45 Best National Park Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

45 Best National Park Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

The best national park gifts for the people in your life who love exploring America’s Best Idea. 

What do you get for an avid outdoors person? Outdoor enthusiasts usually have everything they need so they can be difficult to shop for. 

However, if you know an outdoor enthusiast with a specific love for US national parks, you don’t have to look too far to get them the perfect national park souvenir for any occasion. 

No matter if you’re shopping for a friend, parent, or child, national parks memorabilia is everywhere. 

From clothing to puzzles and games and calendars and posters, there’s so much to choose from. 

There are even items that commemorate up to 63 of the national parks available, so you can customize your gift to showcase the recipient’s favorite national park or landmark.

Many of these gifts help support the National Parks Foundation and their programs or the National Parks Conservation Association. 

Therefore, when you buy something for your special someone, you’re giving back to their beloved parks as well. 

These are our picks for the best national park gifts for any outdoor enthusiast in your life!

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National Parks in California

Our #1 Pick for the Best National Park Gift

America the Beautiful Pass

Annual Park Passes Gift

For any park lover, an annual pass to the national parks is the perfect way to show you care. 

The America the Beautiful Pass gets you access into any US national park for a full twelve months starting from the month of purchase. 

With this national park pass gift, entry is free for drivers and passengers in per-vehicle areas and up to four adults in per-person areas. 

As a bonus, REI donates 10% of sales to the National Park Foundation to help maintain the parks.

Psst – another great gift that’s less expensive than an America the Beautiful Pass is a national park passport.


National Parks Map T-Shirt

National Parks Map T-Shirt Gift

This unisex shirt shows the names of each national park right where they are on the map. 

Smaller names label less visited parks, while more popular parks are given extra flourishes. Cute, cartoony depictions of mountains, trees, and marshland fill in the gaps.

One of the best gifts for national park lovers, this shirt makes it easy to point to where you’ve gone and where you want to go. 

Made from organic cotton, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly with no wasteful plastic in the packaging.

Nomadix National Parks Towel

Nomadix National Parks Towel Gift

A themed towel is one of many practical national park gift ideas you can choose from. 

This one-sided Nomadix National Parks Towel has an option for four different patterns: the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, a Joshua tree, and the Smoky Mountains. 

Arranged in a colorful display, each pattern encompasses the heart of the national park it represents.

The towel includes recycled plastic materials for an eco-friendly addition.

Made from slip-resistant material, this towel is easily suitable for yoga or watersports as well. At 72 by 30 inches, it can also pack up small to take up less room in backpacks.

National Parks Map Towel

National Parks Map Towel Gift

As a national parks map, this towel is a top contender for one of the best national parks-themed gifts. 

The towel’s surface shows the entire country and each national park is identified by a particular image, like a geyser or a grizzly. 

The images have numbers that connect with their names in a separate legend and tan lines mark the boundaries of each state. 

As the second Nomadix towel on this list, this National Parks Map Towel shares the same additional attributes as the patterned towel above as well. 

National Park Socks

National Park Socks Gift

For the hiker in your friend group, these colorful socks come in four different patterns: Delicate Arch, Glacier, Grand Prismatic, and Monument Valley. 

They fit women’s sizes five to ten and men’s sizes three and a half to eight and a half.

Made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane, Sock It To Me socks have no harmful chemicals in their materials for a safer, more comfortable garment. 

Available on Amazon, they’re ideal for anyone looking for national park gifts online.

Read our guide to the best gifts for hikers.

62 National Parks Map T-Shirt

Available in a range of colors, this t-shirt shows the borders of each state and where each national park resides. 

The 50 states and 62 parks have labels for easy geography and a golden tree represents each park’s location. A tagline of “U.S. National Parks, Adventure Awaits” completes the picture.

Made from cotton and polyester, this shirt is ideal for summer hiking for any outdoor enthusiast. The classic fit caters to men, women, or youth sizes.

Funny National Parks T-Shirt

Funny National Parks T-Shirt Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect national park gift for the goofball in your life, look no further than this shirt

The shirt image depicts a colorful mountain scene captured in the shape of an American bison. Underneath, the caption reads “Do Not Pet the Fluffy Cows”. 

Featuring a vintage design and a cotton-polyester blend, this t-shirt is an optimal way for any outdoors person to advertise their sense of humor. 

It comes in a variety of neutral colors to better let the main image pop. It’s also available in men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes.

California National Parks Cropped Tank

California National Parks Cropped Tank Gift

As part of a set, this cropped tank and others like it make a great bundle of gifts that support national parks. 

