11 BEST Surf Bikinis and Swimsuits: 2024 Buying Guide

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Short on time? Our pick for the best surf bikini is the Brasilia Reversible Top and Brasilia Bikini Bottom.

The best surf bikinis and swimsuits to keep you comfortable and confident while riding waves.

Let’s face it: finding a well-fitting swimsuit is tough. 

Finding a surf bikini that stays on is even more critical if you catch waves! 

A typical bikini probably won’t cut it for your surf session. You need to feel secure while paddling and duck diving through the water. 

Maybe you’re reading this during the winter and daydreaming about summer’s beach and salty sea waves. 

Maybe you’re a few weeks into summer, and you’ve realized the swimsuit you’ve been wearing to the beach just doesn’t fit right.  

Don’t give up and grab your sports bra just yet. 

I’ll introduce you to the best places to buy surf bikinis. 

They have a reputation for staying put, whether or not they’re official surf bikini brands! Let’s check them out. 

A woman wearing yellow bikini bottoms and an arm green tank top brushes hair from her face with one hand holds a surfboard under the other as she walks towards the camera on the beach.

Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

Seaa Brasilia Bikini Set

Best Overall

Product image for the Seaa Brasilia Bikini Set in yellow floral print.

Highlights: set, reversible, high-waist, supportive top 

Seaa Swimwear’s tagline boasts that their bikinis are “designed to keep you covered during surfing, swimming, and diving.”

So how do they hold up?

Seaa’s Brasilia Reversible Top and matching Brasilia Bikini Bottom are best sellers. 

High-waist bikini bottoms like these guarantee more coverage. Meanwhile, reversible tops are great for two reasons: 

First, reversible suits mean you get two surfing bikinis in one! 

Second, reversible fabric is typically more flexible–AKA, more comfortable.

The brand’s founder, Amanda Chinchelli, grew up surfing in Brazil. She created Seaa Swimwear out of her own need for quality swimsuits for surfing.

Most bikinis on Seaa are retro-modern colorful patterns. Each suit is made in a small batch from recycled materials that are UPF 30 to 50.


  • Sustainable brand
  • Designed specifically for surfers


  • Expensive

Roxy Classic Hipster Bikini Bottoms

Most Popular

Product photo for the Roxy Classic Hipster Bikini Bottoms in pink and orange tropical floral print.

Highlights: matching rash guards, fun patterns

You can find all kinds of surf gear and surfing bikini styles at Roxy. Their website also has multiple pages filled with helpful tips about finding functional surf bikinis that stay on.

Their best sellers tend to be pieces with more coverage, such as a surfing swimsuit with shorts or rash guards.  

You can also form a Roxy surf bikini by pairing any top with their Classic Hipster Bikini Bottoms

These bikini bottoms have mid-rise coverage and fit snugly–a necessity during surf sessions.


  • Well-known & trusted brand
  • Mitch and match tops and bottoms
  • Swimwear made of 50-92% recycled fabrics


  • Pricey for just bottoms

Jolyn Aster Bikini Top

Best for Large Busts

Product photo for the Jolyn Aster Bikini Top in light green.

Highlights: pastel colors, racerback

Jolyn is one of the best surf bikini brands. They’re a swimwear brand created by female athletes for female athletes.

All their suits are designed for sports.

Jolyn’s Aster Bikini Top is a great surfing bikini. And it pairs well with any Jolyn bottoms.

Jolyn’s “forever fabric” is highly resistant to the effects of chlorine, salt water, and sweat. It offers UV sun protection, which keeps suit colors from fading.

Want a closer look at Jolyn’s suits? Watch Eryn Krouse’s ‘try-on’ video to hear a surfer’s feedback.


  • Made of Sea Flex fabric, composed of recycled fishing nets
  • Designed specifically for surfers
  • Chlorine resistant


  • Sizing can be difficult


Noseride Surf Club Classic Long Sleeve Suit

Most Comfortable

Product photo for the Noseride Surf Club Classic Long Sleeve Suit in charcoal, modeled by a young blonde woman.

Highlights: rash guard sleeves, back cut-out, earthy tones 

Who said a rashguard and supportive surf suit can’t be sexy?

The founder of Noserider Surf Club set out to make sustainable swimsuits that women feel confident wearing.

Noseride Surf Club specializes in surfing bikinis and surf swimsuits with rash guards. 

