51 BEST Gifts for Book Lovers [2024 Gift Guide]

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TL;DR: The best gifts for book lovers are a Kindle e-reader for easy access to countless titles and a bookmark pack with creative sleeves and tassels to decorate their favorite reads.

Scratching your head trying to think of good gift ideas for book lovers? There are tons of options, but the variety can be overwhelming.

Don’t get me started on how many different types of book lovers there are.

Over the shoulder view of a woman in black dress lying on a beige couch, looking at the book she's reading while she lays on the couch.

The best gifts for fiction book lovers might be different from the best gifts for fantasy book lovers, or the best gifts for romance book lovers.

The good news is that I’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for book lovers fit for any bookworm in your life.

I’ve loved reading and writing since childhood and have grown up using many of the items from the list below. They’re book lover-verified!

From bookmarks to home decor, I’ve got you when it comes to book lovers and readers. 

Let’s take a look at the best presents for book lovers.

A couple reading on the couch. The woman is laying down with her head on the man's leg as she reads an e-book. The man sits upright reading a book titled "So You Want To Talk About Race."


The cover of the book, "Circe" by Madeline Miller.

I can’t discuss gift ideas for book lovers without including the most obvious of them all…books!

Some people love the smell of a new car; I love the smell of a new book.

No bookworm will say no to adding another book (or two books) to their bookshelf. 

Pro tip: worried about gifting your friend a book they already have? Check if they have a Goodreads.com account. 

Most people on Goodreads have a ‘to-read’ list, so selecting a title from there gives you the best chance at getting them something they want but may not already have. 

Here are a few of my favorite books to give as gifts:

Blind Date with a Book

Books wrapped in brown paper and decorated with hand-written notes, stickers, and a twine bow.

If you want surprise gifts for book lovers and readers, this Etsy listing is for you. 

The Etsy seller sends you a surprise-wrapped book within your genre selection.

Every book comes with three other surprise items. It could be a bookmark, stickers, wax melts, a notebook, or a literary tea bag.


Kindle e-reader displaying "Chapter 1".

The Kindle made waves as a breakthrough e-reader product in 2007 and has made many developments in quality since.

Current Kindles eliminate the need for bulky books, bookmarks, blue light glasses, or reading lights. 

The Kindle Paperwhite has an adjustable warm light and a glare-free screen, which helps eliminate any blue light coming from the device like it would from an iPad.

I usually prefer physical books to an e-reader. But last summer, I was on a beach vacation and lugged multiple books around the country.

My friend, on the other hand, had a Kindle, and I was quite jealous.

She didn’t have to worry about her books getting wet or damaged, keeping track of her bookmarks, or having a proper reading light.

One day she’d be reading a fiction romance, the next an autobiography.

I couldn’t keep track of how many books she finished during our trip–it seemed like the world of books was at her fingertips. 

For book lovers who have not yet tried a Kindle, this gift may easily turn them into an e-reader enthusiast!


Product photo for Apple AirPods (2nd Generation).

Let’s talk tech gifts for book lovers.

If the book lover in your life prefers audiobooks to physical books, consider getting them a pair of AirPods. 

It’s always nice to get a luxurious gift like this for a birthday or holiday, and the reader in your life will be grateful to receive it!

I find the quality of the classic Apple brand to be worth the price. I love how light they are, how well they function, and the sound quality.

I use my AirPods every day of my life. I rotate between music, podcasts, and of course–books.

There are also a variety of lower-priced Bluetooth headphones on the market. 

Book Embosser

An embossed image of a stack of books with the text "From the Library of Skylar Johns"

If you’re interested in personalized gifts for readers, an embosser could be a perfect choice.

An embosser creates a raised design after sealing the page of a book between two metal pieces.

Aside from being a way to mark books as you’re own, it’s just cool.

This Etsy listing offers more than 40 different customizable designs to choose from. Pick the one that reminds you most of your giftee.

Book Stamp

Various examples of words and images that can be stamped with the overlay, "Custom Book Stampers"

Etsy is home to many customizable stamps, and a personal library stamp is one of them.

A book stamp is similar to a book embosser but has a different impact on the page. Instead of creating a raised design on the pages, a stamp leaves behind an ink design. 

This Etsy listing offers more than 20 different customizable designs to choose from.

