31 BEST Gifts for Writers, Pros & Aspiring [2024 Gift Guide]

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Short on time? Our picks for the best gifts for writers are the Writer’s Toolbox & Light Me While Writing Candle.

Help your favorite writer thrive when inspiration strikes with one of the best gifts for writers.

What is the best gift you can give to a writer? Well, you’re asking the right person– I am, after all, a writer.

Just like books, writers come in all different genres. 

The best gifts for poets might not be the same as the best gifts for creative writers. The best gifts for someone who writes short stories might differ from the best gifts for an author of historical novels. 

Ultimately, every writer needs a good pen, a handful of Post-it notes, and an empty notebook. But maybe you want to go above and beyond for the writer in your life. That’s where this list of gift ideas comes in.

I’ve tracked down a treasure trove of personalized gifts for writers that are sure to delight every type of wordsmith.

Whether you’re looking for writing accessories, subscriptions, decor accessories, or pieces of furniture– these are the best gifts for writers.

Best Gifts for Writers

#1 Light Me While Writing Candle 

Product photo for the Light Me While Writing Candle.

When you’re looking for gifts for writers, one great idea is something that can help elevate their writing space. 

Candles make great gifts for writers during the holiday season and beyond. For example, I find lighting a candle changes my whole writing experience. The ‘write’ ambiance can make a major difference. 

This Light Me While Writing Candle has instructions in its title. It’s the perfect gift to help writers stay calm during stressful periods of writer’s block. 

The best part is that you can choose the scents: comfort spice, sea breeze, and vanilla bean. 

If you want even more options, this seller also offers other candle options within the same writing theme, such as Storytelling and Smells Like a Good Idea.

#2 Writer’s Toolbox

Product photo for the Writer's Toolbox.

Does anyone else cringe at the saying, ‘get your creative juices flowing’?

But the meaning behind the phrase is important. Some days when I sit down to write, I feel stuck.

Writer’s block is bound to happen at some point in any writing process. 

That’s why gift ideas that help combat writer’s block make some of the best gifts for aspiring writers and season professionals alike.

The Writer’s Toolbox is like a writer’s emergency pack to save them from writer’s block.

It comes with 60 cards, each bearing a prompt or creative game designed specifically to help writers fix plot holes, spice up characters, and rethink content themes. 

Many writers love to get creative ideas and writing prompts. This is an ideal gift for getting started or getting unstuck.

#3 Magnetic Poetry Original Kit

Product photo for the Magnetic Poetry Original Kit.

If the writer you’re shopping for is a poet, a Magnetic Poetry Kit is a surefire winner.

Then again, I’m not a poet, and I love this gift idea for writers. It’s sure to inspire creativity and spark story ideas. 

These magnetic word pieces stick to any stainless steel surface. This kit’s flexibility and versatility can help an aspiring writer mix words around to get a feel for word choice and sentence structure.

They say Madonna used one of these kits to write her song “Candy Perfume Girl.”

Who knows–maybe new ideas or hit singles are waiting on your writer’s fridge. 

#4 Emotion Thesaurus 

Product photo for the Emotion Thesaurus book.

 As a word nerd, I use a thesaurus consistently, and I firmly believe that a thesaurus is vital to any writer’s toolkit.

This specific thesaurus aims to convey emotion to readers in a remarkable and compelling way.

Nothing makes a writer happy like finding the perfect word. And a unique word is even better!

A gift that’s bound to give the creative writer in your life creative inspiration? That’s guaranteed to be a hit.

#5 RocketBook Reusable Notebook

Product photo for the RocketBook Reusable Notebook.

Remember how I said one of the best gifts for writers is an empty notebook? Well, this is a continuously empty notebook.

With the Rocketbook notepad, you write on paper and then scan the notes you’ve taken into the Rocketbook app with your phone. 

After that, you wipe the page clean and start fresh!

While it’s not a waterproof notepad, it’s thin and portable. 

Purchasing the standard letter-size notebook comes with a compatible pen and microfiber cloth to help keep the notebook in good condition. A smaller notebook and mini pad are size options as well.

For the cover, you can either go for classic black or choose from fifteen other colors.

#6 Book Laptop Cover

Product photo for the Book Laptop Cover.

This laptop cover looks like an old book, so it’s an excellent gift for a writer who is also a book lover. 

