15 BEST Casual Barefoot Shoes for Wearing Everyday [2024]

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Short on time? Our pick for the best casual barefoot shoes is the Xero shoes.

Find the best casual barefoot shoes to keep your feet healthy and strong for 2024!

Throughout my life, I’ve always chosen shoes that “looked cool” rather than ones that felt good on my feet. 

I sacrificed looks for my feet’ health, which has backfired on me in recent years. 

I love to hike, trek, walk in the mornings, and do a lot of other outdoor activities. The shoes I wore regularly were affecting how well I performed these activities. 

It wasn’t until my friend told me about barefoot shoes and how they could help that I started to look into them myself. 

Over the years, I have found the best casual barefoot shoes that fit my style and don’t sacrifice my feet’ health. I put together this list to share what I’ve learned.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

A woman's feet showing off an example of the best casual barefoot shoes in white, standing on brick stairs.

Here’s a quick look at our recommendations

#1 Feel Grounds

Most Stylish

Product image for the Feel Grounds Original Mesh in white.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Price Range: $$
Sizes: EU 35-49/US W5-M15

Feel Grounds is one of the leaders in barefoot shoes due to their stylish looks and lightweight approach. 

This shoe company has something for everyone, including barefoot sneakers, minimalist sandals, and slip-ons that appeal to both women and men!

Their zero-drop designs will help keep your heel in the correct posture and ensure the longevity of your foot health. 

Feel Grounds’ shoe styles are similar to other popular shoe brands and will have your friends talking about your hip style all summer. 

Feel Ground’s shoes’ flexibility will help give your foot the full range of motion for that ‘barefoot’ feeling it needs. 

Their wide toe box design helps your toes spread out for a natural feel. 

One downside to this brand is that the original mesh doesn’t come with insoles which may make them degrade faster if you wear them a lot.

Feel Grounds’ has a great shop of accessories where you can buy proper insoles and much more! 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly shoe that is better for your foot health than conventional shoes, I suggest trying Feel Grounds!


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Stylish look
  • Very flexible shoe for healthy feet


  • It may have durability issues if worn a lot because of minimal sole

#2 Wildling Shoes

Best Everyday Shoe

Product image for the Yew Wildling Shoes in dark grey.

Our Rating: 4.6/5
Price Range: $$
Sizes: EU 36-48/ US W5-M13

Wildling shoes are among my top choices for the best barefoot casual shoes. At first sight, it’s easy to tell that these have a unique look. But oh boy, are they comfortable! 

No need to worry, as Wildling has many different barefoot shoes that will fit a wide range of sizes, from narrow to wide feet, and suit people at all stages of the barefoot journey.

As an avid hiker myself, my favorite of their shoes is the Yew. These Wildling Shoes are water-resistant with thick shoelaces that you wrap around the top of the ankle. Even though these are a thicker style, they still have flexible soles. 

The Yew is very popular and, thus, is currently sold out on their website. However, they should come back in stock soon. 

The Chokeberry is another of Wildling’s designs and is an excellent pair of barefoot shoes for winter. 

The Chokeberrys have more of a casual feel to them as they use Portuguese burel fabric. This great shoe fits perfectly for those who have wider feet!


  • Shoes that keep you warm through the winter
  • It fits even the widest of feet
  • Extremely flexible


  • Some shoes might not be great for warmer weather

#3 Bohempia

Best Slip On

Product image for the Bohempia Barefoot shoes VIKLA 2.0 Tan in Off-White.

Our Rating: 4.2/5
Price Range:  $$
Sizes: EU 36-46

Bohempia shoes are excellent casual wear for those looking for a ‘classic’ style. Their slip-ons are some of my favorite casual barefoot shoes. 

When comparing Bohempia shoes to other popular non-barefoot shoes, these will fit the actual shape of your foot much better. 

Bohempia shoes are a good dupe for Vans and similar brands, which have a flat appearance but aren’t truly zero-drop. 

The Vilka is an excellent shoe for women by Bohempia that comes in an off-white color, perfect for those summer outfits! They’re very easy to slip on and off for casual wear.

If you’re looking for men’s casual barefoot shoes and you also love hi-tops, I suggest trying out the Orik! These are perfect for those individuals with high-volume feet, with the appearance and the feel of classic Converse All Stars. 

All of Bohempia’s shoes are made from vegan materials and hemp (which you may have guessed from the name).

