25 BEST 20th Anniversary Gifts [2024 Gift and Ideas Guide]

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Published on: October 10, 2023

Short on time? Our picks for the best 20th anniversary gifts are the Blue Willow Necklace, Blue Willow Cufflinks, and Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring.

The best 20th-anniversary gifts to show a beloved partner how much you care about this special milestone.

Anniversaries are a wonderful time to reflect and celebrate. A long-lasting marriage doesn’t come easily, and reaching the 20th year anniversary is a huge marriage milestone.

Wedding anniversaries, like weddings, have lots of traditions attached to them, such as symbols, gemstones, and flowers.

Personally, I’m all about tradition and I totally buy into the wedding anniversary symbols! The 20th wedding anniversary symbol is chinaware.

The 20th wedding anniversary is also known as the emerald anniversary and the aster flower anniversary. Did I mention platinum anniversary gifts are the modern alternative to china?

Essentially, finding great gifts won’t be difficult with this many options.

Whether you are looking for a 20th wedding anniversary gift for your wife, a 20th-anniversary gift for your husband, or a 20th-anniversary gift for friends– I’ve put together a list of options that fit with the 20th wedding anniversary symbols.

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Product image for the Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set.

The first option is to go with traditional 20th-anniversary gifts.

Bone china is the traditional 20th-anniversary gift because (people say) it relates to the delicacy of carefully balancing a relationship.

Many couples put a set of china on their wedding registry when they get married, but not all. For those who don’t yet have a set of fine china, now is the time to get one.

Even if you do have a set, the chances are that after 20 years, your design tastes or style may have changed. Time for a modern counterpart to your original wedding gift–bring on the new dinnerware!

The Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set includes service for eight people. It’s reasonably priced and features a classic gold decal design.

It’s common for bone china sets to have pieces for formal meals, like salad plates and dinner plates. Some sets may go as far as to include pieces like a coffee mug or sugar bowl.  The Lorenzo Amelia set even includes a teapot!

Emerald Necklace

Product image for the Emerald Necklace.

If you are looking for 20th-anniversary gifts for her, a nice piece of emerald jewelry is an excellent way to honor the emerald wedding anniversary.

Emerald wedding anniversary gifts come in a variety of price ranges.

This Angara Natural Emerald Teardrop Pendant Necklace offers a range of grades for the emerald stone and chain metal materials, so you’re sure to find something at fits your budget and style preferences.

Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring

Product image for the Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring.

If the emerald green is not calling your name, turn to platinum jewelry instead.

Platinum gifts are always a good option for an anniversary because platinum symbolizes eternal love and success. 

When it comes to 20th-anniversary ring ideas, platinum offers increased strength compared to metals like yellow gold, making platinum a good material for everyday wear.

Blue Nile is a leading online diamond jeweler specializing in engagement and wedding rings.

As someone who wears rings daily, I would love to receive a gift like this Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring

Though it’s less common for men to update their wedding bands, women often update their engagement rings for monumental anniversaries. 

Adding a ring like this to your ring finger stack is the perfect way to honor this important milestone.

Blue Willow Necklace

Product image for the Blue Willow Necklace.

This Blue Willow Necklace is a beautiful handmade item from Etsy that references the traditional symbol of this anniversary: china!

One side displays two birds from a vintage china plate, and the other side is mother of pearl.

You can choose from a variety of silver chain lengths, depending on how high or low you would like the necklace to hang.

Blue Willow Cufflinks

Product image for the Blue Willow Cufflinks.

Let’s be honest; shopping for 20th-anniversary gifts for him can be daunting. It always feels like there are fewer gift options for guys out there. 

These Blue Willow Cufflinks are right on brand for this wedding anniversary theme.

Another handmade item from Etsy, these cufflinks use broken vintage willow china and come in various designs.

It’s an excellent yet subtle nod to the 20th-year anniversary gift tradition of china.

Platinum Chain

Product image for the Blue Nile Platinum Chain.

Because platinum has such a symbolic meaning, consider a platinum wedding gift for him.

A simple chain is a classic choice, and once again, Blue Nile jewelry is a reliable source.

One downside is that a platinum piece for him will likely come at quite a cost. The upside is that platinum will last a lifetime. 

But if you’re prepared to go all out for the special occasion of a 20-year anniversary gift, this is a great idea.

