10 Best Hoka Shoes for Walking & Standing All Day [2024]

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TL;DR: The best Hoka walking shoes are the Bondi 8, which feature maximum cushioning from their iconic thick soles, plush memory foam padding, arch support, and a versatile yet comfortable design perfect for all-day wear.

In some ways, the shoes on this list may take you by surprise. Why? Because they’re mostly running shoes.

That’s because the best walking shoe is probably also one of the best running shoes. Running shoes optimize features like cushioning and shape so that you can spend hours walking, running, or standing in them. 

A close-up of a pair of feet wearing the Clifton 9 shoes, some of the best Hoka shoes for walking, standing on a rock at the top of a hill, with a foggy cityscape in the background.

As someone who lives in a walkable city, I spend most days on my feet. I know every time I leave the house without my sneakers, a part of me wishes I was wearing them (regardless of my outfit).

In this article, we’re going to focus on the shoe brand Hoka – specifically the best Hoka walking shoe.

Compared to other sneaker brands, Hoka’s max-cushioned sneakers stand out for their extreme comfort and support.

So when it comes to picking the best Hoka shoes for walking, you’re in good hands. Every type of Hoka shoe has something to offer. 

Let’s look at a range of styles, and how they can best help your feet keep up with your lifestyle. 

A young woman wearing light blue Hoka walking shoes, an orange tank top, and navy shorts walks towards the camera on a paved path lined by succulents and bushes.

Overview of Hoka Shoes

A young woman wearing light blue Hoka walking shoes, an orange tank top, and navy shorts stands on a rock on a grassy hillside overlooking a cityscape, backlit by a golden setting sun.

Hoka shoes are made for all kinds of runners and, therefore, all kinds of walkers.

The Hoka brand was founded in 2009 by two Frenchmen: Nicilas Memoud and JeanLuc Diard. 

They wanted to create a running shoe that could help them “fly” while running. Memound and Diard felt the market lacked a running shoe with enough cushioning and a large outsole.

Though they’re known colloquially as Hoka, the company’s name is actually Hoka One One. 

Pause right there–practice saying it out loud: “Hoka Oh-nay Oh-nay”.

Not what you expected, right? 

The name comes from a word in the Eastern Polynesian language Maori, and means ‘to fly’ or ‘fly above the earth’. 

The company now operates out of Southern California, but Hoka shoes are primarily made in China, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

They’ve gained a reputation as the most comfortable running shoes due to their impressive cushioning. Most styles of Hoka shoes have a thick sole, recognizable the minute you glance at nearly any pair. 

Hoka’s goal is to get people outdoors – and protect the outdoors. Realistically, they’re still on their way to stronger sustainability efforts.


At the moment, 97% of their shoes include at least one recycled material. They’ve pledged that by 2030, more than half of their co-polyester fibers will come from renewable or post-consumer sources. 

Long term, they intend to reduce energy and water usage in their shoe-making process.

In the short term, they’ve committed to making their California-based distribution center zero-waste.

Admittedly, there are other shoe brands out there that are actively making these kinds of changes in the present day.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about Hoka as a company, I’m going to introduce some of the best Hoka shoes for walking.

Bondi 8

Most Versatile Hoka Shoes

Product photo for the Hoka Bondi 8 shows in black and multicolor.

Weight: 8.90 oz
Drop: 4.00 mm
Materials: Mesh, regular and recycled polyester, foam, rubber

The Hoka Bondi 8 is the most cushioned shoe with iconic oversized soles. 

Style-wise, you’ll notice the Hoka Bondi immediately from the multilayered and thick outsole. 

They’re an undeniably chunky shoe, it’s true. But if you want maximum cushion, this is the best Hoka shoe for walking.

The comfy memory foam padding keeps your feet happy, and the cushioned EVA midsole helps with arch support. 

The Bondi style is available in all black, all white, or a variety of bright mixed colors.

Different parts of the shoe are made from recycled polyester, like the eyestay lining, sock liner, and upper mesh. 

Marketed by Hoka as neutral and plush (in their stability and cushioning categories), this is an excellent shoe.

Who are the Bondi 8 for?

Because of its well-rounded collection of features, the Bondi 8 is best for someone who wants a versatile shoe that they know will be comfortable for walking day after day.

Clifton 9

Best for Wide Feet

Hoka Clifton 9

Weight: 7.30 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Knit upper, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, foam, rubber outsole

The Clifton series is one of the most popular Hoka shoes for walking (currently on its ninth iteration).

Clifton shoes have the same plush feel and maximum cushioning as the Bondi style, making them a great Hoka walking shoe. 

The Clifton 9 stands apart from others because it comes in regular or wide. The knit upper was also engineered to make it a lightweight shoe–good for travel.

Cliftons come in a variety of colors, and all have a reflective Hoka logo added to the back upper area. 

They have a classic Hoka thick sole but a more lightweight feel overall. 

Who are the Clifton 9 for?

Clifton 9 shoes come in a variety of colors and wide. No need to compromise style – these shoes are suitable for people with wide feet.

Ahari 6

Best for Seniors

Product image for the Hoka Ahari 6 shoes in seafoam and lilac.

