36 BEST 5th Anniversary Gifts [2024 Gift and Ideas Guide]

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TL;DR: The best 5-year anniversary gifts are a custom wooden map to commemorate special places from your relationship or a 100-date scratch-off poster to inspire future experiences together. The map is extra special because it features wood, the traditional 5-year material.

If you’re reading this article, you either have a five-year anniversary coming up or you know someone who does!

Each significant wedding anniversary has a traditional material associated with it, and the five-year anniversary material is wood. 

A brown-haired man and a brown-haired woman sit on a green couch facing each other, each excitedly preparing to open a gift.

Wood is durable and long-lasting, symbolizing a solid relationship.

Lucky for you, a traditional five-year anniversary gift will be easy to find.

Wood is an accessible material, and there are endless options for traditional gift ideas made from wood, including household items like furniture, decor, and more. 

Other five-year anniversary symbols include a daisy or a sapphire gemstone.

I’ve brainstormed a variety of 5-year anniversary gift ideas, and each one has something special to offer. Let’s take a look at the realm of options to choose from!

5 Year Anniversary Gifts: Soft-focus close-up of a couple's interlaced hands; the woman is wearing a thick, white sweater and a diamond wedding band.

Tiny Box of Date Night Tokens

Product image for the Tiny Box of Date Night Tokens; a cardboard box filled with round wooden tokens.

This first gift leans into the 5th wedding anniversary wood theme. These 48 different date ideas are engraved on wood tokens.

A date night box is a great wedding anniversary gift for any year, but take advantage of the wood connection by making this your 5-year anniversary gift. 

When you don’t know what do to on a Friday night, draw a token!

Custom Song Flower Music Box

Product image for the Custom Song Flower Music Box, a painted wooden box.

Combine two 5th wedding anniversary symbols with this sweet, sentimental 5-year anniversary gift. 

Not only is it a wooden gift, but you can select a daisy as a floral etching on top!

Customize the wooden box by choosing the song it will play (like your first dance song). 

Additionally, the inside of the lid has a good amount of space where you can engrave a special message or your wedding date. 

Wood Catch All Tray

Product image for the Personalized Round Catchall Tray.

This personalized round catch-all tray boils down half a decade, with your other half from years to minutes.

I always have a catch-all tray in my living space, if not multiple. 

Admittedly, I wouldn’t want to cover the bottom of this tray–I’d enjoy looking at it too much.

This thoughtful present will be a helpful, decorative wedding anniversary gift and a constant reminder of your first five years of marriage.

Wooden Serving Bowl

Product image for the Wooden Serving Bowl.

This Wooden Serving Bowl and utensils set is a good example of how a traditional gift material and modern uses can meet.

While the bowl is made of the traditional fifth-anniversary gift material, its shape is quite modern.

Beyond being a helpful household item, something special about this bowl is that it encourages you to find a proper reason to use it. 

Get planning to host a dinner or get-together with friends and family! 

Wooden Cheese Board

Product image for the Personalized Charcuterie Board with Utensils.

This impressive cheese board offers both size and multi-functionality. 

I love gift ideas that you can use for both intimate and large gatherings.  

This acacia wood board comes with ceramic bowls that fit within its cutouts. You’ll also receive a set of cheese knives.

This would look stunning on a dining table, whether you use it for special occasions or just for you and your partner on a weeknight!  

Wood Memory Box

Product photo for the Wood Memory Box.

I’m a collector–I keep everything. When I travel, I keep ticket stubs from attractions, pamphlets, receipts, postcards…you get the idea.

I have no doubt this habit will follow me to my future wedding anniversaries. That’s why I’m sharing a memory box as a 5th-year anniversary gift idea.

This memory box is high-quality walnut wood. You can personalize the sliding lid with your name and a meaningful date. 

Wooden Coasters

Product photo for the Wooden Coasters, pictured with a tall glass of iced, translucent, pink liquid.

Coasters are a helpful home item for any room. They protect furniture from water stains and scratches. 

As someone who brings a variety of beverages around with me throughout the day, coasters have become my best friend for this reason.

These coasters, made from cedar wood and resin, have a beautiful contrasting design. You can also purchase a matching holder for the set.

Hardwood Chess Set

Product photo for the walnut and maple chess board.

A chess set is the king of fifth wedding anniversary gifts.

Investing in a chess set of this caliber shows the significance of this special occasion. 

This high-quality set uses real wood: maple and walnut.

I don’t know how to play chess, but I would love to learn. It’s a game with such deep roots, and I’d love to spend hours with my partner over a beautiful set like this.

Wood Wind Chime

Product photo for the Wood Wind Chime.