And if you want a one-piece that still shows off some skin, check out their Classic Long Sleeve Surf Suit

With a suit like this, you get the support of a one-piece and the protection of a rash guard for long days in the sun. 

The high leg and back cut-out keep you feeling relaxed and seen.


  • Vita techno-fabric, made of recycled nylon
  • Designed specifically for surfers
  • Stretchy softness


  • Fabric puckers above the waist
  • Expensive

Issa de Mar Makena Surf Suit

Best One Piece

Product photo for the Issa de Mar Makena Surf Suit in black.

Highlights: rashguard sleeves, contouring lines, zipper back

The Makena Surf Suit is Issa de Mar’s star product. It’s a super soft one-piece with a full-length arm, higher neck, and zipper up the back. 

That means this suit stays. In. Place. No nip slips and strappy sunburns.

The two founders grew up in Hawaii and hand-sewed each suit until the brand took off. 

I like that they offer repairs for suits within a year of purchase.  

Aside from the Makena, Issa de Mar has other swimsuits and a kids’ section.

Issa de Mar website offers 15% off to readers who use our coupon code: RLL4HZALB9


  • Free repairs in the first year
  • Designed specifically for surfers


  • Expensive
  • Not machine washable
  • Only a couple of their suits are fully recycled material

Sensi Graves Colleen Eco-Friendly Top

Most Sustainable

Product photo for the Sensi Graves Colleen Eco-Friendly Top in black and white stripes, modeled by a woman with light brown, long hair standing on a beach.

Highlights: Reversible, strappy hip and backing, fresh patterns

Support and security are my top concerns–but I want to look cute too! 

The Colleen Eco-Friendly Top is precisely that. It’s reversible with a fun strap design.

Sensi Graves makes these suits in the USA from recycled fabrics (and still offers UPF 50!).

The founder of Sensi Graves was a kiteboard instructor who set out to make ecologically friendly two-piece suits you can trust. 

Sensi donates 1% of its sales to environmental protection groups.

Looking for more sustainable options? Read our guide to the best sustainable swimwear brands.


  • Made of reclaimed fishing nets and plastic water bottles
  • Donates 1% of sales to environmental groups
  • Designed specifically for surfers


  • Very expensive

Cupshe Skydiver Strappy Crossback

Most Affordable 

Product photo for the Cupshe Skydiver Strappy Crossback in dark blue, modeled by a blonde woman standing on a beach.

Highlights: High-waisted, thick waistband

Need something more affordable? Try Cupshe’s Skydiver Strappy Crossback

It’s budget-friendly and supportive. Plus, the back features double crisscrossed adjustable straps!

We wrote a review of Cupshe, which gives a fuller sense of their suits. But steer clear of spaghetti straps and anything too cheeky when shopping for surf suits. 

The best swimsuits for water sports usually have full coverage or high-waisted bottoms.

It’s also worth noting that Cupshe isn’t as involved in sustainability efforts as other brands on my list.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made from recycled nylon


  • Contributes to fast fashion culture

Summersalt Ruched Sidestroke Bikini Top

Most Stylish

Product photo for the Summersalt Ruched Sidestroke Bikini Top, modeled by a dark-haired woman with her hair pulled back.

Highlights: single-shoulder, no cleavage spillage, high-waist bottoms

You don’t have to sacrifice style in a surf suit. 

Summersalt’s Ruched Sidestroke Bikini Top is a bikini version of their famous Sidestroke one-piece swimsuit, which screams effortless style. 

There’s a slight ruching at the top of the shoulder and a diagonal cut-out on the back. 

This suit is super stylish without sacrificing coverage or stability for surfers.


  • Unique style
  • Hugs boobs snugly
  • Mostly made of recycled fabrics
  • Reasonably priced


  • Return for store credit

Patagonia Bottom Turn Racerback Bikini Top

Best for Short Torsos

Product photo for the Patagonia Bottom Turn Racerback Bikini Top in blue, modeled by a smiling brunette.

Highlights: gem colors, minimalistic style, racerback

Patagonia’s Bottom Turn Racerback Bikini Top is held in place by two thick, stitched straps in a racerback style. 

It’s a medium-coverage top that still gives off a flattering fit.

With a secure top like this that stays put, you’ll have no fear of facing big waves. 

I’ve highlighted this as the best for short torsos because the minimal fabric will visually lengthen your midsection.