Book Laptop Cover

A laptop in a form fitted leather cover designed to look like an old book.

This laptop cover is a fun book-shaped item, especially for a book-loving writer. 

This synthetic leather cover comes in three color combinations.

It protects laptops by wrapping around the front of the laptop and just below the keyboard.

A con about this option is that you’re limited to Macbook models. Check which models will fit this book cover by scrolling down the listing.

Book Vase for Flowers

A glass vase shaped like a book holding two pink flowers.

Let’s be real–book lovers will love anything book-shaped, including a book-shaped vase.

Flowers are a great way to liven up their reading nook. This particular vase filled with flowers stays quite on theme.

You can order this gift for your favorite bookworm as a standalone, or add the flowers to take the gift to the next level.

Reader Mug

A white mug wrapped in images of the bindings of famous books with a box in the background.

Book lovers will love the classic novels on this mug.

Avid readers will definitely recognize titles like Gulliver’s Travels, War and Peace, and The Great Gatsby. 

The mug’s design includes a total of 30 different books. It’s microwave and dishwasher-safe, so it’ll be easy to keep clean to use again and again.

Psst–this would be a great gift to pair with the novel teas or heated coaster!


Four coasters, all with antiquated images of real stamped library due-date cards.

If you’re a reader, chances are you’re probably familiar with library due dates.

These coasters have a vintage library due date slip design. They’re made of wood, backed with cork, and have a waterproof resin coating. 

The design lists classic children’s books like Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz, and The Secret Garden. 

The set arrives in decorative wrapping, making it a ready-to-go gift. 

Heated Coaster

A white round coaster with a warming surface, a power indicator light, and a cord.

Once I came across this heated coaster, I purchased one for everyone I knew.

I love these coasters because they help time melt away by keeping your drink consistently warm. 

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or something else–readers won’t have to constantly bookmark their page and run back and forth from the library to the microwave.  

Reader Sculpture

An iron circle with a lanky person on the inside, leaning up against the circle, reading.

This sculpture of a reader shows the continuous circle of life–err, reading.

Decorative pieces of reading-themed artwork make nice gifts for friends in your life that are writers or readers.

And, if you’re looking for gifts for book lovers you don’t see every day, this sculpture is a thoughtful keepsake to remind them how much you care.

You have the choice of a single male figure, a single female figure, or a set of both. 

If you purchase a set, the listing suggests using them as bookends.

Folded Book Art

A book open to the camera with the pages carved to read "Bookworm."

Folded Book Art is a great way to combine, well, books and art. 

This Etsy seller folds the pages of books to form words, which are on display when you fan the book open.

The price changes based on how many letters you use. You can write a friend’s name, a word related to reading, or anything you see fit. 

This handmade gift uses well-preserved books from a used bookstore, so they’re the best gifts for book lovers who appreciate environmentally-friendly home decor pieces.

Novel Teas

A yellowish fold-over paper container with old sketches of women at a party and the text Novel Teas alongside two propped up teabags

More often than not, book lovers and tea lovers go hand in hand. I mean, I’m one of them, after all.

If I’m picturing my ideal reading nook, I’ve got an armchair, blanket, and a warm cup of tea.

That’s why these 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes are a great and inexpensive gift.

Psst–this would be a great gift to pair with the reader mug!

Personalized Leather Bookmark

A green bookmark with golden topper sitting in a book opened two chapter 23 "The Outside View"

Book lovers use so many unique things as bookmarks.

Though I always prefer proper bookmarks, I’ve used receipts, post-its, and even regrettably dog-earing pages when I have to…

If something is in my vicinity when I’m reading, it’s eligible to become a bookmark. 

Eliminate that problem with a nice, quality bookmark that readers will want to use over and over. 

This leather bookmark comes with a gold top piece that dresses up any novel, and you can customize it with your giftee’s name. 

Personalized Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark

The corner of a book page enveloped in green fabric with daisies and the red letter "M" stiched.

If you’re looking for unique gifts for readers, this hand-embroidered corner bookmark from Etsy fits the bill.

To save their place in the book, readers place the right-hand corner of a page inside the felt pieces. 

You can choose a bookmark inspired by one of the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) and a letter to embroider on it. 

Each bookmark is stitched by hand, making this one of the best gifts for book lovers, with soft spots for special handmade gifts or bookmarks.