A Parks Project product, proceeds from the tank are given to the national parks to help preserve them for future generations. 

This women’s tank is vintage-looking and boxy, with images and labels representing the various parks found in California – perfect for your favorite outdoorsy Californian! 

The rust color is reminiscent of Death Valley and the shape and style are meant to give the best kind of comfort in warm weather. 

Books and Journals

US National Parks Guide & Journal

US National Parks Guide & Journal Gift

For the avid park traveler in your life, this small, leather-bound journal contains maps, travel resources, and national park information.

It also has space in the back to take notes during any national park adventures.  

The main map shows the whole of the United States and the location of each park. 

Other secondary maps are centered around each national park, showing you what each park looks like and what kind of trails or amenities it has. 

Additional resources include information about when each national park was created, its square footage, and various attractions to visit.

National Parks Passport Journal

National Parks Passport Journal Gift

This pocket-sized passport journal provides the perfect way to record trips and plan new ones. 

The pages contain designated spots for passport stamps, first impressions, pictures, and any scraps of information about a national park or trail.

It even has a “rite of passage” checklist on the back page so your giftee can accomplish all of the meaningful trips they want. 

A list of all the national parks on the inside back cover opens up the many possibilities of where to go for their next adventure.

Complete National Parks of the United States

Complete National Parks of the United States Gift

This Complete National Parks of the United States book by National Geographic contains stunning photos and useful maps of all the national parks. 

This national park gift also showcases national historic sites, national monuments, national seashores, and even national park campgrounds around the US. 

As a reference guide, it shows what each national park has to offer, including an overview of scenery, activities, and trails. 

Lastly, the Complete National Parks book provides helpful tips and knowledgeable facts about each park. It also contains suggestions about the most optimal times to visit. 

It’s the perfect coffee table book or go-to reference guide for anyone who loves learning more about US national parks. 

Atlas of the National Parks

Atlas of the National Parks Gift

With newly rendered maps, this Atlas of the National Parks brings an updated look at 61 national parks across the country. 

Included in these pages are an in-depth look at 31 of the parks, with stories, pictures, and graphics to help paint the history of each park. 

Details of landmarks and wildlife round out the overall information, pointing out what to look for and which animals are native to distinct landscapes.

This is another favorite national park coffee table book for any park lover in your life. 

Walks of a Lifetime in America’s National Parks

Walks of a Lifetime in America’s National Parks Gift

This Walks of a Lifetime hiking guidebook offers extensive knowledge of national park trails and hikes.

For each national park, all preferences and abilities are taken into consideration with descriptions of nature walks, day hikes, and multi-day backpacking trips. 

Colorful photos show landmarks to look for as well as points of interest like waterfalls, viewing areas, and prehistoric sites. 

Planning advice and hiking tips are given by the authors of the book, Robert and Martha Manning, who have been Hiking Ambassadors for the American Hiking Society for decades.

National Parks Foundation Planner

National Parks Foundation Planner Gift

This National Parks Foundation Planner features top-quality photos from national parks all across the country. 

Spiral binding makes it easy to lay the planner flat so you can write comfortably while organizing your week. 

Each month includes nature pictures showing beautiful national park scenes of wildlife and flora in all seasons.

Along with space to plan your day-to-day activities, the planner provides information about historical park days and events. 

Campfire Stories: Tales From America’s National Parks

Campfire Stories Tales From America’s National Parks Gift

One of the more unique national park gifts on this list, Campfire Stories tells historical and fictional stories featuring six national parks (Acadia, Rocky Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, Zion, and Yellowstone). 

Stories from Indigenous Americans, excerpts from pioneer journals, and new tales make up this 224-page volume.

This hardcover book is the perfect addition to car camping in any of the national parks, particularly the ones it refers to in its pages. 

As a national park gift for a book-loving outdoor enthusiast or a fun family choice, Campfire Stories passes on important anecdotes and historical happenings within each featured national park. 

Parks Book

Parks Book Gift

If you’re looking for creative national park souvenirs, this cloth-wrapped Parks Book is a fitting choice. 

Containing 384 pages, the Parks Book features maps, national park posters, brand designs, and brochures of all the national parks across 100 years of history. 

Like a printed scrapbook of the parks, this national park gift offers insights into historic landmarks, lasting attractions, and bygone sites. 

Produced by the Parks Project, the proceeds of this book go towards maintaining and preserving the parklands.

National Parks of the USA

National Parks of the USA Gift

This National Parks of the USA children’s book is a great way to introduce kids to the national parks. 

