16 Best & Affordable Sustainable Swimwear Brands [2024]

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Short on time? Our picks for the best sustainable swimwear are Summersalt and Vitamin A.

The best sustainable swimwear brands for eco-friendly swimsuits to help you feel good, look good, and do good!

The fashion industry continues expanding the sustainable clothing market, and I’m here for it. 

This summer, I’ve been looking into the best sustainable swimsuit brands.

There’s nothing better than a swimsuit that you can rely on– something that fits and holds up well.

Brands that make top-of-the-line, sustainable swimsuits might employ local artisans or use natural dyes, but it’s not just luxury swimwear brands that use quality fabrics. 

So, what qualifies sustainable swimwear?

The primary way to recognize do-good swimwear is when a brand uses sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials like biodegradable packaging. 

Look for a luxury swimwear brand using recycled and recyclable materials.

The most common sustainable materials are recycled polyester or regenerated nylon fabric and natural fibers. Regenerated nylon comes from ocean waste like fishing nets, so it helps clean up our seas.

Another great thing about eco-friendly swimwear is that many brands feature models of different ethnicities, body types, and ages.

Let’s meet some of the best sustainable swimwear brands and see what they offer.

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A young woman wearing an orange and magenta one-piece swimsuit sits on the edge of a hot tub with her feet in the water on a sunny day, with a chainlink fence and a small vineyard in the background.


Best Size Selection

Product image for the Summersalt Perfect Wrap One Piece in two-tone blue, modeled by a dark-haired woman standing on a beach.

Materials: recycled nylon, lycra

Summersalt offers various sustainable bathing suits, but the one-piece suits are some of its bestsellers.

These straightforward one-piece designs usually come with a little twist—like the Summersalt Perfect Wrap One Piece

Nearly all their swimsuits use a material derived from recycled polyamide and lycra. These recycled materials come from nylon waste (like fishing nets!), which they spin into recycled nylon fibers. Plus, the fabric is SPF 50+.

Similar to how jean companies offer the same pair of jeans in different lengths for different heights, Summersalt offers suits in a long torso version.

Summersalt is committed to sustainability through initiatives such as using recycled packaging.

Vitamin A

Best Overall

Product image for the Vitamin A California High Leg in orange, modeled by a dark-haired woman.

Materials: recycled nylon, lycra, organic cotton, metallic lurex, tencel

Vitamin A believes sustainability is sexy.

One of their best sellers is the California High Leg bottom, which they’ve displayed paired with one of their tops, like the Gia Triangle Top or Astrid Bralette

Vitamin A manufactures its products in California using sustainable practices and plant-based and recycled plastics.

Other initiatives include routine factory visits to ensure good employee treatment. 

They’ve also dedicated a page on their website to a full breakdown of the changes they’ve made in their offices. 

We’re talking low-flow water fixtures, LED lightbulbs, and solar-powered fans throughout their headquarters. 

They’re members of the group 1% For the Planet, which gives back to ocean conservation efforts.

You can find other beach accessories like hats and cover-ups on their website.

Do Good

Most Comfortable 

Product image for the Do Good Kelia Twist swimsuit in light blue, modeled by a blonde woman carrying a blue surfboard and walking on the beach.

Materials: ECONYL®, repreve

Do Good is a small, minority women-owned and run swimwear brand that supports ethically-made swimwear. 

The brand’s founders created the company after they found themselves picking up trash during one of their surf trips and decided to make a positive change.  

The Do Good Kelia Twist is the brand’s best-selling bikini top. They recommend pairing this top with their Justina Cheeky or Jazzy High Waist Bottoms. 

However, ultimately, you can choose whichever pairing you’d like– from full coverage or cheeky. 

Their recycled nylon fabric is called econyl fabric and uses materials like recycled fishing nets. It’s mixed with their repreve fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Left on Friday

Best for Bikinis

Product image for the Left on Friday Sweet Victory Top in hot pink, modeled by a dark-haired woman with the ocean in the background.

Materials: nylon, polyester, lycra

Left on Friday is a brand that makes sports and rec clothing and swimsuits. 

Their swimwear is identifiable by the solid color choices–and when I say choices, I mean choices

Styles like the Sweet Victory Top and High Tide Bottom come in more than 40 color options.

Left on Friday is not one of the most sustainable swimwear brands on this list (yet!). 

However, their stance on sustainability and fast fashion is that “if you can depend on one suit for sun, fun, and sweat, rather than tons of cheap disposable swimsuits, then the environment is better off.” I don’t disagree!