I know the few times I’ve seen someone with this laptop cover in person, I’ve oohed and ahhed. There’s something so fun about modern appliances with a vintage appearance, isn’t there?

(And for those who may be big animal lovers, while this leather looks authentic, don’t worry–it’s synthetic!)

#7 Silicone Keyboard Cover

Product photo for the Silicone Keyboard Cover.

I have a confession to make: I’m a fast typer…and a loud typer.

That’s why I use a silicone keyboard cover whenever I write in public. 

It keeps my keyboard clean and protected. Plus, it does everyone in the room a favor by keeping my typing quiet.

Because you may not know exactly what size or laptop brand your giftee uses, I’ve chosen a keyboard cover that comes in a universal size.

#8 Typewriter Keyboard

Product photo for the Typewriter Keyboard.

Another way to change a writer’s typing pattern is to get them a stylized keyboard.

This Atelus Retro-Style Typewriter Keyboard forces your hands and fingers to type differently than a flat keyboard simply by its physical design.

Some writers prefer intermittently using a keyboard like this, and others may prefer using it all the time! 

Luckily, all you need to do to get it working is plug in the USB, so it’s easy to switch back and forth between uses.

It comes in classic color choices like white and black, but you also have the option to go for colorful combinations.

#9 Fountain Pen

Product photo for the Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen.

Fountain pens are hands-down the best gift to give a writer who’s all about tradition.

This old-fashioned gift may not be the right present for everyone, but these make the best gifts for writers with a flair for the classics. 

Fountain pens are traditional presents for high school and college graduations. They also make a nice gift for a birthday or job acceptance.

This Wordsworth set includes the standard fountain pen, a jar of ink, and four other pen tips–ranging from extra fine to broad lines.

If the special writer in your life enjoys challenges, this will be one of them. I’ve tried using a fountain pen before and found it quite tricky. It’s a skill to master!

#10 Reader Sculpture

Product photo for the Encircled Reader Sculpture.

This sculpture is called The Encircled Reader. The circle leading back into the book symbolizes the writing cycle.

It’s made of iron by Dayna B. Contemporary. You can choose a male or female figure– or one of each to use as bookends. 

This unique gift is one that someone may not purchase for themselves but would appreciate receiving. 

I can picture this on a desk or as decor in a writer’s office.

#11 Writer Hoodie

Product photo for the Writer Hoodie in white.

Looking for a gift for a girl who likes to write? Or perhaps you’re shopping for a gift for a guy who likes to write? In either case, this gender-neutral hoodie makes an awesome gift, no matter who you’re shopping for!

I love writing in coffee shops just as much as I love writing at home (I mean, I’m even writing this blog post in one now). 

You’ll look the part when you sport this at your local coffee shop. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being cozy when they write?

#12 Coasters

Product photo for the newspaper print coasters.

Having a drink next to me is a key part of my writing routine. I’ve always got something by my side, whether it’s water, coffee, or tea.

So, naturally, I always have coasters on my desk. Nice coasters tailored toward writers make the perfect present. 

These coasters use neutral colors and standard newspaper text, meaning they’ll fit into various home styles. They’re backed with cork to prevent scratching or slipping.

#13 Heated Coaster

Product photo for the Heated Coaster in white.

Is it silly to say this heated coaster changed my mornings?

Because of this coaster, I’ve cut down on so many trips to and from the microwave to reheat my coffee.

After I purchased one of these for myself, I began buying them for everyone in my life. This gift melts writing time, and the hours seem to slip by because my drink is consistently hot! 

#14 Punctuation Marks Poster

Product photo for the Punctuation Marks Poster in Kraft Brown, Chalkboard, and Vintage Cream.

Wondering what to get an editor?

Choose something like this punctuation marks poster, which honors the work that editors do every day.

Of course, it’s unlikely any editor will need these reminders because punctuation marks are probably engrained in their brain!

But this stylized design would make a great decor piece in their office or workspace.

You can choose the poster’s size, frame, and color combinations.

#15 Writer Collage Print

Product photo for the Writer Collage Print in a black frame.

This collage print is one of the best gifts for writers looking to decorate their writing space.

Based on actual vintage patents for various writing equipment, this writer’s collage print is available in a selection of different sizes and colors.

Glancing up at a poster like this during a writing session will help the writer in your life remember the tools that writers have relied on throughout history.