For readers eight to eleven years old, National Parks of the USA gives plenty of information on where each park is and what they have to offer. 

With earthy illustrations of animals, sights, and plant life, this national park-themed gift helps portray the full scope of what makes national parks great. 

Focusing on 21 of the parks, National Parks of the USA provides a coast-to-coast look at attractions and geographical phenomena across the country.

Games and Puzzles

National Parks Yahtzee

Yahtzee National Parks Gift

For players eight and up, this travel-sized game includes a tree-trunk dice cup, dice with national park icons, and environmental facts. 

This is the perfect version of Yahtzee to teach young kids about the parks and how to preserve them while also bonding as a family.

The dice cup and notepad fit perfectly inside a small box, so you can carry it without it being too bulky or being afraid of losing the pieces. 

Trekking the National Parks Board Game

Trekking the National Parks Board Game Gift

Trekking the National Parks is the perfect board game for national park lovers created by national park lovers. 

Designed for ages ten and up, Trekking the National Parks board game teaches players about the parks while also providing a fun experience. 

It includes little plastic men, bears, tents, and trail stones to collect on the way.

The Park Cards have beautiful illustrations of monuments and landmarks and there are numerous set-up possibilities that make for a different outcome every time. 

Up to five players can enjoy this game at a time.

National Parks Monopoly

National Parks Monopoly Gift

This national parks themed Monopoly offers game pieces shaped like park icons; choose from a camera, canoe, bison, tent, hiking boot, or ranger’s hat. 

The game features twenty-two national parks and includes illustrations from over sixty parks in the United States.

With an added focus on matching animals to their native parks, this game otherwise runs like the original Monopoly. 

For players eight and up, two to six people can enjoy this outdoor take on one of America’s most popular board games. 

National Parks Trivial Pursuit

National Parks Trivial Pursuit Gift

A convenient travel-sized version of Trivial Pursuit, this game is easy to take on hikes, camping, or any national park journey. 

Focusing on 100 years of national park history, this game contains six categories of trivia: Battlefields and Historic Sites, Cultural Heritage, Natural Wonders, Science and Nature, Wildlife, and Wildcard.

The game’s carry-case has a carabiner for easy attachment to belts, backpacks, or fanny packs. It also contains a large die that will tell you which category is next. 

It’s the perfect gift for any park lover who wants to test their knowledge or learn more about the parks. 

National Parks Puzzle

National Parks Puzzle Gift

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle shows a map of the United States with illustrations representing each national park. 

A border of park signs and wildlife completes the extensive and detailed image. The finished puzzle is 19.25 by 26.75 inches.

The manufacturer, MasterPieces, uses recycled materials and soy-based inks to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product. 

This national park gift is recommended for ages thirteen and older.

Our National Parks Puzzle

Our National Parks Puzzle Gift

Showcasing 24 prominent national park posters, Our National Parks Puzzle shows the beauty of both scenery and wildlife with its vibrant and colorful illustrations. 

With 1000 pieces made from sustainable materials, this is the perfect family puzzle for national park enthusiasts. 

Advertised for ages eight and up, this puzzle measures 27 by 19 inches once complete. 

It also comes with a matching 15 x 11 inch poster that can be hung up or used as a reference when putting the puzzle together.

National Parks Jenga

National Parks Jenga Gift

This revitalized Jenga set has 54 wooden blocks, each with a printed national parks fact on the side.

This game is a solid introduction to the national parks for kids (and adults) of all ages, and it’s just as simple to play as before. 

Great for players six years old and up, National Parks Jenga is an ideal gift for any park lover with a percentage of the proceeds given to the Parks Foundation.

Minimalist National Parks Playing Cards

Minimalist National Parks Playing Cards Gift

Cards are a great travel or camping gift, and these national park themed cards can substitute for any standard deck of cards. 

Each card face holds a unique suite look, and each Jack, Queen, and King represents one of the national parks or their landmarks. 

Illustrations are simplistic but beautiful and the cards have plastic coatings for extra protection.

Cards are a great addition to any camping trip and these are the perfect inspiration for which national park to go to next. 

Read our guide to the best gifts for campers.

Parks Board Game

Parks Board Game Gift

This Parks Board Game offers a bit of national park fun for all ages.  

With an extensive number of components like Equipment and Canteen Cards, Trail Tiles, and wildlife pieces, the Parks Board Game is fun for the whole family. 

The game features 48 of America’s national parks with lovingly rendered illustrations and detailed artwork from more than 35 artists. 