Weight: 7.60 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Mesh upper, recycled polyester, foam, rubber

The Hoka Ahari 6 sneakers make great stability shoes, with the added bonuses of cushioning and lightweight materials mixed in. 

If your feet roll outward, you need a stability shoe like this. Hoka’s J-frame technology keeps you rolling forward. Choosing the Ahari 6 means wearing supportive and comfortable shoes, aka the blueprint for good walking shoes. 

As mentioned, this shoe is designed with lightweight materials–specifically the breathable mesh upper.  

Who are the Ahari 6 for?

The Ahari 6 shoes are the best option for seniors because of the extensive cushioning and thickness of the outsole.

That being said, anyone who is looking for extreme comfort while walking will benefit from having this shoe in their collection.

Bondi SR

Best for Bunions

Product image for the Hoka Bondi SR in black.

Weight: 11.50 oz
Drop: 6.00 mm
Materials: Water-resistant leather upper, memory foam collar, rubber

Another version of the Hoka Bondi is the Bondi SR. The only big difference here is the shoe’s materials. 

The upper of the SR is made from water-resistant leather instead of mesh. This makes them a good pair to choose if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a sleek flair. 

The Bondi is a supportive walking shoe thanks to arch support from the EVA midsole. 

Who are the Bondi SR for?

Bondi SR are go-to shoes for foot discomfort and foot health.

If you have finicky feet, choose the wide option for an even more spacious toe box that will leave plenty of room for bunions.

Gaviota 5

Best for Supination

Product image for the Hoka Gaviota 5 in light blue and purple.

Weight: 9.10 oz
Drop: 6.00 mm
Materials: Mesh upper, foam, some recycled materials

Anyone looking for a stable shoe will enjoy the Gaviota 5

The H-frame technology (a step further than the J-frame technology) prevents supination, inward rolling, or overpronation of your foot. 

Supination happens when your foot rolls after landing. Supination is not your friend because it adds stress to your body and can cause a sprained ankle or plantar fasciitis

You don’t sacrifice comfort because the shoe still has a high bed of soft cushion. 

Who are the Gaviota 5 for?

These Gaviota 5’s are the best friend of anyone prone to ruling an ankle because of supination. They utilize a robust outsole to ensure stability and prevent rolling.


Best for Plantar Fascitis

Product image for the Hoka Hopara in light teal.

Weight: 10.10 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Neoprene, rubber

If you want a breathable shoe, choose the Hopara

It’s one of the best Hoka shoes for walking, even if it clearly looks different than traditional Hoka sneakers.

First off, a quick-lace system makes it easy to slip on (similar to the Hoka Transport). 

This sturdy shoe is made for any terrain and can handle wet or dry environments.

As a mountain sandal, the grippy sole of these shoes provides adequate traction, just like a hiking shoe or boot. 

The Hopara are a great choice for anyone who wants to avoid sweaty feet and keep their feet cool in hot-weather hiking.

Who are the Hopara for?

It might not look like a traditional Hoka sneaker, but this shoe still has its classic EVA foam midsole. With a supportive midsole that doesn’t over-angle your foot, it’s great for summertime walks.


Best for Narrow Feet

Product image for the Hoka Transport in rust red.

Weight: 9.10 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Abrasion-resistant textile upper, recycled polyester, sugarcane, soybean oil

The Hoka Transport are lifestyle shoes–you can use these as trail shoes for hiking and just as easily wear them around the city. 

They’re very versatile but not the best shoes for running compared to Hoka’s other running options. These are most suitable to wear solely for walking.

Personally, I love the quick lace system. You just pull the toggle to make the shoes fit. 

Additionally, the Hoka Transport shoes are water-repellent.

The materials used in this shoe deviate from the standards – they’ve incorporated natural materials like sugarcane and soybean oil in the midsole and sock liner. 

Hoka Transport shoes come in an array of neutrals, with a few muted color options.

If you’re someone who wants a true Hoka walking shoe but isn’t crazy about color, this is a great option.  

Who are the Transports for?

The Transport has innovative materials (which we love!), but unfortunately it doesn’t come in wide options. That being said, it’s a good choice for anyone who has standard to narrow feet.

Ora Recovery Slide

Best for Flat Feet

Product image for the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 in off-white.

Weight: 7.80 oz
Drop: 6.00 mm
Materials: EVA foam, sugarcane

Chunky slides are super in right now–I see them everywhere. 

By now we know that Hoka does chunky well. Put two and two together, and you’ve got the Ora recovery slide

Different from most of the other Hoka shoes on this list, these neutral shoes are great for everyday wear on terrain that doesn’t require running sneakers.

They’re the best Hoka shoes if you want something casual, breathable, and on the more affordable side of things. 

Who are the Ora Recovery Slides for?

Hoka shoes provide cushioning and support no matter what, but these slides take comfort to the next level.

These slides aren’t just for wearing around the house; they’re ready for errands around town and a walk with the neighbor.

Clifton L Suede

Best for Bad Knees

Product image for the Hoka Clifton L Suede in rust red.

Weight: 8.60 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Suede, mesh upper, leather overlays, rubber

This style of Clifton Ls stands out for its use of suede on the upper part of the shoe.  