If you’re looking for unusual fifth wedding anniversary gifts, step outside the box…or door!

Think about it–when was the last time you knew of anyone who got a wind chime as a gift? 

This specific option makes a good fifth-anniversary gift because of the use of wood and the option to engrave a sweet message or your wedding date on it. 

You’ll think of your fifth wedding anniversary every time you hear it. 

Custom 3D Wooden Map

Product photo for the Custom 3D Wooden Map, pictured in a black frame.

Want more unique five-year anniversary gifts? You can commemorate a special location specific to your love story. 

Plus, when it comes to wood anniversary gifts, this gift wins with the most intricate carvings. 

This map uses laser-cut technology to produce a beautiful and detailed map of any city or area. 

You can pinpoint the exact location you met or got married by choosing the color and shape of the pin that’s provided with the map. 

It comes framed in wood as well…essentially the only non-wood part of this gift is the glass in the frame!

Wood Photo Frame

Product photo for the Solid Natural Walnut Wood Picture Frame.

When it comes to five-year anniversary gift ideas, you can never go wrong with a picture frame.

At this stage in your marriage, you’re probably still building your life and home decor together. Another photo frame will be a welcome addition!

This wooden frame is natural walnut, and you can choose any size from 2” x 2” to 24” x 36”.

Wood Photo Album Scrapbook

Product photo for the 5th Anniversary Scrapbook Gift with a wood grain cover.

Photo frames or photo albums are traditional gifts for a reason: they’re tried and true. 

A great fifth-anniversary gift is a wooden photo album. You can fill it with pictures before you give it to your partner, or decide to work on filling it together moving forward. 

Either way, it’s a sentimental gift that’ll suitr any occasion–especially a wedding anniversary.  

Portrait on Wood

Product photo for the Portrait on Wood, showing a photo of a young woman holding a dog transferred onto a wooden panel.

The most awesome 5-year anniversary gifts will feel incredibly personalized, right?

You can’t get more personal than this custom portrait on birch wood. 

Send in any photo of your choice, and the Etsy seller will engrave it onto the plaque.

The result is really special and realistic. Because of the natural wood material, it will blend in well with a variety of different home environments.

Wood Star Map

Product photo for the Wood Star Map.

Ever wonder what the sky was like the night you met? The night you got married? The night of your 5th wedding anniversary?

This framed red oak wooden plaque is actually a glow-in-the-dark star map. 

A continuous circle of words surrounds it, which you can customize to be your wedding vows, first dance song lyrics, a poem, and so forth.

Wooden Interlocking Hearts

Product photo for the Wooden Interlocking Hearts.

You know what I love about this gift? It’s simplicity.

You can use these interlocking wooden hearts as a decor piece, or keep them somewhere special like a nightstand drawer.

You’ll have a choice in size and the opportunity to engrave your names or words. You can also skip the engraving and just get the hearts as is.  

This sculpture is a simple and sweet gift independently, but you could also purchase them in addition to another gift on this list.

Picture them on top of a wrapped present…they’d be the coolest version of a bow out there. 

Plus, if you’re planning on a fifth-anniversary gift that doesn’t fit the wood theme and you feel like you’re missing out, adding these to your gift solves your problem!

Wooden Scrabble Game 

Product photo for the Wooden Scrabble Game.

We love to travel here at the Atlas Heart, which means we love anything that suits traveling.

This scrabble game comes in a wooden case and is travel-friendly.

Not only can you play it at home, but you can easily transport it to play anywhere you go. 

In general, board games are great fifth-anniversary gift ideas because you can build up your family board game collection and encourage spending time together. 

High-quality wooden board games are going to last a lot longer than cheap plastic ones, giving you another reason to opt for the symbolic 5-year material. 

If you and your sweetie like camping, read up on more travel-friendly camping games and activities that are fun for couples, families, and friend groups.

Spa-Time Bamboo Bath Caddy

Product photo for the Spa-Time Bamboo Bath Caddy.

Is Bamboo a type of wood? Asking for a friend. 

Technically it’s a type of grass, but it has the appearance of wood and is the best material to use for a bath caddy that will be around water. 

This extendable bath caddy has a built-in space for a book, candle, food, towel, and a complimentary soap dish. 

A bath caddy is a gift that encourages a luxurious experience, no matter how big or small your bathtub may be. 

Pro tip: fill it with goodies so it’s ready for spa time!

Silverware Set

Product photo for the Silverware Set on a white marble background.

Wood, sapphire, daisies, and…silverware?

Yes, silverware is considered a 5-year anniversary gift! 

