 

A tsavorite piece honors the natural beauty of this gemstone, and its simplicity makes for versatility. This bracelet would look great independently or layered with other bracelets. 

#21 Iris Stemmed Flowers

Product image for the Iris Stemmed Flowers.

Ever wish you could have a bouquet of flowers that would last forever?

With these glass Iris flowers, you have a gift that doubles as home decor.

These beautiful pieces are handmade in Ukraine, and you can purchase them individually. Purchase a few stems to create a decorative bouquet. You won’t have to worry about watering!

#22 Silver Dipped Rose

Product image for the Silver Dipped Rose.

 Like the idea of flower-related 25th-anniversary gifts, but not a fan of iris flowers? 

All you iris-haters looking for a forever flower as a wedding anniversary gift, you’re in luck!

You can purchase the quintessential romantic flower, a rose, dipped in…you guessed it…silver! 

#23 Silver Heart Lock

Product image for the Silver Heart Lock.

Two hearts meet in one with this silver lock. You can engrave the lock or stick with the sleek, simple heart design.

As a kind of 25th-anniversary gift keychain, this sterling silver gift is portable. It would be fun to place in your house or on your property. Alternatively, take it on a trip and lock it somewhere.

That being said, if you travel with it, please be mindful of where you place it! 

#24 Special Dinner

Special Dinner

You don’t celebrate a quarter century with someone without knowing their favorite restaurant. 

Because your 25th anniversary is a special occasion, opt for a memorable dining experience you may not typically attend. 

Many restaurants offer gift cards. Let’s break the stereotype that gift cards aren’t thoughtful enough anniversary gift ideas!

After all, if you choose the right dining experiences, they can quickly become luxury 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

Looking for even more anniversary gift ideas? Check out our guide to 20th wedding anniversary presents.

#25 Silver Party

Close-up of a fancy table setting with a white rose bouquet centerpiece and silver candlesticks on the table.

One of the best ways to celebrate any special day or occasion is with a party. We’ll all heard of ‘all-white parties’ where the guests arrive wearing head-to-toe white, but how about a silver party?

The cool part about the silver anniversary–the theme is already set!

Whether it’s a surprise party or planned by the couple themselves, gathering friends and family is a good idea for all the reasons you can imagine. 


Out of all these gift options, I find that the Nambe Love Bowls and New York Times Custom Anniversary Book stand out as the most special choices for the 25th year together.

The simplicity of the Nambe Love Bowl design allows it to appeal to a wide variety of people. 

I actually received a Nambe Love Bowl as a gift from a family member once, so I can attest to its broad appeal. 

Every time I look at it, I think of the idea of love. I’d say there’s no better anniversary present than that!

While the New York Times Custom Anniversary Book isn’t directly silver, it plays off the meaning of the silver anniversary theme: strength. 

Flipping through all these different headlines will remind you of the events and the time you’ve been together. How can you not feel the strength of your relationship after that?

Ultimately, you’ll have many gift ideas because of the variety of silver items and spin-off ideas. 

I hope you enjoy your milestone as you celebrate your special day!


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