#16 Just Start Sign

Product photo for the 'Just Start' Sign.

This sign is the perfect gift for a writer’s desk, and the short saying has such an impact.

My college mentor gave me this advice when I was writing my thesis. I was struggling to understand the overall direction of my paper, and it was preventing me from making any progress.  My mentor would remind me just to start writing. 

If your writer friend is anything like me, they get caught up in perfectionism. This sign can be a daily reminder to shed that worry and just start where they are!

#17 Writer Mug 

Product photo for the Writer Mug.

When it comes to inexpensive gifts for writers, mugs are a good choice. They’re the type of gifts for writers and readers that they can use on the daily.

This particular mug features a print of a bookshelf displaying the spines of titles like War and Peace, Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mockingbird, and others. 

Many writers appreciate the classic novels–some of which you can find on this mug.

I love traditional gifts and traditional designs, but a funny gift is always appreciated. Opt for this comical mug that states, “I’m a writer; anything you say or may be used in a story.”

If you ask writers whether they’ve ever pulled inspiration from real-life experiences for their work, I guarantee their answer will be yes. 

Psst–a mug with the heated coaster makes a great gift duo!

#18 Writer’s Clock

Writer’s Clock

Time is a writer’s greatest gift– or worst enemy! 

If the writer in your life is always racing a deadline or losing track of time at their writing desk, then this writer’s clock will be a welcome addition to their office decor.

This simple, black-and-white traditional clock features an illustration of assorted fountain pens, with the phrase “Weapons of Mass Creation,” underneath it.

Your literary loved one will appreciate this reminder of their pen’s mightiness.

#19 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Product photo for the Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

One day a coworker of mine brought up how badly her eyes hurt from looking at her screen all day. I grabbed my blue light-blocking glasses from my bag and handed them to her.

She came back to me at the end of the day, talking about what a difference they made!

Blue light glasses like these do not have any prescriptions built in, so anyone can use them–people with perfect vision or people who wear contacts.

On the other hand, if your writer wears prescription glasses, they may already have blue light protection built in.

This pack comes with three classic pairs in three classic colors. More importantly, they come with slipcovers to protect the pair you throw in a bag for writing trips to the local coffee shop!

#20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Product photo for the Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones are a great gift for tuning out the world. Sometimes, that’s exactly what writers need to do. 

Beats headphones connect via Bluetooth–they’re portable, and you won’t need to deal with messy cord situations. 

A quick charge of ten minutes gives you three hours of playback time (a full charge will provide you with 22 hours). 

If the pricey Beats headphones are a little out of reach for your wallet, the Srhythm NC25 Wireless Headphones are an excellent budget option offering a similar long battery life and noise-canceling capabilities.

#21 Books About Writing

Product photo for the Books About Writing.

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for writers, start with books. Writers are usually book lovers. And any book lover will love to receive more books (guilty as charged).

Books make a good gift for an author because they remind writers exactly why they love writing and how to improve. 

Maybe one of these literary gifts will resonate so deeply with the writer in your life that they bring it to their book club (or start one because of it!).

Here are a handful of titles even the most well-versed authors suggest when you need a writing pick-me-up.

If your friend spends all of their time reading, they might also like something from my guide to the best gifts for book lovers.

Check Price on Amazon:

#22 Book Stand

Product photo for the bamboo Book Stand.

Often we find inspiration from our favorite author, quote, or passage. 

Using this book stand will help your favorite writer friend keep their notes open without taking up too much space.

This bamboo stand comes in various size options. You can bend all sizes to five different angles, and metal prongs keep your pages open and in place.

While this book stand can hold physical books, it’d also make a great way to display papers that a writer may use to edit their work or read articles for research. 

Keeping papers upright keeps the writer in your life from having to crane their neck down to read on a flat desk surface.

#23 Laptop Stand (Swivel)

Product photo for the Laptop Stand (Swivel).

For the past few years, I had been using a clear acrylic laptop stand that could only hold my laptop on at a 90-degree angle. The aesthetic drew me in…but the functionality was not there. 

I recently purchased one of these swivel stands, and it’s changed the game for using my laptop.

Because of the various angles and directions you can position this laptop stand-in, you have so much more freedom when it comes to seeing your screen.

It makes your laptop computer feel like a desktop or a monitor, which helps when writing for extended periods.