  • Designed for active women
  • Made in a fair trade certified factory


  • Expensive for the top only

Lululemon Ribbed High-Neck Longline

Best at Staying in Place

Product photo for the Lululemon Ribbed High-Neck Longline in blue, modeled by a woman with mid-length black hair.

Highlights: Full coverage chest, high bottoms 

You may recognize Lululemon for famous athletic items like fast and free leggings (which some people surf in). 

Did you know Luluemon makes swimwear– and surf swimwear at that?

Luluemon’s Ribbed High-Neck Longline offers great coverage over the chest. 

The high neckline and adjustable straps on the back ensure this top stays put.

Lulumeon is known for high-quality athletic clothing–that attention to quality carries over to swimwear.


  • Trusted active-wear brand
  • Mid-priced


  • Only two colors
  • Not as sustainable as others on this list

Nike Fusion Back Bikini Top

Most Durable

Product photo for the Nike Fusion Back Bikini Top in black, modeled by a black-haired woman with her hair pulled back.

Materials: sporty, racerback, minimalistic, compression fit

You know that classic Nike sports bra that fits like a glove? 

Sometimes I wish it were a swimsuit…

Opt for the Nike Fusion Back Bikini Top if you’re in the mood for sporty swimsuits.

The Nike Fusion offers the security of a sports bra in bikini top form.

I find that the Fusion’s racerback is most supportive for busty women. But you might also like Nike’s Scoop-Neck Bikini.


  • Resembles supportive Nike sports bras


  • Expensive for the top only
  • Runs small
  • Minimal information about sustainability

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Surf Bikinis

Two female surfers wearing bikinis seen from behind as they sit on their surfboards in the water.

What to Look for in Surf Bikinis

What you should look for:

  • A secure fit on both the top and bottom
  • Snug top with high, scoop, or square necklines
  • Enough coverage for your chest 
  • Cross-back or racerback straps
  • Thick straps for weight distribution
  • Wide hip band
  • Protection from harsh UV rays

What Types of Bikinis Should You Avoid When Surfing?

Try to avoid:

  • Strapless tops will slide right off
  • Triangle bikinis and halter bikinis add pressure to your neck 
  • Underwire = uncomfortable!
  • String tie bikini tops or bottoms easily untie 
  • Low-rise bottoms: mid-rise or high-waist bottoms are better
  • Textured fabrics with frills or decor that can get caught or rip

FAQs About Surf Bikinis

A female surfer wearing a bikini seen from behind, looking out at the ocean with her surfboard under her arm, silhouetted against the setting sun.

What type of swimsuit is best for surfing?

Look for a swimsuit that offers coverage, supportive straps, a wide hip band, and protection from UV rays. 

Can you surf in a bikini?

Yes, you can. 

Some surfers opt for athletic clothing or prefer surf leggings, board shorts, or a rash guard. Others enjoy surfing in a swimsuit. 

It all depends on your comfort and the amount of sun protection you want. Although, you might need a wetsuit if you’re surfing in cold water.

The goal is to feel comfortable and confident.

Are G-string bikinis comfortable?

There are so many kinds of bikini tops and bottoms. G-string swimsuits are comfortable to some and uncomfortable to others. 

What you wear to the beach is ultimately up to your personal preference and style. 

Consider physical and general comfort when surfing. 

Do surfers wear bathing suits under wetsuits?

Some do, and some don’t! 

What you wear under a wetsuit depends on your preference, the weather, and what you do afterward. 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Surf Bikini

Three female surfers, two in bikinis and one in a one-piece, laugh together as they walk out of the waves back onto the beach.

Surfer girls can rely on a bikini like the Brasilia Reversible Top and Brasilia Bikini Bottom.

A lifelong surfer created the Seaa brand. She set out to fill a gap in women’s swimwear–and that’s exactly what she did. 

Seaa designed the Brasilia bikini top and bikini bottom set for active women. 

It fits comfortably and features reversible fabric in cute patterns. They also offer a matching rash guard in most colors and patterns. 

A Seaa bathing suit is expensive, but they’re a sustainable company working to protect the oceans we surf. Seaa is a great choice for surfing swimsuits. 

Whether or not you go with Seaa, I hope my list helps you find the perfect suit so you can hit the beach in style and enjoy paddling in the waves soon!


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With her expert eye for style, Monroe writes reviews and guides to help fellow travelers find reliable brands and pieces to use for both day-to-day life and travel experiences.

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