Bookmark Pack

On the left, a single example bookmark with a red tassel and image of a woman in an elegant red dress. On the right, multiple bookmarks fanned out with the top on displaying a woman with a flower. Tassels of various colors are displayed across the bottom of the image.

If you aren’t sure what kind of bookmark your giftee will like, let them choose.

Here’s what I mean: get them a pack of clear bookmark sleeves. I purchased a pack like this, and it changed my bookmark game.

This pack comes with 100 empty acrylic bookmark sleeves and 25 different tassels to tie on the end for decoration.

I travel a lot and enjoy collecting bookmarks from the cities I visit. Most of the time, these are paper, so I love having these plastic sleeves to protect each one. 

It’s an inexpensive gift that allows for so much creativity, making it one of the best gifts for book lovers. 

Your giftee could use pictures of their family or quotes from their favorite story–the options are endless. 


Beige socks printed with a Due Date card pattern, showing lines with multicolored stamped dates. The toes and heels are black.

We all have that friend who loves getting funky socks, right? If that person is also a book lover, you can gift them these. 

This Etsy listing has nerdy in the title, but, personally, I think they’re just fun.

Maybe that says something about me. . .but I’d be willing to bet your favorite bookworm is on my side!

Library Due Date Hoody

A woman wearing a beige crew neck sweater that reads "Date Due:" and displays lines with stamped dates from the 1960s.

This hoody from Etsy has a classic, vintage library due date design.

They are printed on a Gildan unisex heavy blend crewneck sweatshirt (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester).

You can choose from an ash, sand, or white color.

Imagine how many librarians your giftee will make smile the next time they wear this to the library. 

Pajama Pants

An electronically-created image of white pajama pants decorated in stacks of yellow, red, and green books.

These cute pajama pants will help any book lover feel comfy (and there’s no better feeling when reading books). 

Book lovers often fall asleep reading a story late at night…so falling asleep in these pajama pants is quite fitting for those scenarios. 

Bookstack Earrings

Tear drop-shaped earrings made of acrylic displaying colorful book shelves with silver hardware.

These book stack earrings from Etsy are an inexpensive gift that screams “I love books.”

With a simple teardrop shape, these cute earrings have a bookshelf pattern.

The design is printed on the back, so the books look more 3D as they show through the clear acrylic material.  

They’re super light to wear, and the stainless steel pinch bail hardware is hypoallergenic.

I Have No Shelf Control Tote Bag

Black tote bag printed with a bookshelf that reads "I Have No Shelf Control Tote Bag" among the books. It's displayed with a pair of black and white converse, a bouquet of fake flowers, and journals.

This tote bag from Etsy features a cheeky play on words. 

The phrase “I Have No Shelf Control” is probably all too true for the readers in your life, so call them out with this jovial and cute gift. 

Cotton totes make the best reusable bags for your library, school, and shopping routines.

Waterproof Book Bag

Plain canvas backpack tote bag with a zippered top9, front pocket, hand-carrying handle, and narrow backpack straps.

Picture this: You’re leaving the library with your stack of freshly checked-out books–and it’s raining.

That’s where having a waterproof book bag comes in handy.

It’s helpful that this is a 2-in-1 tote because carrying multiple books at a time can quickly become heavy. 

The straps allow you to carry it as a bag or convert it to wear as a backpack.

Book Lovers Iced Coffee Cup

A cup shaped like a large can made out of frosted glass with a wooden lid, glass straw, and decorated with black line drawings of a book and flowers.

Book lovers and iced coffee lovers converge at this personalized book glass with a lid and straw. 

This 18 oz glass cup has books, flowers, and phrases printed all over. It comes with a glass straw and a bamboo lid, and you can personalize the item by adding your giftee’s name to the cup. 

Even if your giftee isn’t a coffee fan, reusable cups are great for drinks like water, tea, and smoothies.

Book Tumbler

A tumbler wrapped in an image of a bookshelf with square compartments and books.

If the book lover in your life has people to see and places to be (or often has writing sessions near a laptop), get them this tumbler.

This 20oz tumbler is printed with a traditional bookshelf design.

It’s made from stainless steel. Each tumbler has an Anti-Leak, BPA-Free flip lid and can be used to transport hot or cold drinks.