Maybe in the past, you chose a more budget-friendly option as you were building your life together. 

Your five-year anniversary is an opportunity to choose a quality set that will last.

These Danialli 30-piece sets use the highest quality polished 18-10 stainless steel (also known as 304 grade), which makes this flatware set highly durable and extremely rust resistant.

With four different style options, you can choose between a modern theme and a traditional style.

Wood BBQ Tools

Product photo for the Wood BBQ Tools.

A set of BBQ tools is a great wood gift for anyone who likes to grill.

Sure, if your partner enjoys grilling, they may have a rag-tag group of tools they’ve collected over five years…but the perfect gift for your fifth anniversary could be this cohesive set of BBQ tools and case.

Made of steel and maple wood, this set comes with a spatula, tongs, brush, fork, knife, four steel skewers, and a heat glove. 

Not only that, but all the pieces fit inside a wooden box that you can have engraved on the top.

You know those gifts that are for other people but also benefit you in a way? Well, this is one of them.

I mean, imagine how excited your partner will be to get barbequing…delicious food will be headed your way. 

Wooden Watch

Product photo for the Personalized Wooden watch.

This beautiful watch is a lovely fifth-anniversary gift. 

It’s made of sandalwood and polished to bring out the grain. The resulting two tones of wood make this watch especially eye-catching.

The natural wood is perfect for a partner who wants to step up their wardrobe but doesn’t vibe with heavy silver or steal watches. 

Plus, the seller offers laser engraving on the back of the watch so you can add a special message. 

Wooden Pocket Knife

Product photo for the Personalized Pocket Knife for Men With Clip.

If you’re looking for fifth-year anniversary gifts for him and want to incorporate the wood anniversary theme, check out this wood pocket knife. 

The knife comes with a safety lock system and a belt clip, and you’ll be able to customize what the knife says from a variety of different fonts.

Pocket knives aren’t for everyone, but if your partner uses or collects them, it’s a good gift.

Wooden Chalice Glasses

Product photo for the Wooden Chalice Glasses, shown with a bottle of white wine.

As you move through anniversaries with your partner, you collect items for your household–such as wine glasses.

What stands out to me about these glasses is the material: olive wood.

The wood’s grain makes an absolutely beautiful design for this chalice, but they’re also incredibly long-lasting if you look after them properly (hand wash, no dishwasher).

This listing is for an individual chalice, so purchase two for you and your partner…or as many as you desire!

If you purchase six and pull them out for a dinner party, they’ll get everyone talking.

You can also purchase a matching wooden wine holder if you love this style of wood.

Wood Vase

Product photo for the Wood Vase.

These vases use the traditional symbol of wood, but their shape gives a modern flair.

I’ve chosen to highlight these vases because they’re multi-purpose: you can use them as flower vases or on their own as home decor pieces.

Black walnut wood gives them an elegant finish. 

Wooden Flowers

Product photo for the Wooden Flowers shown in wooden vases.

Flowers are always a perfect gift for any anniversary or occasion. A bouquet of wooden flowers is one of the most unique yet traditional gifts for a 5th anniversary. 

These wooden roses come in six different styles, and they last forever.

They’re perfect if your partner is nostalgic like me and procrastinates throwing out flowers until they’re rotting in the vase–it’s just so sad!

Bonus points if you pair these with a wooden vase!

Daisy Mugs

Product photo for the Daisy Mugs on a white background.

I have a soft spot for special mugs from loved ones. They have to be tasteful, big, and usually artsy. 

This beautiful mug is handmade and decorated with daisy flowers, one of the other symbols of your five years together. 

Purchase one as a gift for your partner or two for a set. Share coffee, tea, or any other beverage together in the mornings, and reflect on your five years together with this subtle five-year anniversary symbol.

Daisy Necklace

Product photo for the Daisy Necklace, inscribed with the words, "I love you," in script.

If a sapphire or high-end piece of jewelry isn’t your partner’s cup of tea, there are other jewelry options that make excellent 5-year anniversary gift ideas. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, daisies are one of the traditional symbols of a 5th-anniversary gift. 

This adorable necklace is made of a daisy that splits open to reveal a small golden plaque. 

Here you can write a little message like I love you, your initials, or “five” to represent your fifth anniversary. 

Diamond Studs

Product photo for the Diamond Studs.

When you think about a five-year anniversary gift for your wife, the first thing that probably comes to mind is jewelry. 

Many couples take marriage anniversary celebrations as an opportunity to update or add to a wedding band…but a 5-year anniversary may seem a bit early for that. 

Instead, choose a classic piece like these diamond studs from Kay Jewelers to commemorate your fifth wedding anniversary. 