They use recycled packaging materials and are transparent about their suits being made with Italian fabric and produced in California and Taiwan.


Most Stylish

Product image for the Alohas The Square Top in black, modeled by a brunette wearing sunglasses.

Materials: polyamide, elastane

One bathing suit that caught my eye was The Square Top from Alohas Swimwear.

This minimalist, sleek, and classy bikini top shows effortless style. I think it’s a bold swim piece that’s still wearable for anyone.

One of the stand-out features of Alohas swimwear is that they only offer their swimwear line made-to-order (so as not to end up with excess fabric). 

Made-to-order manufacturing is an eco-friendly way to help the supply chain.


Best Patterned Swimwear

Product image for the Wolven Zephyr One Shoulder Top in patterned black print, modeled by a dark-haired woman with a ponytail.

Materials: rPET, spandex

Wolven Swimwear is also on board with the idea that sustainability is sexy. 

Their website features a live plastic waste tracker and annual impact reports showing how they’ve reduced their carbon footprint.

One of their best-selling items is the Zephyr One Shoulder Top. On the product page, the model is wearing matching shorts, but you can pair this top with any of their swim bottoms if you prefer a mismatched look. 

Made from recycled bottles, their signature four-way stretch swim fabric is comprised of rPET and spandex. Their bathing suits also feature a vegan suede finish and odor resistance. 

Wolven stands out thanks to their patterns. Intricate and medallion-esque, they’re eye-catching and unique. You can filter to shop by each pattern if you find one you love.

If patterns like these aren’t your thing, they also have plain colors available.

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Best for Large Busts

Product image for the CUUP The Scoop top in black, modeled by a woman with short, dark hair.

Materials: Recycled ECONYL® Polyamide, Elastane

CUUP is a clothing brand that specializes in bras and underwear–so they know what they’re doing when it comes to supportive swimwear tops.

We’ve been testing out their underwear for about a year now and the comfort is top-notch. Their swimwear is no exception.

With a style like The Scoop, you can input your exact bra size for a corresponding swimsuit size recommendation. With 53 different sizes, you’re bound to find one that’s right for your chest!

The material of their swimsuits is high-performance. The regenerated ECONYL fabric uses materials such as fabric scraps, fishing nets, poly bags, and other nylon waste.

Click around their site to see other swim tops, swim bottoms, one-pieces, and swim accessories.


Most Affordable

Product image for the Berlook Tie Floral One-Piece in white and blue, modeled by a woman with her dark hair pulled back.

Materials: Recycled Polyamide, Spandex, Metallic

Berlook is dedicated to being a sustainable swimwear brand, and the Tie Floral One-Piece is Berlook’s most popular suit choice. 

The blue and white vintage floral pattern is perfect for summer, and they have the same pattern available in a triangle top and bottom if you prefer separate pieces. Adjustable straps help it fit just right. 

If florals aren’t your thing, don’t worry–they have plenty of other suit options.

On its website, Berlook details its fair trade and ethical manufacturing practices. Their bathing suits use GRS (Global Recycled Standard) polyester and spandex.

Jessica Rey

Best Swim Dress

Product image for the Jessica Rey Emma Swim Dress in black, modeled by a woman with shoulder-length brown hair, standing in front of a harbor.

Materials: regenerated polyamide, elastane

If you’re looking for a sustainable swim dress, check out Jessica Rey’s Emma Swim Dress

This brand offers multiple other swim dress styles, bikinis, and one-pieces. The vibe of their swimwear line takes inspiration from style icons like old Hollywood stars. 

Jessica Rey manufactures their garments in Los Angeles using 100% regenerated Italian fabric.


Best Minimalist Suit 

Product image for the Londre The Minimalist swimsuit in black, modeled by a woman with light brown hair.

Materials: Oeko-Tex certified fabric: recycled plastic water bottles, chitosane

Londre’s name just screams elegance. Take, for example, their best-selling suit, The Minimalist. 

This sleek swimsuit features a scoop back and tiny ruched detailing on the bum. It’s made from silky, soft, double-lined compression material.

I love that they offer both a classic and long-fit size option. Their swimsuits’ designs keep elegant and sexy cuts and silhouettes in mind. 

Londre suits are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, and each uses six recycled plastic bottles.

So far, they’ve kept over 1 million plastic bottles from ending up on a beach.

Tomboy X

Best Sporty Style

Product image for the TomboyX Swim Sport Top in blue.

Materials: Recycled polyester, spandex

Tomboy X specializes in sporty styles like their Swim Sport Top. This bathing suit top resembles a sports bra, and sizes range from XS to 6X! 