The material in these is durable with a thin sole, an excellent characteristic for a barefoot sneaker.    

Another design feature that makes Bohempia a great barefoot shoe is the removable insole. The thickness of the sole is 6mm, and it goes down to 3.5mm thick when you take the insole out.


  • Best ‘classic sneaker’ look
  • Made from sustainable material
  • Removable insole


  • Some shoes might be sold out

#4 Vivo barefoot

Most Durable

Product image for the Vivobarefoot Opanka Women's Sneaker in black.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Price Range: $$$
Sizes: EU 35-43/USA 5.5 – 11.5

Vivobarefoot shoes are some of the most popular barefoot sneakers on the market today. This brand has a large variety of styles to choose from. 

When visiting the Vivo barefoot website, you’ll find anything from minimalist casual shoes to barefoot hiking shoes and styles that are great for other outdoor activities like barefoot running.

Vivobarefoot Primus is a popular style that functions both as casual shoes with great movement or as footwear to wear while trail running. 

The Vivobarefoot Primus shoes are perfect for those with wider feet who want a durable barefoot shoe. 

Looking at their website, you might think, “Are these worth the price?”. But I can guarantee you the Vivobarefoot Primus is worth the price. 

Vivobarefoot shoes pride themselves in using algae-based EVA foam instead of plastic.

The one downside to some of this material is that it can make your feet sweat a lot.

For women looking for a more casual barefoot shoe than the Vivobarefoot Primus, look no further than the Opanka

The Opanka comes in two colors with a 100-day trial if decide you don’t like the natural walking experience.


  • Made from plants and recycled material
  • A large variety of barefoot shoes to choose from
  • Good for those with wide feet


  • It may make your feet sweat


#5 Bearfoot

Most Functional

Product image for the Bearfoot Ursus Lux Hi-top in dark grey.

Our Rating: 4/5
Price Range: $$$
Sizes: US 3 – 16

Bearfoot Shoes is a popular barefoot shoe company co-founded by online fitness icon Chris Duffin. 

Their approach to minimalist shoes centers on their goal to make the “human-to-ground interface” better. The result is a healthier foot, which is something most struggle with.

Being an active gym goer, having the right pair of shoes is vital to reaching your full potential. After trying these out, I can confidently say my capacity to deadlift and do other lifts has increased. 

The Bearfoot Ursus Lux Hi-top is an excellent alternative to high-top vans. Their breathable material is perfect for those long days in the gym. They’re all well-suited if you simply wear barefoot shoes for daily use.

The Ursus has a wide-toe box and thin soles that will help build strong feet. 

Personally, I think the design on these could improve slightly, but I think they fit the “rugged” look that they’re going for. 

The Oso slip-ons are better for that everyday use and have a more simplistic look. 

These suede leather shoes have a mestizo lining, which helps give you that natural feel I wish more barefoot shoes had.


  • Fantastic for lifting in the gym
  • Made from breathable material
  • Wide-toe box and thin sole


  • Rugged design
  • Catered more to weightlifting

#6 Be Lenka

Best Regular Shoe Look-alike

Product image for the Be Lenka Royale sneaker in white.

Our Rating: 4.2/5
Price Range: $$$
Sizes: EU 36-47/US 4.5-13

Be Lenka is another popular barefoot shoe company. At first glance, the minimalist footwear on their site might not strike you as some of the best casual barefoot shoes– they look like regular stylish sneakers! 

These shoes are great because they follow an old shoe-making tradition, sourcing all products locally in Europe. These high-quality barefoot shoes will be good for years. 

If you’re looking for Women’s barefoot shoes, you’re in the right place. Be Lenka has a wide variety of styles to choose from. 

The Be Lenka Royale is a pair of stylish barefoot shoes that you would have a hard time differentiating from other popular brands. These come in a handful of colors as well!

Lenka sneakers aren’t cheap casual barefoot shoes by any means, but their ethos is that they want you to buy high-quality products that last so you don’t have to keep buying more, so I appreciate their sustainable mindset.

The Be Lenka Elevates have a more ‘airy’ design than you might be used to seeing with other barefoot shoe brands.


  • High-quality shoe-making process
  • It goes great with many outfits
  • A large variety of styles


  • Expensive products

#7 Xero Shoes

Best Warranty

Product image for the Xero Shoes Women’s 360 Cross Training Shoes in black and aqua.