They’ll last your partner well beyond another half a decade together. 

Infinity Bracelet

Product photo for the Blue Nile Infinity Bracelet

If jewelry is her love language, I have more sparkling fifth-year anniversary gifts for her. I could go on for days about the best jewelry pieces to make her feel special. 

But nothing says forever like an elegant and tasteful infinity sign

Blue Nile has quality pieces and is another great place to head for an anniversary gift. 

The infinity symbol represents a strong bond and eternal love.

You’ve made it to your 5th anniversary, and gifting your partner something like this shows your intentions for a long-lasting relationship.

Sapphire Jewelry

Product photo for the Sapphire Jewelry.

If you want to deviate from the traditional wood theme, sapphire jewelry is another traditional 5-year anniversary gift. 

Giving a gift like a piece of jewelry means your partner can wear it out to your anniversary celebration. 

This teardrop pendant is a traditional anniversary-style sapphire necklace, and you can choose from a variety of grades and sizes for the sapphire stone.


Kendra Scott Necklace

Product photo for the Kendra Scott Necklace.

Because sapphire jewelry can be expensive, this Kendra Scott necklace is a high-quality yet budget-friendly alternative. 

This iconic Kendra Scott necklace design features a cobalt blue stone. 

It gives the effect of the sapphire anniversary gemstone without breaking the bank.

Wood Cufflinks

Product photo for the Wood Cufflinks.

If you’re looking for 5-year anniversary gifts for your husband who likes a traditional gift, go with these engraved wooden cufflinks.

Cufflinks are common anniversary gifts, and he can collect the upcoming milestone anniversary symbols, too (silver, china, etc.). 

Get your partner started (or further their existing collection) with these small but mighty gifts.

Psst–these would pair well with a wood cufflinks box!

Wood Cufflinks Box

Product photo for the Wood Cufflinks Box.

This wooden box is a five-year anniversary gift that will serve your partner well in the future.

This wedding anniversary gift is perfect if your partner has multiple pairs of cufflinks already or if you plan to get them cufflinks for a future wedding anniversary or holiday.

Take advantage of the traditional fifth-anniversary gift theme by giving them a wood gift now instead of later.

Psst–this gift would pair well with wood cufflinks!

100 Date Scratch Off Poster

Product photo for the 100 Date Scratch Off Poster.

Wall decor pieces are popular anniversary gift ideas, and this 100-Date Scratch-Off Poster is an interactive one!

I love any form of scratch-off or collection-type gifts, and I love trying new things. 

If your partner is like me, this is the perfect fifth-anniversary gift.  

This poster is also a great gift for an adventurous couple, as many of the date ideas involve going out somewhere and doing an activity. 

Hang it with thumbtacks or go the extra mile by gifting it framed without glass. 

This way, you’ll be able to scratch off the dates while it’s on display…using the sweet heart-shaped pick that comes with the poster.

Want more adventures? Visit every National Park together and celebrate with National Park Scratch-off Maps.

Love Lingual Card Game

Product photo for the Love Lingual Card Game.

Five years into a marriage is a considerable milestone to celebrate. 

However, five years down means many to go if you’re looking at your marriage from a lifetime perspective. 

That means there’ll be even more to learn about one another. How about a wedding anniversary gift to help?

Here’s how the Love Lingual Card Game works: You and your partner draw cards from the categories: family, intimacy, couple, individual, and past & future.

From there, you answer and have a conversation about the deep prompt you received.

It’s guaranteed to spark quality conversation with your partner. 

And if you make it through the entire deck, there’s a second-level deck with 150 more new prompts!

Gift Card

Looking over the shoulder of a woman wearing a white bathrobe, looking down at a spa gift voucher in her hands.

There are no hard and fast rules for what counts as a proper anniversary gift.

And if you’re short on time, last-minute five-year anniversary gifts don’t have to make you look unprepared.

Consider getting your partner a gift card somewhere you know they love or for a hobby of theirs you know they enjoy. 

Whether it’s a gift card for Michael’s or a pre-paid massage, they will enjoy the thought behind your selection.

Activity Together 

A brown-haired man clinks champagne glasses with a blonde woman in a beige shirt over plates of pasta, with a warmly-lit, soft-focus apartment interior in the background.

Spending time with your partner is going to be just as valuable as any physical item (if not more!)

Maybe that means a couple’s massage, a romantic vacation, fancy dinner, or gathering friends and family to your home.

The key to any successful anniversary gift experience is a combination of the time you spend together with something you don’t do every day. 

Choose an activity that will give you strong roots to keep moving forward to enjoy life’s biggest moments together.


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