Leather Book Binding Kit

Materials for book binding laid out on a table, including leather, a ruler, line pages, scissors, string, an awl, and paper instructions.

Etsy always has the coolest gifts, and this leather bookbinding kit is no exception. It comes with quality materials like a calfskin leather cover and strap.

I’m always fascinated by how things are made, and books are no exception. 

This kit includes everything you need to bind your journal: an instruction booklet, a calfskin leather cover and strap, 192 pages of Italian writing paper, an 8-inch wood ruler, a curved needle, waxed linen thread, and sharp thread snips. 

If the book lover in your life also enjoys writing, then this will be a gift that keeps on giving. 

Book Lovers Tshirt

A cream-colored shirt with six images, "Things I do in my Spare Time." Below, images and text are: an open book with the description, "Read Books"; a pile of books and coins "Buy Books"; a laptop that says books "Research books";  an open book and feather pen "Review Books"; books binding out "Talk About Books"; and a book shelf full of books "Rearrange Books."

This shirt reads, “Things I Do In My Spare Time…read books, buy books, research books, review books, talk about books, rearrange books.”

Not only is this T-shirt the ultimate book-lover gift, but it would also make a great gift for a writer, as they probably spend lots of time with books.

You could opt for a classic white T-shirt, but it also comes in many more colors and product options (hoodie, etc.), so you have multiple choices to pick from.

Book Light

Two white palm-sized rectangles that have 3 buttons. One demonstrates clipping to a book and giving off light.

Get a book light for the practical book lover in your life. 

I use book lights while traveling, during road trips after dark, and around the house.

I like using my book light in bed when my reading light on the bedside table doesn’t provide enough light (or after the lights were turned off for bedtime when I was a kid. Sorry, Mom and Dad!) 

They’re also useful for airplanes–I’m picturing long-haul flights where the main cabin lights are turned off, and you’re stuck with that one tiny hard-to-reach light on the ceiling above your seat. No thanks!

Eliminate that problem for your book lover friend with a book light. They can clip these lights to the page and adjust the brightness for just the right reading light.


White candle in a glass container that's labeled "Book Club".

Book lovers care about ambiance. Like having a drink in hand or cuddling a blanket, a great way to create a cozy reading space is with a candle.

Homesick is a company that makes candles for every occasion and emotion.  

They describe their book club candle as having orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, balsam, and amber notes.

Their soy wax blend candle will give your book lover approximately 60-80 hours of burn time.

They can keep it at home on their bookshelf or bring it to their next book club to burn there!

Book Tissue Box Holder

Three fake books stacked on top of one another with tissues coming out of the whole in the top.

Another book-shaped item–what else is there to say?

This tissue box holder looks like a stack of antique books, and the listing suggests alternative uses, such as a trinket box, jewelry container, or accessory organizer.

You can choose from three different sets of colors.

I can picture this in a book lover’s library, bookshelf, bedside table…the possibilities are endless!

Bathtub Caddy Tray

A wooden tray with variously-sized cutouts and a grey holder for propping up a book.

Maybe your budget won’t cover luxury gifts for book lovers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the feeling of luxury. 

Bookworms will read anywhere, and the bathtub is no exception!

The bathtub is one of the most luxurious places to read. This water-resistant bamboo tray makes it possible. 

This tray features divots to hold items like a stemmed wine glass, regular glass, phone, book, iPad, bookmarks, and candles. 

The flip-up holder has multiple tilting angles for watching movies or reading. 

I mean, really, what can’t you bring in the bath after getting this?

I had one of these at my first apartment. I don’t have a bathtub where I live now, and let me tell you–I miss it!


Four see-through book-ends with four holes for screws on the short side.

Bookends are one of the most practical gifts for a bookworm.

If the book lover in your life enjoys displaying their books, get them some bookends.

This set of acrylic bookends comes with four pieces, aka two sets. 

They’re sleek and will surely compliment the decor in any bookworm’s room or library. 

Book Sack Sleeve

Closeup of a black pouch with a zippered top.

If your book lover is like me and likes bringing books around, this padded and zippered book sack sleeve will make the perfect gift.

They come in various sizes designed to fit paperback and hardcover books. This would also be a great way to protect a Kindle or e-reader. 