Use the rules to learn about the different parks and what they have to offer in terms of geography, climate, and wildlife.


National Parks Wall Map

National Parks Wall Map Gift

This National Parks Wall Map by National Geographic showcases a specific number of parks with colorful, vibrant photos. 

It encompasses a full geographical map of the United States with marked sites for each of the national parks.

With a size of 42 by 30 inches, this wall map can easily hang over a bed or the dining room table. 

It offers the opportunity to discover where your gift recipient has been and where they want to go next.

ENO National Parks Foundation Hammock

ENO National Parks Foundation Hammock Gift

For your camping buddy who has almost everything except a place to relax in nature, this ENO National Parks Foundation Hammock provides a fun way to experience the outdoors by sleeping off the ground. 

Able to hold up to 400 pounds and pack up to the size of a grapefruit, this nylon hammock is lightweight and durable for any trip.

This ENO hammock also includes a stuff sack and aluminum carabiners for anchor points. 

Pendleton National Park Blanket

Pendleton National Park Blanket Gift

A thoughtful addition to any expedition, this Pendleton National Park Blanket is warm and colorful for a comforting camping experience or for sitting around the campfire. 

Made from pure virgin wool, a combed technique lends the fabric more softness and coziness than expected. 

At 90 by 80 inches large, it’s not the best for trips that demand minimal weight, but it’s a luxurious addition to any car camping trip or chilly outdoor hangout. 

With three main colors to choose from (Glacier, Zion, or Olympic), each blanket hosts a slew of colorful stripes meant to represent the history behind three popular US national parks.

National Parks Scratch Off Poster

National Parks Scratch Off Poster Gift

This National Parks Scratch Off Poster is the perfect inspiration for national parks travels. At 16 by 20 inches, it fits in most standard poster frames. 

The poster contains 62 of America’s national parks with unique and colorful illustrations that exist underneath a scratchable exterior.

A label for each showcases what they represent so that when your giftee visits, they can come back and scratch off the dull outer shell to reveal the colorful picture beneath. 

The more they visit, the more they’ll reveal the colorful poster underneath.

2022 National Parks Calendar

2022 National Parks Calendar Gift

This 2022 National Parks Calendar gives space to plan for the year and showcases fascinating pictures from favorite national parks.

At 12 by 12 inches, the calendar fits well in any available space. 

The national park photos are high quality and each date has plenty of space for activity and appointment reminders. 

In addition, sales of the calendar support the National Park Foundation. 

National Park Poster

National Park Poster Gift

This elegant National Park Poster features an iconic photograph of each national park from A to Z. 

Each picture is complete with a name label and a small white circle. With either a marker or a pushpin, your giftee can check off each national park they’ve been to. 

This satisfying marking method can help them tick parks off their bucket list while helping them plan for their next adventure. 

With the purchase of this poster comes the guarantee of a tree planted by the National Forest Foundation.

Peaks and Valleys Candle Trio

Peaks and Valleys Candle Trio Gift

If you’re looking for top gifts for national park lovers, this Peaks and Valleys Candle Trio set is a good one to choose. 

These stackable candles each represent a different national park. Grand Teton, Great Smoky Mountains, and Yellowstone each have a scent of their own as their candle burns. 

Each candle tin contains about six ounces or 25 hours of burn time. 

Purchasing these candles also supports the Open for Outdoors Kids Program, led by the National Park Foundation.

National Parks Soap

National Parks Soap Gift

This National Parks Soap includes a package of three bars, each representing a different national park. 

Redwood, Acadia, and Zion are identifiable with different colors and scents: the bars are green, blue, and red, respectively, and carry a blend of aromas like scotch pine and rock rose or juniper and fir.

Manufactured in Vermont, the production of these soaps is in part done with solar energy. 

Purchases support the National Parks Conservation Association that helps preserve parkland and forests.

National Park Themed Igloo

National Park Themed Igloo Gift

The ideal vintage cooler for a park picnic, this National Park Themed Igloo is easily portable and can hold all of your picnic needs. 

The cooler can hold up to a total of 30 twelve-ounce cans with an interior that stays cool with insulating Thermecool foam. 

The tent-top lid uses a pushbutton to effortlessly open. When the lid is closed, everything is safely contained, even on bumpy roads, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills.

Made from EcoCool material that contains post-consumer recycled resin, this igloo is sustainable and durable for a greener tomorrow. 