Traditional Chrysanthemum Chinese Vase

Product image for the Traditional Chrysanthemum Chinese Vase.

If you’re looking for a 20th wedding anniversary gift that will stay present in your life beyond this one special day, choose a piece that you can use as home decor. 

A Traditional Chrysanthemum Chinese Vase honors the china anniversary with a classic blue and white style.

Bonus points if you buy fresh flowers to put in the vase when you gift it!

Ginger Jar

Product image for the Creative Co-Op Decorative Ceramic Ginger Jar.

A Ginger Jar is a great way to play off the china tradition while still choosing a nice piece of home décor.

You’ll have various china designs to choose from, but the Creative Co-Op Decorative Ceramic Ginger Jar is a traditional choice and comes as a small or large option. 

You could also go for a vintage one if you want something truly unique!

As We Grow Anniversary Milestone Tree

Product image for the As We Grow Anniversary Milestone Tree.

The As We Grow Anniversary Milestone Tree sits on a wood base with a metal heart design.

While, technically, this material is green garnet glass, its look suggests emeralds.

The leaves are made from recycled glass and handmade in the Philippines.

Hand-Woven Wicker Picnic Basket

Product image for the Hand-Woven Wicker Picnic Basket.

Some of the best 20th-anniversary gifts for couples encourage spending time together, and this gift does just that.

This Hand-Woven Wicker Picnic Basket could transform into a 20th-anniversary gift basket if you fill it with your partner’s favorite things–wine, food, flowers, or anything else.

You could even combine multiple gift ideas by filling this basket with a set of bone china.

A Year of Dates Box

Product image for the A Year of Dates Box.

Any married couple who has spent two decades together knows it’s important to take the time to keep your romance alive.

A 20th-anniversary gift for a couple that solves this problem is this Year of Dates Box

Couples can choose from a list of date genres (staying home, going out, etc.) and get a surprise when they open the envelope with instructions for a date.

This gift takes the effort out of planning and adds the element of surprise.


Wooden Personalized Photo Album

Product image for the Wooden Personalized Photo Album.

This Wooden Personalized Photo Album is a good 20th-anniversary gift for someone who likes something physical but is still sentimental.

You could take this gift to the next level by filling it with memorable pictures of you and your other half.

Vow Wall Art

Product image for the Vow Wall Art.

Your wedding day celebrates a romantic union, and vows are an essential part of that. 

Choose a great 20th wedding anniversary gift that honors that momentous day, like this Framed Wedding Vows Wall Art.

I see this as a more modern take on a commemorative ceramic plate. 

Choose your frame finish and dimensions, and email your photo to the seller. They’ll overlay the text of your wedding vows over a romantic photo from your wedding.

Modern Wall Art

Product image for the Modern Wall Art.

This Minimalist Illustration Wall Art is excellent if you’re looking for more modern gift ideas.

Submit your favorite photo to the artist, and they’ll create a simple but tasteful line art print. 

This 20-year anniversary gift idea is a one-stop shop because you can also choose a frame style, elevating the gift while eliminating the hassle of framing it yourself.

Star Map Personalized Print- Framed

Product image for the Star Map Personalized Print- Framed.

When it comes to anniversary gift ideas, a Star Map Personalized Print is a whimsical choice to honor any special day.

This print is an excellent gift because it feels so personal. I know I’d never get tired of looking at it.

For a 20-year anniversary gift, you can choose the date that feels most significant to you. That might be your wedding day, or when you met, became engaged, etc. 

Jalunth Iron Sculpture

Product image for the Jalunth Iron Sculpture.

Does your spouse love tradition, but you’re searching for anniversary gift ideas with a contemporary flair? If you’re looking for 20th-wedding anniversary traditional and modern gifts, consider this iron sculpture your perfect gift.

This Jalunth Iron Sculpture is a modern gift that honors traditional symbols, focusing on the sculpture as a heart.

Sculptures make awesome anniversary gifts if you’re looking for a modern alternative to a 20th-anniversary gift!

Overmont Cast Iron Dutch Oven with dual use Skillet

Product image for the Overmont Cast Iron Dutch Oven with dual use Skillet.

An Overmont Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a gift that will keep on giving.

Purchasing this for your 20th wedding anniversary gift and cooking dinner with it is a guaranteed way to celebrate your time together. 

Aster Flowers Live Plant

Product image for the Aster Flowers Live Plant.