Freadom T-Shirt

A navy blue T-Shirt that reads "FREADOM" below a bookshelf.

This t-shirt plays on the idea of banned books. Hence the design centered around the phrase, “Freadom.”

It speaks to the freedom you feel when lost in a good book.

In addition to the t-shirt, other clothing pieces use the same design, which is great if you’re looking for gifts for male book lovers.

You can pick a size or style that may better suit them.

Whether this is a shirt your giftee chooses to wear out and about or at home (maybe paired with the pajama pants?), it’ll make a great addition to any book-lover’s wardrobe. 

Wooden Book Stand

Top view of a wooden tray that has special cutouts for glasses and a cup on the left and holds a book binding up on the right.

A book stand is a great accessory for avid readers’ bedside tables.

This gift eliminates the need for a bookmark because you drop the book on the angled wood stand instead.

This wooden book stand is customizable–you can add your giftee’s name and a flower. 

There are various flower options, so pick their birth flower according to the month of their birthday…or any flower you know they like!

There are two built-in diverts, which are the perfect sizes for glasses and a cup. 

This would make a perfect gift for a reader who enjoys reading in bed at night or on a writer’s desk who may be placing their book up and down often while referencing the pages.

You can always count on Etsy for a unique gift you may not have seen before!

Floating Bookshelves

Four white corner-shaped shelves with screw-holes next to a pile of screws and mollies. Below are four examples of how the shelves can be used: holding 2 books, holding several books and invisible, holding a picture frame, holding a vase of flowers.

These floating bookshelves are such a great way to feature books from your book-lovers collection.

Once filled with stacks of books, they become home decor that honors your favorite titles.

A reader could even feature their favorite book on one all by itself.

These shelves’ design makes them sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight, but they’re not limited to books. Your friend could display any of their favorite things on them.

Comic Book Holder

A fooden-bottomed display with clear book ends, full of comic books.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for comic book lovers, opt for a comic book holder.

If you’re worried your loved one already has one in their personal library, don’t be. I promise it’ll be filled up in no time.

This bookholder features a sleek and simple design, meaning it won’t disrupt any library. 

Audible Subscription

A picture of the Audible website with a navy blue background and book covers to choose from.

When it comes to the best gifts for audiobook lovers, you can’t go wrong with gifting an Audible subscription. 

Audible has more than 70,000 Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Audible Originals, so the options are vast.

While you can’t give a gift card, you can gift a monthly subscription (or two…or three!), which includes one free title a month.

Bookshelf Dam Puzzle

A purple see-through bag of puzzle pieces in front of a poster of bookshelves holding a pond.

I’m a huge puzzle fan, so I couldn’t write a gift guide without including one. 

This 1,000-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is about 20 inches by 30 inches.

It comes with a high-definition poster to use as a reference. 

You could hang up the poster in your library after (or grab some puzzle glue and hang the puzzle instead).

Books Scratch Off Poster

A teal poster with silver squares that can be scratched off.

This poster is a great gift for book lovers who have two joint goals: reading classic novels and keeping track of them.

This poster displays 100 iconic book titles, from James and the Giant Peach to Wuthering Heights.

After you read the book, you can scratch the silver sticker off to reveal the cover.

This poster might help your book lover find their new favorite book.

Book Page Holder

A wooden tool that looks like a squished cube with a hole in the center.

Book page holders are super useful reading accessories that make great inexpensive gifts for book lovers.

Many book lovers prefer to keep their books in good condition. 

If you’ve ever held a book open with your fingers, you know it’s easy to mark pages with thumbprints, especially if you’ve been snacking while reading. 

And honestly, I find my thumb gets strained after holding a book like this for a while. 

This tiny but mighty bookholder eliminates both of these problems. 

Reading Journal

A tan journal with the cover text "The Reading Journal."

If your giftee is a list maker or enjoys keeping track of their reading goals, a reading journal is one of the best gifts for avid book readers.

This journal is filled with sections like finished books, books to read, a daily reading tracker, and an overall index. 

Each book gets two pages where your bookworm can pen a review.

One is full of questions about the book; the other is an open space to record thoughts, quotes, or even draw. 

I love that one of the questions from this reading journal is, “What are you going to take away from this book?”. 

What a great question to have documented about each book you read!