Our Rating: 4.7/6
Price Range: $
Sizes: US W5-M15

Xero Shoes is a barefoot shoe company that makes casual slip-ons, trainers, and sandals that give a natural walking experience. 

What’s great about Xero shoes is their warranty. They give all their customers a 5,000-mile warranty– a lengthy time period even for someone like me who walks a lot!

The Xero shoes Prio Running and Fitness shoe is one of the most affordable barefoot shoes on the market and has fantastic reviews. 

The Prio uses 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber that helps you feel the ground beneath you, making these tremendous casual barefoot running shoes. 

These are my go-to shoes when on the road because of their versatility.

Not all their styles will have that wide-toe box that you might be looking for, so be sure to check the details on that. 

The Xero Shoes 360 for women is the perfect minimalist shoe if you practice parkour or cross-train daily. 

With their omnidirectional tread, zero-drop design, and Huarache-inspired tension straps, you will feel comfortable in the gym and look cool doing it!


  • Very affordable
  • 5,000-mile warranty
  • Perfect for those adventure enthusiasts


  • Some styles aren’t for all types of feet

#8 Mukishoes

Best Color Options

Product image for the Mukishoes Courage in blue.

Our Rating: 4.3/5
Price Range: $$
Sizes: EU 36 – 48/USA 4.5 – 13.5

Mukishoes are one of my favorite casual barefoot shoes to wear during the summer, purely because of the colors they put out. These minimal shoes offer an array of unisex options.

When Mukishoes launched, their goal was to make a barefoot shoe made out of non-toxic and natural materials only, and they did just that!

I love that they only work with family-owned or local businesses! Unlike regular shoes, these shoes have an ultra-thin sole (3.5mm) to help you feel the ground.

If you prefer a thicker sole, I suggest shopping elsewhere or buying another insole/socks to wear with them.

A pair that I have grown to love is the Mukishoe Courage due to their unique color design and how they wrap around my feet. Traditional shoes just don’t feel the same.


  • Material only from family-owned/local businesses
  • Unique and stylish colors
  • Wraps around the shape of your foot


  • Thin soles

#9 Groundies

Most Diverse Styles

Product image for the GROUNDIES Nova GO1 Women in pastel pink, purple, and tan.

Our Rating: 4/5
Price Range: $$
Sizes: EU 36-49/USA 4.5 – 14

If you like to buy multiple styles of shoes, then Groundies is for you! 

I consider Groundies an entry-level barefoot footwear brand because of its Truesense sole technology. 

When you browse their site, you’ll notice that Groundies has the most diverse styles to choose from out of all the barefoot shoes on this list. 

Across this wide selection, they use only vegan materials, so your conscience will be clear when you purchase these. 

The Nova GO1 for women looks like a stylish sneaker, but has a thinner sole, is more flexible, and has a wider feel to them. These are perfect for everyday use as they have breathable material. 

I suggest trying out the Milano if you want a dressier pair (especially for men). I bought these for a wedding, and my feet felt great all day! 

The Milano’s anatomical toe box design helps give your toes more area to breathe and keeps them from getting sore during lengthy weddings/events.


  • Multiple styles for different occasions
  • Perfect barefoot shoes for beginners 
  • Flexible material for everyday use


  • Thinner soles than some might prefer

#10 Splay

Most Flexible

Product image for the Splay EXPLORE 22 Sneaker in Plum.

Our Rating: 4/5
Price Range: $
Sizes: EU 24-47/US 5 – 13

Splay barefoot shoes are comparable to Vans but are healthier for your feet because they move how you move! 

Splay offers slip-ons as well as velcro casual shoes.

These sneakers are highly flexible while looking like your favorite shoes. Plus– their prices are fairly affordable, making them some of the best barefoot shoes. 

Since I’m a huge fan of Vans, I love Splay Freestyle. These casual sneakers are 100% North American cotton, giving them extra flexibility! 

Buy these if you are looking for minimalist shoes for everyday use.

The Explore 22′ Plum is a favorite of those who love the one-strap or velcro style. These are perfect for those long summer days outside with their extra-grippy rubber soles!


  • 100% cotton for extra flexibility
  • Similar Vans style
  • Affordable for the whole family


  • Not as many styles to choose from

#11 Toms

Best Unisex Shoe

Product image for the Toms Alpargata Eco Heritage Canvas shoes in grey.

Our Rating: 4.1/5
Price Range: $
Sizes: US 5 – 14

Toms aren’t your average barefoot shoe company. I want to start off by saying the best part of this company is how they give back to the community.