Parks Glow in the Dark Water Bottle

Parks Glow in the Dark Water Bottle Gift

This glowing Nalgene bottle is easy to spot in the dark when camping. Made from BPA-free Tritan, it holds up to 32 ounces of liquid at a time. 

A printed list of all of the national parks on the side of the bottle and a large parks logo make it one of the top gifts for national park lovers. 

Purchases support the National Parks Foundation program, Open for Outdoors Kids.

Peaceful Bear Water Bottle

Peaceful Bear Water Bottle Gift

Just like the glow-in-the-dark bottle above, this Nalgene Peaceful Bear Water Bottle holds 32 ounces and is a reliable and sturdy choice for any kind of outdoor activity. 

Featuring a relaxed bear graphic offering a gentle wave, the bottle promotes being one with nature and respecting all living things. 

The National Parks Foundation gives a portion of the proceeds of this bottle to the Open for Outdoors Kids program.

Yosemite Pine Candle

Yosemite Pine Candle Gift

When looking for national park Christmas gifts, this Yosemite Pine Candle is the perfect festive gift. 

Made from soy-blend wax, it represents Yosemite National Park in both scent and color. 

A blend of aromas including lodgepole pine, granite, meadow dew, and freshly chopped wood perfectly encompass the park.

At 11.6 ounces, this candle burns for up to 80 hours. 

The cork lid provides a rustic touch and keeps the candle fresh for whenever you want to use it next. 

Best of all, it doesn’t need any further gift wrapping since it comes with a gift label.

National Parks Mug

National Parks Mug Gift

For a touch of the old-fashioned, national park coffee mugs are a great way to commemorate an outdoor enthusiast’s experiences. 

This classic national park geek mug features fun graphics of all the national parks’ famous landmarks. 

Only 12 ounces big, this enamel mug is the perfect size for campfires, hikes, and backpacking trips. 

Though not microwave or dishwasher safe, it’s campfire safe and can withstand both flames and embers.

Parks Project Gift Box

Parks Project Gift Box

The ultimate national parks enthusiast gift, this Parks Project Gift Box contains items specifically created by the Parks Project for people who love America’s national parks. 

It includes a parks project journal, one pair of trail crew socks, a Take Me to a National Park key chain, Minimalist National Park Playing Cards, and a National Parks of the USA Checklist postcard.

The journal has 144 lined pages and the socks are one-size-fits-all, made from cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. 

Both the cards and keychain are travel-sized and perfect for any trip. 

National Parks Poster Scratch Off Map

National Parks Poster Scratch Off Map Gift

This handmade National Parks Scratch-Off Poster features each national park with a unique icon.

Scratch the surface of the icon off to reveal a lovely colored version beneath, complete with landmarks and labels so you can tell which national park it is.

Your loved one can use this national parks scratch off map to mark where they’ve gone and where they need to go on their journey across the parks. 

The poster is 20 by 16 inches, perfect for hanging on any wall.

National Park Art

National Park Art Gift

Paintings and prints make the best kind of national park ornaments for household decoration. 

And these national park prints keep a piece of your loved one’s favorite parks in their home for everyone to enjoy.

Choose a set of three from 63 national park posters, each featuring a beautiful pastel scene or landmark of the national park they represent. 

Frames are not included but are recommended for display.

National Park Service Custom Welcome Sign Gift

National Park Service Custom Welcome Sign Gift

This handmade, National Park Service Welcome Sign is the ultimate choice when searching for custom national park service gifts. 

This welcome sign advertises your giftee’s love for the parks as well as who they are. 

Easy to prop up or connect to a stand, this sign is ideal for a garage, an RV, or even the front hallway of their home.

National Park Map

National Park Map Gift

With kid-friendly illustrations of various wildlife, this National Park Map offers a checklist for the different national parks. 

As the perfect poster to hang in a child’s room, it’s a good way to teach kids early on about the national parks and the importance of preserving them.

Each national park is numbered with a coniferous tree and labeled in a legend on the lower half of the map.

The map is handmade and ready for framing in standard poster size.

National Park Travel Stickers

National Park Travel Stickers Gift

These collectible National Park Travel Stickers showcase every single national park with a beautiful illustration and shield shape. 

Your loved one can use them to decorate any surface of their choosing, including notebooks, water bottles, or even their car. 

At one and a half by two inches, they make a colorful and fun-sized addition to any space.

National Parks Donation

And finally, one of the best gift ideas for that outdoorsy person that already has everything they need and aren’t fond of physical gifts is a national parks donation gift. 

You can choose your giftee’s favorite national park, whether that’s the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or something closer to home, and make a donation in their name from this page.  

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