A woman holding up a brown blanket with a drawn image of colorful books on bookshelves and the words "Reading is my Happy Place."

Fact or fiction: the ultimate cozy reading nook will include a blanket.

I say it’s a fact!

You could choose any blanket–plain, plaid, knitted. . .

But if you want to go all out on the book-lover theme, choose this blanket. It’s a gift the whole family can enjoy.

The CUJUYO Book Lovers Gifts Blanket is 60 inches x 50 inches (5 feet by 4 feet), with the phrase, “Reading is My Happy Place” amongst a bookshelf.

This blanket is very warm, making it one of the best Christmas gifts for book lovers.

Product from Litographs

The Litographic website with a smiling woman wearing a T-shirt designed with the text of a book.

Litographs is a site that takes the words of classic or contemporary books and prints them on items. 

Options include t-shirts, blankets, totes, puzzles, posters, and so forth.

You can choose the text from more than 200 different classic novels or upload your own text for a custom project. 

Pick your giftee’s favorite author and start a design that brings their text to life. 

Literary Fiction Genres Poster

A framed poster of a very intricate diagram connecting various genres.

Wondering what to gift a book nerd?

Have you ever encountered a poster in someone’s space that makes you stop and stare? 

This is one of those.

This 18-inch x 24-inch literary fiction genres poster is a maze of book genres that branch into subcategories…and more sub-subcategories. 

Not only will this help your reader become more familiar with navigating the literary genres out there, but it’s also a piece that will draw the attention of anyone who sees it. 

Bibliophile: 50 Postcards

A postcard that reads "Bibliophile" above a stack of books.

This set of 50 postcards is a great gift for book lovers. 

With a variety of illustrations by Jane Mount, you can use these postcards to send to others or hang them up on a wall as a mini art poster. 

Readers will recognize classic titles mixed in with lesser-known titles. The printed books are designed to pop using touches of foil.

I find small touches like gold foil always makes stationary just that much more impressive. 

Remarkable Books

A book cover that looks like the bindings of many very old books with the overlay, "Remarkable Books: The World's Most Historic and Significant Works."

Want useful books for book lovers that will be practical and fun?

Remarkable Books discusses 75 of the world’s most momentous titles, making this a bookworm history lover’s dream. 

From titles like The Art of War to Anne Frank’s Diary, each page reveals its far-ranging impact on the world.  

It’s a large book (10.31 x 0.87 x 12.13 inches), a great addition to a coffee table book collection. 

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die

A white book titled "1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List" by James Mustich.

The motto of 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die is “celebrate the pleasure of reading.” 

Each suggested book has a short entry where the author includes a brief, informative, and entertaining essay. 

The books range from fiction to mystery, classics to more modern choices, heavy material to light–a wide range of options.

The author also discusses the best editions of the book to read, other books by the author, and “if you like this, you’ll like that” recommendations.

This would be a great gift to pair with other gifts for book lovers, like the 100 Books poster or reading journal. With either option, your giftee could track their progress in reading through these titles.

Any reader or writer will enjoy having this book in their life or on their library shelf.

Lit Chat: Conversation Starters

The cover of a two-toned teal book titled "Lit Chat: Conversation Starters" featuring two conversation bubbles that read "Lit" and "Chat."

This little book will have readers chatting for hours.

The Lit Chat pack has 50 cards, each printed with two reading-themed questions.

Lit Chats gives readers an excuse to talk about books, ideas, and life itself.

This is one of those gifts for book lovers that would be great to bring to a book club. They can use this pack to discuss with fellow readers, writers, or friends. 

Subscription to a Book Box/Club

The website subscription page of a book club subscription, displaying lavender, light blue, and green boxes of books and the overlay, "Bringing Books to Life."

Think of this as a continuous book-lover gift box.

Some popular Book Subscription clubs include Book of the Month and Once Upon a Book Club.

Getting any subscription box is like getting a monthly surprise, whether you remember it’s coming or not.

These gifts for book lovers will help them consistently turn pages and find their next book to suggest to their book club!

Gift Card

A $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

If you’re short on time or haven’t found the right fit, you can always go with a gift card to a local bookshop or coffee shop.

No matter which books your book lover chooses, they’ll always think of you when they see it on their bookshelf.

The most common bookstore in the US is Barnes and Noble. You can purchase a gift card at the link below.


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