In addition to swimwear, you can find well-made bras and underwear on their site. 

The brand uses what they call Bahia fabric: OEKO-TEX®-certified fabric made from recycled polyester and spandex. 

Each suit piece uses, at minimum, five recycled plastic bottles, and the resulting material has UV 50 SPF.


Best Bottoms

Product image for the Carve Stinson Bottom in black, modeled by a woman with wavy dark hair.

Materials: recycled polyester, spandex

Carve’s best seller is their Stinson Bottom, and it’s not hard to see why.

These are bottoms secure and standard coverage bikini bottoms. The nice, thick strap creates an elegant look along your hip.

Made from recycled materials like recycled polyester and plastic bottles, these suits provide UPF 50 sun protection.

Sensi Graves

Best for Surfers

Product image for the Sensi Graves Rose Eco Long Sleeve in blue galaxy print, modeled by a woman with a bleached buzzcut.

Materials: econyl or repreve recycled fabrics

Sensi Graves is the best sustainable swim collection for surfers because the founder is a kiteboard instructor. She set out to make a sustainable swimwear company that’s ready for action.

Choose the Rose Eco Long Sleeve from Sensi Graves if you want extra coverage. 

Just because the suits use recycled fabric doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting– the model in the photo is wearing the suit in an interstellar galaxy-like pattern.

You can mix and match this top with any of the bottoms from their site.


Best Bold Swimwear

Product image for the Ookioh Ipanema Top in orange, modeled by two dark-haired women, hanging out in a steam room.

Materials: recycled nylon, spandex

Ookioh offers some traditional pieces, like the triangle string style Ipanema Top.

But they’re also known for bold swim pieces like the Hermosa Top and Tuscany Bottoms, which look like overalls because of their silver fasteners.

The point I’m trying to make is that they live up to their promise of fun, minimalist swimwear.

Ookioh is working towards implementing the most stringent sustainable practices, such as using solely recycled packaging.

For now, you can feel good that they source their fabric straight from Italy, and use 100% regenerated materials like recycled fishing nets and post-consumer plastic bottles.


Best Back Design

Product image for the Prana Atalia Top in blue floral printed,modeled by a woman with straight brown hair.

Materials: sustainable materials

PrAna is a clothing brand focused on creating sustainable activewear, which includes a line of swimsuits. 

Their products are fair trade certified, so you can be confident that they produced their ethical swimwear products through fair labor practices.

One of PrAna’s top sellers is the Atalia Top, which features a thicker triangle-style front and a lace-up back.

Their other designs are also interesting. They offer refreshing styles and patterns without being too out there. PrAna’s aesthetic is understated and earthy with unique and stylish details.

And, if you’re a surfer and you’re looking for long-sleeved tops or rash guards, PrAna is an excellent place to shop for them.


Best Reversible Swimwear

Product image for the Patagonia Reversible Seaglass Bay Bikini Top in a blue tropical print, modeled by a woman with straight brown hair.

Materials: recycled materials, lycra

One of the fantastic things about Patagonia bathing suits is that many are reversible–like their Seaglass Bay Bikini Top.

Unlike many of the newer eco-friendly swimwear brands, Patagonia is a recognizable name that’s been around for a long time.

However, like many brands on this list, they’ve used recycled materials to create their swimsuits. 

I’m glad they are adapting and keeping up with the (new) competition. 

With Patagonia, you get the benefits of shopping for an established and trusted brand without having to sacrifice sustainability. 

Conclusion: Which is the best sustainable swimwear brand?

Conclusion: Which is the best sustainable swimwear brand?

There are many fantastic options for fashionable and eco-friendly swimwear, but ultimately, my top pick is Vitamin A.

As a member of 1% For the Planet, you can be absolutely sure that Vitamin A is a thoroughly sustainable company.

That commitment to the environment extends far beyond their swimsuits’ materials. They even use solar power at their office headquarters!

Plus: Vitamin A’s swimsuits and sexy and fashionable to boot.

My runner-up choice is Summersalt.

Fishing nets are among the recycled materials that comprise Summersalt’s fabrics, so they actively keep the ocean clean for you to swim in.

Not only are their products recycled, but their packaging is too–so every part of the process is good for the earth. Not to mention–their styles are super cute and accommodate different body proportions like long torsos.


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With her expert eye for style, Monroe writes reviews and guides to help fellow travelers find reliable brands and pieces to use for both day-to-day life and travel experiences.

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