Overall, the color options are much more toned down than the standard Clifton shoe option.

Another difference from the regular Clifton 9s is that these aren’t available in a wide option and only come in a unisex size. 

Aside from those deviations, you’ll still find the benefits of the Clifton shoe style, like the MetaRocker technology and EVA midsole. 

Remember, the Clifton 9s are one of the best Hoka shoes for walking, and these Clifton Ls are a close runner-up. 

Who are the Clifton L for?

If you have bad knees, you need a balanced shoe that puts everything in alignment. The Clifton L is neutral and has a unique suede upper, giving a nicer aesthetic for wearing beyond the walking trail.

Elevon 2

Best for High Arches

Product image for the Hoka Elevon 2 in dusty purple.

Weight: 10.10 oz
Drop: 5.00 mm
Materials: Mesh upper, rubber

The Elevon 2 shoes are meant to inspire movement. These shoes are great for shock absorption, midsole support, and finding the right fit.

They’re only offered in a unisex style, and they only come in two color options…which is kind of a bummer for such a cool shoe design. 

But on that note, one feature to highlight about these Hoka shoes is the outsole’s extended heel. 

Stability shoes with a slightly extended heel ensure that you take balanced steps in your favorite walking shoe. 

Sure, they may be a little larger than the other shoe options, but they are one of the Best Hoka shoes for walking securely with each step. 

Who are the Elevon 2 shoes for?

The Evelon 2 shoes are a good choice for people with high arches because they are designed for a genuine fit that fills the arch with lots of midsole support.

Speedgoat 5

Best for Hiking

Product image for the Hoka Speedgoat 5 in blue and orange.

Weight: 8.50 oz
Drop: 4.00 mm
Materials: Mesh upper, foam, recycled polyester, recycled nylon

Out of all of the best Hoka shoes for walking, the Hoka Speedgoat 5 is the best option for someone spending time out on the trails. 

The design of the Hoka Speedgoat 5 is bold, and so are the color options. No neutrals here!

The bolstered heel, protective toe rand, and traction-friendly base design will keep your feet safe while hiking. 

The bottom of the shoe has a lugged rubber outsole, like a hiking boot, so it can handle hiking terrain.

A sock liner, lay-flat gusseted tongue, and foam midsole make sure you’re comfortable with each step.  

Who are the Speedgoat 5 for?

The Hoka Speedgoat 5 is designed for the average hiker and avid trail runner. Important features, like the protective toe and excellent traction, make them ready to hit the trails.

Looking for a different type of hiking shoe? Read our guide to the best barefoot hiking boots and best minimalist hiking sandals.



FAQs About Hoka Walking Shoes

A young woman wearing light blue Hoka walking shoes, an orange tank top, and navy shorts seen from behind as she walks up a set of stairs cut into a hillside amidst a eucalyptus grove.

Do podiatrists recommend Hokas?

Yes! The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has certified styles of Hokas like the Bondi, Clifton, and Gaviota (among others) with the seal of acceptance.

This means they are healthy and supportive shoes for your feet. 

What type of feet are Hoka shoes good for?

Overall, Hoka’s are good for a variety of feet. Specifically, Hokas are known for wide shoe options. This means a bigger toe box, which is especially helpful for anyone who deals with bunions, ingrown toenails, etc. 

Are Hokas good for standing all day?

Yes! Comfort is key to Hoka’s construction, so people who have jobs that require them to be on their feet all day often recommend them. 

Which Hoka is best for joints?

The Bondi shoe line is the best Hoka shoes for seniors and people with joint issues because it has the most additional padding. This extensive cushioning helps anyone with joint pain or arthritis.

Why do nurses wear Hokas?

Nurses are often assigned long shifts (we’re talking 8, 12, and 14 hours!). This means they’re on their feet for extended periods of time, so it’s vital to have shoes that support them. 

How long do Hokas last?

This varies from person to person. Are you wearing them every day? In poor weather? Are you running on a treadmill or on rocky terrain?

Hoka says that their shoes last on average 200-500 miles. Obviously, that’s quite a range…meaning the timeline is going to be different for every person. 

You’ll notice a difference when it’s time to replace your shoes–they may feel less comfortable or flat. 

Conclusion: Which Hoka is Best for Walking?

A young woman wearing light blue Hoka walking shoes, an orange tank top, and navy shorts sits on a rock on a grassy hillside overlooking a cityscape, lit by a golden setting sun.

Now that I’ve covered the top ten best Hoka shoes, it’s time to choose which one is the best for walking. 

The Hoka Bondi 8 is the all-around best Hoka walking shoe. It has superior cushion and stability, which set it above the rest.

I’ve had plenty of shoes that leave my feet aching after a quick walk in the park. And I’ve now become very picky about my shoes.

Footwear trends do change, but you’ll always need balanced cushioning and a comfy footbed for long walks. Therefore, you won’t regret investing in a well-cushioned shoe like this.


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A young woman wearing light blue Hoka walking shoes, an orange tank top, and navy shorts walks towards the camera on a paved path lined by succulents and bushes, with the text overlay, "Best Hoka Walking Shoe."

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