When Toms first started as a company, they gave away one pair of shoes to non-profit corporations for every pair sold. Now they give ⅓ of their profits to grassroots goods.

Their website has many shoes, so be careful when searching, as not all of them are barefoot shoes.

However, select styles are zero-drop, which gives you the feeling of walking barefoot on the ground. 

Not all shoes on their website are the same, but I consider zero-drop Toms to be some of the best barefoot shoes due to their unique style and unisex approach.

The Alpargata is one of their most popular styles, and they come in 10 colors! These aren’t just your standard pair of casual cotton shoes; they use 50% recycled materials.

All of their shoes, including the Alpargata, are also incredibly affordable!

I wore these a lot when I was going to music festivals. These stylish barefoot sneakers with flexible outsoles helped keep me looking good and my feet feeling healthy throughout long festival weekends.


  • Made from 50% recycled material 
  • Affordable options
  • Gives ⅓ of their profits to charity


  • Not all shoes on their website are considered barefoot sneakers
  • Some consider their early BOGO approach unethical

#12 Sanuk

Best Beach Shoe

Product image for the Sanuk Puffy Chiller Low Sneakers in white.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Price Range: $
Sizes: US 5 – 13

Being from the beach, Sanuks are some of my favorite pairs of shoes, period, so they certainly belong on my list of the best barefoot shoes. 

Sanuks has a lot of different varieties of barefoot footwear. Their motto is “They’re not shoes; they’re sandals.” And I love that. 

Their approach to barefoot shoes starts with minimal padding in the footbeds, which allows you to feel the ground beneath you. 

My go-to pair of Sanuk’s are the Sidewalk Surfers. Their cotton lining makes my feet flexible and lets them move as they want. 

Their coveted technology is called U Tread, which is a sponge-like material made from 53% recyclables. 

My girlfriend loves the Puffy Chiller, one of their newer styles made from vegan materials like hemp. 

The puffer jacket-inspired upper will help keep your feet warm on those chilly beach days.


  • Great for the beach
  • Made from hemp
  • Sponge technology to get the feel of being barefoot


  • Aren’t your traditional barefoot footwear

#13 Zaqq Barefoot

Best Leather Shoe

Product image for the Zaqq AQTIV in Brown.

Our Rating: 4.1/5
Price Range: $$$
Sizes: US 4 – 12.5

Zaqq makes some of the best barefoot shoes you’ve probably never heard of. 

These aren’t like most barefoot shoes that you’re familiar with. 

This company operates out of Germany, and what makes them great is the material they use in their barefoot sneakers. 

The base layer of their sole is 100% rubber, which helps absorb shock from the ground to create a natural feel. Plus: it’s also biodegradable!

The second layer is hunting leather, which helps to keep your feet healthy and fresh.

One of the significant downsides to Zaqqs barefoot shoes is their price range. Currently, all pairs are at least $150, which makes it hard if you like to buy new shoes often.

That said, their prices are comparable to other top barefoot brands, such as the Vivobarefoot Primus barefoot shoe. 

I love the AQTIV Brown; it’s one of the best barefoot shoes available from Zaqq. 

I love AQTIV Brown because it combines casual barefoot shoes with business casual barefoot shoes. Not only this, but they are great for barefoot running as well. 

Sometimes you just need a nice-looking pair of running shoes. 

ATTRAQT Winter Black is a great pair of barefoot shoes for women. If you love stylish boots but want healthier feet, this might be the pair for you. 

The insole is breathable leather that’ll make you think you’re not wearing a boot at all! They have a side zipper that makes it a breeze to get these on and off.

Boot-lovers take note: Zaqq Attraqt are some of best barefoot shoes for you.


  • Sole made out of 100% rubber
  • High-quality leather on all products
  • Multiple styles of dress shoes


  • All shoes have a high price point

#14 Lems

Most Comfortable Soles

Product image for the Lems Women's Primal 2 sneakers in blue and white.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Price Range: $$
Sizes: US 5 – 15

Lems has everything you want in a new pair of barefoot shoes. 

Lems resemble Vans and are the best barefoot shoe to switch to if you’re an avid Vans-wearer. They offer a wide-toe box and zero-drop soles. 

The Lems Men’s Trailhead shoe is my favorite pair of minimalist casual shoes for trekking outdoors! 