Want to give a traditional gift that’s still a thoughtful gift? One great way to do that is to tailor a china gift to your partner’s interests.

For example, if your partner is an avid gardener, this live Aster Flowers plant references this anniversary’s traditional flowers and would make an excellent addition to your spouse’s garden. 

Pair it with some gardening gear, like these shears, and they’ll love that you honored the traditional gift while still making it feel individualized.

Custom Melody Electronic Music Box

Product image for the Custom Melody Electronic Music Box.

This Custom Melody Electronic Music Box allows you to choose your own song, inscription, or even the picture inside!

My parents had one of these that played their wedding song. I can still picture the smiles across their faces watching my siblings, and I play with it when we were kids.

This Custom Melody Electronic Music Box makes a great 20th-anniversary gift for parents since it’s something the whole family can enjoy– I know from experience!

Wall Hanging Display Shelf

Product image for the Wall Hanging Display Shelf.

A practical approach to a 20-year anniversary gift is this Wall Hanging Display Shelf. If you already have a set of china, use this to display it! 

With a variety of paint color choices, you’ll be able to tailor this great gift to fit your home’s aesthetic.

This shelf’s reserved, and simple design allows your china to be the focus.

If you use your china often, hanging this somewhere near the kitchen or dining room makes the pieces easily accessible.

Aster Necklace

Product image for the Aster Necklace.

As I mentioned earlier, another 20th wedding anniversary symbol is the aster flower.

If you want a 20th-anniversary jewelry gift without shelling out a fortune for platinum, emerald, or other expensive precious metals–opt for an Aster Flower Necklace.

This necklace from Etsy makes a great 20th-anniversary gift to give individually or as an addition to another gift. 

Hand Casting Kit

Product image for the Hand Casting Kit.

A Hand Casting Kit is an excellent 20th-anniversary gift for the creative in your life. We all know a person who would enjoy this modern take on home decor.

Use this kit to create a plaster cast of your intertwined hands, then personalize it with the included acrylic paints, and take the activity to the next level!

You get a physical product by the end, and the activity will surely be a fun, romantic experience!

Anniversary Gift – Custom Book Fold

Product image for the Anniversary Gift - Custom Book Fold.

You’re guaranteed to find unique 20th-anniversary gift ideas on Etsy.

Take this Custom Book Fold, for example–include your wedding date in your order, and you’ll have a wedding anniversary gift that makes quite a visual impact. 

Keep this sentimental gift closed to blend in with the other books on your shelf…and open it whenever you need a reminder of your love!

Daring Experience

A person wearing shorts and a while t-shirt rides a zipline over dry California vegetation with a clear blue sky behind them.

A great way to build specific memories is to do something daring together, right?

Choose an activity that’s really out of the ordinary. This is your 20th anniversary–choose something you wouldn’t do every day…or most days at all!

You could pick a high-adrenaline activity like bungee jumping, ziplining, or skydiving. Or, opt for something more tame but memorable, like a new hike you’ve wanted to do for a while.

The point is not only spending quality time together but strengthening the existing trust you have with one another.


An older couple, seen from behind, sits on wooden beach chairs, looking out at a soft-focus ocean.

Two decades together is a big deal, so consider 20th-anniversary vacation ideas. The traveler in me wants to take the 20th wedding anniversary traditional gift idea and run with it…trip to China, anyone?

People enjoy giving gifts to their partners in a variety of different ways–anniversary gift ideas don’t have to be material items.

Even if you plan something that isn’t a full vacation, you can never go wrong with 20th-anniversary gift experiences, such as a local cooking class, spa day, or sailing experience.

Looking for California vacation ideas? I’ve got you covered with itineraries for the best romantic getaways in California, the perfect Catalina Island day trip, and more!


Of these 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas, my top choices are a Blue Willow China Piece like the Necklace or Cufflinks (depending on your partner) and the Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring

I love that the broken china incorporates the well-known 20-year anniversary gift of china into a small and wearable item. 

When it comes to the Blue Nile Petite Diamond Ring– it’s a classic and timeless piece that incorporates the platinum concept. 

Platinum represents good fortune and durability for your relationship. Reinforcing the idea of durability will help you make it to your 25th wedding anniversary and beyond!

Above all, you’re celebrating your romantic union–so spending time together will be the best gift of all. 

The best wedding anniversary gifts are about the couple celebrating their special day and the beautiful life they’ve built together!


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