Your favorite writer’s back and wrist will thank you too! 

#24 Space Therapy Foot Rest

Product photo for the Space Therapy Foot Rest.

You know how when you think of a particular food, you start to crave it? I think that can happen with items, too…and my feet could use this footrest right about now!

This Space Therapy Pro footrest has multiple levels, making it adjustable to different heights. You can also separate the pieces, allowing you to spread your feet apart. 

The zippered cover makes it easy to remove and wash. We can all understand why that’d be helpful!

Thoughtful gifts like these show that you’re keeping you writer friend’s comfort and well-being in mind. 

#25 Back and Neck Massager 

Product photo for the Back and Neck Massager.

Sometimes I forget that nail salon chairs aren’t the only place you can have a Shiatsu massage.

This Neck and Back Massager is simple to use at home. You can use it as a daily treat or to target specific muscle pain with its heating option.

Just like the footrest, I’m envisioning how nice this would be to have around my neck as I write this article!

#26 Lap Desk 

Product photo for the Lap Desk.

Most writers will admit they’ve worked in their bed before…I know I have. 

A perfect gift for those kinds of people is a lap desk. It’s one of the best gifts for writers who enjoy working in unconventional spaces.

This lap desk has you covered with components like an ergonomic wrist rest pad, built-in mouse pad, phone holder, and multiple height options.

Gifting a lap desk might help increase your writer’s productivity, knowing they now have the option to write anywhere.

#27 Proper Office Chair

Product photo for the Proper Office Chair.

I’ll admit, I’ve been needing a good office chair for a long time now, and I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing one. Receiving one as a gift would be a godsend for me

I’m asking you now–be that person to the writer in your life.

The only difficulty with giving this gift is you may not know what their writing space looks like or what furniture style they prefer.

However, sometimes the most basic and simple pieces make great gifts because they are the most tried and true. 

This chair will have writers comfortable enough to keep saying to themselves, “Just one more chapter…”.

#28 Standing Desk Automatic

Product photo for the Automatic Standing Desk.

If you’re trying to search out the best gift for writers, the first step is to consider where it all begins–at a writing desk. 

A great way to enhance any writing desk is to make it…versatile!

These standing desks come in two standard heights and six color combinations. They’re easily moveable and have a clean design–meaning they’re a blank canvas for the writer to decorate. 

A desk like this will encourage writers to split their writing time between sitting and standing.

It’s a practical gift that writers will be grateful for.

You can choose a manual crank or automatic to get the desk the adequate height. What do you think the writer in your life will prefer?

Check Price on Amazon:

#29 Massage or Weekend Away

A woman lies on a white sheet on a a massage table and receives a massage with a textured wooden roller.

Let’s talk luxury gifts for writers. Sometimes what writers really need is a change of scenery.

One of the best gifts writers love is a weekend away. Book travel tickets for your writer friend and/or a place to stay for a night. 

Whether it’s a location near or far from where they live, a change from a daily routine can have a huge impact on our perspective.

The writers in your life will see this as a significant and thoughtful gift.

#30 Online Writing Classes (Writer’s Digest)

A wooden table with a laptop, phone, white mug of black coffee, notepad, and pen sitting on it.

There’s a lot to learn about writing. If you’re looking for the best gifts for budding writers or the best gifts for young writers, consider a credit to a site like Writer’s Digest. 

You could purchase a subscription to the Writer’s Digest Magazine or Writer’s Digest University classes. 

Alternative options include sites like Publisher’s Weekly, Masterclass, or a session with a writing coach. 

Even if the person you’re gifting has experience with writing, a refresher or class on writing can help them elevate their writing craft and writing career.

#31 Subscriptions (Grammarly)

Screenshot of the Grammarly website's homepage.

No matter how talented your favorite writer is, they’ve made mistakes while typing. That’s where writing tools like Grammarly come in.

Grammarly is a writing tool that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall writing clarity. 

While there is a free version, Grammarly offers a premium membership to further elevate your writing.

While you can’t purchase a Grammarly gift card, you can get your writer a monthly or yearly subscription!

Practical writing gifts like these will help your favorite writer have their next project ready to send to any literary agents or literary magazines.

(If you don’t think Grammarly is a good fit, choose a credit or subscription to another platform like Audible or Kindle).


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