If I’m doing a shorter hike or one that doesn’t involve as much rock scrambling, then these are my go-to. I try to have minimal footwear wherever possible. 

With its lightweight design and minimal foot drop, it’s no wonder the Lems Men’s Trailhead is a popular choice!

The only downside to these barefoot sneakers is that they have a thicker insole compared to other barefoot brands. 

And be careful when you’re shopping this brand, as not every shoe on the Lems website is zero-drop. Just be sure to check the details of each before purchasing. 

Lem’s most popular barefoot shoe has to be their Primal 2. If you’re looking for an extra wide-toe box, look no further than these sneakers! 

The Primal 2’s lightweight frame makes it the best barefoot shoe for everyday use. Not to mention– the vegan-friendly materials that make these some of the most comfortable barefoot sneakers you can find!


  • Made from Vegan-friendly material
  • Minimalistic style approach
  • Perfect for multiple activities like running, hiking, trekking, and walking


  • Not all shoes are zero-drop on their website

#15 Origo Shoes

Best Sustainably Sourced

Product image for the Origo New Derby Women's Shoes in Natural Leather.

Our Rating: 4.3/5
Price Range: $
Sizes: US 8 – 13

Not only do Origo shoes make some of the best barefoot shoes on the market, but also the best sustainably-sourced barefoot shoes on this list. 

I want to start by explaining everything this company goes through to ensure its products affect the earth as little as possible.

The four primary materials that they use are cotton canvas, natural leather, vegan cactus leather, and corn starch. 

They source these materials only from the United States straight to their factory in Mexico. On top of this, they use earth-friendly packing solutions and donate to reforestation! 

The Derby is perfect for women who want extra wide-toe box shoes but need something minimal and lightweight. You have to treat your big toe right! 

For men looking for a similar wide-toe box style, I suggest their Everyday Sneaker. These shoes use high-quality leather that’s also easy to clean (which is a huge plus).

One downside to Origo is that there aren’t a lot of colors to choose from. However, I like the colors they do offer, so that doesn’t bother me too much.


  • Sustainably sourced from the material to the packaging
  • Offers extra wide-toe shoes
  • High-quality leather that is easy to clean


  • Not a massive selection of colors to choose from

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Casual Barefoot Shoes

A pair of feet standing on a clover lawn, one bare, and one wearing a brown leather, barefoot-style boot.

What are “barefoot” shoes?

When I first heard about barefoot shoes, the only thing that crossed my mind was the shoes with a slot for all your toes. Some people love to wear shoes like those, and I don’t blame them. 

While these ‘toe shoes’ are some of the best barefoot shoes, not many people will want to wear those out in public. 

The good news is that there are barefoot sneakers that look like traditional shoes. The goal of barefoot shoes is to protect your feet while providing the closest feeling to going barefoot.

Barefoot shoes don’t require you to go without socks; if you like them, then wear them! 

Each barefoot shoe aims to allow the foot to be its most authentic self and restrict as little as possible. This often requires a thinner sole and a zero-drop design. 

Some barefoot shoes, like Xero shoes, are suitable for barefoot running. But whether or not you’re a runner, you can wear most barefoot shoes on this list casually.

Whether you have a wider foot shape, narrower feet, or even medium-volume feet, there is a barefoot sneaker for you. 

Measure your foot

When you’re picking out your first barefoot shoe, you want to ensure you know your foot’s size. Have someone help you out to make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

Measure the internal length as well as the width of your foot, and check the sizing guide for each footwear brand.

What to Look for in a Barefoot Shoe

A foot wearing a black leather barefoot sneaker and khaki pants against a concrete sidewalk background.


Not all barefoot shoes on this list use the same material, and many use sustainable or recycled materials. If you’re committed to a plant-based lifestyle, look for all-vegan materials– there are plenty of options for you!

Flexibility and Sole Thickness

To find the best barefoot shoes that will keep your feet healthy, I suggest ensuring you get ones made from flexible material and have a zero-drop design. 

If you’re already used to wearing barefoot shoes, look for the thinnest possible soles. 

If you’re just beginning your barefoot journey, I would suggest a shoe with a thicker sole to help make the transition to barefoot shoes more manageable. 

These will still help maintain healthy feet but will not feel as awkward at the beginning.


You will also want barefoot footwear that resembles what you regularly wear unless you want a pair specifically for running barefoot.  

Everyone has their own taste. If you are looking for running shoes, look for shoes like the Vivobarefoot Primus. Take barefoot running seriously– high-quality barefoot runners will prevent injury.

If you prefer slip-on shoes compared to the popular knit upper style, there are many to choose from as well. A lot of companies even have ballet flats. 

Choosing the Correct Size 

Each company’s barefoot shoes fit differently. Most websites will have a sizing guide that I suggest looking at to ensure you’re choosing the right size.

Finding the correct size of barefoot sneaker isn’t so easy, though. You also need to consider your particular foot shape and choose the right shape of toe-box for it. 

It’s helpful to measure your foot in centimeters to will allow for a more accurate number. 

The general rule of thumb is to purchase barefoot shoes around one centimeter longer than your foot, but that figure can vary depending on what feels comfortable for you. 

FAQs About Casual Barefoot Shoes

A pair of feet standing on a lawn, one bare and one inside a sneaker with the top cut away to show how conventional shoes constrict the feet.

What are barefoot-friendly shoes? What is the point of barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes can a tricky term to understand. It took me a little while to fully understand all the terminology when I first started wearing barefoot shoes. 

The main point of barefoot shoes is to recreate the feeling of walking or running barefoot. You want to feel the ground, which is something that standard running shoes can’t offer.

This natural movement will allow your feet to move how naturally, creating a healthier foot in the long term.  

Generally, there are four main features that qualify barefoot shoes: zero-drop, thinner soles, good flexibility, and a wide toe box. 

Not all barefoot shoes have these qualities, but the best barefoot shoes do. 

Can you wear barefoot shoes all day? Everyday?

Yes, you can wear barefoot shoes all day! 

However, it’s crucial to get your foot used to this shoe style when switching from standard sneakers like Vans and Converse. 

If you only wear shoes that are conventional and then switch to barefoot styles, I would suggest not wearing them every day. Make the transition slowly over time to prevent injury.

Are minimalist shoes the same as barefoot shoes?

Over the years, people have used the terms ‘minimalist shoes’ and ‘barefoot shoes’ interchangeably. These shoes will generally have the same qualities between them. 

Are barefoot shoes really healthy? Is it better to walk in barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are healthy for you your feet and are, overall, great for walking. The best barefoot shoes will allow your foot to move in a natural position as intended. 

Certain brands on this list, such as Xero shoes and Vivobarefoot Primus, are even suitable for barefoot running.

Are you supposed to wear socks with barefoot shoes?

Socks are perfectly fine to wear with barefoot shoes! However, they can alter the way these shoes feel. 

I would suggest trying to wear your new barefoot shoes without socks first, and if they feel more comfortable with socks, then do what feels best for your feet. 

Do minimalist shoes cause plantar fasciitis?

Since the best barefoot shoes have a zero-drop design (no added arch support), this will help prevent plantar fasciitis. It does this by allowing for more mobility and strengthening the foot. 

That said, if you’re already suffering from plantar fasciitis, wearing barefoot styles could worsen the problem, so proceed cautiously.

Do barefoot shoes wear out quickly?

Compared to more traditional footwear, I would say barefoot shoes last just as long as regular ones. 

The best barefoot shoes, especially boots, tend to have thinner soles. For that reason, a barefoot shoe might wear out quicker. 

Overall, some of the best barefoot shoes, such as Xero shoes and Wildling shoes, will last fairly long, especially when you take care of them properly. 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Casual Barefoot Shoes

The lower half of a man wearing rolled up khaki pants, holding a pair of sneakers, and standing barefoot on some tree roots on the bank of a lake, with autumn leaves in the background.

Barefoot shoes are becoming more and more popular, resulting in an increasing number of companies worldwide. 

Shoes are a way people show their style and express who they are, and everyone has different tastes in shoes. 

Choosing just one best barefoot shoe is hard, but my top pick is Xero shoes

If you’re looking to try barefoot shoes for the first time, Xero shoes have all the qualities you want. 

There are several things that set Xero shoes apart and make them the best barefoot shoes.

First, they have the best warranty on this list, which is helpful for people who are new to the barefoot lifestyle.

They also offer a wide selection ranging from running shoes to traditional-looking shoes. 

To top it all off, all of their products are made from recycled materials. These are the qualities I consider a MUST when I’m shopping for the best barefoot shoes.

If you want to start taking your foot health seriously, start with Xero shoes. With over 57,000 5-star reviews, you know you can’t go wrong!


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